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8th Edition, Spring 2011

After some rather cold and gray winter days, we are now enjoying the warm
sun bringing to life a symphony of colours in the Eternal City! Once again, this
Spring, God the Artist seems to have given a touch of poetry and gentle charm to this
hectic and busy city.

As members of the ICPE community in Rome, we too have been in various types of
transitions to different seasons in our lives, saying goodbyes and welcoming new
avenues and opportunities. So we invite you to sit back and enjoy a cuppa as you
catch up with our latest news.

Here I am trying to enjoy as much of Bella Rome as possible while I
am still here! My free days are planned to the full with excursions
and visits to where I haven‟t been yet – there is always so much to
see in this beautiful city! It‟s balancing out the challenging time of
saying goodbye to all my friends of the past 3 years. The packing is
my headache-I think the Lord is teaching me detachment!
I am looking forward to see my family and friends back home before
coming to NZ. I will leave Rome 22nd July and will be applying for
my visa from Malaysia. Please remember me in your prayers during
this transition time.

These last few months found me wracking my brains trying to learn new things particularly
two computer programmes - Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. It has been really
„interesting‟ trying to manage all our websites that were designed by different people who
each had their preferences in the way they designed and coded websites! The process has
been a school of patience since it‟s so easy to get discouraged or
frustrated when one cannot figure out how certain things work or
are put together. It‟s like learning a new language. And speaking
about that, I‟ve finally „revived‟ my zeal to learn Italian and am
currently having 2 classes weekly.

My sister Veronica, who is two years older than me, took up my

offer last Christmas to spend Easter with me in Rome. For the
past week, we‟ve enjoyed each other‟s company visiting Rome‟s
many sites and walking and chatting for miles.

Besides my sister and Paloma, an old friend who joined her in

Rome later, Grace and I have had other friends staying with us
since the beginning of this year. First we had Grace Low from
Singapore. Then we had Patricia Papenkordt who shared
community with us for a week as she was attending a San
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Andreas seminar. More recently, we were also blessed to have

Dagmar over for a couple of days as she was translating for the
German Renewal team in an ICCRS conference.
8th Edition, Spring 2011


The New Year for me began with some very

precious moments! On January 6, I had the
privilege to serve the Holy Father during the
Eucharistic celebration on the feast of Epiphany at
St Peter‟s Basilica. Then
came the preparation for
the exams, which went
very well. Another
significant event was my
anniversary of 8 years with
the ICPE Mission which I
that’s me completed on the 5th
February. It was a
moment of thanksgiving
that I celebrated while I
was present in St. Peters Basilica for the Eucharistic mass celebrated by the Holy Father. 8
years back I had no clue what my future would be like when I entered the Mission! As I
looked back, I was marvelled at the work of the Lord from where to where he has brought me.
It was a moment for singing my “Magnificat” to the Lord and renewing my YES to Him at the
Tomb of the Apostle Peter.


I can‟t believe that it‟s almost 2 years of my stay here in Rome. Time is flying past and life
seems to be getting more exciting by the day. I finished my 1st semester exams in February
and started off with classes for the next semester immediately after. Each week passes off
quite rapidly with the tight seminary and
university schedule. A highlight of this period was
a National Convention on Mission for
representatives of major seminaries in Italy at
Napoli (Naples). It was a motivating and rich
experience of the Church‟s focus on Mission and
the number of organisations that work together
to support the spread of the Gospel. It also gave
me an opportunity to meet many seminarians
from Italy. Preparations are now on for a
meaningful celebration of the Paschal Triduum.
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8th Edition, Spring 2011


Since our last Aroma News, the culmination of the 25th anniversary of the ICPE Mission we
celebrated last year took us to Jakarta, Indonesia, in November. The General Consultation
was for us a truly encouraging experience as all the leaders and representatives of different
Mission Centres discussed and sought the Lord together for the way ahead for the Mission.

On our return to Europe we received news that Anna‟s brother George, who had been
diagnosed with cancer in early October, had taken a turn for the worse and so we spent two
weeks over Christmas with the family in Malta. We were blessed to have been able to have
spent meaningful time with George and the rest of Anna‟s family even during the last few
days of his life and eventual return to the Father‟s House later in January.

It was also during those days that we learnt that

medically there was nothing else that could be done for
Mario‟s sister Anna whose cancer had metastasized to
the brain. The short visits to Malta continue as dear
Anna is now in the final stages of her life.

As one can imagine, these have been a painful and

difficult four months for us. Yet the Lord‟s sustaining
grace and presence is also a reality we are experiencing.
Paul‟s words in 1Thess 4:13-14 have been an
inspiration for us to persevere in our grieving with hope!
Mario with his sister, Anna

As we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of our Lord in the next few days, each
of our lives find meaning in the mystery of Love we are contemplating these days,
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him
shall not perish but have eternal life.” Jn 3:16.

As a community, we are looking forward for a

meaningful Good Friday liturgy we are celebrating
with the universal Church at St Peter’s Basilica
tomorrow. Our prayerful waiting at the tomb of
our Lord on Saturday will culminate into feasting
on Sunday when we come together as a community
to celebrate that indeed, Christ is Risen!

Wishing you all the Peace and Strength

of the Risen Lord!
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