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May1, 2011

Latest developments from Misurata, May 1, 2011

Moutasim Gaddafi Recruits in Zlitan, Issues Gas Masks

NATO Does Not Carry Out Planned Strikes

Freedom fighters report that NATO intended to strike Gaddafi forces this morning (May 1), and that NATO had
advised them not to advance further into Timmina and Al-Gehrian. At time of writing (4pm Libyan local time),
NATO still had nto carried out air strikes against Gaddafi forces.

Libyana Mobile
The Libyana mobile resumed intermittent services three days ago, with periods of connectivity lasting
between half an hour and an hour. The residents of Misurata have been advised that that this return of
mobile services was done by the Gaddafi regime and not engineers in Misurata. It is believe that the return of
services is to enable Gaddafi forces to communicate with each other.

Use of 155 Cannons

Gaddafi forces continue to indiscriminately shell Misurata with mortar rockets, GRAD rockets and cluster
bombs. A military spokesperson said on Misurata's Free Libyan radio station, that Gaddafi forces are using
155 cannons in strikes against central Misurata, as well as the coastal areas of Qasr Ahmed, Yedder and
neighboring areas.

Timmina, Al-Gehrian and Underground Bunkers at Air-force Academy

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At 10pm Libyan time, yesterday, Gaddafi forces began heavily bombarding the seaside residential areas in
Yedder with mortar rockets. The sustained attack continued until 4am. The attacks would last 15mins at a
time; with Gaddafi forces pausing in order to allow the mortar rockets launcher to cool.

After a few hours, the time span between the sounds of the rockets launching, and the subsequent explosion
decreased. It is believed that Gaddafi forces would change their location, moving closer to the areas under
attacked, during the pause between attacks.

Abu Ruwaiya and Zawiya

There are no reports of fighting In the areas of Abu Ruwaiya and Zawiya, in western Misurata. The area is
quiet since the evening of April 29. Freedom fighters continue to block entry to these areas, preventing
Gaddafi forces from reentering.

Cleanup along Tripoli Street

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