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Business Angel Club Global

Micro-entrepreneurs dominate developing economies, and contribute significantly to
both the formal and informal sectors. However, micro-entrepreneurs lack access to
basic business development services, technical assistance, and most importantly,
capital; resources which are necessary to grow and develop their businesses into
long-term, sustainable, high-impact enterprises.

There is a growing recognition for the need and role Angel investors play in
assisting start-up and micro-enterprises. Angel clubs, comprised of leading,
successful business people with an interest in supporting and investing in start-up
enterprises, bring valuable knowledge, guidance and capital to these enterprises,
filling an often large gap in knowledge and resources that is difficult to acquire,
especially in developing economies. Micro-entrepreneurs benefit from the catered
assistance and guidance from their Angel mentors and the Angels are able to share
and build their knowledge and experience and positively contribute to the overall
economic development of their local community.

The goal of the Global Business Angel Clubs is to improve the economic viability
and sustainability of the assisted Angel micro- and small entrepreneurs (MSEs) by
harnessing resources and support of the local business community. Through
mentorship, provision of basic business services and advice as well as direct
investment, Angel Club members can fill an important gap in the development of
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MSEs in developing countries and contribute to the overall growth and development
of their local economy. GBI is currently implementing the project in two countries:
Indonesia (through the Social Entrepreneurship Investment Council), and Mali
(through the Club des Investisseur Malien de L’Entreprenariat).

IFC’s Involvement
Through the participation of the Angel Club members, the resources of the IFC/GBI,
a small supporting team and carefully chosen external parties, the Business Angel
Clubs will engage with grassroots business through a number of activities:
• Business Guidance and Mentorship – provision of advice and models for
scaling up, development of good governance, advice on structure and
organization and support for implementation, coaching and sharing of
experience and lessons learned;
• Technical Assistance – traditional “business consulting,” such as marketing
and business planning, MIS, production improvement, as well as training in
areas such as basic bookkeeping and sales forecasting; April 2007

• Investment – equity investment or grants for scaling up and replication of
businesses and programs as well as providing linkages to alternative sources
of finance;
• Networking – introductions and references to other potential funders and
supporters or to supply chain or marketing partners;
• Advocacy – raising GBO issues with relevant authorities, promoting GBOs as
worthy of support and lending credibility and gravitas to the sector and the
importance of its development.

What is the Social Entrepreneurship Investment Council?

Based on the Angel Club models in the United States, the Social Entrepreneurship
Investment Council (SEC) in Indonesia was founded to support Indonesian social
enterprises – nurturing their social mission objectives while bringing greater
commercial rigor – to increase employment and economic empowerment for the
poor and disadvantaged. The objective is to bring business inputs to enterprises
and initiatives, which are promising, past their initial pilot stage, have a solid
combination of commercialization and outreach to grassroots people but are in need
of strengthening before scaling up and/or replication.

SEC’s members are dedicated individuals who are keen to see the micro-small and
medium enterprise sector grow and develop into a significant contributor to
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economic growth and development in Indonesia. During a recent Club meetings,

the SEC members agreed to commit $400,000 to the Club and $44,000 to the
Club’s pipeline.


# of Angels 4
# of Pipeline Projects 2
# of Approved Projects 5

What is the Club Des Investisseurs Maliens de L’Entreprenariat?

Since January 2006, approximately 20-30 leading Malian business people have
been meeting informally every two months to discuss the possibility of establishing
an Angel Club to support the growth and development of youth and informal
entrepreneurs that dominate the Malian economy. After several months of
discussions on the structure and mission of the Club, as well as receiving proposals
from several MSEs as a sample project pipeline, the Club des Invesstisseurs pour
L’entreprenariat (CIME, “Mali Angel Club”) was officially formed in December 2006,
and have begun their formal Angel activities.


# of Angels 20-30
# of Pipeline Projects 37
# of angel entrepreneurs receiving assistance 7 April 2007