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Projects -MATLAB

Signal Processing Toolbox

1. Adaptive Equalizer.
2. Echo Cancellation.
3. Audio Signal Processor.
4. Forward Error Correction codes.
5. 12 Mbps Physical Layer – WLAN.
6. Subtractive Synthesis of a Violin Sound.
7. Speech Coding with Linear Predictive Coding.
8. Speaker Recognition System.
9. Optimum Fixture Location Layout
10. Implementation of Single Photon Quantum Cryptography in Communication.
11. Spread Spectrum Method used for Dynamic Code Acquisition.
12. Implementation of Pseudo Random Code Modulation in Data Communication.

Image Processing Toolbox

1. Histogram Equalization.
2. Adaptive Histogram Equalization
3. Fuzzy Adaptive Histogram Equalization
4. Image Mosaicing
5. Antialiasing Filters- Butterworth lowpass Filter
6. Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System.
7. Image Compression using DCT
8. Face Recognition System.
9. Image and Speech compression using Wavelets.
10. Steganography
11. Finger Print Authentication.
12. Colorization Using Optimization Technique.
13. Image Compression Using JPEG Standard.
14. Antialiasing Filters- Gaussian lowpass Filter
15. Multivariate Interpolation in Digital Image Enlargement.
16. Antialiasing Filters- Lowpass Box Filter

Neural Network Toolbox

1. Genetic algorithms for simulation optimization.
2. Back propagation training and local minima.
3. Data clustering with graph theory.
4. Fault-Tolerant and Bayesian Approaches to Self-Organizing Neural Networks.
5. Detecting head orientation.
6. Vector quantization using neural networks.
7. Enhanced LBG algorithm using neural networks.

1. VLSI Architecture for Visible Watermarking in a Secure Still Digital Camera (S 2DC) Design.
2. Spatial Multiplexing in cellular MIMO-CDMA Systems with Linear Receivers: Outage probability and
3. An Adaptive Coherent Receiver for MPSK/MDPSK over the Nonselective Rayleigh Fading Channel with
unknown characteristics.
4. Algebraic Construction of Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes for the AWGN and Erasure Channels.
5. Quasi-Cyclic Low density parity check codes from circulant permutation metrics.
6. Automatic Face detection using color based segmentation and template/energy thresholding.
7. Design of parallel algorithms for morphological processing of high-dimensional image data.


1. DCT Modified Algorithms Implemented in FPGA Chips for Real-Time Image Compression
2. DCT and IDCT Implementations on Different FPGA Technologies.
3. Implementation of Watermarking Algorithm.
4. Secure transmitting and receiving text data in communication systems.
5. VLSI architecture for Cryptography algorithm.
6. Image filtering using VLSI.
7. Implementation of Edge detection method.

1. Filter Design Toolbox.
2. Filter Design HDL Coder Toolbox.
3. Control System Toolbox.
4. Signal Processing Toolbox.
5. Image Processing Toolbox.
6. Partial Differential Equation Toolbox.
7. Neural Networks Toolbox.
8. Fuzzy Logic Toolbox.
9. Optimization Toolbox.
10. Communication Toolbox.

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