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Know all men by these presents, that JOHN HENRY DOE, the Debtor, hereby establishes this
Indemnity Bond in favor of John Henry Doe, the Secured Party, in the sum of present and future
Collateral Values up to the sum of One hundred billion United States Dollars ($100,000,000,000), for
the payment of which bond, the Debtor hereby firmly binds its successors, heirs, executors,
administrators, DBA¶s, AKA¶s, and third-party assigns, jointly and severally. p
The Debtor hereby indemnifies the Secured Party against losses incurred as a result of all claims of
debts or losses made by any and all persons against the commercial transactions and investments of
the Debtor. The condition of this bond is that Secured Party covenants to do certain things on behalf of
the Debtor, as set forth in the attached Security Agreement of the same date and executing Parties;
and Debtor covenants to serve as a transmitting utility to assure beneficial interest in all accounts
established and managed by the United States, and all goods and services in commerce, are available
to or conveyed from Debtor to Secured Party, whichever is appropriate.p
To avert losses of vested rights in the present or future collateral that is the subject of the attached
Security Agreement, Debtor agrees to make available to the Secured Party, such accounts established
by intent of the Parties, by operation of law, and/or as constructive trusts, to hold proceeds arising from
assets belonging to the Debtor, and administered by the United States or its subdivisions, agents, or
affiliates. Pursuant to existing laws of the United States and the agreement of the Parties of the
attached Security Agreement, the Secured Party is authorized to assign such funds from said accounts
as are necessary to settle all past, present, and future public debts and obligations incurred by the
Debtor on behalf of the Secured Party.p
The Debtor, without the benefit of discussion or division, does hereby agree, covenant, and undertake
to indemnify, defend, and hold the Secured Party harmless from and against any and all claims, losses,
liabilities, costs, interests, and expenses, including without restriction, legal costs, interests, penalties,
and fines previously suffered or incurred, or to be suffered or incurred by the Secured Party, in
accordance with the Secured Party¶s personal guarantee with respect to loans or indebtedness
belonging to the Debtor, including any amount the Debtor might be deemed to owe to a public creditor
for any reason whatsoever.p
The Secured Party shall promptly advise the Debtor of all public claims brought by third parties against
the present or future property of the Debtor, all of which is covered by the attached Security Agreement
up to the indemnification amount declared herein, and to provide the Debtor with full details of said
claim(s), including copies of all documents, correspondence, suits, or actions received by or served
upon the Debtor through the Secured Party. Secured Party shall fully cooperate with discussion,
negotiation, or other proceedings relating to such claims.p
This bond shall be in force and effect as of the date it is signed and accepted by the Parties, and
provided that Secured Party may cancel this bond and be relieved of further duty hereunder by
delivering a thirty (30) day written Notice of Cancellation to the Debtor. No such cancellation shall
affect the liability incurred by or accrued to Secured Party prior to the conclusion of said thirty (30) day
period. In such event of Notice of Cancellation, and in the event the United States reinstitutes its
constructive claim against the Collateral, the Debtor agrees to reissue the bond before the end of the
thirty (30) day period for an amount equal to or greater than the above value of the attached Security
Agreement, unless the Parties agree otherwise. p
Done this ____ day of ______________, _______p
______________________________ ___________________________________p
Indemnitor, JOHN HENRY DOE Indemnitee, John Henry Doe p

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The ³government´ or specifically the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE keeps an account for your
strawman corporation from the time you were born until the time you die. That is all the strawman really is
± an account, an accounting of the commercial transactions of the credit that you as the creditor gives to

The IRS calls the summary of entries made to this account your Individual Master File (IMF). This file is
an account of what the strawman has ³done´ so that they can put a value on the criminal ³charges´ that
they are claiming, such as a rum runner in Puerto Rico, an arms dealer in Iran, or a drug dealer in
Malaysia. That is how they ³charge your account´ and that is why you have never been ³charged´ with
these crimes ± the debtor, the strawman, the corporation has. These ³charges´ represent millions of
dollars worth of U.S. Treasury Bonds to the foreign corporation we fondly call UNITED STATES. p

As you might guess, depending on the crimes and the assigned values, this balance is a continuing deficit
to the debtor and at first glance it would be an overwhelming feeling to know that if you think you are the
debtor, you could owe millions, if not hundreds of millions. But, you must ask yourself this question, ³who
is the creditor to this debtor´? Is it the UNITED STATES, the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, or
INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND? I think you know the answer. They are ³pretending´ to be the
creditors, but did they give the substance or did you? p

Then why are they getting the interest (taxes) for the credit units that WE have supplied to the
corporations? Shouldn¶t the corporations be paying the interest to us? How did this get turned upside
down where the head is the tail and the tail is now the head? Turn to Deuteronomy 28 and read it, but
specifically 43, 44 & 45; p



Now that you can visualize the countless number of ³charges´ that have been entered on your strawman
account by the IRS, what can you do about it? You can balance your account by ACCEPTANCE FOR

The main reason why you must do this action is to keep this account at a zero balance so that you can
discharge all of your debt that you CAN see. p

Set up your Treasury Account and discharge the debt in the name of the strawman corporation. p

1. You will have to get a 3   3333  This is the
document that the state issued for the purpose of creating an artificial person in your upper case name
with an account so that the state could keep an accounting record of all the debt that has been assigned
to that ³person.´ p

2. While you are waiting for your copy of your birth certificate, you will have to make an invoice like
they would have ³if´ they were able to give one to you. Since they will never do this, you will make one up
yourself based on the birth certificate as this is the actual document evidencing that the strawman
account really exists. This is the bill, the charge, the evidence of debt. Do not put an amount in the space
provided, because you do not know how much they have entered into your account. Leave this blank and
let them fill this amount in. p

3. Now that you have the bill, the evidence of the debt, you need to discharge it. You will do this by
means of a set-off, a cancellation of mutual debt, an exchange, a BILL OF EXCHANGE. Replace the
generic data with your information and again DO NOT ENTER AND AMOUNT. Then sign the document. p

4. Next compose the cover letter that you will send to John Snow, not the US Secretary of Treasury.
The reason is that you, as a sovereign in the private venue, cannot see or recognize a fiction whether it
be a corporation or an office. You can only see or deal with the real man or woman. This is a ³private´
contract between you the creditor and John Snow, your agent for the bankruptcy to cancel the debt. p

5. Go to your local IRS and get a 1040ES (Estimated Tax) Form and fill it out, but DO NOT sign it or fill
in the AMOUNT. Again you do not know how much it is so let them fill it out. When they figure out how
much the total debt is they will then pay themselves by using this form. p

6. When you get your birth certificate, you will need to make a transparency for it. This consists of
printing out the page that says Non-Negotiable CHARGEBACK on it. Take it down to a Mailboxes Etcs.
and have them make RED transparency of it. Then situate the CHARGEBACK transparency on the birth
certificate and have them make a color copy of it. Fill in the blanks appropriately. p

7. While you are at the copy place, take your UCC-1 and make a copy of it also. Copy only the
Financing Statement NOT the entire Security Agreement and attachments. p

8. Now that you have the whole package, make a copy of the entire package which should include; p

a. Cover letter to John Snowp

b. Invoicep


d. Copy of birth certificate with CHARGEBACK stampp

e. Copy of your UCC-1 Financing statement.p

f. 1040ES p

9. Send the contents registered mail return receipt so that you know that someone has signed for it. p

10. After you have received the green receipt back, wait 30 days and if you have not heard back then
they have consented to all that you have requested. p

Non-Negotiable Charge Backp

Paul H O¶Neill or Office Holderp

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