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Living the Lectionary

Easter Sunday

Season: Easter
Week of April 24th


About the Season: We are in the season of Easter.

Easter is a 7 week long season, one week longer than
Lent. In this season, we celebrate the Resurrection
of our Lord and consider ourselves as a part of the
church which is promised a Resurrection like His.

About this Sunday: He is Risen! He is Risen

Indeed! This is the Easter rallying cry. We consider
our Lord’s Resurrection as He victoriously walks away
from the tomb – leaving it behind and moving us all
to consider what is next in our lives.

Reflecting on the Readings:

• Acts 10:34-43 – Who Is This Jesus? – Peter
summarizes the identity of who Jesus is, both
before and after the crucifixion and
Resurrection, and how Jesus’ identity informs
Peter’s own identity. How does Jesus’ identity
inform your identity now and in the future?
• Psalm 118 – The New Day the Lord Made –
The Psalmist rejoices after being given a new
lease on life. Jesus’ Resurrection gives you
that new lease on life. How happy are you and
what will you do with this new lease on life?
• Colossians 3:1-4 – Raised with Christ – Your
life is now “raised with Christ” and you can
start thinking beyond this world. What do you
think it means to “set your mind on things that
are above”?
• Matthew 28:1-10 – He Is Going Ahead of You
– The angel tells the women at the tomb that
“Jesus is going ahead of you.” He went ahead
of us to take the cross for our sake and now we
follow Him from the empty tomb into eternal
life. How is Jesus leading you to follow Him and
see Him?
Law and Gospel:
• Law: We are stuck. Without Jesus, no matter
what we tried – we would never be considered
righteous before the Father and would
therefore never be able to join Him in heaven
or the Resurrection. We’re stuck like we’re in a
tomb with the lid sealed shut.
• Gospel: Jesus came out from His tomb, and
when He did so, He “unstuck” us. The door to
eternal life is now open and we are now able to
rejoice knowing that we’re free.
Living the Lectionary Ideas:
• Learn: How can Christians rationally believe
that Jesus rose from the tomb? Spend some
time reading Christian (i.e. Mike Licona) and
non-Christian (i.e. Bart Ehrman) perspectives
on this important question.
• Do: Consider how you might be “stuck” in
some pattern of sin or just a boring life. Use
your Christian freedom and “unstick” yourself
by changing some of your habits this week.
• Live: Jesus shows you that things can change
with Him. Live this week with an attitude of
Prayers to Consider
Continued reassurance of Christ’s victory for the
family and friends of Liz Tippin, MaryLiz Moody’s

God’s blessings upon students as they fulfill their

vocation by taking final tests and complete final

Thanksgiving for years of life for Gabe Coker and

Amy Moody Bell

Liz Tippin rests in Christ
Mary Liz Moody's mother, Liz Tippin, whom we
have prayed for throughout her battle with
cancer, has passed away. We mourn with Mary
Liz and all of Liz Tippin's friends and family and
look forward to a day when we will be reunited
with her in the Resurrection. Funeral services will
be held at University Lutheran next Sunday, May
1st, at 3pm. We ask that you make the parking lot
available as soon as is convenient that Sunday.

Seeking Yard Crew

Enjoy working outdoors, doing things like
weeding, gardening, mowing, trimming, etc? Sign
up to be a part of University Lutheran's Yard Crew.
Contact David Hughes for more information.

Post-Easter Days Off

Staff at University Lutheran will be taking an extra
day off after the Holy Week extravaganza. If
there is an emergency, please do not hesitate to
contact Pastor Jay via cell phone.

(More announcements on back cover)

Dates to Remember
This Week Monday- Finals Week
Friday Please pray for
our faculty
students as they
take and
administer tests
and complete
projects and
April 27h Wednesday +Vespers+
6:30pm – Study and
Dinner Pray
7pm – Prayer Instead of
and Study regular
during this finals
week, we will
get together,
share a meal,
pray together,
and get back to
May 1st Next Sunday, Funeral of Liz
3pm Tippin We
mourn together
celebrating the
faith and
Resurrection of
Liz Tippin, Mary
Liz Moody’s

Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who helped us prepare and
celebrate this Holy Week. Many of you stepped up
by spending many hours on chores, cleaning,
preparing food, and many other tasks. It does not go
unnoticed. Thank you!

To Our Visitors This Morning

Welcome to University Lutheran! We’re glad you
could make it out today and we’re looking forward to
getting to know you better. If you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to ask Pastor Jay or
anyone else around you.

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