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World Corporate

Social Responsibility
Symposium 2011
Creating A Virtuous Marketplace Towards A Sustainable Future

12th & 13th July 2011

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Creating A Virtuous
Marketplace Towards
A Sustainable Future
 Discovering the key success factors of an ideal CSR Strategy
 Exploring practical methods to conduct compelling CSR Campaigns
 Leaning the benefits of CSR Branding and Cause Related Marketing
 Grasping feasible industrial approaches to protect the Environment
 Examining the impact of corporate responsibility in shaping the Society Evolution Mind Power Sdn Bhd
 Understanding the advantages of corporate ethics on the Economy Address : Suite 16-3, Menara Mutiara Bangsar,
Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Bangsar,
 Analysing the paradigm of effective CSR Reporting
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
 Acquiring knowledge to overcome the challenges in carrying out CSR Phone : +6-03-2283 1388
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World Corporate Social Responsibility Symposium 2011
Creating A Virtuous Marketplace Towards A Sustainable Future
12th & 13th July 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This conference provides participants with valuable insights from

Why You Should Attend? experts across various industries. Learn from their experience
and share opinions on how to carry out an effective CSR
The rising awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is campaign and to overcome the challenges to leverage between
changing the way businesses operate around the world. It is a profitability and compassion. Gather practical information and
driving factor that is shaping corporate strategies and business skills to lead your organisation towards greater sustainability and
principles towards a more sustainable future. Business is no stronger market value.
longer just about profitability, it is about the culture to create a
compassionate marketplace. CSR acknowledges that companies
have an impact on the society, environment and economy
through their operations, products, services as well as through Who Should Attend?
interactions with key stakeholders. It involves efforts to manage
this impact in order to add value to the company and to improve Presidents, Vice Presidents, CEOs, CMOs, COOs, Directors,
social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the present and Managers, Heads, Leaders and Professionals of:
future. Hence, companies need to be proactive in their CSR
initiatives in order to remain competitive in the industry.  Corporate Social Responsibility
 Sustainable Development
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an essential business
 Environmental Affairs
aspect that companies need to prudently strategise to ensure
 Corporate Governance
success and progress of the company’s future direction.
Approximately 80% of the top global brands are actively  Corporate Communications
contributing towards CSR efforts, while many companies are still  Community Relations
at the threshold of their CSR initiatives. This is the crucial time for  Corporate Affairs
companies to start or enhance their CSR programme, especially  Public Relations
in the Asian region where most companies are still not exposed to  Media Relations
the concepts of CSR or have not acquired the right knowledge to  Branding
start a CSR campaign. The implementation of a proper CSR  Business Development
strategy will pave the way towards better business growth and  Investor Relations
sustainability. It provides better accountability of the Triple Bottom  Strategic Planning
Line (TBL) that focuses on organisational success in improving  Human Resource
the welfare of people, planet as well as profit and it is a good  Resource Development
performance indicator in measuring the organisations wider  Risk & Compliance
impact.  Marketing Communications
 Marketing
The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journey is a long path
that requires continuous support from the corporate
organisations. Environmental conservation efforts that have
From the following industries:
received enormous respond from corporate companies to prevent
climate change includes carbon emission reduction, marine
 Banking & Financial Services
pollution control, wildlife protection, reforestation, waste
management and other green energy technological improvisation.  Oil & Gas / Chemical / Petrochemical
Social welfare contributions from corporate organisations towards  Healthcare
social development includes sponsorship for education and  Automotive
culture, financial and technology assistants to less fortunate  Aviation
communities, relieve aid to victims of catastrophe, medical  Transportation
donations, health awareness and other initiatives to improve the  Logistics
lives of people. Economically, corporate organisations play an  Utilities
important role in maintaining an ethical business environment that  Agriculture / Plantation / Environmental
emphasizes quality in products, work ethics and lifestyle. This is  Construction & Property
achieved through company CSR policies to provide an  FMCG
encouraging work environment, optimistic employment  Computer & IT
opportunities and an aspiration to improve the lives of our global  Telecommunications
community. The CSR objectives can be achieved through the way  Service
companies conduct their businesses. Cause Related Marketing  Advertising
(CRM), strategic partnership with charitable organisations and  Consultancy
fund raising campaigns are some approaches to CSR that would
 Conglomerates & MNCs
add greater value to the corporate brand as consumers are
 Government Institutions
becoming more supportive of companies with a better CSR
reputation. Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is also gaining  Others
more significance in the share trading market. CSR Reporting is
an important mission that companies need to take on in today’s
competitive business world as more emphasis is now placed on
the accountability of CSR efforts.

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World Corporate Social Responsibility Symposium 2011
Creating A Virtuous Marketplace Towards A Sustainable Future
12th & 13th July 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Environmental And Sustainability Efforts In Protecting
12 JULY 2011 The World
The role of businesses in their commitment to resolve climate change is
8.30AM crucial as the environment of our planet is greatly affected by the way the
industries are operated. It is a key aspect of Corporate Social
REGISTRATION / OPENING Responsibility (CSR) that is obligatory for all organisations as every
decision made would have a great impact on the sustainability of our
8.45AM world. As such, most organisations around the world are now moving
towards modern technologies that are less harmful to the environment
Bridging Communities Towards A Progressive Society and embark on practices that reduce the harsh impact on the ecosystem.
Economic globalisation and social challenges has coerced the need for  Cutting carbon emission as a solution to climate change
corporate organisations to contribute towards social and economic
 Implementing green energy technology in saving the environment
development of the less privileged communities. As rapid advancement in
 Applying proper disposal and recycling procedures that are non-
modernisation and technology change the social structure of society, it is
hazardous to the ecosystem
crucial for government bodies and influential companies to ensure that
 Incorporating industrial pollution prevention and control measures in
development is evenly distributed between urban and rural areas.
Corporate organisations play an important role in carrying out CSR business operations
activities to reduce disparity in less developed regions that would  Developing Eco Industrial Parks in efforts to minimise environmental
potentially become new markets of the future. destructions

 Reaching out to the less privileged and rural communities NAME DESIGNATION, DEPARTMENT – COMPANY,
 Narrowing the gap between communities through CSR activities to COUNTRY
leverage social capital differences
 Enriching underdeveloped regions with modern technologies
 Improving living standards through rural development and poverty 10.45AM
reduction initiatives
Efforts Towards Wildlife Protection And Environmental
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on the issue of wildlife protection
Global Citizenship In Building A Knowledge Economy and environmental conservation has always been a great emphasis for
Through Educational Development corporate philanthropy. However, charitable efforts towards the cause are
no longer limited only to monetary contributions. It is crucial for corporate
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a knowledge economy plays a organisations to embed the practice of wildlife protection and
crucial role in the social development of communities. As a socially environmental conservation in the way industries and businesses are
responsible global citizen, it is important for influential corporate conducted.
companies to embark on CSR activities in improving people’s lives. Many
corporate organizations around the world are dedicatedly doing their part  Embracing a conscious capitalism principle in protecting flora, fauna
in enriching communities with education through funding and sponsorship and the ecosystem
programmes towards a progressive society for the future.  Advancing animal protection on the corporate agenda towards reducing
the impact of industrialisation on wildlife
 Cooperating with governments, educators and industries to design and  Nurturing forest conservation initiatives in minimising the destruction of
deliver education programmes habitats and ecosystem
 Enriching communities through education funding and sponsorship to  Fostering marine conservation techniques in industrial operations to
schools and learning centres protect marine life and the ocean ecosystem
 Supporting education initiatives in providing scholarships, loans and
grants to develop intellectual expertise NAME DESIGNATION, DEPARTMENT – COMPANY,
 Providing infrastructure and training to develop modern technological
skills to overcome future challenges
 Building Research & Development (R&D) Hubs as a platform for
innovation and advancement
NAME DESIGNATION, DEPARTMENT – COMPANY, Global warming has affected the lives of all living beings, but it is of special concern for
COUNTRY the polar bears. Massive ice melt in the Artic has caused polar bears to loose their
habitats. Most polar bears are dying of starvation as their food hunting areas diminish
while many more are clinging onto small formation
of melting ice striving for a last chance of survival before
they drown into the ocean.

We can help reduce global warming by:

 Switching off electrical appliances when it is not in use

 Reduce garbage to minimise carbon emission from
 Drive only when necessary to reduce smoke emission
 Use energy saving electrical appliances or
YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE solar powered items
 Abstain from any form of open burning

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World Corporate Social Responsibility Symposium 2011
Creating A Virtuous Marketplace Towards A Sustainable Future
12th & 13th July 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Creating A Workplace With An Ethical Career
12 JULY 2011
Sustainable corporate development requires respect for human rights,
employee satisfaction and the creation of a corporate culture that allows
12.00PM workers to develop and express their individuality and creativity. As
businesses place greater emphasis on humanity issues, Corporate Social
Corporate Initiatives In Nurturing A Caring And Healthy Responsibility (CSR) is not just about doing charity or providing financial
Community contributions. The core efforts of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)
should start from within the organisation itself, creating an internal working
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about building a caring society. It culture that builds an ethical career.
is important for corporate organisations to provide aid to the less fortunate
communities as part of a socially responsible corporate citizen. Healthcare  Prioritising occupational safety, health and work-life balance in creating
and medical support are crucial concerns that require great provisions a conducive working environment
from the corporate sector to assist the ailing, disabled, senior citizens as  Providing employment opportunities and developing talents towards
well as the entire community. greater competitiveness
 Cultivating employee motivation and capabilities towards improved
 Creating employment opportunities for disabled workers productivity
 Providing special infrastructure, amenities, facilities and services to  Interdicting any form of employee exploitation and child labour in
assist senior citizens and disabled communities defending human rights
 Contributing financially to provide medical care for the ailing  Resolving trade and human rights issues against any form of worker
 Building healthy communities through healthcare awareness discrimination
campaigns  Compliance to labour standards and respecting worker rights as a
corporate policy of the organisation

1.00PM 4.00PM

2.00PM 4.15PM
Corporate Citizenship In Upholding The Principle Of Embedding Ethical Business Practices In The
Humanity Organisation Structure
The role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in improving social Business ethics is an aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that
living conditions is critical as every effort and decision made by corporate has become a crucial concern in corporate strategies. The growing
organisations greatly affect and influence the future of communities. It is awareness on social responsibility issues has impelled the need for
an obligation for companies to provide charity in benefiting humanity corporate organisations to operate their business in an ethical manner.
especially in challenge times. Championing a controversial cause as a Hence, it is vital for companies to embed ethical business practices in the
global corporate citizen is demanding, but it is a prerogative that entire corporate mechanism.
companies should undertake as a socially responsible corporate
organisation.  Maintaining high ethical work standards and integrity in producing
excellent quality services and products
 Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility towards Corporate Social  Incorporating ethical principles in business activities to protect assets,
Engagement maintain privacy, law abidance and honouring stakeholder interests
 Reaching out in providing aid and relief efforts to communities in  Upholding moral values of the Ethical Decision Making Model:
disaster zones principles, outcomes, fairness, caring, liberty, character and
 Alleviating poverty and social injustice through community development sustainability
 Building awareness in preventing abuse and protesting against  Moving the business towards Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)
violence towards social wellbeing practices
 Protecting fair trade and fair pricing policies to ensure social economic

“People are going to want, and be able, to find out about the
citizenship of a brand, whether it is doing the right things
socially, economically and environmentally.”
- Mike Clasper, President of Business
Development, Proctor and Gamble (Europe)

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World Corporate Social Responsibility Symposium 2011
Creating A Virtuous Marketplace Towards A Sustainable Future
12th & 13th July 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Strategic Partnership With Charity Organisations
13 JULY 2011
Cooperation with charity organisations is a common approach for
corporate organisations to embark on CSR campaigns. It is an efficient
8.30AM and effective method to contribute financial support and provide aid for a
charitable cause. Many companies around the world are working closely
REGISTRATION / OPENING with charity organisations through various forms of strategic partnership
towards sustainability and wellbeing of our world.
 Reaching out to the underprivileged through corporate philanthropy
Formulating A CSR Strategy In Championing A Cause  Supporting charity organisations through sponsorship and fund raising
The rising importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has  Promoting a cause through advocacy and Cause Related Marketing
impelled the need for corporate organisations to plan and apply an (CRM)
effective CSR strategy in their business objectives. It is crucial for  Discovering the benefits of implementing an alliance with charitable
companies to champion a pertinent cause in order to garner the benefits organisations
of the CSR campaign and to remain competitive in the industry. Hence,
an outstanding CSR strategy is vital for the future sustainability and
advancement of the company.
 Deciding on a suitable and relevant CSR cause
 Planning and establishing an effective CSR campaign
 Promoting and practicing CSR activities in the organisation operations
 Monitoring the progress and effectiveness of the CSR programme
 Implementing and revising the comprehensive CSR strategy 10.45AM


Overcoming The Challenges In Carrying Out Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR)
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an integral aspect of
9.45AM most large organizations around the world. International pressure from an
increasingly conscience focused marketplace has created a demanding
Government Incentives In Encouraging CSR situation for businesses to operate ethically towards the wellbeing of
Participation society, economy and environment. However, in the process of
enrichment towards a CSR orientated reputation, most organizations are
The government’s role in advocating CSR efforts is crucial in shaping the challenged and striving hard to strike a balance between the pros and
welfare of the nation. It is the key factor that drives CSR initiatives among cons in carrying out CSR activities.
corporate organizations. It is also important for the government to provide
adequate support to assist and encourage corporate organisations in  Attaining stakeholder involvement and support in conducting CSR
achieving the CSR goals. activities
 Acquiring financial incentives to organise CSR campaigns
 Integration of CSR in government strategies and policies  Engaging commitment and support from corporate bodies and clientele
 Partnering with government bodies in carrying out CSR initiatives  Controlling the impact of CSR campaigns towards the beneficiaries,
 Providing government incentives to stimulate CSR efforts among company and target audiences
corporate companies  Managing corporate hypocrisy publicity issues while excelling on
 Recognising the efforts and achievements of companies in conducting sincere CSR initiatives
CSR activities
 International cooperation towards global CSR understandings NAME DESIGNATION, DEPARTMENT – COMPANY,
Our planet is fast loosing its green lung as forests are destroyed due to industrialisation
and modernisation. Mass deforestation causes damage to water catchment areas that
will affect rainfall levels and changes in weather conditions. Deforestation affects the
ecosystem causing ecological imbalance and depletion of oxygen levels in the
atmosphere. Wildlife are also endangered as their habitats are destroyed. Pollution is
also a contributing factor to forest destruction.

We can help save our ecosystem by:

 Recycle paper by writing or printing on both sides before

 Print documents only when it is necessary and use digital
media as an alternative
 Avoid using plastic bags and switch to cloth bags instead
 Provide reusable containers to pack food instead of using
YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE disposable polystyrene boxes
 Grow more plants and trees around your house and office

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World Corporate Social Responsibility Symposium 2011
Creating A Virtuous Marketplace Towards A Sustainable Future
12th & 13th July 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) - The Emerging CSR
13 JULY 2011 Framework Of The Future
The growing importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has
12.00PM incited the need for companies around the world to embark on a globally
recognized CSR reporting framework. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is
Establishing A CSR Campaign That Enhances Your an international organisation that focuses on CSR value reporting of
Brand social, economic and environmental efforts. It is the global de-facto
standard for CSR reporting. GRI guidelines applies to corporate
Increasing global awareness on the importance of CSR has advocated businesses, public agencies, industry groups and governmental
the need for companies to embark on CSR campaigns as part of their institutions to manage, measure, track and improve performance on
integral efforts. CSR acknowledges that companies have an impact on the sustainable issues.
society, economy and environment in which it operates. As such, it is
crucial for companies to manage this impact to increase wider social,  Overview of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) - advocating support for
economic and environmental wellbeing for now and the future. A causes of social, environmental and economic wellbeing
sustained CSR programme that reflects the brand’s core values and  Discovering the importance and benefits of CSR Reporting
contributive in delivering the brand promise will enhance perception and  Compliance to internationally recognised standards of CSR Reporting
improve brand value. towards improved credibility, consistency and comparability
 Becoming The Brand of Your Community: government, customers,  Relevance of the GRI Reporting Framework to various sectors and
employees and general public
 Carrying out the CSR Spectrum of Involvement: financial contribution,
cause promotion, adopting a cause, championing a unique cause NAME DESIGNATION, DEPARTMENT – COMPANY,
 Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts in conducting a CSR Campaign COUNTRY
 Managing the impact of CSR campaigns in enhancing brand value as
well as increasing wider economic, social and environmental wellbeing


Challenges And Issues In Implementing CSR
2.00PM Reporting
Strategic Cause Related Marketing (CRM) In today’s challenging business world, Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) has become an important aspect of corporate strategy that will
Cause Related Marketing (CRM) is crucial in today’s business world as facilitate companies to keep abreast and remain competitive in the
growing awareness among customers compel the need for companies to industry. As such, companies around the world have begun to realise the
operate their businesses in a manner that contributes to the wellbeing of importance to embark on CSR reporting activities as an integral exercise
society, environment and economy. It is about forging long-term of the organisation. However, consumers are demanding more
partnerships between businesses and nonprofit organisations to promote accountability and transparency from companies about the CSR reports
a cause for mutual benefit. It also provides an emotional and rational while there is growing concern among corporate stakeholders about the
engagement between customers with companies, fostering brand loyalty benefits or losses that they would reap from the investments allotted for
and better corporate reputation. CSR reporting.
 Adding A New Dimension To Your Business With CRM  Does CSR Reporting guarantee good corporate citizenship?
 The Way Forward In Business - “Benefiting Communities, Securing  Leveraging on investment and value of CSR Reporting
Business Goals”  Transparency and credibility in CSR Reporting
 Discovering the benefits of Cause Related Marketing (CRM)  Key driving forces and stakeholder consensus in CSR Reporting
 Recognising the “Relevance” of CSR issues: (a) Relevance to the core
business and brand (b) Relevance to the interest and benefit of
 Understanding the “Impact” of CSR initiatives: (a) Impact on COUNTRY
beneficiaries of the activities (b) Impact on target audiences (c) Impact
on the company
 Implementing the CSR methodology phases: (a) Stakeholder Impact
Audit (b) CSR Strategy Development (c) CSR Action Plan



“It is not good enough to do what the law says. We need to

be in the forefront of these [social responsibility] issues.”
- Anders Dahlvig, CEO of IKEA

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