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Now iam simply discussing my vision for food and related qualiy
management systems:

food safety is related to the presence of food born hazards in food at the point of
consumption.Food safety hazards can occur at any stage of the food chain,adequate
control throughout the food chain is essential.Thus,food safty is ensured through the
combined effords of all the parties parties partcipating in the food chain.

The most effective food safty systems are established,operated and updated within
framework of a structured management system and incorporated into the overall
management activities of the organizations .These provides maximaum benifits for
the organijations and interested parties.These international standerds has being
alligned with quality management systems

Various domestic and international regulations and practices related to food safety is
underlined as

• Good hygienic practices(GMP)

• Good manufacturing practices(GMP)
• Hazrad analysis and critical control points(HACCP)
• ISO22000
• ISO9001
• Safe quality foods(SQF)
• International food standerds
• British retail standards
• Prevention of food adultration act(PFA)
• Meat and meat product order(MMPO)
• Fruit product order(FPO)
• Milk and milk product order(MMPO)
• Food safty and standerd act-2006
• Codex alementarious
• BIS(Beureau of indian standards)


what do we mean first of all by a qualiy management system?.Simply all of

the activities, which go on in the company to ensure that it meets its
quality objectives ,which go in the company to ensure that it meets its
quality objectives. In this respect HACCP can be considered as a quality
management system in that it is an activity, which helps to ensure that it
meets its quality objectives.In this respect HACCP can be considerd as a
quality management system in that it is an activity ,which helps to ensure
that the objective of manufacturing safe food is achieved.
Many companies base there QMS on the international standerd series of
ISO9000,which is equivalaent to IS14000(OF BIS OF INDIA) .The system can
be formally accredited or the requirments used as a framework for an in
company system.The ISO9000 standard can be and used accross broad
spectrum of activity in many organizations.Already, your company may be
operating within ISO9000 or you may alternatively view it as a goal to be
reached with in the next 1,2 or even 10 years.Whatever the situation,you
may have many question s regarding the relationship between HACCP
andISO 9000

Significance of ISO9000 series for Food industries

ISO 9000 is a quality management system aimed primarialy at preventing

and detecting any non -conforming product during production and
distribution to the customer, and by taking corrective action to ensure that
the non conformance does not occur again .ISO9000 means that the
product meets its specifications 100% of the time.there is obviously the
danger here in that if an unsafe product is specified ,the quality system will
ensure that you make an unsafe product every time



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