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Ref No : PR1001

April 18, 2011

Indian institute of management, kozhikode


With reference to the discussions that we had with you, we are pleased to offer your summer internship
in Spaar InfoTech. Your title post will be -Associate management trainee

You will be appointed on a temporary basis for a period of eight weeks (8 weeks) from the date of joining
and your remuneration for this period is fixed as Rs.25,000/-. This amount may be allowed on successful
completion of your program objectives listed in Annexure-A and vary depending on Spaar InfoTech’s performance
and your performance. The break-up is presented in Annexure-B. Your appointment will be governed by the terms
and conditions of employment presented in Annexure C.

You will also be governed by the rules and regulations in vogue and those that may change from time to
time. At the time of formally reliving from services, you shall have to return all material accessories that company
provided for the desired post. Your compensation is highly confidential and if the need arises, you may discuss it
only with your Administrator. We request you to join us on or before – 20th April 2011.

At the time of joining, please submit the following documents:

1. Photocopy of your passport, certificates and mark sheets in support of your educational qualifications.
2. A recommendation letter from your institution , if applicable.
3. Five passport size color photographs.

Please note that this appointment is subject to Satisfactory professional reference checks.

Spaar InfoTech is keen that there is a secure environment for clients and internally too. You are required
to be registered with the National Skills Registry (NSR) and provide the ITPIN while joining the organization.

We look forward to you joining us. Please do not hesitate to call us for any information you may need.
Also, sign the duplicate of this offer as your acceptance and forward the same to us.

Yours sincerely,
For Spaar InfoTech


I accept the offer on the terms and conditions and shall report to work on .................

Signature: Date:
Annexure A

Title post: Associate management trainee.

Department: planning and execution.

Salient features
Project duration 4weeks
Selection Based on interview
Total pay 25000/-
Appointment On contract basis
Pay cycle Based on evaluation of completed milestones

Project description

As part of companies integrated technology development and advancement program, more dedicated efforts are
to be grouped for autonomous technology development. To overcome short lag occurred due to time taking
process of setting up a research centre and dedicated team, management decides to give opportunities to
individuals groups or organizations to perform jointly for a greater cause and mutual benefits. SITPL seeks
management professionals to work for company, developing overall planning strategies that fits companies
forward policies. Spaarads an innovative idea from company management requires strategic planning and
implementation professionals to make it a great success. Associate management trainees and executives from
reputed background will be given opportunities in this sector. Based on the evaluation of their report, conditional
financial support will be given for developing a key team for the project.


I. General study about Indian corporate involvement in internet based advertising.

II. Overall report on launching into online advertisement sector named as spaarads.
III. Subdivisions.
1. Drafting implementation strategies
2. Training of staffs
3. Corporate presentations
4. Should meet a monthly sales volume of 25 lakhs.

Annexure B


Designation: Associate management trainee
Sl No Item Amount
1 Stipend 20000.00
2 HRA (60 % of the basic) 5000.00
3 Conveyance Allowance 0.00
4 Medical Allowance 0.00
Companies contribution to PF @ 12% of
5 0.00
Annexure C

1. During the internship period, you will not be entitled to any benefits applicable to regular permanent
employees of the company.
2. Your performance will be appraised on periodical basis during the contract period and on your
successful completion, you will be issued a completion certificate indicating your work and
3. You will be entitled for leave and other benefits applicable to your category as per the prevailing rules
and regulations of the company.
4. During your service with us, we expect you to devote full attention to the interests of company and
work with high standard of initiative, efficiency and integrity. Also you shall not indulge in any type of
action which may affect the reputation of the company.
5. The management reserves the right to transfer you to any location/branch/business associates of the
company existing or to be set up in the future. The rules and regulations at the time of such action
shall become applicable to you.
6. During your service with the company, you are not allowed to engage yourself in any business or work
on part/full time basis accepting remuneration in whatsoever manner.
7. You will be called upon to discharge any other duties which in the opinion of the management are
within your capability; you shall carry out those duties with diligence and utmost care.
8. You will be held responsible for the safe and proper custody of the articles/properties entrusted to you
which are required to perform your duties and responsibilities successfully.
9. During internship period, you will be terminated without assigning any reason whatsoever and without
any notice and benefits. In case you wish to leave us during the period; you may do so but giving two
weeks’ notice thereof.
10. The copy right and intellectual property rights of all the materials, documents & information furnished
by you shall rest with the company during your tenure with us.
11. You must inform us if there is any change in your residence address/contact numbers within 2 days of
the change. You will be responsible for any consequences which may arise in this regard and the
company will not be responsible at all in whatsoever manner.
12. You are liable to abide by the prevailing rules and regulations of the company/or which may come in
force from time to time during your service with us.

Please sign and return the copy of this as token of acceptance of the appointment letter.

We take this opportunity to welcome you on board of SPAAR Group and our best wishes for your future career
with us.