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Lifestyles • B1

The Campanile Palo Alto Senior High School Palo Alto High School
50 Embarcadero Rd.
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Vol. XC, No. 9 Monday, May 5, 2008

McEvoy reverts to original schedule,

Assisting those
with AIDS
Junior Erik Klingbeil orga-
nizes charity event for AIDS
victims in Africa. PAGE A3
may implement two new dance policies

Co-ed classes McEvoy: “No formal

raise conflict
Should students be taught decision making
process exists at this
in single-sex classroom
environments? PAGE A8

SPORTS school”
First in the By Ayelet Bitton
Staff Writer
League Palo Alto High School Principal Jacqueline
McEvoy retracted her decision to implement the
second semester bell schedule for both semesters
of the 2008-09 school year and revert back to the
schedule used this year. She announced her plan to
Julia Benton/The Campanile

the staff on May 2 and to students on May 5.

McEvoy had originally made the executive
decision after the staff took a final vote that failed
to reach the two-thirds majority needed to make
an official change.
Boys’ track team’s hard The principal, who began at Paly last fall, cited
work pays off in undefeated lack of a community-wide decision-making process
season. PAGE A9 for her initial decision and later retraction.
“I collected information from different parties
SPOTLIGHT and made a decision,” McEvoy said, “and I didn’t
understand that this school may not have been ready
Extracurricular for an individual to make a change like that. What
I realized was that the process is just as important
extravagance as the decision made, and we don’t have a process.
Initially, I used what I thought was the process.”
Students take individual The Ed Council, which consists of all In-
interests to next level with structional Supervisors, has been discussing the Ryan Pfleiderer/The Campanile
creative projects PAGE B1 schedule issue for several months now after they Principal Jacqueline McEvoy has made recent administrative decisions that have upset both students and staff. McEvoy
were approached by the Stressed Out Students said that she has been forced to make “executive decisions” because there is no formal decision making process at Paly.
Committee. The committee, made up of students,
FEATURES teachers and parents, suggested later start times as DANCE POLICY
a way to reduce student stress.
Kicking cancer Consequently, both students and staff partici- McEvoy, Berkson consider breathalyzing dance attendees and
pated in separate surveys last month. The results
to the curb of both showed that each group desired a later
start, according to Student Activities Director Al-
lison Mullins. A variety of schedules that included
increasing punishment for students caught under the influence
a consistent 8:15 a.m. start time were drafted for By Alan Chen be a problem for students that have not been
Staff Writer
Julia Benton/The Campanile

the teachers to vote on. The vote took place on drinking to be breathalyzed.”
Apr. 11. The Palo Alto High School administration To be able to effectively check every “We want to make
“[Guidance Counselor] Ms. [Susan] Schultz is discussing the possibility of implementing student coming into the dances for traces of the breathalyzing
and I were both really sure that the late start would two new policies; breathalyzing every student alcohol, the school, which currently owns process as fast
pass in the teacher vote,” Mullins said. “In the final that goes into a dance and punishing students only one breathalyzer, will either buy two to and as painless as
After surviving cancer, vote though, only around 60 percent of teachers that are caught drunk at a dance with a 90 day three more breathalyzers, which cost about possible.”
John Anderton continues voted, while we needed a two-thirds vote to make suspension from all student activities, in light $500 each, or borrow some from the Palo Alto
-Jerry Berkson
playing soccer. a decision. We didn’t come to a decision, so I think of the occurrences at this year’s prom—where Police Department. Assistant Principal
that’s why this is a problem.” 12 students were suspended for drinking. “We want to make the breathalyzing
Flee to the After the teacher vote failed to garner enough
participation, McEvoy made an executive decision
“The Prom was really the last straw,”
Berkson said. “After that, we realized that we
process as fast and as painless as possible,”
Berkson said.
flea markets to choose the second semester schedule for the en-
tire year. McEvoy said that her decision had been
needed to do something about the drinking
situation at dances.”
The second policy, a 90–day suspension
from student activities, is a harsher punish- “Do I want to
Vast assortment of Bay breathalyze every
made because 92 percent of the faculty wanted a Principal Jacqueline McEvoy believes ment than the current one which only suspends
Area flea markets provide kid who walks into a
consistent start time according to a survey taken of that the first of the two new policies, breatha- students for five days. The proposed policy dance? No, I don’t.
eclectic treasures. PAGE B5 staff opinions. This way, the initial goal of creating lyzing every student that attends a dance, will would prevent students from going to dances, Do I think it’s in the
a consistent schedule for both semesters would still not be considered an invasion of privacy, participating in sports and school clubs and best interest of the
A&E due to the fact that sober students will not be students? Yes, I do,
See SCHEDULE, Page A2 negatively affected. See BREATHALYZE, Page A3 right now I do.”
“If the students are willing to be breatha-
More than Read The Campanile’s editorial on the new lyzed, then they are sending a message that they Read The Campanile’s editorial on the -Jacqueline McEvoy
just cakes schedule, Page A4 are sober,” McEvoy said. “There shouldn’t breathalyzer policy, Page A4

The Prolific Oven serves

delectable cakes and deli-
cious sandwiches. PAGE B8 Bond campaign gathers momentum Science Olympiad wins second
By Kelly Zhou
ONLINE Staff Writer
“People won’t know Measure A
is on the ballot unless we get the word
to vote. Measure A is a bond for the
Palo Alto Unified School District,
place in statewide competition
Measure A, a $378 million bond out,” Lowell said. “Some people funded by an extension of the cur- By Amy Stringer events and engineering events. The
Earth Week proposal awaiting the Jun. 3 election, might not even be aware that there rent tax rate for the previous project, Features Editor competition covers a variety of topics
is gaining support and awareness is an election in June so we want to Building for Excellence. The Palo Alto High School ranging from experimental design to
extravaganza with the help of the “Strong Schools spread the word far and wide.” The tax rate would not increase, Science Olympiad team recently building robots and circuit labs to an
for a Strong Community” campaign, The Strong Schools for a Strong but would remain the same at about competed at the state finals at the event called “Write It Do It,” during
led by campaign co-chair and for- Community campaign is part of a $45 per $100,000 in assessed prop- University of California at Merced on which one person instructs the other
mer school board member Mandy community-led effort to rally support Apr. 26 to compete with teams from to build a structure out of Legos or
Lowell. for the bond and to encourage people See MEASURE A, Page A3 all over California. similar materials. Each team generally
Julia Benton/The Campanile

After losing to Mission San Jose consists of two people.

High School at the regional competi- After each event is completed, the
tion, the team still placed second and results are judged by a panel of judges
qualified for the state competition. The and then designated a specific number
team placed second overall at states, of points. The team with the greatest
View this edition’s photo
which was not enough to advance to number of points at the end wins.
collage in vivid color.
the national competition. The Paly team competed in all of
“It is the best Paly has ever done,” the events, and placed first in several,
senior Isaac Yao said. “We lost to Mira including health science, herpetology,
INDEX Loma [High School], who always food science and remote sensing. They
places first.” also placed in the top five categories
News: A1-A3 Opinion: A4-A5, A8
Stacy Levichev/The Campanile The state competition is com- in many other events.
Spotlight: A6-A7 Sports: A9-A12
Lifestyles: B1 Features: B2-B6 Community members work together to spread the word about Measure A, a proposal that would posed of over 20 different events which
A&E: B7-B12 provide millions of dollars for school renovations, technology updates and additional classrooms. fall into two different categories, study See SCIOLY, Page A2
A2 • May 5, 2008 News The Campanile

NEWSBRIEFS School Board discusses Strategic Plan

Paly community prepares for PAUSD focuses on, organizes school objectives for next twelve years
that the basic intent is aligned with what I was hoping
2008 graduation activities
The Parent Teacher Student Association is in the midst or-
ganizing graduation festivities, including the Senior Picnic and
Grad Night.
Board members pointed out certain holes in the
draft of the Strategic Plan, including the lack of defined
hiring standards under the staff development goal and
The baccalaureate service will be held Jun. 8 at the Stanford a need to report how the district is using money under
University Memorial Auditorium, where Dr. David Kennedy, a Staff d the budget goal.
ce -Impro velopmen Some board members also mentioned that some
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and Stanford history professor,
c v t
will speak. On Jun. 10, the senior class will meet on the quad to
e x
lum -Make e teacher points of the Strategic Plan require some wording
rehearse the graduation ceremony. The students will then be bused Acad ve curricu pare for poten PAUSD mo valuation
e beyond the realm of the district.
o re
to the Senior Picnic organized by the Paly PTSA at a secret beach -Impr tudents p -Find
tial sta re att s
ractiv ystem “The one thing that I would like to see is some
location. Finally, the graduation ceremony will take place on Jun. -Help e
s ways ff e to language that shows that we want our kids to soar and
ing and im to m
11 at Paly at 5:45 p.m. After the reception in the quad, students will
coll e g
w - a chiev prove otivate te reach for the stars,” Baten-Caswell said. “We have to
ort lo instruc ache be pragmatic and make sure we’re supporting kids we
-Supp ts
be bused to Senior Grad Night, also at a secret location. tion rs
Students interested in performing during graduation or bac- n need to support, but we need to be aspirational.”
calaureate can prepare a speech or performance after auditioning. stude In general, however, the school board approved
Audition sign-ups will be available in the Student Activities Office. the goals of the Strategic Plan.
Auditions will most likely take place between May 19 and May “I’m pleased that we’ve moved to a point where
23 in the English Resource Center. Budget trends e and we’re getting closer to making certain that every child
—Nanor Balabanian o v e rnanc nsparency rict is touched by this strategic plan,” Board Member Ca-
-Create plans to support G a ist
nce tr om d
Staff Writer student enrollment growth -Enha nication fr e Strategic mille Townsend said.
u in
Voice, Verde announce new -Build more classrooms comm ally exam The next steps for the drafting of the Strategic
d ic Plan include discussion with the broad community and
-Support current funding -Perio iatives
it further editing. Skelly held discussions with the Palo
editors for next school year strategies Plan in Alto Parent Teacher Student Association at Jane Lathrop
After a rigorous application process, juniors Emily Hamil- Stanford Middle School on Apr. 30 and at David Starr
ton and Sara Connolly were appointed as Verde magazine’s new Jordan Middle School on May 1.
Editors in Chief for the 2008-09 school year while juniors Grace
By Nolan Wong cent, of our time because it is both so important and “This is truly an iterative process,” Skelly said.
LaPier, Connie Yang and Gillian Lui were appointed that same Staff Writer so difficult,” Skelly said. “We’re taking in feedback by having discussions with
position on Voice. Palo Alto Unified School District Superintendent The plan includes initiatives to improve the cur- stakeholders and board members and moving forward in
The former Editors in Chief are confident in the new editors Kevin Skelly presented new drafts of the Strategic Plan, riculum and instructional practices, provide college terms of the work we’re doing here [at the district].”
and hold high expectations for the magazine and the Web site. which discusses developed initiatives for academic readiness and help boost students who achieve academi- One issue parents have brought up includes the
This year’s Verde Editors in Chief also added a Managing excellence, staff recruitment and development, budget cally below grade level. lack of mention of the Foreign Language in Elementary
Editor position, which juniors Megan Mitchell, Shoshana Gould and governance at the PAUSD Board of Education The other goals of staff recruitment and develop- Schools (FLES) in the Strategic Plan.
and Mary Minno were appointed to. meeting on Apr. 22. ment, budget and governance also encompass the goal “We feel that the focus should be on meeting college
“Student journalism plays a critical role in voicing student The Strategic Plan charts the course of the PAUSD of academic excellence. Staff recruitment and develop- expectations,” Skelly said. “It’s our belief that thinking
opinion and I want to help make Verde even better than it already and its respective schools over four years. The last ment includes attracting talented staff and enhancing the about language acquisition at the end of high school
is,” Connolly said. Strategic Plan was adopted for July 2004-07 and the teacher evaluation system and staff development. versus where language goes during the K-12 experience
LaPier, Yang and Lui are also looking forward to working current plan will be adopted and will serve as the general Improvement of resources and addressing enroll- is a better way of looking at the situation.”
together next year with continuing Editors in Chief Michael Bloch district guidelines for next 12 years, with revisions every ment growth are initiatives for the budget goal, and Parents also discussed the targeting of specific
and Dan Schwartz. four years. The drafted goals were based on results of governance promotes communication between the groups in the Strategic Plan, namely underachieving
“I am so excited for next year,” Schwartz said. “This is by far a district-wide survey taken by students, parents and district and the community. students in schools.
the biggest and most talented staff Voice has ever seen.” staff from late March to early April of this year. The potential mission and vision statements pre- “I want to underscore the point that it’s not a
—Julia Shapiro In order to support academic excellence and learn- sented for the Strategic Plan reflect the proposed goals zero-sum game when talking about the lower end of
Senior Staff Writer ing, the central goal of the plan, the plan will focus on and initiatives, particularly academic excellence and the achievement scale versus those who are at a higher
“[creating] an exceptional education environment that staff development. end,” parent Cathy Fitzgerald said. “We should have
Student Council prepares consistently and appropriately challenges and supports
every student to achieve maximum academic growth
The school board members showed support for
the direction of the drafted Strategic Plan at the Apr.
some initiative on giving teachers tools on assessing
improvement at a high level. It’s easy to let those higher
for Paly Last Chance Dance every year,” according to the Apr. 22 Strategic Plan
22 meeting but requested some considerations and
changes in wording.
achieving kids drop by the wayside.”
Further school board discussion will be held on
Palo Alto High School’s Last Chance Dance, which will be “The area [of academic excellence and learning] “We may have a little wordsmithing,” Board May 13. The school board will vote to approve the
held on May 30 from 7:30-10:30 p.m. on the quad, is the last op- has consumed more than 75 percent, perhaps 90 per- Member Melissa Baten-Caswell said. “But, I think final Strategic Plan on May 27.
portunity for students to attend a school dance this school year.

McEvoy reconsiders new schedule decision

Student identification cards must be presented at the door of
the dance for entrance. Ticket prices will possibly change as a
result of the issue with drinking at prom this year.
“We don’t know what the price will be at this time,” Student
Activities Director Allison Davies-Mullins said. “We might have SCHEDULE, Continued from A1 athletes miss class, he said that students cost to athletes. The benefits of having a The last bell schedule change in-
to raise it if ASB hires security guards, which is a big expense.” wouldn’t benefit from an early Thursday consistent schedule are far outweighed by volved vast amounts of research and
If ticket prices remain the same, they will be sold at the au- be met, although the vote failed. dismissal during first semester as much the benefits of having a late start.” time to find the best working schedule,
ditor’s office for five dollars with an ASB card and $10 without. “I understand the rationale for the as second semester. A number of students have also noted Hansen said.
Principal Jacqueline McEvoy is taking into account breathalyzers decision she had to make, but my pref- “The spring has the largest number that if the original focus was on later start McEvoy also found communication
and a new dance policy. erence would be for all teachers to be of athletes of all the seasons, so there are times to reduce students stress, McEvoy’s barriers between students and staff.
“McEvoy is considering implementing breathalyzers for the engaged,” English teacher Kindel Launer the most kids missing classes,” Hansen original decision did nothing to help the “One of the things that have come
dance,” Davies-Mullins said. “She is possibly going to visit other said. “Teachers are the professionals and said. “First semester is different because problem and perhaps worsened it. But out of this process is that we don’t have
schools to consult their dance policies.” know the curriculum best. They really games don’t fall on Thursday afternoons McEvoy argued changing the start time an effective way for students and staff to
—Pauline Slakey need to weigh in on the decision. It’s my nearly as much. Football, basketball and of a single day will not affect students. communicate,” McEvoy said. “There is
Staff Writer obligation to vote.” wrestling are at night while water polo “One late start won’t affect students’ no representative system in place or way
McEvoy chose the second semester is on Fridays and so on.” sleep,” McEvoy said. “Teenagers get into to have a discussion group. We’re going
Viking article on hazing wins schedule over first semester because the
second semester schedule includes an
Although the final percentage of
the teacher vote was in fact in favor of
a biorhythm, so changing all start times
would make a difference, but one day
to look at bringing back the representative
system for next year.”
national journalism award early dismissal on Thursday afternoons
that avoids athletes missing competi-
changing the schedule, McEvoy is uncer-
tain that this in fact indicates the general
isn’t going to help most teenagers.”
McEvoy also found difficulty with
Staff had the opportunity to meet
with McEvoy during preparation periods
The Viking’s Dec. 3 article on hazing at Paly, written by Peter tions that they would have to miss sentiment of all the school’s teachers. the schedule decision process when sim- for a full day on Apr. 8, which Launer
Johnson and Noah Sneider, recently won an award from the Na- school for. “You can’t make any assumptions ply addressing the format for which the said was extremely effective. In contrast,
tional Scholastic Press Association. “I wanted to protect instructional from silence,” McEvoy said. “Silence new bell schedule was to be chosen. McEvoy said only a handful of teachers
“It was really surprising when we found out that we had won time for athletes,” McEvoy said. “One of is exactly what it is: it’s silence. Maybe “Paly has not made a major decision came each period and that level of par-
such a prestigious award,” Johnson said. the biggest complaints was from parents that’s the message - that we’re not ready like this in many, many years,” McEvoy ticipation indicated low staff interest.
The two writers won the 2008 Student Journalist Impact Award, of athletes missing class. With early dis- for a change.” said. “There is no formal decision making Despite all the complications that
along with $1000 as prize money. The article required tremendous missal, people missed less class.” Often times at the end of the school process at this school, so what you do is have ensued, McEvoy is confident that a
research and time, Johnson said. Many students do not feel this a year there is a shared fatigue between decide how you’re going to decide it and strong solution will be found next year.
“We had to be careful because it was such a sensitive issue,” large enough reason to choose the second administrators and students, so no one stick to it. We also learned that we need “The conversation is not over, our
Johnson said. “We talked to a Student Press Law Center attorney semester schedule. is in a position to make demanding deci- to create a better process.” work is not done,” McEvoy said. “I
to make sure we were covering the issue correctly.” “Athletes are used to the workload,” sions, Launer said. Several years ago, Hansen was on a guarantee you if we have a vote next
After the article was published, Principal Jacqueline McEvoy junior and swimmer Kavitha Subrama- Many students are upset about committee responsible for the last time year, people will now participate. We’re
took steps to communicate with coaches and students about the nian said. “They choose to make up the McEvoy’s decision. the bell schedule was changed to what creating a critical mass for change and
issue in the article. Other Paly publications examined the article work they miss for sports. It’s ridiculous “It’s incredibly disappointing,” schedule is currently in place. we’re almost there.”
while the Palo Alto Weekly published an article about residents’ to base the schedule only on athletes.” sophomore Nicolas Dumas said. “Every “Everyone was involved and listened
concerns and CBS 5 featured a segment on the article. While Athletics Director Earl single time a school has moved their to,” Hansen said. “We didn’t have all the With additional reporting by Danielle
“We were really surprised and grateful that it had the effect Hansen agreed with McEvoy that many schedule up an hour, it has come at no sniping that’s going on now.” Kim, Editor in Chief.
it had,” Johnson said.
—Sarah Stringer
Spotlight Editor Science Olympiad team places second at state tournament
Upcoming Events SCIOLY, Continued from A1
“What is notable is that the underclassmen
and the people who were not on the team last year
MAY 5: AP Testing Begins performed really well, while we were expecting the
Students in Advanced Placement classes people with more experience to do better,” senior
Lydia Qin said.
begin taking exams this week. Qin and Colleen Lee are the presidents of the
MAY 13-15: ASB Elections Science Olympiad team this year.
While the team performed exceptionally in many
Ballots will be cast to elect ASB officers for of the events, the engineering events posed the most
the 2008-09 school year. difficulty. Events such as Sounds of Music require
building a musical instrument by hand.
MAY 14-15: STAR Testing “The engineering events involve a lot of work-
Students in grades 9-11 will take the STAR ing, especially at the last minute,” junior Justin
test, while seniors have two days off. Holmgren said. “This year we did okay, but not
MAY 26: No School While the team works consistently throughout
PAUSD students are given a day off on Me- the year, the work increases as each competition
morial Day to honor soldiers lost in war. gets closer.
“The work scales up as the competition gets
MAY 30: Field Day closer,” Yao said. “The last week before the competi-
ASB hosts a day of fun recreation during a tion I spent at least 24 hours preparing.”
Building on the team’s stellar performance
lengthened lunch period. this year, they have high hopes for the team in the
MAY 30: Last Chance Dance future.
“This year was the best we’ve done at states,”
Courtesy of Kathy Woo
ASB holds the final dance of the 2007-08 Qin said. “Hopefully we’ll get better and better and Paly’s Science Olympiad team surpassed the records of past Paly seasons by placing second in
school year on the quad. one day beat Miraloma and go to nationals.” both this year’s state and regional competitions, placing first in many biology-centered events.
The Campanile News May 5, 2008 • A3

Student organizes ‘Caregiver’ Kit assembly event

Paly junior prompts student volunteers to donate time, materials for AIDS ‘Caregiver’ Medical Kits
By Cassie Wedemeyer jelly, antibiotics and bandages, which “When I started, I was only
Staff Writer protect from infection and illness and looking to build 500 kits,” Klingbeil
Palo Alto High School junior extend the life of an AIDS victim dras- said. “But after encouragement from
Erik Klingbeil organized his fellow tically, are not available to them.” the church and Boy Scouts, I raised
students, Boy Scouts and church The Paly assembly was the the number to 1,000. But then, on
members on Apr. 19 to assemble 1,500 first done by a public school in the Mar. 5, I spoke in front of the Penin-
medical kits for people treating AIDS United States and Klingbeil is the first sula Bible Church congregation and
victims in third-world countries. teenager in the country to lead such I raised $33,000 over the next two
Working together, the volunteers a project. The project started out as days. That, plus what I had raised from
were able to assemble 1,500 medical his Eagle Scout Project but quickly hand-written letters, pushed the total
kits including disposable latex gloves, became much bigger. up to $42,000.”
petroleum jelly and many other sup- “I was really impressed,” Paly The assembly event, held in
plies in just one day. junior and fellow Boy Scout Jamie Paly’s Student Center, started at 10
Klingbeil contacted an organiza- Nakamura said. “I’ve known Eagle a.m. with speeches by Peninsula Bible
tion called World Vision, which pur- Scouts who have done their project Church Missionaries Director Carol
chases the necessary supplies Lind, World Vision Regional
from pharmaceutical compa- Director Jason Miles and
“This is one of the greatest humanitarian
nies and owns distribution Caregiver Medical Kit Pro-
centers for the kits. crises of our time and it’s growing. People gram founder Lisa Rose.
The kits, made volun- living with AIDS in third-world countries do Each speaker spoke
tarily by people such as those not have the sufficient resources or means to passionately about the event,
organized by Klingbeil, were discussing statistics about
keep themselves clean and healthy.”
sent to Africa, Asia and Latin people suffering from AIDS
America. around the world and per-
According to its Web Erik Klingbeil sonal experiences to motivate
site, World Vision is the only junior the volunteers.
non-private organization to Thanks to community
send free medical supplies in participation, the 1,500 medi- Courtesy of Erik Klingbeil
bulk to third world countries that are with three or four people and it was cal kits were completely assembled
Junior Erik Klingbeil (right) inspired students and other members of the community to join him in
severely afflicted by AIDS. really amazing to see Erik organize and boxed up to be sent back to the
“This is one of the greatest hu- over 25 people.” organization in less than two-and- the assembly of 1,500 medical kits to send to people treating AIDS victims in third-world countries.
manitarian crises of our time and it’s Each Caregiver Kit costs $29, a-half hours, three-and-a-half hours getting the speakers to come motivate The Caregiver volunteers of the sion for us here,” Seddie Mwanza,
growing,” Klingbeil said. “People liv- which includes the cost of the mate- sooner than expected. us, the event could not have gone more Bay Area established a goal to as- one of the caregivers in Zambia, said.
ing with AIDS in third-world countries rials and shipping to its destination. “Erik put an amazing amount smoothly. He did a great job of making semble one million medical kits in “This encourages me to help the sick
do not have the sufficient resources or The goal of Klingbeil’s project was of effort into the project,” junior sure everybody had something to do the year 2008. because I know that there are other
means to keep themselves clean and initially to make 500 kits, which would participant Sarah Adams said. “From and I felt like an important piece of “We know now that there are people who are interested in helping
healthy. Basic items such as petroleum have cost $14,500. organizing the material drop-off to the puzzle.” people who have love and compas- the sick.”

Robotics team reaches Robotics Championships quarterfinals

Paly Robotics competes against other teams from around the globe in FIRST Championship challenge ‘OverDrive’
of teams and it’s always interesting to check Canada and Mexico also participated in the “We nearly won San Jose [with defense],”
them out.” championship. Vicenti said. “While we can score pretty well,
Paly’s robotics team qualified for the “The quality of all of the robots at the competing with world-class robots is slightly
championship after winning a regional championship was so much higher than that of out of our reach.”
competition in San Jose during the regular the robots at the regional competition,” team Two to three robotics teams form alliances
season. However, the team was not notified captain Daniel Shaffer said. “The competition in order to compete in the challenge.
of its qualification until a week before cham- was just much harder all around since the field “We are excellent at defense, we even
pionships. was largely composed of regional winners.” won the “Fastest Robot Award,” so we got
“At the regional competition in San Jose, To attend the competition, the team had to picked first,” Bertain said. “It’s unfortunate
Paly originally lost in an inappropriate replay generate $14,000 for travel costs in two days since we could have won it all, but the eighth
of the final round,” team advisor Doug Ber- due to the late notification of qualification. The place team got to pick first, instead of the first
tain said. “After extensive review, they ruled majority of the funds were used to ship the place team, so we weren’t paired with the best
that we really did win so we qualified for the team’s robot and materials to Atlanta. offensive team.”
championship in Atlanta.” “We basically called all of our corporate After qualifying matches, Paly’s team was
Although the team competed in the sponsors,” junior Aleksander Ornaf said. 2-8-0 and unfortunately lost during its first
regional robotics competition in Las Vegas “We only had a weekend to raise it, but we elimination round after playing two games.
from Mar. 29-30, the team’s quarterfinal finish pulled it off.” Paly played against the number one seed
there did not qualify them for championships. This year’s FIRST Robotics Champion- in Galileo, who eventually went on to win
The team still needed to have won a regional ship challenge, OverDrive, involves the use championships. Despite not winning, the team
competition, not just place highly among the of robots to move two 40-inch inflatable balls said that they learned a lot from the experience
Stacy Levichev/The Campanile
other teams. The reversal of the team’s loss per team around a 27 by 54 foot track. of participating.
in San Jose qualified them for the FIRST Each team uses three robots: two robots to “I loved it. It was a lot of fun,” senior
Senior Mike Tramiel, robotics co-captain of the building team, helped lead the
championship. score offensively and one robot defensively to programming captain Guy Davidson said. “ I
team to the FIRST Robotics Championships in Atlanta, Georgia on Apr. 17-19. Previously, the robotics team won the stop the other team from collecting points. don’t think there’s any better experience than
By Becky Byler The championship was divided into four regional title in 2006 but did not continue on Points are allocated for each time the coming here and watching what you worked
Staff Writer equal divisions: Galileo, Curie, Newton and to the championship. The team’s trip to Atlanta team’s ball passes its finish line and bonus on for a month-and-a-half compete.”
The Palo Alto High School robotics team, Archimedes. The champions of each divi- this year was the first time the Paly robotics points are awarded for lifting the balls over With the robotics season now over, the
which competed in the Foundation for the sion then compete against each other in the team has made it to the championship in the the six-and-half foot tall overpass that spans team is looking to rebuild for next year, since
Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Einstein Field to become the winner of the past five years. the finish line. three of the team’s five captains will be gradu-
Technology (FIRST) Robotics Championships entire championship. The championship brought together over After finally getting to Atlanta, the team ating this June.
on Apr. 17-19 in Atlanta, concluded its suc- “The championship is basically the 340 robotics teams from all over the world. competed against a variety of different teams “We’re hoping to gain more experience
cessful season with a quarterfinal finish in the biggest robotics competition in the world,” Although the majority of teams were from from across the country. Instead of competing during the off-season but I am confident that we
Galileo Division of the competition. junior Eric Vicenti said. “There are hundreds the United States, teams from Israel, Brazil, offensively, the team focused on defense. will still be strong next year,” Ornaf said.

Administration deliberates Campaigners seek to publicize Measure A

breathalyzer usage policies Measure A
treasurer of the Willow Glen Libertarian Alliance
and Martin is a Palo Alto resident. The argument
states that Measure A does not have specifications
BREATHALYZE, Continued from A1 Even McEvoy has had to step in to
watch over drunken students. She was $378 million proposal on completion.
“The full text does not specify what fraction
going to sporting events for 90 school personally harassed several times while of the bond money will be spent on each school
days, which is the length of an entire watching over the students.
This bond will... (nothing prevents half the bond money being spent
semester. The policy that involves “I volunteer to watch over the stu- * Maintain the tax rate that funded to “modernize” the football stadiums),” reads a
breathalyzing all students is far more dents at dances,” McEvoy said. “I give Building for Education Projects section of the statement filed. The statement con-
likely to be enacted but if the situation up my time to allow students to have a cludes that, “Measure A is not a specific plan; it is
continues to worsen the administration dance. For students to come up to me and * Now use the funds to create a new a ... nice-to-have wish list to be filled in.”
might have to adopt the harsher punish- verbally abuse me is inappropriate.” performing arts center and science Lowell feels that this is not a valid argument
ment, Berkson said. Not only do the drunk students harass labs and to renovate current buildings in the PAUSD, where there is a vocal community
The policy is still being discussed the chaperones, but the time it takes for with a strong emphasis on academics.
and McEvoy said that she would not the chaperones to breathalyze the ine- * Promote green construction and “The people in this community wouldn’t tol-
pass on it without first consulting with briated students, to contact the proper energy sustainment in new building erate half of their bond money going to a football
the students. officials and to have the drunk students field,” Lowell said. “The community understands
“Even if I wanted to, I am not allowed sent home is about 30-45 minutes per MEASURE A, Continued from A1 mental standards of the Collaborative for High that with scarce resources, academics are given
to impose such a strict punishment with- student, McEvoy said. Performance Schools (CHPS). priority.”
out first checking with all the students and “At Prom, we had about 12 student -erty value. The measure includes district-wide “Construction will be green and buildings will Despite some opposition, Lowell is over-
administration,” McEvoy said. “Plus, I who were caught drinking,” McEvoy building renovations, technology updates, and be sustainable and save energy,” Lowell said. whelmed by the amount of community support.
would rather work with the students to said. “The students were not cooperating addition classrooms. Under state Proposition 39, Lowell said she hopes to make sure the entire “What’s surprising is the energy we’ve gotten
find another alternative.” and even worse their parents would not 55 percent of voters must be in favor of Measure community is informed about Measure A and from people who have no kids in our schools,”
Although the primary concern of the come and pick them up. We had to sit A for the initiative to pass. its advantages. The campaign is hosting phone Lowell said. “I’ve been buoyed by enthusiasm
administration is the safety and health of and wait with them, trying to find some Measure A would give Palo Alto High School banks, using its Web site,, from community members of all ages.”
the students, another problem that has way to send them home.” funding to make changes such as building a new and mailing information to homes. According to Lowell, the Strong Schools
presented itself is that the chaperones at Both McEvoy and Berkson feel that performing arts center, adding more science labs “Many people’s first thought on initiatives for a Strong Community campaign has received
the dances are forced to care for the ine- even though the policies may be harsh and renovating the library and Tower Building. is ‘If I know nothing about it, I’ll just vote no’ support and financing from numerous sources,
briated students. These students are often and can turn away many students from However, decisions such as those regarding because that maintains the status quo, so we want including more than $35,000 raised and $10,000
verbally abusive and uncooperative. going to dances, eventually, the numbers the Haymarket Theatre renovation will not be to be sure to provide them with an easy way to from at least one Paly alumnus.
Because they need to tolerate such at dances will rise again. formed before the election. Officials are currently get information,” Lowell said. “We have over 500 people listed on our Web
inappropriate behavior, many chaperones “Other schools like San Mateo and unsure as to whether Haymarket Theatre will be The campaign has faced unawareness from site as supporters,” Lowell said.
do not want to chaperone any more Saratoga [High Schools] have been torn down in favor of a new performing arts center, many community members. Overall, Lowell is positive about the outcome
dances. breathalyzing all of their students and left standing alongside a new center or simply “More than half of the people I called did not for the Jun. 3 vote and strongly welcomes com-
“The chaperones already feel un- yet they still have a large number of renovated to accommodate current needs. know what Measure A was; this told me that we munity involvement.
comfortable telling students to stop danc- students who attend,” McEvoy said. “The “At this point, we’re going to have to wait have a lot of work to do,” Lowell said. “I would say at least eight out of 10 people
ing inappropriately, so to force them to number of students coming to dances until the bond passes to make decisions,” Golton Besides general unfamiliarity with the bond, that I called from the phone banks said they would
watch over the drunk students and have will fall, but only at the beginning. Once said. “There will be funding available for a brand there has also been direct opposition to Measure A. support Measure A after asking questions,” Lowell
them be abused when they try to help students can get used to the fact that we new theater in the bond measure though.” Opposition leaders Allen M. Rice and Wayne E. said. “I think [Measure A] will pass because the
is really too much for them to handle,” will breathalyze them, the numbers will Another feature of the bond measure is that Martin filed a statement in opposition to Measure school community will put in the energy to get
McEvoy said. come back up.” all buildings will be built to meet the environ- A with the Santa Clara county registrar. Rice is the message out.”
A4 May 5, 2008

Opinion The Campanile

Editorials Letters to the Editors

The opinion of The Campanile
Efforts to publicize of parents later that day, I told them you acted with

Measure A necessary to
dignity and grace, forwarded the correspondence I
truth appreciated had with them to the rest of the PTSA board and later
gave an interview to the Palo Alto Weekly and said the
The following letter was written in response to same thing.
Kevin Harvey’s article, published Mar. 17, “Basket- I want to apologize for threatening your funding at

enhance education ball team focuses on future after CCS infraction ends
our meeting on Tuesday. I do not have personal control
over the funding and I overstepped my boundaries as
PTSA president by saying that I did. I was frustrated
Thank you for publishing the article on the infrac- at a variety of other things going on at Paly, and you
Measure A would help to increase building tion the boys’ basketball team suffered this season.
There was much confusion and I found myself believing
ended up in my line of fire.
–– Preeva Tramiel, PTSA president
safety, combat rising enrollment rate that the problem had been ignored by all staff members
of Paly, when in reality the principal finally took the
matter in her own hands.
EPA police funding
The Campanile would like to express its support for
Measure A, the $378 million school bond that will be voted
ciency, the bond would fund necessary structural upgrades
to protect against possible earthquakes and to meet the
I appreciate your efforts to end the rumors and unfair to Palo Alto
publish the truth.
on in the Jun. 3 election. The bond measure will provide standards of the Americans with Disability Act. Thank you for your good coverage. The following letter was written in response to Chris
funding for district-wide renovations and changes by In addition, The Campanile believes that the bond –– Christine K., sophomore Gonnerman’s article, published April 14, “Allocating
continuing the tax rate from Building for Excellence, the proposal is appropriate and necessary because of the more funds for Palo Alto police unneeded.”
previous Palo Alto Unified School District improvement continuous student enrollment growth that has occurred
project. The tax rate will not increase, but will merely over the past few years. As more students enter PAUSD, The Campanile represents Palo Alto is supposed to subsidize East Palo Alto’s
remain the same. there will be fewer resources and opportunities available
With approximately $80 million of the bond specifi- per child. The education upgrades in Measure A offer a
student body well police force at the expense of its own? Have fun getting
that through the ballot.
cally directed towards improving Palo Alto High School, substantial method of combating the growing enrollment All men are created equal, unless you happen to
the proposed changes for Paly are significant. Plans include rate. About 420 new students are expected to enter PAUSD The following letter was written in response to
live in a city that has a population with more aggregate
renovations for the library and gyms, as well as renovation next fall, according to District Interim Chief Business Of- Yvonne Lin’s article, published Apr. 14, “Student plans
wealth, in which case you have additional responsibili-
or possible replacements for the Tower Building and Hay- ficer Cathy Mak. Without the bond, students would have Earth Week events.”
ties piled on top of you?
market Theatre. Furthermore, the district plans to add more fewer classrooms and older, rundown athletic equipment. –– Jim Shen, Paly alumnus
classrooms, modernize the football stadium and improve By providing funding for new buildings, new computers I was inspired by The Campanile’s story about
local-area network and wide-area network infrastructure and other resources, Measure A will help Palo Alto students Becky’s Earth Week. It reminded me of the effort I put
in order to support technology upgrades at Paly. thrive and excel more in the classroom. into organizing my Eagle Scout Project. I appreciate Paly’s ASB could
Currently, many of the buildings at Paly inefficiently The Campanile strongly supports the bond measure that The Campanile has done a great job this year of
use space and require renovation. The library, which was and urges voters to vote ‘yes’ for Measure A on Jun. 3. representing the student body. As an ASB officer, I regain legitimacy
originally designed to later include a second floor, has an The bond gives students ample resources and improved understand the responsibility you hold.
extremely high ceiling, which hinders quiet study. Paly’s buildings, thus enhancing their education and lessening the Also, I would like to comment that The Campa- Next week’s ASB elections offer a much-needed
Haymarket Theatre and Tower Building are both outdated, effect of the growing student enrollment rate. Moreover, nile has been very punctual on reporting ASB events opportunity for the ASB to regain some legitimacy.
worn buildings that do not accommodate the demands of Measure A does not demand a higher tax rate, but simply accurately. For the first time in a generation, more than one candi-
modern students. The Campanile believes that Measure continues the current Building for Excellence taxes. The I remember that I was once interviewed for an date is seeking the office of ASB President. The mere
A would give these buildings a clean transformation, with Campanile believes that by offering better opportunities, article. The interview was carried out very profession- existence of an opposition candidate could lead to an
interior-structural updates as well as new exterior changes. Measure A will enrich the learning experiences of more ally. I look forward to further correspondence with The actual debate about the future of Palo Alto Senior High
In addition to improving these buildings in terms of effi- than 10,000 PAUSD students. Campanile in the future. School and the ASB.
–– Erik Klingbeil, junior The ASB used to employ a system of fourth-period
representatives to help involve the entire student body
in ASB affairs. This system was abandoned after it fell
Tramiel apologizes for
Initial schedule decision
into disuse. Since then the ASB has been character-
ized by closed-door fourth-period meetings. When the
threat to cut funding ASB does emerge from its front-office cocoon to hold
open meetings, they are poorly attended. Even forc-
ing club presidents to attend did not yield the desired

should not have been made

The following letter is an official apology to
the editors of the Palo Alto High School student participation.
publications from Parent Teacher Student Associa- No fault can be placed with current president
tion President Preeva Tramiel. Tramiel met with the Mohammed Abid nor with the ASB. Indeed the fault
editors on Tuesday, Apr. 22 to discuss the goals of the must lie within the system. ASB’s role in running the
Decision to go with this year’s schedule for the Paly journalism publications. Specifically, Tramiel felt
that the vandalism written about in “Student vandals
school is rather limited, which leads to general apathy
among the student body.
upcoming school year allows for more input plague Paly,” published Jan. 28, should have been
more clearly opposed.
The solution to this is not easy: it starts with this
campaign and a future expanded role for the ASB. If
the ASB were to assume the role currently filled by
Last Friday, Principal Jacqueline McEvoy made and to sleep in on Thursday, giving them a mid-week boost Let me repeat that what I was trying to say last Facebook as an outlet for students to take up concerns
retracted an executive decision to implement the second in energy. Using the second semester schedule for both Tuesday (Apr. 22), in a nutshell, was “use your jour- about administration policy, perhaps the student body
semester bell schedule for the entire 2008-09 school year, semesters eliminates the late Thursdays and goes against nalistic powers to do good for the Paly community.” I would be more willing to be involved.
following a lengthy process that involved student and staff the original reason for revising the schedule. should have acknowledged you already do that. Candidates face a distinct choice: to continue using
surveys and discussion. The Campanile does not believe that any immediate I admire how you stuck to your guns regarding the ASB as a focus group for Dr. McEvoy, or to expand
While The Campanile appreciates that McEvoy re- decision should be made concerning the bell schedule your role as independent journalists and I look forward their role as the students’ voice in the tower building.
tracted her initial decision and left the schedule as is, we and instead requests that the administration should set to seeing some of that tenacity when you research Choose the latter.
believe that McEvoy should never have made an executive up a detailed process to make a well-informed decision. other issues in the future. When I heard from a couple –– Daniel Shaffer, senior
decision in the first place.0 Although student stress is something to consider when
Originally, the administration planned to use the revising the bell schedule, it is clear that there are other
schedule agreed upon by two-thirds of the staff. But, when factors to take into account. Palo Alto High School athlet-
a two-thirds vote was never reached, McEvoy made the
decision on her own.
ics, local traffic, district busing and the staff would all be
impacted by a change in the bell schedule.
The Campanile
The Campanile believes that, in doing so, McEvoy This issue is just another example of how McEvoy has Editors in Chief
ignored the staff and student input that the administration failed to make a connection with Paly students during her Tyler Blake • Danielle Kim • Peter Lee
spent so much time and energy gathering. first year as principal. Even after students clearly showed
Ryan Pfleiderer • Mia Pond • Tomer Schwartz
The primary reason for revising the schedules was to McEvoy how they felt through the student survey and their
decrease student stress as suggested by the Stressed Out ASB representatives, they were effectively ignored. News Editor Opinion Editor Spotlight Editor Lifestyles Editor
Students Committee; McEvoy’s decision directly coun- The Campanile hopes that in the future, McEvoy will Rebecca Allen Chris­Clayton Sarah Stringer
Kairen Wong
teracted this. The first semester schedule allows students better communicate with students and staff.
Features Editors A&E Editors Sports Editors Business Managers
Henry Becker Sara Reihani Alexi Dagan Geng Wang
Amy Stringer Austin Smith Sam Jones Debbie Zhang
Graphics Editor Photo Manager Advertising Manager

Purchasing breathalyzers
Erik Krasner-Karpen Hannah McGovern Erik Krasner-Karpen
Staff Writers
Nanor Balabanian Rye Druzin Laura Kurtz Annie Vought
Catherine Benson Christian Gallagher Yvonne Lin Anna Waldron

ineffective Ayelet Bitton

Becky Byler
Hannah Bystritsky
Alex Greene
Chris Gonnerman
Gabrielle Hadley
Jillian Liu
Josh Lo
Ryan McLeod
Crystal Wang
Cassie Wedemeyer
Allison Whitson
Administration should attempt to address Alan Chen
Auster Chen
Michael Hamada
Zach Harris
Mira Parekh
Jonathan Shan
Eliot Wilson
Nolan Wong
roots of drinking problem Alan Chu Kevin Harvey Julia Shapiro Lindsay Yang
Allison Coleman DJ Hsueh Kelley Shin Gloria Yu
In the wake of several Palo Alto High School students’ in parks. Thus, although the administration may have a Zal Dordi Mikaela Kenrick Pauline Slakey Kelly Zhou
suspensions for being under the influence of alcohol at the fewer drunk students at its dances, the reality is that Paly Photographers
promenade held on April 5, The Campanile understands students will be no safer. Mika Ben-Shaul • Julia Benton • Allie Bollella
Principal Jacqueline McEvoy’s decision to enforce the Rather than creating an atmosphere in which students Michela Fossati-Bellani • Stacy Levichev • Elizabeth Petit
prohibition on alcohol-use at school functions. But, do not drink because they are scared of punishment, the
McEvoy’s decision to purchase two breathalyzers is an administration should funnel money into creating an at- Adviser
inappropriate use of school funds as it takes away money mosphere in which students do not drink because they do Esther Wojcicki
from other school needs and is ineffective in curbing not feel the need to be under the influence of alcohol in
student consumption of alcohol. order to have fun. The administration should try to solve
The Campanile does not believe that the school the problem of teen drinking at its roots, rather than simply
administration should deal with drinking at dances in attempting to mitigate its effects on school dances. Corrections: In the Apr. 14 article, “Teens with The Campanile reserves the right to edit submis-
an authoritarian manner. Firstly, most students will not That said, the same funding would also be much better Celiac disease adapt to restrictive diet,” a name was mis- sions for length. Please note that The Campanile only
be deterred by the purchase of two breathalyzers, as that spent on Paly’s many educational needs. This money could spelled. The Stanford professor who discovered a possible publishes signed letters.
threat was always there before, in the form of breathlyz- be utilized on improved teaching resources, which would treatment for Celiac disease is Chaitan “Khosla.” Advertisements: Ads with The Campanile are
ers carried by Palo Alto Police Department personnel. further the educational experiences for Paly students. Letters to the Editors: E-mail all letters to edi- printed with signed contracts. For more information,
Secondly, students, who used to drink before dances The Campanile believes that the administration should tors to The Campanile contact Campanile Business Managers by e-mail at
and who are now deterred from doing so, will now just find better ways of curbing alcohol consumption and put welcomes and prints letters to the editors on a space-
avoid school dances and drink at private house parties or its money to better use. available basis.
The Campanile Opinion May 5, 2008 • A5

Same-sex classrooms: helpful or hurtful?

Some feel single-sex classes break gender stereotypes, others believe they hinder the growth of healthy identities
By Lindsay Yang more effectively teach students with single-sex education By Gabrielle Hadley high-school students, educators and parents in six school
Staff Writer techniques adapted to the biological needs of girls or boys. Senior Staff Writer districts, each with a separate girls’ and boys’ academy,
During lunch, students cover the quad while eating, This method will not work for every student, but it is more Many private schools across the nation have offered with 12 schools in all, some on the same campus.
chatting, playing volleyball and discussing the latest epi- efficient than the current co-ed system. single-sex education for hundreds of years. Lately, how- “The academic success of either the boys or the girls
sode of The Office with their peers, both male and female. Because about 80 percent of the United States’ teachers ever, an increased number of people has been advocating in the study was influenced more by small classes, strong
At Palo Alto High School, many value the co-ed culture. are female and because boys learn better from men, the single-sex education in public schools. curricula, dedicated teachers and equitable teaching prac-
However, a few blocks down Embarcadero Road at Cas- co-ed system also favors girls. Boys often become uninter- Although single-sex education is an option that should tices than by single-sex settings,” the researchers said.
tilleja School, the opposite is the case. Although many ested in school because of teaching methods, psychologist be available to anyone who wants to participate in it, all In terms of social experiences, although boys and
criticize the lack of gender diversity at Castilleja, “separate, and family physician Leonard Sax said. Also, in a study public schools across the nation should be strictly co-ed. girls each have separate sets of special experiences that
but better” may be the new philosophy for good education. at Woodward Elementary School, boys marked with At- Those who favor single-sex public education state that boys differentiates between being a boy or a girl, the events or
Although Paly should not necessarily create single-sex tention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder scored proficient and girls need to be separate because of their inherent dif- experiences that each child goes through as a whole are
classes, Paly students and teachers should consider the on the state assessment test after attending a single-sex ferences and because of the unique social experiences that the same for all adolescents.
benefits of single-sex teaching techniques. classroom for three years. occur during each of their lifetimes. Some, such as Leonard Feminists argue that girls need to be taught separately
Whether girls are calculating the trajectory of a rocket Test scores and grades for both girls and boys have sig- Sax, author of “Why Gender Matters: What Parents and because they need to be nurtured and shaped to become
or boys are baking brownies, single-sex education often nificantly increased at some schools after they transferred Teachers Need to Know About the Emerging Science of “strong girls and fight oppression” in a male-dominated
breaks down gender stereotypes. Although most Paly from a co-ed system to single-sex education. Although low Sex Differences” and a proponent of same-sex education, society. In reality, however, it is these very feminists that
classes have an even distribution between males and fe- test scores and grades may not be a significant problem at argue boys and girls should be separated because of their may perpetuate subjugation by pointing out the differ-
males, Advanced Placement Physics and Computer Science Paly, single-sex education gives students clear advantages. biological differences. ences between the two genders. If everyone accepted
have 5:1 and 5:3 ratios for boys to girls, respectively. By tailoring instruction to students, co-ed schools can Technically, different races have unique characteristics males and females as equal, women would not need to
In a study by the National Foundation for Education improve the education they provide. in their biological makeup, but that does not mean that fight as hard to prove their competence and men would
Research that was conducted in the United Kingdom, girls not be mocked for showing their feelings. Proponents of
in single-sex schools were 40 percent more likely to take the single-sex education argument also completely ignore
advanced science courses than girls of similar academic those children and adolescents who have trouble with their
level in co-ed schools. Single-sex schools improved boys’ sexual orientation.
abilities in subjects that girls traditionally excelled in, There is already the stereotyping of men’s and
including English and foreign languages, according to a women’s roles in society. Though society has come a
study conducted by Cambridge University in 2005. long way from the days before women’s rights, there are
Co-ed schools need to encourage students to take still many conservative, traditional ideas about what little
classes that interest them, rather than the stereotypical girls and boys should grow up to be. Men are taught to be
courses that their peers join. Like single-sex schools, many engineers, doctors, scientists, firemen and police officers,
co-ed schools should strive for a comfortable atmosphere while women are told that they can aspire to be nurses,

free of gender stereotypes. At single-sex schools, besides teachers, secretaries and decorators. There are many chil-
exploring different courses, students assume different dren today that try to fight that stigma. What, then, happens
roles. Girls typically take on the roles of “the comic” or to the children with gender identity issues?
“the leader,” positions that boys usually hold at co-ed The idea of having single-sex education to keep
schools according to junior Caitlin Watson, who attended boys and girls separate only perpetuates gender identity
Castilleja for middle school. For both girls and boys, confusion. Renowned developmental psychologist, Erik
single-sex schools remove social barriers and create a Erikson in his Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development,
more inviting environment. identified a key stage of social development as the conflict
“There are fewer pressures and more freedom to be between identity and role confusion. One of the main
yourself,” Jennifer Chang, an eighth grader at Castilleja, events during this period is associating peer relationships,
said. “People are not as worried about looking cool.” which is most prominent during adolescence. During this
Especially during adolescence, single-sex schools can time, youth make conscious efforts to identify who they
reduce awkwardness, which can distract students or lead are and their relationships with others.
to low self-esteem. Single-sex environments can be more Julia Benton/The Campanile
To develop a healthy identity and transition into adult-
open and socially comfortable than even that of Paly, which hood, adolescents must confront job aspirations, sexual
Single-sex classrooms provide a more comfortable and accepting atmosphere for students; however, a
is often viewed as a tolerant community, Jess Brooks, who orientation, role confusion and life in general. All of these
attended Castelleja for middle school, said. Students also co-ed environment may better help students to develop identities, form different ideas and grow. traits seem to be nearly impossible to identify without being
said that single-sex schools or classes are more united. The main arguments against single-sex schools are schools should separate Asians from African-Americans around a heterogeneous group of people, which includes
With taboos removed, single-sex schools create a more that students are unable to communicate easily with the op- or Jews from Hispanics. Likewise, students should not boys being around girls and vice versa.
understanding setting, because all of the students share posite sex and that there is less diversity in ideas. However, be separated by sex. Furthermore, several of the problems that some say
at least one thing in common — their sex. many students who have attended single-sex schools have Although boys and girls are inherently different, there disappear in single-sex education, such as gender ste-
In addition to helping students socially, single-sex no problems interacting with students in co-ed schools, is no justification for separating people who are different. reotyping and sexual harassment, have been proven to
education also responds to students’ biological differences. especially those of a different gender. Many find that social If all groups of people that were different were separated, not necessarily disappear or even decrease in single-sex
Single-sex education gears its teaching style to a specific interaction depends on each person’s personality. Students segregation and discrimination along racial lines would classrooms. According to the study, gender equity was
sex and draws from the distinct learning patterns of girls feel that they are not disadvantaged in any way and that still be prevalent. A 2001 California study, conducted often not addressed in the classrooms, gender stereotypes
and boys. In general, girls and boys are biologically dif- the variety of ideas does not originate from gender. Critics among 12 different schools, found that “single-gender, were often reinforced and, in some cases, stereotypical
ferent and Paly should pay attention to those differences of single-sex education also argue that it fails to provide public academies need to guard against becoming a new behaviors were even worsened.
to better educate students. students with an accurate representation of the real world. form of tracking or resegregation.” Even if it could be proven that same sex education
If placed in the same classroom, many girls and This is outweighed by the breakdown of social stereotypes, “Segregation might lead to a safe or comfortable space could improve children’s education, the small academic
boys will respond differently to a certain problem. Other which is prevalent in the world today. for some populations, but they clearly create tensions for increase that this segregation would cause, would not be
fundamental differences between general learning styles Although Paly fosters an inviting environment, race and gender equity,” the study said. worth the immense loss of these important life lessons.
between girls and boys include hearing amplitude, evalu- single-sex education offers even more. If Paly and other The three-year study, entitled “Is Single Gender By segregating children based on sex, public schools
ation of work, role-playing, numbers, context, confronta- co-ed schools adopt some single-sex education techniques, Schooling Viable in the Public Sector? Lessons From Cali- would only decrease the gender equity and damage the
tion, amount of motion and group size. Paly teachers can schools can empower individuals socially. fornia’s Pilot Project,” featured more than 300 middle and healthy learning environments.

Affirmative action fails to address larger education crisis

By Chris Clayton with the opportunity to pursue a college-level and others who do not benefit from affirma- according to, the uncontrived form of ensuring diversity — one
Opinion Editor education. What affirmative action provided tive action in the college-admissions process. U.S. has spent over $500 billion in Iraq. The that is merit-based, rather than ethnicity-based.
In 1972, Secretary of Labor James D. was a temporary “solution” to the discrimina- Thus, this trend of dropouts cannot be helped U.S. should divert some of these resources for After all, colleges would naturally admit a
Hodgson’s implementation of Revised Order tions of previous centuries, by helping minority by such measures as affirmative action. the betterment of the lives of its own citizens diverse student body that is representative of
No. 4, which extended affirmative action be- students enroll in many of the United States’ Instead, the education problem must be and future leaders, through the improvement the general population, were the population
yond the institutions permitted under Order superior universities. However, affirmative addressed prior to the college level and the of their education. provided ubiquitously with better educational
No. 4, was sensible; in fact, the executive action provided solely a temporary solution, solution must provide for the improvement of Furthermore, considering that the most opportunities.
branch should have implemented such a policy as it, notwithstanding its benefits for gradu- education for not only racial minorities, but significant education problems occur in urban Fixing the education problem will not
nearly two decades prior. Affirmative action ating high school minority students, failed for all students, regardless of ethnicity. areas, the U.S. could provide these cities with be easy, nor will the solutions effect change
should have been enacted with, or shortly after, to address the underlying problems with the The simplest means by which the educa- funding, devoted solely to education, which the rapidly.
the desegregation of schools, as mandated by United States’ education system. tion problem could be addressed would be to cities would then allocate to public schools, However, the U.S. must recognize that
Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. The United States currently experiences increase funding for schools, which would based upon the necessities of each school. such measures as affirmative action do not
This would have facilitated the furthering increasing high school dropout rates; accord- facilitate improved facilities, resources and Schools would not be punished for under- address the significant education crisis; rather,
of the higher education of minority groups, ing to CNN, 17 of the nation’s 50 largest cities faculty; to provide additional incentives, such achievement, as this only further exacerbates they simply exacerbate it by providing justi-
whose members had previously been unable had high school graduation rates lower than as increased employee benefits and salaries, the problem; instead, underachieving schools fication for not addressing the crisis. Thus,
to obtain such education properly. 50 percent in 2007, while the nationwide for teachers, in order to encourage potential would be allocated additional resources and although these policies are essential until the
However, over half a century follow- graduation rate was 70 percent. Moreover, the teachers to pursue a career in education and to would receive governmental guidance, to crisis is resolved, the U.S. must act promptly
ing Brown v. Board, one must recognize the graduation rate proved to be lower in urban ensure that all teachers are adept, once schools ensure that they productively utilize those to begin to alleviate the education crisis, and
problem with affirmative action: the policy districts; for example, the graduation rate for hire them, so that students receive the best resources. to ensure that the nearly unanimous major-
fails to adequately address the problems with public schools in Detroit averaged at 24.9 education possible. Providing improved educational opportu- ity of students graduate with high-school
education and fails to provide a significant percent and in other regions, that rate was just Although one might believe that fund- nities to millions of students of all ethnicities diplomas.
percentage of the population with education below 40 percent. ing is difficult to provide in great quantities, would negate the necessity for such policies as Such would ensure generations of intel-
benefits. These students are not only in the racial the U.S. already spends hundreds of billions affirmative action; such opportunities would ligent individuals in the future, who would
Less than half a century ago, affirmative minorities that affirmative action specifically of dollars per year funding measures to aid allow all students an equal opportunity at be better able to manage not only their own
action provided many disadvantaged students helps, after graduation, but are also Caucasians individuals in foreign countries; for example, college and would return the colleges to an lives, but the entire nation.

Wrestling team in need of new facilities, own athletic room

By Eliot Wilson as the wrestling program. No other wrestling room. League opponent contact with the mat may get these is consistently dirty and trashed by tournament, similar to the one already
Senior Staff Writer program since the creation of the Cupertino High School has a huge diseases. The mat is cleaned everyday freshman and sophomores in P.E who held for water polo; the tournament
According to The Paly Voice, Central Coast Section can boast of room that fits up to four large mats. before practice, making it clean for do not know better. It is disgusting could also be a moneymaker for the
the Physical Education Department having developed an Olympic gold Fellow league rival Los Gatos has its another day of wrestling, but is not and unhealthy to find wrappers and athletic department and could allow
plans to build a new wrestling room, medalist, yet Paly Wrestling has two own room, complete with a dummy cleaned after practice, posing a poten- hair on the mat while trying to work the wrestling team to continue to
along with a new weight room and such winners, Dave and Mark Shultz. for practicing moves and ropes for tial risk that would be solved by having out. Students play around and peel upgrade their equipment.
classrooms. A new wrestling room is In 1977 Dave Shultz graduated as the strength exercises. This represents a room exclusive to wrestlers. the mats, not understanding that the A wrestling room would benefit
long overdue. Every day during the first High School Individual State the high end of wrestling rooms, but For years, Paly wrestling has mats are expensive and not easily the school and the wrestling team
wrestling season, which is almost five Champion in the history of Palo Alto even our rival Henry M. Gunn High toiled in obscurity, everyday arriv- replaceable. greatly. It could create a spiral for
months long, Paly wrestlers unroll Athletics. Mark followed with his own School’s wrestling team has a room ing after school to roll up mats in Cupertino is able to hold tourna- the team that would lead to improved
the two heavy wrestling mats before state championship. they can call their own. Having a room the dance studio and roll them back ments every year because of the size equipment and the team could invest
practice and roll them up every night Both wrestled in the same room is important enough as a health reason up two-and-a-half hours later at the of their gym and the number of mats more to keep the team safe and healthy.
when they are done. For one of the in which Paly wrestlers train now. De- for the dancers and Physical Educa- end of a long practice. The wrestling it possesses. Los Gatos also hosts Building a room would be a large step
more prolific teams in Paly’s history, spite the success of these individuals, tion students who share the room. It is team spends about twelve-and-a-half a smaller freshman and sophomore towards creating a tournament at Paly,
this lack of respect and of proper the athletic department has failed to well known that wrestlers are likely to hours in a stuffy room a week, for five tournament utilizing their room along which would put money in the pockets
facilities is pathetic. reward this success with a new room. develop skin diseases because of the to six months of the year, including with the basketball gym and some of the athletic department. It would
In the history of the Palo Alto The truth is that Paly remains one of physical nature of the sport. freestyle season. During the season, borrowed mats. Having a room for improve the safety of the students, the
High School Athletic Department, the few teams in the Santa Clara Val- These diseases can be left on the the wrestling mat is a second home the wrestlers would be a large step to- happiness of the dance team, and the
few programs have been as successful ley Athletic League without its own mat and the people who come into for many wrestlers. Yet, this room wards Paly having its own prestigious success of the wrestling team.
A6 • May 5, 2008 Spotlight The Campanile

Staff Writer
On a Saturday after-
noon, one might find Palo tion
Alto High School fresh- or oth-
man Emmy Ingham and er studio art By Jillian Liu
her sister, junior Rose- media.
Staff Writer
mary Ingham, hanging Currently, Heiman
Rajan Narang made a bet that he
out together and sharing is encouraging other stu-
would write a 500-page Harry Potter
their interest in manga, dents to try manga. The
book. It began after track practice dur-
also known as Japanese club, created four years
ing this past March, when Narang
comic books. ago, consists of about 12
and several of his friends started a
The sisters enjoy comic enthusiasts who
discussion about Harry Potter.
creating elaborate draw- draw and read comics “Somebody mentioned
ings and reading some and participate in manga how people in China appar-
of their favorite manga tournaments. ently wrote seventh Harry
comics together. Both “The past three years Potter books for their kids to
students further their I’ve realized that no one help them get through the
interest in the art form by actually has the drive wait for the real seventh
participating in the Paly to work on the comics one,” Narang said.
Comics Club. themselves even though While some believe
Rosemary has been they’ve had really good that what these parents
interested in manga since ideas for characters and did was a waste of time,
sixth grade. While she has plots,” Heiman said. “I Narang disagreed.
yet to take a formal class, suggested this year that “I said it couldn’t
she finds it easy to create everyon e draw their be that hard and I’d do
characters and stories. characters and compete it if I was a parent,”
“I find inspiration against each other in a Narang said.
everywhere,” Rosemary contest.” Other people
said. “Sometimes it will Every member of involved in the bet
be from something I read the club has created char- laughed at Narang’s
or a game I play but also acters that they use for the response.
somethin g I randomly individual challenges in “I said, ‘Rajan,
hear will give me an the tournament. there’s no way you can
idea.” “Every few weeks
Although Rosemary I come up with a con-
introduc ed her sister, cept for a comic that
Emmy, to manga, the two everyone has to draw
have very different tastes using their characters,”
in comics. Heiman said. “Whoever
Emmy prefers com- has the best comic will
ics that tell stories with win a trophy and at the
intricate, detailed draw- end of the year whoever
ings. has the most trophies will
“In manga, there’s a win a prize.”
lot of exploring the way Past themes for the
people interact,” Emmy semi-weekly challenges
said. included drawing a story
Right now, Emmy is depictin g the minor
working on a story that characte rs’ lives and
depicts what happens to creating a story in which
the souls in the afterlife. the characters go on a
She is also improving her hunt to find items such
characters. as a shark and illegally “There were a few
Both Rosemary and downloaded music. times when I took breaks
Emmy participate in Pa- Participants have from writing the novel,” In-
ly’s Comics Club, led by also worked with a part- gham said. “However, I never
ner to create a story by By seriously considered giving up.”
senior Hilary Heiman.
Heiman enjoys read- only drawing the other Kevin The writing process was not al-
ing and drawing all types person’s characters. Harvey to ways simple and Ingham experienced
of comics and establishes a The Comics Club Staff Writer arise some setbacks.
distinction between anime meets every Tuesdays After spending almost and it con- “When writing the final section,
and manga, though she during lunch in Room four years on the project, Palo Alto tinued to become more and more I stayed up all night finishing the last
enjoys both. 101. High School junior Rosemary Ing- complex.” 50 pages,” Ingham said. “But, when I
“Anime is short for “Some of our char- ham slowly pushed the first draft of Ingham uses a very strict, well- finally completed it, I went to save it
animation,” Heiman said. acters would never end her 500-page original literary novel, planned method for constructing her and my computer’s hard drive crashed.
“In Japan, anime refers to up on a deserted island Silence and Fire, to the side novel. I lost everything I had worked on that
any kind of animation, but which is the theme for the of her desk. That was almost “Before I add or make any drastic night and had to rewrite it.”
in America anime only challenge we’re work- one year ago. changes to the story, I always analyze The novel’s target audience is
refers to Japanese anima- ing on now,” Emmy Ingham’s novel is about how these changes will effect the mainly older teens and adults, due to
tion. Manga is the comic said. “The tournament a man who stum- novel and its characters overall,” the fact that it deals with many dark
book form of anime.” and the club are fun bles Ingham said. themes and events. It does, however,
Heiman, who will because everything that So far, Ingham completed her have a positive message.
attend the University of happens is ran- first draft and has been “The main message of the novel
California at Santa Cruz dom!” upon editing it for is to forgive yourself and keep going
next year, plans to con- a beautiful no matter what happens to
tinue with her interest in young woman lying un-
comics by major- conscious in a snow bank in al-
ing in ani- Japan. Feeling compassion for most a year.
ma- the woman, the man rescues “I finished my first draft in the
her, brings her into his home middle of sophomore year,” Ingham you,” Ingham
and nurses her back to health. said. “Ever since then, I’ve just been said. “But, I want readers to discover
As she begins to recover, the making minor plot changes to make a good message within the book even
two fall in love. sure that everything flows well.” if it isn’t that.”
“I have been writing stories Ingham plans to continue the edit- Ingham also hoped to connect the
for as long as I can remember,” ing process of her first draft and plans reader strongly with the characters.
Ingham said. “However, the to hopefully have it professionally “I want the readers to really love
basic idea for what has become published. However, she is hesitant the characters,” Ingham said. “I want
my novel came to me around because she does not want a publishing them to feel attached to them on an
sixth or seventh grade.” house to alter her original story. emotional level and really understand
Ingham first created the “I really hope I am able to publish them. I want them to come away
idea for her novel’s main the book,” Ingham said. “However, thinking that they really met someone
character; subsequent charac- the publishing industry has become cool.”
ters and a complex story line extremely commercial and just wants Despite Ingham’s attraction to the
followed. to promote what they can sell. I’m wor- writing of many famous authors, such
“After coming up with the ried that if it is purchased by a publisher as J.R.R. Tolkien, she has kept her own
idea for the main character, I my story will be distorted.” unique and creative style.
began to form a story line and Despite moments of slight loss “I don’t try to incorporate the style
add other characters,” Ingham of motivation throughout the process, of other writers. I just try to mimic
said. “As I added more charac- Ingham persevered and finished her the feeling that their books draw out
ters, more plot changes began first draft. in readers,” Ingham said.
The Campanile Spotlight May 5, 2008 • A7

Paly Artists your own CD],” Molly said. “I

put a lot of work into it and I’m
proud of how it turned out.”
According to Molly, her favorite songs
on the album are “Rain and Snow,” “Grave-
yard” and “It’s Hard to Tell the Singer From
By Ally the Song.”
Whitson Molly has also performed in Nashville,
Staff Writer Tennessee, with a band made up of young
Palo Alto High artists from different parts of the country.
School freshman Molly “It was really fun,” Molly said. “[The
Tuttle has figured out a way to other kids] were all so amazing on their
deal with the stress of school: it’s a instruments. It was inspiring.”
little thing called music. She sings blue- Molly has two younger brothers who
grass music and plays the guitar in her play music as well and sing occasionally. Ten-
free time. year-old Sullivan plays the guitar and eight-
Bluegrass music was developed in the year-old Michael plays the mandolin.
Appalachian Mountains and is a mix of jazz, “Their voices have not
old time and country. quite taken off yet and
“It has a strong country influence,” they are both kind of shy
Molly said. “But it is more raw and acous- about singing in front of
write a Harry Potter book which is 500 or so will quite possibly be awful,” ter a little bit,” Subbarao said. “And he
tic.” people,” Molly said.
pages long in one semester,’” senior Narang said. “To everybody who was said if he happens to hit writer’s block,
Molly grew up around musi, as her “They are extremely
Alok Subbarao said. expecting a masterpiece - sorry.” he will inject a healthy dose of teen-
dad, Jack Tuttle, is a music teacher. At talented on their instru-
After much disagreement, Narang Still, Narang faces challenges in the wizard angst.”
eight years old she started learning how ments though.”
and his friends started a bet. project. For example, the story line has But besides that, Narang is keeping
to play the guitar, and at ten she started Along with the gui-
“One thing led to another and we been shaky, despite suggestions posted the plot under wraps.
singing. tar, Molly is also talented
made a deal that if at least 50 people on the wall of the Facebook group, Narang is determined to finish the
“Singing is such a fun thing to do,” with the old-time banjo
got involved at ten bucks each, I would such as having Harry Potter be Draco book, no matter how it may turn out in
Molly said. “Once you play music a lot and the bluegrass banjo,
have to do it by the end of the school Malfoy’s twin. Narang also believes that the end.
you become kind of addicted to it, but which are two very different styles.
year,” Narang said. he took too long to get started and has “My goal is to be done by the end
in a good way.” She was also hired to teach guitar at
Narang began a Facebook group experienced some writers’ block. of May, but that’s wishful dreaming,”
Molly started out her music career a respected weeklong music camp
to see if the bet would actually attract “There have been a few times where Narang said. “The far more likely
playing bluegrass. called the California Coast Music
participants. According to Narang, I got stuck and had to leave it alone probability is that I’ll be spending the
“There are tons of bluegrass festi- Camp and is the first youth they
within eight hours, over 50 people had for a week or so before I thought of a senior dead week during finals writ-
vals around this area where people just have ever hired to teach there.
joined. good way to progress with the story,” ing five hours a day. But I guarantee I
go and jam with each other all night However, music limits Molly’s
“I was, to say the least, a little Narang said. won’t lose.”
and have a great time,” Molly said. activities.
surprised,” Narang said. “There are However, the process is still ongo- As time progresses, those participat-
Molly and her dad sing together “Between school and music, I
people in [the group] who are friends ing, and Narang said that he has written ing in the bet are beginning to believe
often and perform at various local can’t really find time to play a sport,”
of mine that don’t go to Paly, and even nearly 100 pages. that Narang just might win.
events. Molly said. “I still hang out with my
some people I don’t know at all. Ran- “I am considering posting a spoiler “I now believe in the man,” Sub-
“It’s fun to sing with Molly,” friends on weekends and sometimes
dom people were asking me about it at or two on the Facebook group at the end barao said. “I have no doubts now that
said Jack. “She understands the after school, but since music and
school. I certainly didn’t expect that kind of [April] to keep everyone updated,” I will lose ten dollars to him.”
essence of bluegrass singing so we homework take up so much of my
of response.” Narang said. And while money is still on the table
can get some interesting blends and time, I don’t really have any other
As a result, Narang has started on For the plot, anything after the sixth and people are waiting expectantly for
harmonies. She has a very good activities.”
the book. Fortunately for him, though, book is “fair game.” Narang mentioned another Harry Potter book — or cash —
tone in her voice, much better than Although Molly is starting to
the terms of the bet are lenient. that he will write a replacement seventh the bet is mainly just amusing.
I have, so I usually let her carry discover other kinds of music,
“The book only has to have some book for the series. “It’s interesting, of course,” senior
the lead and then I blend in with bluegrass will always be her
slight redeeming value and be 500 pages “He really hated the Grindelwald Brian Hsueh said. “And all in good
the harmony.” favorite.
long for me to win, so the last 300 pages story line so he may ‘alter’ that charac- fun.”
The two also made their “I started out
own CD called “The Old playing blue-
Apple Tree,” which de- grass,” Molly
buted in Apr. 2007. said. “I will
“It’s pretty cool [to always love
have that style of

By Crystal Wang
Staff Writer
It’s like a boot camp.
With seven-hour class-
es each day and no time to
cut, Rhode Island School
of Design, a private art and
design college, will prove
to be very challenging for
senior Angela Hsieh.
“Students at other col-
leges can just cut classes if
they don’t feel like going,”
Hsieh said. “But you can’t
at an art school.”
Hsieh has been inter-
ested in art since childhood
and began taking art classes
outside of school in sixth
“High school art
wasn’t rigorous enough
for me,” Hsieh said. Courtesy of Angela Hsieh
Hsieh believes that the strictness
of RISD will be very beneficial in she decided
to apply to schools
with strong art programs.
classes that “By going to a traditional
are not art-related,” university, I can get the complete
devel- Hsieh said. college experience of sports games,
oping as an artist. According to Hsieh plans to participate in sororities, fraternities, concerts,
Hsieh, RISD is one of America’s top RISD’s joint program with Brown classes, etc.,” Daniels said. “I
art schools. University, located across the street, was looking for a school that has
“They make sure you know your which allows RISD students to take everything.”
stuff so that once you graduate, you are academic classes at Brown. The senior will probably be
well prepared to work,” Hsieh said. “In Compared to universities, RISD majoring in Illustration or Graphic
fact, most people who graduate from is considered a small school with only Design and will be attending the
art schools don’t go to graduate school 2,200 students. University of Michigan-Ann Ar-
because there is no need.” “It’s pretty good that the school bor, which has a strong background
Hsieh said that days at RISD will is small because there is more one- in art, Daniels said.
consist of one seven-hour art class on-one help with the teachers,” Hsieh Though there is a stereotype
where students complete an assign- said. “The personal attention helps you that art is not a “money-making”
ment of drawing, painting, and other improve more.” major, Daniels disagrees.
art disciplines, followed then by a On the other hand, senior Giovan- “Today, the art field is com-
constructive critique period. They na Daniels, an artist since childhood, pletely respected,” Daniels said.
may also have one shorter academic had planned on attending an art school “There are tons of opportunities
art class, for example art history. for a long time, but realized while ap- out there for artists. There are tons
“One of the major downsides plying to colleges that an art school of things to do, and a lot of kids are
about art school is that there aren’t was not what she wanted. In the end, now taking that route.”
A8 • May 5, 2008 Opinion The Campanile

Field trips provide students with world experience

Administration should supplement learning by implementing trips outside of the classroom
By Ryan McLeod those experiences are available on the theater within an educational context
Staff Writer Paly campus, yet all are available in while only spending a couple of hours
A school’s goal is to educate stu- museums and parks around the Bay away from school grounds.
dents, but the very nature of schools Area. The local region has incredible The arguments against field trips
can sometimes make the task less than resources to contribute to education are numerous and difficult to dispel.
effective. Textbooks and lectures can and should be utilized more. They are foremost a major safety con-
only teach students so much in cases History and biology are two cern to schools, which need to insure
where firsthand experience is neces- classes that are typically associated each student against damage incurred
sary to fully comprehend a subject. with field trips, but off-campus activi- while off school grounds during class
Off-campus experiences, such as field ties should not be limited to museums time. However, participation in all
trips, are excellent ways of giving and parks. field trips requires the permission of
students a more direct understanding Palo Alto is at the epicenter a parent or guardian.
of a subject and are also an excellent of advancements in technology, If the school takes proper precau-
way to break up the monotony of biochemistry and many other fields tions, there should be no reason to
normal school routines. of research. These industries have assume that a field trip to a museum
Although a few classes (notably a strong interest in bringing their would be more dangerous than a fam-
in the science and theater depart- work to future generations and might ily outing to the same location.
ments) make use of field trips, most welcome an opportunity to educate An obvious issue is the class time
others ignore this excellent teaching students (the popular science research lost in other classes while students are
method. In short, to benefit students, program at Paly is proof that such away. This is an inevitable problem,
the administration should pursue a interests exist).
Paly should provide students with more opportunities for firsthand experience outside of school. A
but it becomes less of one if the field
field-trip friendly policy. The theater program is one trip is on a block day, thus taking time trip to The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco could help students further their study in art.
Field trips combine the fun of example of how Paly can use local from fewer classes. Field trips may be them to attend an event or participate In order to compensate for the subject matter. Some teachers already
going someplace interesting, the resources to educate students through inconvenient to schools, but it is neces- in a project that would give them time commitment, teachers could give credit for writing about museum
pleasant experience of not being field trips. A local theater company, sary to make them work as the benefits firsthand knowledge of their chosen lessen the homework requirements for exhibitions or special performances,
stuck in a classroom all day and the TheatreWorks, offers special student outweigh the inconvenience. subject. that evening, as the students would be which encourages interested students
educational benefits of learning from matinée performances and invites lo- Another possibility for more AP Music Theory is an example of learning in a manner far superior to to delve deeper into the subject.
a source outside the textbook. cal theater programs to attend at prices advanced classes is to arrange trips one class that gives students a chance what homework provides. Field trips are valuable expe-
Even though the density of in- affordable for students. TheatreWorks outside of school hours, or even to to learn outside of school. Attending In this way, field trips would riences and if the administration
formation is higher in a lecture than also offers supplementary educational encourage independent field study. musical performances outside of impact other classes less while still encouraged them it would surely
in a museum, no amount of projector materials about the play and invites Advanced Placement students, for school is a class requirement, a pref- giving students the full experience set Paly ahead of other schools as a
slides can give a student the same students to participate in panel discus- instance, take classes that require erable alternative to writing essays in a comparable time commitment to progressive institution willing to do
experience that he or she gets by sions with actors. enormous commitment and often have based entirely off of textual informa- the class. If no such group opportunity anything for the cause of education.
seeing ancient relics or the incred- By participating in this program, a real interest in the subject material. tion found in a textbook. This kind of is available, students should have the There will be sacrifices, but providing
ible number of living organisms in a the Paly theater department gives Those students would be willing to assignment could be modified to suit choice to earn credit for doing work more knowledge to students is worth
single square meter of dirt. None of students a chance to see world-class meet outside of school if it allowed other classes. outside school that is relevant to the it. It just requires a little flexibility.

Policy-makers need to confront China on human rights

Chinese misconduct only serves to confirm China’s belief the Chinese mismanagement of the Tibet Autonomous
that it has newfound prestige. Region.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s decision to attend Claiming the militant Tibetans were separatists, the
the 1936 Berlin Olympics sparked much public debate Chinese government imposed martial law in the province.
about whether or not to boycott the Olympics to protest Meanwhile, the demands of the Tibetans — a halt on
Nazi behavior. By comparison, President George W. Bush’s Han migration into the province and a repeal of China’s
recent announcement that he will attend the Beijing Olym- discriminatory economic policies favoring those of Han
pics did not engender severe public reaction regarding the origins — remain unaddressed. Of greater significance is
morality of participating in the Beijing Olympics; it merely the issue of the Tibetan government in exile. Headed by
invited intensified condemnations from some human rights the Dalai Lama and currently headquartered in India, the
groups, whose sphere of influence is limited. Tibetan government in exile continues to view the Chinese
Yet many, including President Bush, fail to recognize occupation of Tibet as illegitimate.
the stark parallel between the arrant actions of the Nazi The Chinese government’s continued refusal to con-
regime and the current course of action taken by the Chi- front the controversy has impeded progress in the region
nese government. Both regimes used the Olympics as an and contributed to the unrest.
opportunity to showcase their countries’ transformations, Condoning the Chinese government’s frequent
while concealing the glaring facets of their countries’ political oppression and failure to address its negative
untreated maladies. environmental impact perpetrates its suppression of ethnic
Prior to the Berlin Olympics, the Nazi government, minority groups and violation of human rights.
among other “cleansing” acts, arrested 800 gypsies and Although various governments have gently scolded
removed “Jews Not Welcome” signs that were omnipres- China for its indolent acts and have vowed to remain ob- ent throughout the city. servant of further Chinese acts from afar, the unwavering
Despite China’s continual disregard for human rights and many worldwide protests, the Chinese China parrots the Nazi preparation by promising to attitude of the Chinese government is entrenched.
government continues to prepare for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and neglect dissension. improve its human rights condition as it campaigned for Past incidences serve as evidence of the Chinese
the coveted laurel of being the Olympics host city. government’s blatant ignorance of international warnings.
By Yvonne Lin the underlying problems which have been largely over- Reporters of Without Borders, a non-profit multina- The possibility of imposing drastic measures, such as trade
Staff Writer looked with China’s oppressive government. It is a shame tional proponent for freedom of the press, indicate that the embargoes, ought to be given serious consideration and
When the Chinese Olympics Committee unveiled vari- that as the host country of a momentous event, which Chinese government imprisoned human rights activists, as not be fired as empty threats.
ous facilities for the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympics, millions of viewers worldwide will watch, China has well as journalists, who speak against its practices, thereby Although confronting the Chinese government in-
Western press coverage of the upcoming event and of failed to provide remedies for, or even to acknowledge, muffling dissensions against its domestic policies. The volves the undertaking of significant political and economic
Chinese domestic affairs became increasingly prevalent. the many controversies against which the international presence of the executive head of a nation at the Summer risks, the current situation in China indistinctly echoes that
The Beijing Olympics marks the People’s Republic of community has long protested. Olympics legitimizes the regime’s actions and falsely la- of Germany during the rise of the Third Reich and cries
China’s emergence as a global power whose potential Despite China’s abysmal human rights record, some bels it as a benign agent. The recent outbreak of violence for outside, influential agents such as the United States, to
for commercial expansion imminently threatens the hesitate to push for domestic and international justice, in Tibet and the ensuing Chinese response is one of the shoulder the responsibility, and propel positive change.
United States’ current dominance in global economics out of fear of Chinese retaliation via fluctuations in world many controversies that has been put under international The Olympics is not only an event that entertains the
and politics. commerce. scrutiny as China prepares for the Olympics. masses and celebrates human prowess and achievement,
At the same time, the Beijing Olympics is a double- The deteriorating conditions in China require audacity In response to Tibetan protests in March against but it is undeniably also a political event that can alter
edged sword: not only does it serve to broadcast China’s and staunch policies from nations’ leading policy-makers Beijing’s rule of Tibet, Tibetan monks were arrested and lives of not only its direct participants, but of its millions
economic transformation to the world, but it also exposes to take on countering initiatives; lukewarm disapproval of detained. The motive behind the Tibetan uprising reflected associates.

State and district food policy detrimental to club fundraising efforts

By Jonathan Shan set strict guidelines on what may and Initially, the district’s nutrition cations require signatures reminding Paly’s student body’s health Clubs have been criticized in the
Staff Writer may not be sold. policy was decried by some students and discouraging students from rais- would not be negatively affected if past for falling apart and although part
Three years ago, the Palo Alto Food and beverages may not be as a restriction on their freedom of ing money. the state education code was amended of the issue lies in the lack of effort,
Unified School District instated a dis- sold 30 minutes before the start of choice, yet their argument was moot Such clubs as the Gay Straight to allow for food to be sold on dates when money is involved, it gives fur-
trict-wide Nutrition Policy, effectively school and 30 minutes after the end when Town and Country’s presence Alliance, Slam Poetry Club and Mock determined by the school district. ther incentive for the club to continue
ending the on-campus sale of what of school. In hindsight, school clubs and accessibility were factored in. Trial have faced financial difficulties The amendment would keep in and hold events.
are classified as “junk foods,” which and organizations have been affected Following the enforcement of the due to lack of funds. place the policies that prevent schools By implementation of these poli-
are foods containing high amounts of the most by the policy’s implementa- nutrition policy, clubs were restricted Students who want to promote from selling food that does not meet cies, Paly may experience an increase
sugar, fat or calories. tion. to selling items until 30 minutes before diversity and make their organization the criteria for healthiness. in club participation and activity.
The PAUSD Nutrition Policy Before the policy was enacted, and 30 minutes after school. something the Paly community can be Likewise, the PAUSD should Following the amendment, other
came in lieu of California Education the main source of income for these Palo Alto High School’s As- proud of should not have to go through make the necessary exceptions to high schools in California would also
code SB677 and SB19, both of which organizations came from selling sociated Student Body carries the the hassle of planning fundraisers that accommodate for clubs that require benefit from the changed rules, and
were enacted in 2007, prohibiting the candy, baked goods and other foods burden of explaining to club leaders require extensive time commitment the sale of goods that do not meet the could give their school’s extra cur-
sale of such items by the school and on campus. the Byzantine rules and club appli- and effort. criteria for the Nutrition Policy. riculars a boost.

“A naked person painted “You know you’re
green and white streaks smarter than all the kids
across the field.” at Menlo-Atherton.”

—Conor Kelly —Destinee Kindle

junior freshman

“You’re scared of getting “There are big hoardes of

pooped on by seagulls.” emo freshmen skaters.”
You know you go to Paly —Kristin Witte and —Melanie Spector
when... Jordan Jefferson and Alexa Jones
seniors seniors
A9 May 5, 2008

Sports The Campanile

Track teams enter CCS after strong seasons

With several key athletes, the boys’ and girls’ Varsity track teams prepare for CCS with high hopes
By Mira Parekh “But I think I ran the race almost perfectly. distance and mid-distance running. Paly’s
Staff Writer Today was a huge success.” Varsity girls’ head coach Paul Jones thinks
The stellar performances at Palo Alto High The team also did well in mid-distance, this success is a foreshadowing of Lattanzi’s
School’s Varsity track and field team’s final with junior Josh Davis running a spectacular success in CCS.
meet against Los Altos High School served as 400-meter race. The boys also dominated the “She has done very well, considering
fitting closure to the regular season. field events due largely to the performances she was injured all of last year,” Jones said.
Though the Paly teams may have appeared of senior Mike Scott, who led the boys in the “She’ll be very strong in CCS.”
disadvantaged at the start, both showcased long jump, triple jump and came in a close Lattanzi helped the girls’ 4x800 relay
some of the strongest talent in the league. The second to Powell in the high jump. The boys’ team, with teammates senior Leah Gaeta and
boys’ team ended the season with a perfect team crushed Los Altos 79-46 and is looking sophomores Emily Yeates and Erika Hoglund,
record of 6-0 and the girls’ team finished with forward to strong performances at Central placing relatively well, finishing in sixth
a disappointing 2-4 record. Coast Section. place out of a total of 14 teams at the CCS
Both teams faced Los Altos on Apr. 24 Junior Frank Wan also performed well in invitational.
for their last meet, bringing the season to an the long jump and triple jump against Los Al- Lattanzi also swept the competition
end. tos, placing second and third, respectively. against Los Altos, placing first in the 800-
The boys’ sprint team had an especially Boys’ coach Jeff Billing said he had come meter. Gaeta followed to end the race in second
strong showing at the meet and a solid finish to expect such a top notch performance from place. Gaeta also led the girls’ mile with a time
to a great season. the team. of 5:31:65. The Vikings had a great run in the
Highlights included junior Paul Brown’s “It wasn’t really a surprise,” Billing said. two mile as well, with sophomore Kathleen
victory in the 200-meter and the boys’ 4x100 “We work really hard and set expectations Higgins and junior Elizabeth Scott came in
relay team (senior Dom Powell, Brown and really high.” second and third, respectively.
juniors Kasey Fields and Ariel Arsac-Ellison) Billing did however, see some exciting Although the girls’ team has struggled
soundly beating Los Altos to end an unde- performances from Avis, Choi, Hseuh and throughout the season, there were several
feated season. junior Skyler Cummins. key performances that helped the girls keep
Sprint coach Nick Van Der Burg was very “There have been some surprises,” Billing up with the competition. Hoglund helped the
satisfied with the relay team’s performance said. “Our biggest have been from sophomore Vikings by placing first in the long jump and
this year and is certain that next year will be Henry Jordan who is running way beyond sophomore Sam Bromley-Coolidge came in a
just as promising for the sprint team. what I had thought and from Skyler Cummins close second in the triple jump. Similarly, Paly
“Our 4x100 team never lost,” Van Der who has exceeded expectations. It’s really did well in shot put, with sophomore Katerina
Burg said. “Next year will be good. There’s exciting.” Peterson coming in second. Unfortunately,
a lot to improve on though, and we’ve had a One runner who has had a solid season and despite some great performances, the girls
lot of injuries this year.” has great potential in past season competitions lost the meet to Los Altos 50-77.
The boys’ team also performed well in is senior Julius Berezin. Berezin is poised to “We’re going to be working on strategy
the hurdles with junior Pascal Truninger plac- go far after placing first in the 800-meter at the for next year,” Jones said. “We were hoping
ing first in the 110-meter hurdles with 16:90 CCS Top 8 Invitational, for which runners from for a better year, but we had a few dings at
seconds and also coming in first in the boys’ all over the Bay Area came to compete. the wrong times.”
300-meter hurdles. “That was such an exciting race and for Despite the losses, Jones was happy with
“This year they learned how to run; next Julius [Berezin] to win is a big deal,” Billing many performances in certain events.
year we can take that and build strength and said. “By ending up in the top three, he has “In the 400-meter we were better than
endurance,” Van Der Burg said. positioned himself for states, which was at I had originally thought and we also have a
However, the most notable performances first a far-off goal, but now definitely attain- strong group of sophomore sprinters who will
came from the mid-distance and distance able.” be returning next year,” Jones said. “Both
runners. Berezin has built an impressive record by Emily Yeates and Erika Hoglund are strong
The Vikings swept the mile with junior anchoring the 4x800 relay team that came first and are going to be good next year.”
Charlie Avis coming in first with a time of in the Stanford Invitational, a prestigious meet After an exciting season, runners from
4:26:82, followed by senior Gilbert Choi, which hosts the best competition in the area. He both teams hope to make it far in CCS. The
senior Brian Hsueh, sophomore Peter Wilson has also performed well at the statewide level. postseason looks very promising.
and seniors Brian Karvelas and Sam Jones to At the Arcadia Invitational in Los Angeles, he
fill the top six places, respectively.
Senior Alok Subbarao also had an im-
helped the distance medley relay team, a relay
which consists of four legs of 1200, 400, 800 Track & Field
pressive performance in the mile, breaking a and 1600-meters, place fifth.
personal record with a sub-five time. Subbarao Another runner who had a notable Scores
also helped lead the team later on in three more performance in the CCS Top 8 Invitational v. Los Altos
running events. was senior Mia Lattanzi who placed first in Apr. 24, VB W 79-46
Julia Benton/The Campanile
“I came into the season and my goal was the 1600-meter, sweeping the competition v. Los Altos
to break five minutes and I felt it was really with a time of 5:00:71. Lattanzi has helped Apr. 24, VG L 77-50 Junior Frank Wan leaps in a long jump trial against Los Altos High School on
far-fetched,” Subbarao said after the meet. the Vikings by leading the girls’ team in Apr. 24, taking third place in the event. He also placed fourth in the triple jump.

Lacrosse claims third victory of season against Woodside

Girls’ Varsity lacrosse team dominates Woodside High School, scoring 13 goals for a season record
By Austin Smith not enough to catch up to Menlo- way,” Lucas-Conwell said. “They had
A&E Editor Atherton’s offense and the Vikings to learn the basics, and they don’t have
After a four-game absence from went on to fall 7-3. the bad habits in their games.”
the win column, the Palo Alto High At Pioneer High School on Apr. As such a young team, the Vi-
School girls’ Varsity lacrosse team 18, the team’s fortunes did not im- kings feel that they only have room
broke out in a huge way with a 13-7 prove. The squad was, once again, to improve upon their games.
win over Woodside High School on outscored by their opponent. The girls “We’ve improved at everything
Apr. 25. lost 14-4, the third time this season this season from skills to technique as
As expected of a first-year team, that they have lost by a double-digit well,” Lucas-Conwell said.
the Vikings have struggled to win margin. With the amount that the girls
games and currently has a record of The girls have competed strongly have improved since the start of the
3-11, placing them last in the Freelance all season and have had several season, and with the adversity that
League. chances to win many of their games, they have been forced to overcome as
The team previously beat Wood- but the numbers do not support that. a startup team, the 2009 season is ex-
side 9-8 in their season opener on Mar. At the time of the loss to Pioneer, pected to be much more competitive.
7 and Woodside now accounts for two the Vikings have given up 63 goals According to Lucas-Conwell, next
of the team’s three season victories. so far this season and have scored season will be the time in which the
Strong scoring performances only 14, the biggest goal difference team’s development finally shows
from senior captain Kati Dahm, in the league. on the field and should translate to
freshman Gracie Cain and sophomore “Forget the score,” Lucas-Con- success.
Brianna Boyd paved the way to the well said. “We are working really hard, “I think everyone’s excited for
Vikings’ season-high 13 goals. and haven’t given up in any game. We next year,” Lucas-Conwell said. “We
“We were just faster than them have been very competitive.” will definitely be better and will get a
that day,” junior Caroline Lucas- With their most recent surge in lot more wins.”
Conwell said. “We have better attack- competitive fire, the girls look to end Looking back on their inaugural
ers and a better settled offense. It was the season on a high note. Luckily, the season, the girls are proud of the way
nice to have that matchup.” team has the opportunity to end the that they handled the struggles that
The scoring frenzy was long- season at home against Burlingame come with starting up a program from
awaited for the Vikings, who had yet High School on May 2. scratch, which includes playing teams
to score in the double-digits in a single One more win to end the season who have already been in competition
game. It was helpful, however, for the is all the girls could ask for heading for as many as seven years.
Vikings’ confidence to be matched into an off-season for which all but “This year was our first, so in
against a team that they knew they one of the girls will be returning. In some ways it was a test run,” Lucas-
could beat. fact, many of the girls on the team had Conwell said. “Next year we are
“It’s always nice to get a win,” never even played the sport before coming to win.”
Lucas-Conwell said. “We definitely joining the team.
have a lot more confidence in our-
selves now. It gives us more punch. Sophomore Hannah Ohlson (left) looks to pass the ball to a fellow teammate as she sprints down
Hannah McGovern/The Campanile “We had a lot of girls who were
brand new to the sport,” Lucas- LACROSSE
We have a lot of energy heading into
the field. The Vikings were unable to gain enough momentum to defeat Sacred Heart Preparatory. Conwell said. “They’ve all come so Scores
[our next game].” far in learning the sport.” v. Pioneer
Since the victory over Woodside, Although they went on to lose Before the big victory against road games. The first half was hard- To overcome inexperience, head Apr. 18, L 14-4
the Vikings have found their offensive 10-5, the team showed quickness and Woodside, however, the team had fought , with freshman Hannah Ohlson coach Jen Gray has had to step up to v. Woodside
prowess, going on to score five goals athleticism up front, constantly chal- trouble in all aspects of its game. quickly equalizing Menlo-Atherton’s the challenge of teaching beginners to Apr. 25, W 13-7
in an impressive display of offense lenging the Sacred Heart goalkeeper The Vikings took to the road on first goal of the game. The second compete at an advanced level. v. Sacred Heart Prep
against Sacred Heart Preparatory on and winning loose balls all over the Apr. 15 against Menlo-Atherton High half, however, was all Bears. Goals “The coaches have taught all the
Apr. 29, L 10-5
Apr. 29. field. School, the first of three consecutive from Lucas-Conwell and Dahm were girls who never played before the right
A10 • May 5, 2008 Sports The Campanile

Tennis team hopeful for postseason matches

After several setbacks, boys’ Varsity tennis squad maintains high spirits going into CCS tournament
By Sam Jones The Vikings then played Saratoga for
Sports Editor a second time in the same week on Apr. 16,
Despite facing some significant mid- looking to play spoiler to their host’s aspira-
season setbacks, the boys’ Varsity tennis tions for the top seed in CCS.
team bounced back to finish the regular Once again, the Vikings kept it close
season strong, securing the fifth seed in the throughout the contest, but were unable to
upcoming Central Coast Section postseason come through in two crucial three-set matches,
tournament. falling 2-5 to the league leader.
The Vikings have improved to a 14-7 “Losing to Saratoga twice in the same
(10-3 league) record on the year, and finished week was difficult to take, especially because
in second place in the Santa Clara Valley we had a legitimate shot to take both of the
Athletic League De Anza Division, behind matches,” senior co-captain David Plotkin
Saratoga High School. said. “But now we definitely realize what we
The squad faced off against division lead- have to do if we want to beat Saratoga in the
ing Saratoga at home on Apr. 14, hoping to postseason.”
gain some ground on the league leader. The In their final match of the regular season,
Vikings fought valiantly as underdogs, but the Vikings hosted Sacred Heart Preparatory on
quickly fell into a deep hole as Saratoga took Apr. 21. The Vikings quickly found themselves
three of the four singles matches, with only out matched against their strong non-league
senior co-captain Kushal Tantry winning in a opponent and were simply outclassed in a 6-1
three-setter at the No. 2 beating.
singles slot. “We definitely have a good “It was tough to
The doubles teams close out the regular
tried to pull off the upset,
chance at winning CCS, but we season with two straight
but were unable to sweep are going to have to pull it all losses,” Tantry said.
all three matches. Thus, together to compete with the “We treated the losses
Paly fell in a disappoint- top schools in the area.” as important playing
ing 3-4 loss, officially experience against some
surrendering the league very solid teams that we
title to Saratoga. David Plotkin may face again down
“It was tough to lose Senior Co-captain the line.”
like that and to know that With the regular
we could not win the season over, several of
league title this year,” Tantry said. “But we Paly’s elite players geared up for the SCVAL
knew that we had to regroup and finish the individual singles and doubles tournament on
season strong to help our chances in CCS.” Apr. 22 and 23.
Elizabeth Petit/The Campanile
This loss left Paly in a precarious position, Tantry and junior Sam Wong played in
tied with cross-town rival Henry M. Gunn the singles tournament, seeded second and Senior David Plotkin returns a volley during his singles match against his opponent from Henry M. Gunn High School.
High School for the second place position in third, respectively. The Vikings dominated rival Gunn, sweeping all four singles spots and capturing key third sets to win the match 6-1.
the SCVAL De Anza Division with two league Plotkin and junior Daniel Schwartz were Plotkin and Schwartz were more suc- which is something that needs to change before area,” Plotkin said. “If we can pull out the close
matches left in the regular season. seeded second in the doubles tournament and cessful though, romping on the way to the we enter CCS.” three-setters and maintain our composure, we
The stage was set perfectly for a monu- sophomores Peter Tseng and Drew Pearson tournament finals where they faced a familiar Despite this shortcoming, the players are will be a force to be reckoned with.”
mental match up against Gunn to secure the entered unseeded. opponents in the top-seeded Gunn doubles optimistic about their chances in the post-
second place spot on Apr. 15 at home. The Vikings experienced mixed success team. season tournament and are excited to play
With a win, the Vikings would be as- in the tournaments.
sured of placing second in their division and
Plotkin and Schwartz had plenty of mo- against some of the best teams in Northern TENNIS
In the singles brackets, both Tantry and mentum entering the match, but could not pull California.
would capture a crucial high seed in the CCS Wong battled their way into the semifinals out a finals victory, falling to their opponent “It will be great to be pitted against the
tournament. before hitting roadblocks. in a disappointing loss 4-6, 4-6. best teams around,” Plotkin said. “There’s
In their biggest match of the season, the Tantry lost to the fourth-seeded individual Even though none of the players could really nothing better than playing in the CCS v. Saratoga
young Viking squad played with uncharacter- from Saratoga, while Wong was defeated come through with a title in the individual tournament.” Apr. 14, L 3-4
istic poise under pressure. by the top-ranked player in the tournament tournaments, the Vikings team is now focused The Vikings are geared up for their first v. Gunn
The Vikings secured several key third-set from Gunn. on the CCS team tournament, which it has round match on May 2. The squad will look Apr. 15, W 1-6
matches and swept all of the four singles spots, “It was disappointing, losing to someone a significant shot at winning. However, the to win their first few matches, which will help v. Sacred Heart Prep
leading to a 6-1 thumping of the Titans. seeded lower than myself,” Tantry said. “But I squad will have to work on closing out close to build some momentum, in anticipation of Apr. 21, L 1-6
“It was great to get that win, just because know that I just have to use that loss as motiva- matches, which has been a significant weak- playing some very strong teams from the
the team hadn’t played up to its full potential in tion and bring my best tennis to CCS.” ness for the team so far this season. tournament quarterfinals and on.
Upcoming games
pressure situations up until this point,” Tantry In the doubles tournament, Tseng and “Our clutch game is a work in progress “We definitely have a good chance at CCS @ Aptos
said. “It really bolstered our confidence, know- Pearson fell to their first round opponents right now,” Tantry said. “We have been pretty winning CCS, but we’ll have to bring it all May 20
ing our true potential as a squad.” from Los Altos High School. inconsistent against the best teams in the area, together to compete with the top schools in the

Softball team dominates league with ten-game winning streak

By DJ Hsueh “Gunn came ready to play and
Staff Writer they really wanted to beat us,” Cole-
It has been over a decade since man said. “There were a lot of breaks
Palo Alto High School has won any that could have gone in our favor,
title in softball, but this year’s team but they really wanted to make sure
has performed well during the season we didn’t score. I think we were still
with a league record of 11-1 and one caught a little off guard because we
game left to play. beat them 12-1 last time, but it was a
Currently placed first in the good game.”
SCVAL El Camino Division, the Var- Before their second game against
sity girls have a very good chance of the Chargers, the team was confident
moving up to the Santa Clara Valley and ready to play.
Athletic League De Anza Division “We have already beaten Wilcox,
next year. but this game was important for both
The team has faced their share of us and they are well prepared,”
of obstacles, such as a number of Halas said.
disappointing losses in non-league Unfortunately, the Vikings lost to
games. However, the Vikings (11-1 Wilcox 8-14 on May 1, ending their
league, 18-8-1 overall) have had an winning streak. The game was excit-
eleven-game winning streak, which ing, with Wilcox taking an early lead
began with a win against Wilcox High of 7-0. The Vikings then came back
School on Apr. 8. and took the lead, bringing the score to
The Vikings scored two runs 8-7, but then Wilcox took the offensive
late in the first inning and sophomore and ended the game 14-8.
Kelly Jenks threw five straight perfect Still, as last year’s record was 5-7
innings, shutting down the Chargers’ league, 7-14 overall, the 2008 team
offense. has accomplished much more than
Sophomore Lauren Bucolo they expected.
then singled in the fourth inning and With a short roster of 11 players,
eventually scored on an error after no seniors and only two juniors, expec-
Jenks walked. tations were low right off the bat.
Junior Allie Coleman, in her third However, the team has shown
season as a starter, was hit by a pitch, commitment this year, practicing and
and sophomore Kristen Dauler then playing to the best of their abilities.
singled home Jenks. Their hard work has paid off, creating
Elizabeth Petit/The Campanile a strong team of young players that
“Wilcox was a big win for us,
because they were tied with us for
Sophomore pitcher Kelly Jenks leads the Varsity softball team to a 4-0 victory over Cupertino High School on Apr. 22 and guided the team will all return next year. Their future
first,” Jenks said. “Beating them put to victory over cross-town rival Henry M. Gunn High School. Jenks was also featured as the “Athlete of the Week” in the Palo Alto Weekly. is looking bright, and the Vikings are
us ahead of them.” “The game against Gunn was man also hit a home run and earned run in the first inning, and ended the great leaping catch of a line drive in sure to play well.
Jenks had a perfect game through fantastic, we mercy-ruled them,” an “Honorable Mention.” game with three hits and two runs. the bottom of the seventh inning. As of now, anything could hap-
the first five innings, which lasted a freshman Gracie Marshall said. “Ev- “It felt really good, but I think “It was my first time up to bat, and “We held them really well de- pen to the team. If they win their final
short 45 minutes. With one out in the eryone’s batting averages went up and the entire team I hit a homer,” fensively, and Caroline was hitting game, they will have a good chance of
top of the sixth, Wilcox finally got its we played really well as a team.” deserved the “We’re having more success ear- M c D o n n e l l great which helped us offensively,” moving up to the De Anza Division.
first hit but was quickly shut down with The team then beat Notre Dame award,” Jenks said. “It felt Coleman said. “There are not that
San Jose High School 14-1 on Apr. said. “We work lier than expected. This is the only really good.”
a ground out and a strikeout, ending
the game 4-1. Jenks pitched another 17. really well as a sport at Paly that currently plays
many home runs in softball at the
Jenks held high school level, so it was really SOFTBALL
complete game against Santa Clara “We’ve been playing really well team and ev- at a lower level, but I know our the Eagles to awesome to see her hit a ball so far
on Apr.10, limiting the Bruins to just every game,” Dauler said. “We’ve eryone works girls can play at the higher level.” two hits and over the fence.” Scores
two hits in the entire game. been hitting really well and our de- so hard.” had 13 strike- The team played against Gunn @ Los Altos
“It’s no secret that our success is fense is strong, especially with Kelly The team outs for the again on Apr. 29 and beat the Titans Apr. 24, W 4-0
when Kelly is on the mound,” Varsity pitching.” then went on Jake Halas entire game, 1-0.
v. Gunn
Head Coach Jake Halas said. “And Against Cupertino on Apr. 22, to beat Los Varsity Head Coach leading Paly to However, neither team was able
Apr. 29, W 1-0
when our bats are going, we’re tough the team won 4-0. Jenks pitched yet Altos High a 4-0 win. to score any runs until the seventh in-
to beat.” another great game and added to the School 4-0 on T h e Vi - ning when sophomore Ryan Flanagan Upcoming games
The Vikings dominated Henry Vikings score with two home runs, Apr. 24. kings defense was especially strong, hit a single, got to second on a bunt, v. Saratoga
M. Gunn High School on Apr. 15, earning her the “Female Athlete of the Sophomore Caroline McDonnell making no errors the entire game. Part and then ran home after the Titans May 6
beating the Titans 12-1. Week” in the Palo Alto Weekly. Cole- stepped up her game and hit a home of the great defense was Marshall’s made an error on a high fly ball.
The Campanile Sports May 5, 2008 • A11

Badminton team falls short of success

Viking bid for victory denied by fierce competition, despite dedication from team members
Chris Gallagher “I could tell they were tired,” No. 3 boys’ doubles
Staff Writer junior Tim Qin said. “But they never gave up.”
Through recent matches, Palo Alto High School’s bad- The team received a well-earned break, resting and
minton team played against extremely difficult opponents practicing the week following the Monta Vista match.
but unfortunately failed to produce a single victory. This break allowed them time to prepare for their match
The team’s losses, two of which ended with very against Henry M. Gunn High School on Apr. 22, as there
close final scores, have done little to dampen the team’s were not any matches scheduled due to other schools’
resolve. spring breaks.
“I feel like if anything, the team is more determined,” “We did four-corner drills over the break,” Hsu said.
No. 2 boys’ singles player Allen Chen said. “Our players “We hoped to build stamina and shot accuracy.”
have definitely gotten better.” Paly played a frustrating match against Gunn and
Although Paly lost to Monta Vista High School on Apr. lost the match with a final score of 4-26. Paly performed
10, the final score of 2-28 was better than their previous very similar to the last time they played Gunn, a mani-
finish against the Matadors. festation of the insurmountable ability of various players
Other prominent members of the team disagree with on Gunn’s team.
Chen’s opinion about the team’s current status. “We haven’t had a lot of time to train,” said Chen.
“I think that lethargy is settling in,” No.1 boys’ singles “School has gotten busier and more stressful.”
player Isaac Yao said. “There isn’t as much team spirit as Sophomore Kathy Woo, who normally plays No.3
there was in the beginning of the season.” girls’ singles, was paired up with senior Joanna Wu, who
The match was well fought by Paly and although the was missing her No. 2 girls’ doubles partner, senior Lydia
team lost, many of the matches were very close. Monta Qin. They played an exciting match against Gunn’s No. 2
Vista changed its line up and brought in two new and girls’ doubles team, going into a third game after loosing the
improved girls’ singles players. first 13-15. The duo was able to pull out a win in the end
“About five matches were close and went into a third however, securing badly needed points for their team.
game,” Head Coach Kara Prentice said. “In all honesty, they weren’t the best,” Woo said. “We
Various players were very pleased with their perfor- kept losing on one side of the court, though.”
mances against Monta Vista, while others were less than Although the match went south this time for Paly,
satisfied with their playing. members of the team realize their own potential and the
“The guy I played was really good at the net,” Chen allusive possibility of success.
said. “I tried to beat him at what he was best at but that “We are always not far behind,” Zhou said. “We just
was a bad idea.” need a couple good players to lift up our team.”
Many feel that the Monta Vista match is reflective of Seniors Vika Kreitz and Petrina Chie played Gunn’s
how the team has played thus far this year. No. 3 girls’ doubles team and won their match once again.
A need for physical training was especially appar- Their record thus far in the season has been remarkably
ent in a number of the matches played by the Paly team distinguished in comparison to the rest of the team’s,
members. although not perfect. Austin Smith/The Campanile
“We don’t have the persistence to push through and “For the most part we were playing well,” Prentice Junior Allen Chen attempts to serve the birdie in an Apr. 29 match against Lynbrook High School.
win when we go into a third game,” No. 1 girls’ singles said. “It is just a matter of making your own mistakes The badminton team is focusing on gradually improving after their three-week long losing streak.
player Young Hsu said. or not.”
Sophomore Ivan Zhou, a varied player who unfor- The team members all agree that Gunn shows ex- “We always try our best,” Hsu said. “This year I tried
tunately lost his match against Monta Vista, challenged ceptional promise, having thus far remained undefeated to enjoy all my matches.”
Yao played a great match, nailing the backhand corner
himself to win against somewhat unfair odds. in the season.
“There were a couple of shady calls that could have “They are so good that some people give up because over and over with slams and lifts. Unfortunately, he lost
turned the match,” Zhou said. “But I wanted to win the they know they can’t win,” Hsu said. “That’s really sad his lead and the first game to his opponent. Scores
match even though he was cheating, so I didn’t call for and kind of frustrating.” “I get totally exhausted,” said Yao. “That is what ends @ Gunn
a line judge.” Zhou pushed through and dominated his match against up killing me a lot.” April 22, 4-26 L
Yao, who has played doubles in the most recent his Gunn opponent, winning the first and second games Qin and No. 1 boys’ doubles player Justin Hsi played vs. Lynbrook
matches, saw the Monta Vista match as an opportunity 15-5 and 15-3. together for the first time this year in the Lynbrook match,
April 29, 10-20 L
to show what he had learned. “I didn’t have good smashes that day,” Zhou said. as both of their partners were absent. Hsi capitalized on
“I think that I had just forgotten how to have fun in “But I used clears and drops to move and push him around his smashes and Qin backed him up, though missing some Upcoming games
my matches,” Yao said. “I felt a lot better about the match the court.” serves and key shots. vs. Wilcox
than the score reflected.” Paly next played and lost to Lynbrook High School Although Qin and Hsi lost their match along with May 6, 3:30 P.M.
Many enjoyed watching Yao’s match, a very com- on Apr. 29 by a score of 10-20. Once again, many of the many others, the game against Lynbrook was a close fight, @ Saratoga
petitive and exciting duel between school rivals, while matches were very close as both of the teams remained with many won and nearly won matches. The team hopes May 8, 3:30 P.M.
other players struggled and failed to pull out victories in neck-and-neck until the last defining matches in boys’ and that in its last few matches it can improve upon its record
their games. girls’ doubles and girls’ singles. of extremely close games.


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A12 • May 5, 2008 Sports The Campanile

Baseball team drops last four, misses CCS playoffs

Paly finishes fifth in division after midseason run ends with disappointing losses to Milpitas, Wilcox High Schools
By Zal Dordi season — win the game and Paly would find
Staff Writer themselves with a berth into the Central Coast
After a solid midseason run, the Vikings Section playoffs.
struggled to find their rhythm in the last few Lose; however, and the team would drop
weeks of the 2008 baseball season. After a 2-3 to fifth place in league with a .500 record and
start to league play, the Vikings won seven of the possibility of being demoted to the El
their next eight games including five consecu- Camino Division.
tive league victories. Unfortunately, it was the latter that oc-
A series sweep of Henry M. Gunn High curred on Apr. 25 at Paly.
School bumped the Vikings into second The Vikings, who tore up their midseason
place in league with a 7-3 record. However, schedule, were unable to escape with a vic-
it was inevitable that their good luck would tory in their final four games against two of
eventually run out and it seemed to happen the league’s toughest opponents, effectively
at the worst time. eliminating the squad’s possibility of post-
The team ended a three-week unbeaten season play.
run with a loss to Milpitas High School at The Vikings once again had to come
home in the first game of their two-game series from behind if they were to have any chance
with the Trojans. against the Chargers.
After solid victories in their last three At one point the Vikings trailed 0-6, but
games over Aragon High School in a non- the boys rallied back by scoring five runs in
league matchup and Gunn during a two-game the home half of the fifth inning to grab a 7-6
series sweep, the Vikings could not pull lead over visiting Wilcox.
through on the evening of Apr. 9, dropping Wilcox, though, would not see their of-
the opener 6-7. fense stifled as the Chargers came back in
The Vikings came into the bottom half the top half of the sixth inning scoring two
of the seventh inning trailing by two. Senior runs of their own to retake the lead for the
Tyger Pederson led off the inning by turning division leaders.
the first pitch he saw into a triple. Junior Colin Byrne knotted the game at
Pederson’s younger brother, sophomore eight runs in the bottom of the sixth with a
Joc Pederson, followed suit with an RBI single, solo shot to right center to give Paly a glim-
putting the tying run on base with no one out mer of hope, but the Charger offense could
in the inning. not be tamed as they were able to push across
With one down in the inning and Joc on their ninth run of the game to take the lead
second, senior Peter Abrams hit a fly to the for good.
outfield, allowing Joc to tag-up, which put The Vikings finished the regular season
the potential seventh Viking run on third with in fifth place in the De Anza Division with a
two gone. 7-7 record and finished 10-10-1 overall. This
Senior Will Goodspeed was the last hope .500 finish will not be enough for the Paly
for the Vikings but unfortunately struck out on baseball to capture a spot in this year’s CCS
a controversial call to end the game. playoffs.
It was a disappointing loss for Paly,
who led early on in the game. However, the
superior relief pitching and solid offensive Sophomore Scott Witte stands into the batter’s box awaiting a pitch from a Wilcox pitcher. Paly lost to Wilcox 8-9 in the
Austin Smith/The Campanile
performance by the Trojans propelled the
visitors to victory.
late innings, giving the Vikings a 10-10-1 record for the season, knocking them out of contention for the CCS playoffs. Scores
The Vikings then traveled to Milpitas to their lead was short-lived, as the Trojans tied split with the Chargers in order to enter in After five innings, Paly trailed by a score v. Milpitas
try and split the series but once again failed to the score once again in the fifth with a pair the playoffs. of 8-0. The offense cut the lead in half with Apr. 9, L 6-7
get enough out of their offense. The Vikings of runs. Game one of the final regular season a four-run sixth inning, but it was not to be @ Wilcox
scored in the top of the first, but left runners Milpitas took the lead in the sixth with series did not end well for the Vikings as the for the Vikings as they could not manage to Apr. 23, L 4-8
in scoring position. some old-fashioned small ball, giving them Paly boys dropped their third consecutive muster any more runs against the Wilcox v. Wilcox
Milpitas tied it up with a run of their a one run lead that would be enough for the game at Wilcox. pitching staff. Apr. 25, L 8-9
own in the bottom frame. In the fourth, the win. The Vikings trailed due to a combination The final game of the regular season
@ Gunn
Vikings strung together several hits to produce Entering the final series against Wilcox of superb pitching by the Charger starting against Wilcox, the best team in the division,
Apr. 29, L 4-5
two more runs, putting the score at 3-1. But High School, Paly required at least a series pitcher and their own defensive mistakes. would determine the outcome of the entire

Girls’ swimming finishes undefeated in duel-meet season

One-loss boys’ and unbeaten girls’ teams look toward league finals, CCS finals in hopes for successful finish to season
By Alexi Dagan
Sports Editor
The Palo Alto High School
Varsity swimming and diving teams
made it through their duel-meet season
with a nearly perfect record, includ-
ing wins over Henry M. Gunn and
Saratoga High Schools. The Vikings
faced tough competition from the top
teams in the Central Coast Section and
Northern Coast Section in the Section
Challenge, hosted by Paly, in which
the girls placed third and the boys
placed fourth.
Paly faced their cross-town rivals
on Apr. 15 when the Gunn Titans
visited the Paly pool. The Vikings
kicked off the meet with a bang; both
the girls’ and boys’ 200-yard medley
relays took first and continued to
dominate throughout the meet. The
girls’ team saw first place finishes from
senior co-captain Liv Jensen in the
200-yard individual medley and 100-
yard breaststroke, as well as another
double win from senior co-captain
Colleen Fotsch in the 50-yard freestyle
and 100-yard backstroke. The girls
finished the meet with a final score of
107 points to Gunn’s 79 points.
The boys’ team also displayed
their superiority over the Titans, with
wins from junior Tim Wenzlau in
the 200 individual medley and 100
backstroke, senior Michael Fortune
in the 100-yard butterfly and senior Michela Fossatti-Bellani/The Campanile
co-captain Geng Wang in the 100 The boys’ team suffered their first duel-meet loss to Monta Vista, ending their bid for an undeafed season. The girls’ team found success against Monta Vista, completing their
breaststroke. Senior diver Will Simon first undefeated duel-meet season in three years. Both teams’ will continue on to the league playoffs where they are determined to be success against other competitors.
made the transition to swimming and
won the 50 freestyle. With wins in first in the 100 backstroke. The girls in eight events, to Paly’s four, which 100 butterfly, finishing four seconds High School, thereby ending a 40- challenge. I think the talent is there if
both freestyle relays, the boys finished set another meet record in the 200 included Fortune in the 50 freestyle ahead of the pack. meet winning streak that extended they go into the meet focused, swim
the meet with a score of 118-68 over freestyle relay, which included Jensen, and Wenzlau in the 100 freestyle. “The Saratoga girls definitely over the past four years. hard and go after it. The loss was a
Gunn. freshman Sabrina Lee, Fotsch and “The key to that meet was not our surprised me,” Fotsch said. “But our “The boys just didn’t go into the wake up call as to what they will have
Paly hosted the top teams from senior co-captain Lizzie Abbott. top level swimmers,” Dye said. “The team stepped up to the challenge. I meet ready to race,” Dye said. to do, but I think they can win.”
across Northern California for the Fortune brought the boys’ team younger swimmers stepped it up for was really impressed with all the girls The girls’ team, however, pulled
third annual Section Challenge on Apr.
18-19. Freshman Grace Greenwood
their only wins in the 50 freestyle and
the 100 freestyle, in which he set a
second, third and fourth place finishes
and that’s what won us the meet.”
on our team.”
Sophomore Danielle Carlson
off a win against the Matadors, whom
they have lost to in duel meets for the Swimming
placed first in the diving competition, meet record and helped the boys take Simon also helped the boys win placed third in the 500-yard freestyle past two seasons. Scores
helping the girls’ team place third, fourth place behind Bellarmine Col- by placing first in the diving competi- and qualified for CCS, a season-long “All of the girls were swimming v. Monta Vista
behind Campolindo High School and lege Preparatory, Campolindo and San tion. They finished the meet ahead of goal. really well,” Dye said. “They have Apr. 15, VB L 89-97
Las Lomas High School. Ramon Valley High Schools. Saratoga with a score of 90-86. “I was really scared because the been focused on what they wanted to
v. Monta Vista
“It was a fun meet with lots of fast The meet against Saratoga proved The girls coasted through the last time I swam the 500 I was .08 do all year, and now it’s paying off.
Apr. 25, VG W 101-82
swims from the top teams in the area,” to be a challenge for the boys’ team, meet, winning all but three events. seconds away,” Carlson said. “I was That’s what a team should do.”
Head Coach Danny Dye said. while the girls remained dominant Notable wins included the 200 med- afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get Despite the loss for the boys, Upcoming games
The girls also had a win from throughout. The boys, rather than ley relay and both freestyle relays, as there again, but seeing my time at the Dye remains optimistic about how League Championships
Jensen in the 50 freestyle as well as relying on big wins from a limited well as wins from freshman Kristina end was the best feeling ever.” both teams are poised going into the May 7 @ 2:30 p.m.
the 100 freestyle, in which she set a number of their top swimmers to Xiang in the 200 individual medley, On Apr. 25 the boys were not able league finals. CCS Championships
meet record. Fotsch also set a meet win the meet, were forced to win as Jensen in the 50 and 100 freestyles, to hold on to their winning streak, as “The girls are in good shape,” May 16 @ TBA
record in the 100 butterfly and placed a team. The Saratoga boys placed first and Fotsch in the 100 backstroke and they suffered a loss to Monta Vista Dye said. “The boys have more of a
The Campanile
Life styles Features • A&E • People Monday, May 5, 2008

Why I hate
cell phones

On the Air at
Sara Reihani
In this wild, unpredictable world
“We don’t insist that you have to be famous first ... KZSU
that modern society has thrust upon
us, only one gadget anchors us amid will play anything and sometimes it’s really good
the whirl of Wiis, Wikis and Wi-fi:
the cellular phone. From its origins
as the pineapple-sized “car phone”
music that’s discovered and other times it’s some
exclusive to power-suited 80’s
business executives to its current of the worst stuff you’ve heard in your life, but that’s
incarnation as camera/computer/life
coach, the cell phone has gone from
convenient utility to graven idol of
really what makes it so unique.”
instant gratification. Scores of mod-
ern social phenomena are directly
DJ Byrd of Paradise
attributable to cell phones includ-
ing textual flirtation, Bluetooth use By Michael Hamada need a certain number of community service “That’s really what makes the station so dif- dio,” DJ Ayshbot said, “You can play whatever
disguised as schizophrenia and the Staff Writer hours around the station to get first pick and I ferent,” DJ Byrd of Paradise said. “We broadcast you want and run your show however you
ringtone as a profound expression of It’s 3 a.m. Saturday morning and most didn’t have enough, so I got the left over slot.” everything: Stanford sports games, news, public want, while other mainstream stations have
personal identity. students are sound asleep. While the streets of However, Erickson isn’t complaining service announcements and then there’s the vast strict playlists.”
While constantly reachable has Palo Alto are mostly dead and quiet, the air- because as a new DJ, the 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. time variety of talk and music shows.” DJ Ayshbot has been working at KZSU for
undeniable advantages, cell phones waves are ablaze with music and conversation. slot is considered a “safe zone,” when an oc- One of the most popular shows is called over three years now.
deceive us into thinking that this The voice behind these early morning sounds, casional mistake or Federal Communications “Wednesday Night Live,” which hosts live “That’s what it’s all about,” DJ Farmer
accessibility is an inalienable right typically a mix of reggae and other genres of Commission violation can slip by without too bands in the studio. “Wednesday Night Live” Flap-Jack said. “If you wanted you could play
rather than a flawed privilege. By music, is that of sophomore Brendan Erickson, much attention. has hosted hundreds of local bands over the past whale sounds for an hour.”
giving people my cell phone number, who hosts his own show on KZSU 90.1FM, “Generally you can’t swear and if you do decade including now famous bands such as The “And trust me we’ve heard it done,” DJ Ay-
I give them permission to contact me Stanford Radio. the fine is crazy, but that early in the morning, Donnas and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. shbot said. “Our variety show plays everything
whenever they want, no matter where On a regular day, the thump of vibrant whoever is listening probably won’t care,” However, probably the most famous show from metal to blues to trip-hop. It’s all about
I am or what I am doing. I am thus electronic dance music can be heard around the Erickson said. on KZSU is “The Drum” which broadcasts on the music here.”
shackled to their whim, subjecting corner of Pigott Theater on Stanford Campus KZSU 90.1FM Stanford Radio has always Sunday nights from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. “The Drum,” DJ Byrd of Paradise says college radio is
me to their contact when it may not as students walk to class. The thumping radi- been a place for people trying to break into the hosted by DJ Kevvy Kev, is the longest running true radio.
be desired. I could, of course, simply ates from a small doorway at the corner of the music or radio industry. The radio station is 61 hip-hop show in the world. Most of the music “We don’t insist that you have to be famous
turn off my phone, but this is no theater that leads into a bunker-like facility that years old this year and originally started on an played on the show today is underground hip-hop first,” DJ Byrd of Paradise said. “Almost all
longer an acceptable excuse. After has been dug out under the building above. It is AM frequency before obtaining an FM license that has been ignored by mainstream media. “The other stations will only play the big name art-
all, what is the use of owning a cell the perfect setting for a station like KZSU. In the in 1964. The station is a non-commercial station Drum” has also been influential in launching the ists, but how do you become one of those artists
phone if you are going to leave it off hallways of the station music reverberates off run by a staff of dedicated volunteers. careers of many famous rapers. if you can’t start anywhere? KZSU will play
all the time? the walls — one could not be more immersed in “There’s only one person who has a salary “‘The Drum’ broke Mos Def’s career,” DJ anything and sometimes it’s really good music
Those who live lives more un- music if they tried. Throughout the day, KZSU at the station and there are about 90 people who Byrd of Paradise said. “Kevvy Kev was the first that is discovered and other times it’s some of
predictable than mine may have good broadcasts eclectic music, playing everything work here,” long-time DJ Byrd “of Paradise” to play his stuff and Mos Def even dedicated his the worst stuff you’ve heard in your life, but
reason to consider their cell phones from African pop to Christian hip-hop. Hale said. first gold record to KZSU.” that’s really what makes it so unique.”
crucial lifelines, but for most of us, “College radio is different than all other DJ Byrd of Paradise hosts two weekly Other rappers such as Jay-Z, Tupac, Busta KZSU’s wide appeal comes from its ability
they are more of a luxury than a ne- types of radio because it’s all about finding new shows which include a popular 17-year-old blues Rhymes, Wu-Tang Clan and Redman were to attract listeners of all musical tastes and all
cessity. Cell phones are currently dirt music and experimenting with obscure genres,” show called “Blues with a Feelin’,” broadcasted all featured on the show before they became age groups.
cheap to manufacture, but their true KZSU Chief Engineer Mark Lawrence said. Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon, and worldwide stars. In fact, Jay-Z came on the show “It’s great because it doesn’t have a set genre
cost is insidious and pervasive. Be- Erickson started training with the radio sta- “The Lunch Special” on Mondays at noon that when he was still a part of a rap group called and all the shows are different,” Erickson said.
sides the perils of hidden fees and the tion about a year ago. Training to become a disc features different Stanford community members Original Flavor. Kevvy Kev started the show “So if you ever can’t go to sleep Friday night
lubricious allure of text-messaging, jockey with KZSU is fairly simple. The classes each week for conversation and music. There as a simple way to bring New York hip-hop to or for whatever reason wake up incredibly early
one must consider the emotional en- are free and are about 60 active DJs at the station who host California and at the time “The Drum” was only Saturday
slavement that comes with allowing teach pro- a variety of shows. Some shows run every week the second radio show in the Bay Area to play morning,
the outside world to contact you al- spective and they can last anywhere from an hour to “urban music.” tune in.”
most anywhere. Owning a cell phone DJs how three hours. Since the station’s creation, there DJs Farmer Flap-jack and Ayshbot, who host
guarantees that you can and will be to use the radio have been over 200 DJs who have hosted a a show called “Happy Hour” on Thursdays from
interrupted in movie theaters, librar- equipment, how show on KZSU. 10 p.m. to 12 p.m. appreciate the freedom
ies or scenes of pastoral tranquility, to monitor radio According to DJ Byrd of Paradise, the ma- KZSU and college radio offers.
usually for trivial reasons. In a world wave levels and jority of KZSU’s listeners are not people who “That [he freedom]
full of landlines, pay phones, email, to put together constantly listen to the station every day, but is the beauty
instant messages and Facebook mes- one’s own show. rather listeners who tune into specific shows. of Stanford Ra-
sages, few of us need the accessibility “My show
to go that extra mile. is from 3 a.m
The most alluring thing about cell to 6 a.m.
phones for the younger generation Saturday
(i.e. us) is their efficacy as instruments mornings,”
of spontaneity. They ensure that no Erickson
matter where you are or what you are said. “It’s kind
doing, you can be notified of other of a crazy
entertainment opportunities; namely, time slot,
where the new party is at. In this way, but you
we are freed from the responsibility
of making plans in advance. We can
also cancel plans at the last minute
without condemning ourselves to eve-
nings of loneliness — instead, we can
just use the opportunity to insinuate
ourselves upon everyone else in our
electronic phone books. This protean
convenience breeds selfishness by lib-
erating us from any idea of solid idea
of obligation. The primal human fear
of isolation also comes into play here;
cell phones feed on this anxiety like
blood-hungry mosquitoes, promising
a solution for the many who live in

G narly High Crimes

vague terror of spending time alone FEATURES FEATURES A&E
with their thoughts.
In a way, cell phones actually Flea-ing
decrease effective communication.
They allow us to make calls from
the scene
T wisted B8
almost anywhere, meaning that we do
not have to interrupt our other activi-
ties to sit down and call someone in
particular. We can do anything while

A ction B11
talking on the phone: distractedly
check Facebook, drive irresponsibly.
If I can call someone at any time to
obtain or verify information, it lessens
my incentive to actually listen to them
the first time they tell me something,
which is inadvertently disrespectful
and powerfully habit-forming. The
worst side effect of modern conve-
niences like cell phones is how easy Vought
it is to be dependent on them in the

most casual situations.

They give you brain cancer,
By Henry Becker By Tyler Blake B2
B2 May 5, 2008

Features The Campanile

It’s a beautiful day

for Democrats Paly thinkers express passion for philosophy
Students contemplate pervasive questions of life by evaluating different sets of beliefs
By Gloria Yu “I can disillusion myself from
Staff Writer the limitations I set and hopefully,
Philosophers have argued the be more likely to arrive at the truth,”
worth of human life since the be- Gaya said.
Chris Clayton and ginning of time. And yet, the same Gaya’s brother, senior Alex Gaya,
Jon Shan unanswerable questions continue to also began thinking about different
linger for individual interpretation. philosophies and points of view during
True terror is waking up at three
However, some of Palo Alto High his freshman year.
in the morning and discovering that the
School’s most insightful students at- Alex’s philosophy can be cat-
next president of the United States is
tempt to find answers to these vague egorized into three concrete tenets.
still a Republican and that the war in
questions. Just as these questions were The first of these states that life is
Iraq will continue for up to a hundred
widely pondered among some of his- sacred.
years, as prescribed by the winner.
tory’s elite, Paly has its own range of “Killing is wrong,” Alex said.
As each day passes, both of the
ardent philosophers. “That is why I am always against war,
major Democratic candidates are
Philosophy is most discussed in capital punishment and euthanasia and
growing steadily weaker as they
the Paly’s Humanities Honors course, against abortion in most cases.”
damage each other’s reputation and
usually offered to juniors and seniors. This life theory also encompasses
credibility to the point of absur-
However, sophomore Nick Gaya the status of animals as well as doc-
dity. Meanwhile, the GOP gleefully
joined the Philosophy Club at Paly trines of deep ecology, which states
watches on, as presumptive nominee
during his freshman year. that people are only a part of the planet
John McCain makes inroads towards
“I first got involved with phi- and do not have the right to destroy it
winning in the November elections.
losophy the way most people do, by to suit their wishes.
With the Democratic Convention a
thinking about things,” Gaya said. “Species have a right to exist inde-
heartbeat away, the greatest priority
“When I joined the Philosophy Club, pendent of human desires,” Alex said.
is ensuring that a Democrat is sworn
it was my first time philosophizing in “I also believe that [human] popula-
in by Chief Justice John Roberts on
an organized fashion.” tion needs to be reduced extremely to
Inauguration Day.
Gaya considers philosophy as reduce our impact on the earth.”
Currently, the electoral map
a point of view of which someone Alex’s second tenet declares that
favors Democrats, as they have the
should look at the world. Thus, every the purpose of life is not to be happy,
opportunity to pursue electoral votes
conscious or unconscious action is successful or rich. Instead he believes
in fourteen crucial states; In total, the
influenced by his philosophy. His ap- that people must do what is, in his eyes,
Democrats have 97 potential electoral
proach towards philosophy consists of right, regardless of whether it makes
votes, from states that have voted
a shapeable, yet vague and amorphous, that respective individual happy. In
Republican, that are “up for grabs,”
way of thinking. his case, Alex’s purpose of life is to
whereas McCain will only have 69
“I believe that you have to adjust live for God.
Democratic votes available, according
your model as you get more data,” “I think certain things are out
to the Associated Press.
Gaya said. “Every second I’m living, of bounds and not living right, and
Moreover, of the states in which
I’m getting more information about so I avoid and condemn them,” Alex
the difference was fewer than two
life so I’m never going to have a stable said.
percentage points, twice as many
philosophy.” Gaya’s third tenet, a corollary to
voted for George W. Bush as for John
The only area in which Gaya feels the second, claims that people need a
Kerry in 2004. Such states as Iowa,
his philosophy falters is where he can- strong government.
in which Bush won by less than one Julia Benton/The Campanile
not provide enough experience to offer “For people who at this point are
percent, are particularly vulnerable to Senior Alex Gaya ponders the intricacies of life and morals through religion and philosophy. Gaya
a good opinion; namely, the things he weak and confused, a strong govern-
Republicans, while other states may
hasn’t thought about yet. However, ment is absolutely necessary to save belongs to the Christian-Lutheran church and strongly identifies with conservative political views.
be vulnerable because of favorable
this is not entirely bad because once them from their own foolishness and to able to find support for his arguments include, but are not limited to, equality, also holds a distinct view point on
demographics for Democrats — in
he thinks about those abstractions, attempt to destroy such human values in personal anecdotes, which host his liberty and security. religion.
Virginia and other Southern states,
his rationality and logic allows him as greed and lust,” Alex said. logic, proves his philosophy is just as According to Levin, many people “I feel rather strongly that or-
which have large African American
to critically assess the matter. Unlike his brother, who is less valid as that of anyone else. have disagreed with Levin’s delib- ganized religion has been largely
populations and in Colorado and other
His own open-mindedness and enthusiastic about imposing his way “Unlike most hypocrites, who eration in assigning “liberty” the first harmful to humanity in the past and
western states, which have larger
the flexibility of his way of thinking of thinking, Alex is firm and eager in say that they don’t like to force position in the list. at present, but I’m still up in the air as
Hispanic populations.
allow him to evaluate any new infor- expressing his beliefs. their beliefs on other people, I have “Equality is the most important to whether or not faith itself is helpful
Apart from those, Ohio, which
mation that he encounters. To Alex, his confidence in his absolutely no qualms saying that if natural right in the absolute sense, or necessary to human happiness and
went to Bush in 2000 and 2004 and
Furthermore, Gaya’s adaptive philosophy serves as both an enlight- I was Supreme Dictator, you’d bet- because a right that everyone does not well-being.”
has 20 electoral votes, may likewise
philosophical attitude presents few enment and a burden. ter believe that my beliefs would be share equally is no longer a right, but Levin is also in the Philosophy
be opportune for a Democratic vic-
opinions that others can completely “There are frequent times when implemented immediately on a grand a privilege,” Levin said. Club. Even though she holds vast
tory, particularly given the current
undermine. I think, ‘If I didn’t have this com- scale,” Alex said. “That’s why I stick It follows logically that any right amounts of knowledge on various
economic repression, which has
“There are mitment to life I to my views , because I’ve thought enjoyed by a given individual is lim- philosophies, there are areas such as
been causing the continual loss of
no burdens to “The fact is, I do have these wouldn’t feel bad them out and decided they are supe- ited by the necessity of respecting the metaphysics that she is still trying to
blue-collared jobs. Since McCain’s
being rational,” beliefs and live by them stead- every time I ate rior and worth enforcing on others in rights of others. figure out.
economic policies generally present
Gaya said. “My a burger,’” Alex consequence.” Levin presents the example that “I find that it’s very difficult to
philosophy is so fastly and I have the arrogant
a continuation of the current ones of
said. “If I didn’t While Alex centers his doctrine people are free to throw rocks but are argue when it comes to matters of
the Bush Administration, which have
free-form that I but open belief that in the have this obses- on conservative views, Suzanne Levin limited of this freedom if they choose principle,” Levin said. “This doesn’t
largely contributed to the current eco-
don’t think it is end, I am right and I’m going sion with morals, is another senior who dallies in the art to throw rocks at a neighbor and kill necessarily mean I’ll stop trying to
nomic problems, these blue-collared
possible for it to to have a very short time in I could swear and of philosophy. him, as this would deprive him of his convince people of my beliefs, or at
workers and others dissatisfied with
limit me.” watch porn and However, the majority of Levin’s right to live. In assessment of histori- the very least explain them, but merely
According Hell.”
the economy will be more inclined
experiment with philosophy is specific to the philoso- cal philosophers, Levin takes a large that it works better with people who
to vote for the Democratic candidate,
to Gaya, people’s narcotics, like phy that developed during the same part of her philosophy from Rousseau, are open-minded, unsure of what to
thereby increasing his or her chances
of winning in Ohio, and, in turn, in
biggest restric- Alex Gaya most teens seem time as the French Revolution that Mably and Montesquieu. believe or both.”
tion is the limita- senior to. The fact is, took place in the 1700s. “With regards to Kant and Plato, Regardless of which philosophy
the general.
tions which they I do have these Some philosophers that fall into I can’t help but see the concept of one holds, the mentioned students
The main point is that the Demo-
impose on them- beliefs and live this time period include Rousseau, “benevolent despotism” as espoused believe an open mind is essential when
cratic candidate should have far better
selves. For example, a person’s literal by them steadfastly and I have the Diderot, d’Alembert and Voltaire. by Voltaire and Diderot among others discussing philosophy.
chances of securing the presidency
belief in the Bible is a burden in his arrogant but open belief that in the Among these philosophers, Levin as absolutely ridiculous,” Levin said. “I have not only a right but a
than either Al Gore or John Kerry
everyday life, Gaya said. end, I am right and I’m going to have possesses particular knowledge on “The parts of Plato’s philosophy that duty to uphold what I think is right,”
did in 2000 and 2004. What is most
Aside from the flexibility offered a very short time in Hell.” Rousseau. I agree with are not his theories on Levin said. “I’m not perfect and I
important is ensuring that these
by his philosophy, the advantage to Alex’s conservative views are One theory that Levin holds is government.” don’t always manage to live up to my
candidate’s chances remain as high
Gaya’s attitude is that he is in control less likely to be shared by his peers on the Enlightenment theory of natural Along with this concentration ideals in the fullest. But I still have an
as possible.
of himself. the Paly campus, but the fact that he is rights, which include natural rights on the French Revolution, Levin obligation to try, and try I do.
Ideally, one of the Democratic
candidates would drop out of the race
now, thereby allowing the other to
concentrate on the general election
Sophomore exceeds in soccer after battle with cancer
and John McCain. However, since By Kairen Wong “My dad got me into it and I can’t remember
Obama is the frontrunner and Clin- Lifestyles Editor when I didn’t play,” Anderton said.
ton has demonstrated no intention of Soccer is the center of sophomore John Ander- Playing all year round with only a single
exiting the race, this possibility seems ton’s life. One of five sophomores on the Varsity month off for summer break and a break during
minimal. Since neither candidate will soccer team, Anderton plays forward and midfield. the Varsity soccer season, his club consists of many
drop out, each must carry out what But his playing soccer was once interrupted by the of the same people that were part of the original
they had previously agreed to in closed discovery of a tumor in his lungs. third grade team.
doors: to desist with the severe nega- “I couldn’t breathe well and I had a bad pain “A lot of the people have been on the team for
tive campaigning against each other in my chest,” Anderton said. years,” Anderton said. “We’re all friends.”
that has plagued this election. In December of 2004, after experiencing pain The Landslides won the 22nd Annual Celtic
The result of all of the quotes that in his chest, Anderton believed that he had a pulled Cup in the Shamrock Flight last year. Considered
each side has taken out of context is the rib, but after lasting symptoms, doctors thought he the premier Southern California event for State Cup
steady diminishment of the reputations might have had pneumonia. An emergency CAT scan preparations, the Celtic Cup occurs each year in San
of each. Both reputations are fading showed that Anderton had a tumor in his lungs. Bernardino, which Anderton says he considers his
for the issues the candidates are rais- Anderton quickly started treatment, complet- proudest moment in soccer.
ing against one another, particularly ing 15 rounds of chemotherapy and had surgery to Anderton typically spends a few hours, five
regarding electability, and for the remove the tumor. During the time of treatment, he days a week in practice and also plays during his
images they present of themselves by managed to continue attending school. free time. Despite all the time he commits to soc-
persisting with these attacks, as these “School was kind of weird,” Anderton said. “I cer, he does not see soccer playing such a big role
attacks make them seem desperate felt like it went by really fast.” in his future after high school.
to win. But due to his treatment and physical condition, “I’m not that good,” Anderton said. “If I could,
Neither of the aforementioned Anderton could not continue to play soccer. I would.”
candidates help the Democrats in win- “I had a port thing in my chest where I got Anderton says that his cancer was difficult for
ning the welfare and purity of democ- medicine,” Anderton said. “If it cracked, like if a him, since his life had centered around soccer and
racy, and so each should desist with ball hit me there, it could have gone to my heart. he could no longer play.
these petty attacks, and recognize that I also got extremely tired if I ran, because I didn’t “Soccer was all I did really, and my friends were
the general election is what matters. get much oxygen. I got tired quickly.” on the team,” Anderton said. “It kind of sucked.”
The Democrats need to stop jeopardiz- Anderton began playing soccer in his early By December of his eighth grade, Anderton’s
Courtesy of Adam Zernick cancer had gone into remission. He has not had
ing their chances for inaugurating a childhood and then started club soccer during
fellow Democrat as president of the Sophomore John Anderton dribbles the soccer ball in a game of soccer with third grade. His team is called the “Stanford cancer since, and soccer is again a major part of
United States in 2009. teammates. For Anderton, every match on the soccer field is a celebration. Landslides.” his life.
The Campanile Features May 5, 2008• B3

Students gain experience through interning

Paly students take advantage of various internship programs in order to learn more about different fields of work
By Kelley Shin given the amount of time the program takes,
Staff Writer he has decided not to enroll in the class again
At around three in the afternoon, Palo next year.
Alto High School junior Sarah Kurihara Once SRP ends, Browne hopes to intern
packs up her papers, shuts off the computer, with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
cleans up her desk and bids goodbye to her over the summer.
fellow employees in the office. Kurihara has “I’m still waiting to hear if I got in, but
just spent the past five hours immersed in re- I would like to work at LBNL in something
search for her Neuromuscular Biomechanics involving physics,” Browne said.
Lab internship. LBNL’s Center for Science and Engi-
This is how Kurihara spent last summer. neering Education offers opportunities to
Monday through Friday she would go to the students of the High School Student Research
James H. Clark Center at Stanford University Participation Program for Bay Area, those of
to work for Professor Scott Delp, the director who are interested in science, engineering,
of NMBL, as part of her internship. mathematics and other related fields.
The NMBL comprises of experimental This program provides students with paid
and computational approaches to study move- internships that run from June 25 through
ment as well as to develop treatments for August 8 and interns will receive a stipend
movement disorders, such as celebral palsy of $2,000.
and Parkinson’s disease. The department For the internship, students will work
poses scientific questions as a basis for re- with scientists or engineers on their respec-
search, conducts experiments and labs, builds tive research assignments that are relevant to
musculoskeletal models on the computer and LBNL’s research programs.
develops software tools, all as steps of study- The assignments cover a wide range of
ing movement. laboratory tasks such as preparing solutions
Over the summer, Kurihara had the chance and media, preparing equipment, making
to participate in this process as an intern. buffers, completing routine lab maintenance
“It was my first year working for Profes- duties and assisting in basic research, accord-
sor Delp and I mostly did research,” Kurihara ing to
said. “Using Google Scholar I would find and At the end of the internship, students are
compile biomechanical or nueromechanical required to write a scientific abstract, share
articles relevant to his work.” a power-point presentation and participate
Over the past summer, Kurihara’s job in workshops as well as lectures and semi-
was limited to researching articles for Prof. nars.
Delp’s studies. Senior Shaun Gao interned for CSEE last
However, Kurihara plans to return to year and worked in the environmental health
NMBL this summer and hopes to be more Hannah McGovern/The Campanile
and safety division.
involved, particularly in the lab discussion “I tracked fire extinguishers on a PDA
Junior Caroline Lucas-Conwell is one of the many students who are working at various types of internships. She works at and made sure they matched the positions on
“During lab discussion meetings, held Bottlenotes, a start-up wine company that focuses on culture and business, and hopes to learn about the corporate world. the computer,” Gao said.
once a week by Professor Delp, the fellows access information regarding the wine clubs dates several hours of time outside of school research for the project, or working at the In order to be eligible to apply for this
discuss their research and the progress that has and events, as well as purchase products. and is a full-time commitment. centers, like Browne does at NASA. internship, students must be at least sixteen-
been made with their labs,” Kurihara said. Lucas-Conwell has only recently started “The program exists to give students a bet- Browne goes to Ames Research Center years-old and a high school junior, be a U.S.
Although Kurihara was the only high her internship and currently goes to Bottlenotes ter understanding of how real-world scientific twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays citizen or permanent resident and attend school
school student intern at NMBL, she was in for four hours every Thursday. As this is a research runs,” Browne said. for three hours to work on his research and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Preference is
the company of several other college students, long-term internship, Lucas-Conwell plans to The class, taught by science teacher studies. given to those from the Oakland, Berkeley and
faculty members, associates and fellows. continue working at the company throughout Carolyn Csongradi, offers a wide spectrum of Browne first looked into SRP because of West Contra Costa County School Districts.
Fellows are those who are in their advanced the summer, when she will work full-time. topics available for students to study. his interest in science. In addition to signing “Some of the requirements have changed,”
training years and are focusing on a specific “Right now I am mostly doing busywork,” The class requires students to dedicate up for the class, Browne had to fill out an Gao said. “Last year you had to meet a certain
area of research in order to train to be a spe- Lucas-Conwell said. “Bottlenotes is a startup the whole year to one specific research proj- application. GPA requirement, but anyone from anywhere
cialist in that field. company and I am helping by putting stickers ect for which they will continuously gather “It’s a class that you sign up for just like in the U.S. could apply.”
Kurihara initially took the internship since on envelopes, creating reference folders with data, do research and work side-by-side with any other class,” Browne said. “However, These guidelines help reduce the number
NMBL focuses on topics that she is interested articles about Bottlenotes, going on post office a mentor on. given the nature of the program, an application of ineligible applicants since the application
in and that she would like to explore further runs and other work along those lines.” As part of the program, Browne works for is necessary in order to make sure that everyone process is highly competitive.
in the future. Although Lucas-Conwell has only helped NASA at the Ames Research Center and his is responsible to work with a mentor.” Last year, only 30 out of the 300 or more
“When I heard about this internship I with miscellaneous work thus far, she hopes project entails analyzing stars and galaxies. The application asks for a list of previ- students were accepted into LBNL’s internship
decided it was something I would like to do,” to become more involved and learn about the “I work with my mentor, helping him ous math and science courses taken as well program, according to Gao.
Kurihara said. “I’ve become more interested corporate world while helping out at Bottle- to finalize his publications,” Browne said. as the grades received in those classes, and a Gao’s internship lasted two months in
in science throughout school because it is notes’ events in the future. “We look at several galaxies to help establish paragraph explaining the student’s interest in summer, from late June to late August. Gao
constantly changing due to scientific advances Lucas-Conwell works under the corporate expected ratios of the program. went to Lawrence Berekley Lab five days a
and this internship seemed like a great oppor- sales and events manager, Katherine Mathis, neon to sulfur in “I participated in the program because “SRP is a week, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
tunity since the topics are areas I would like which is advantageous for Lucas-Conwell, other galaxies as great program “I participated in the program because
to focus on in college.” since she is primarily interested in the market- well as the Sun. The it offered me the chance to try some- that anyone inter- it offered the chance to try something new,”
Kurihara is just one of many Paly students ing aspect of the company. actual work I do is thing new. The internship allowed me to ested in science Gao said. “The internship allowed me to
who have taken advantage of an opportunity “It’s a business, which is something I am number juggling, experience working full-time as well as should participate experience working full-time as well as the
to experience and learn more about an area considering going into later, so it’s a good expe- image manipula- the field of work.” in,” Browne said. field of work.”
of interest to them. rience,” Lucas-Conwell said. “It’s interesting tion, and proof “It’s an excellent Although Gao enjoyed exploring his op-
Junior Caroline Lucas-Conwell’s intern- since it is a startup and still building up. Since reading. My men- way of getting an tions and experiencing the work life, he admits
ship at Bottlenotes focuses on culture and it is a wine company, it has to do a lot with the tor knows what he Shaun Gao idea for how the that holding the job was not easy.
business, rather than science and research. culture of wine and being French.” wants to present; senior scientific commu- “It was a good experience, but it really is
Bottlenotes is a startup luxury wine Another popular internship option for I’m just there to nity really works hard work,” Gao said. “I enjoyed the food and
company in Palo Alto that sells and ships Paly students is Paly’s Science Research help him.” and since there are the people there, but the amount of work and
wine, offers various wine clubs and promotes Project program, which junior Alex Browne Since SRP is not an official class period so many choices of subject, there’s something having to be there everyday from nine to five
wine-tasting events. is enrolled in. and is considered an eighth or ninth period for everyone.” was tough. However, internships are good in
On its Web site,, us- Although it is technically a class and class, the work for the program is done outside Although Browne enjoyed participating the sense that they let you test out some field
ers can register for free memberships and can qualifies for Paly credits, the program man- of school and consists of experiments and in SRP and considers it a great experience, of work to gauge your interest.”

Paly seniors take transitional gap years, explore other options

By Rebecca Allen racing next season,” Rudy said. “I am programs grew at a steady pace, with
News Editor looking at it as sort of a climax for my the establishment of many organiza-
In the pressure-filled classrooms racing career as a kid.” tions that allowed for student travel,
of Palo Alto High School, college Beyond dedicating more time to most notably The Student Travel
talk is the norm. Whether it is the snowboarding, Rudy hopes that taking Association. According to the Mintel
college students are attending, who a gap year will allow him to have some Gap Year Report in 2005, following
got in where or what colleges they are real-world experiences, something the boom of gap years in the 1990s,
applying to, it is difficult and rare to that being a student at Palo Alto High gap years are experiencing another
find a different perspective. However, School can often leave out. resurgence, with growth accelerating
several Paly seniors are taking a dif- “It will be beneficial to take some across all age groups in the UK, Aus-
ferent path after high school. time off and really learn what it is like tralia, New Zealand and Canada.
A gap year, or a one-year transi- to work full time, have to pay bills and The U.S. is also expected to have
tional experience between high school worry about stuff I have never had to an increase in the number of students
and either college or a working career, deal with before,” Rudy said. who are trying to take the gap-year
allows students an opportunity to have The trend of high school gradu- program, though it will be more slight
experiences divergent to what would ates taking a year off to achieve a dif- than other nations.
be standard for a Paly graduate. ferent purpose began after World War Many gap year participants cite
Senior Rob Rudy decided he II when people began seeing cultural a desire for change and a need for a
would take a gap year after senior year, exchange as a valuable way of gaining break from all the pressure from school
upon his en- global under- as the main reason for gap-year.
trance to col- standing. Senior Andrew Chen chose to
lege, in or- “It will be beneficial to take some In the take a gap year during his senior year,
der to devote time off and really learn what it is 1960s, the first deferring his acceptance to New York
more time to like to work full time, have to pay organized gap University until 2009.
snowboard- bills and worry about stuff I have year programs “I decided to do a gap year be-
ing because came into cause school was getting pretty boring
he doesn’t never had to deal with before.” effect, with for me,” Chen said. “I want a change Hannah McGovern/The Campanile
have enough students in the of pace, so I’m actually motivated to
Many students take gap years between high school and college in order to take some time off and
time to com- Rob Rudy United King- go to college.”
gain some work experience. Senior Rob Rudy plans to take a gap year to focus on snowboarding.
mit to both senior dom travel- Like many other gap year stu-
schoolwork ing to India dents, Chen is also planning on International Educational Exchange, gap years are not very conventional “[My parents] have always al-
and snow- on “Hippie working and making some money in is one of the most prominent travel in Palo Alto or in the U.S., Chen and lowed me to make my own decisions
boarding. He Trails” where the fall and then taking a trip while programs for gap-year students, along Rudy have both received support from about what I was going to do in every
has already committed to a college for they claimed to be the inventors of the other students would be in spring with LEAPNOW, Rustic Pathways both their parents and peers for their aspect of my life and this gap-year
the 2009-2010 school year. “independent travel market.” semester. Chen is going to Spain and Impact 360. The programs differ post-high school choice to select a program decision was no exception,”
“I am taking a gap year in order Throughout the next two decades, with the international exchange pro- in what they offer, from language im- gap-year program before heading off Rudy said. “This will definitely clear
to fully commit myself to snowboard the number of students doing gap year gram CIEE. CIEE, or the Council on mersion to cultural exchange. While to college. my head and be a lot of fun.”
B4 • May 5, 2008 Features The Campanile

Student’s family fosters pets for nonprofit organization

By Ally Whitson look at a specific animal that they saw online Shaggy. Foster dogs are not always adjusted
Staff Writer or just to look around. to life as pets.
Palo Alto High School senior Melanie The next step is for the prospective family “Sometimes it’s pretty hard because
Paulson sits on her couch with two small white to fill out an application, which the manager they’re not always house-trained,” Paulson
dogs perched on her lap. The smaller of the of the organization reads and then passes on said. “Some of them have never had a home
two, Shaggy, stares at her affectionately. to the foster family. before they get to us.”
Both dogs, Shaggy and Asta, came to “We make the final decision whether or Some dogs, on the other hand, had homes
Paulson’s family as part of a program called not the family will be a good match,” Paul- before they were abandoned, and with them
Furry Friends Rescue. son said. “It’s really fun to see these dogs they brought colorful histories before arriving
Shaggy, true to his name, has a short, matched up with people who will take good on the Paulson family’s doorstep.
coarse coat and a stubby tail that is constantly care of them.” In one case, the Paulsons received a
wiggling. Paulson said that she has not had too much poodle that previously lived with a man who
Asta, on the other hand, seems to take trouble letting go of the dogs when it is time had two dogs. The poodle got out and was
offense at this invasion of his personal space to send them to a family. picked up by Animal Services, but when they
and leans away from the other dog. He is also “I do not let myself get attached to the called the owner, he said he didn’t want his
a small dog and has fluffy white fur and big, dogs from the start, since I know they are dog anymore.
dark eyes. going to be leaving sooner or later,” Paulson Though the Paulsons greatly enjoy their
Furry Friends Rescue is a nonprofit said. “When I know they are going to a good experience with their foster pets for the most
organization dedicated to rescuing, fostering family, it makes it even easier.” part, they have also had a few problems.
and finding homes for abandoned animals in She added that her family members have “We had this one dog that was really
the Bay Area. The organization helps to find not found it as easy to see the dogs go. food aggressive,” Paulson said. “So he would
homes for both cats and dogs, though the “My mom and my sister have had a attack our hands if we got to close to his food.
Paulson family has only fostered dogs. harder time, depending on the dog, but are But he was a pretty good dog besides that.”
In order to foster a dog or cat, a family always happy to see it go to a good home,” The family has dealt with dogs that have
cares for the pet and each Saturday brings the Paulson said. gotten sick shortly after they received them.
animal to a “showcase” at which people can The Paulsons have fostered eleven dogs “We had one dog who kept getting really
come look for a pet to adopt. already, one of which, Shaggy, they perma- sick right after we got him,” Paulson said.
Showcase locations around the Bay nently adopted because they liked him so “And another time, a dog died about a week
Area include Petco, Pet Food Express and much. after she came to us. She was at the vet for a
Pet Club. “We just couldn’t let this little guy go,” few days, then she finally gave up and died.
Paulson said her family takes each dog Paulson said. “He’s super friendly and he’s a That was really sad.”
great dog.” People can foster or adopt either cats or Elizabeth Petit/The Campanile
that they are currently fostering to Pet Club
each week, where people can come look for a However, most of the dogs that the Paul- dogs, according to the Furry Friends Rescue Asta, a Maltese dog, came from Furry Friends Rescue, which is a non-profit
“furry friend” to adopt. People either come to son family fostered had been as perfect as Web site, organization dedicated to rescuing, fostering and finding homes for animals.

Car crashes teach students the repercussions of dangerous driving

By Hannah Bystritsky The attitude that some students take “Speeding gives you a special rush,” exit off the freeway and waited a bit. I didn’t invincibility leads many students to make
Staff Writer when driving a car can be very dangerous. “Alex,” a Paly junior who wishes to remain want to risk it.” poor decisions.
Racing down the freeway at more than a Many think they can get away with reckless anonymous, said. “You can do things with a Many reckless drivers get into wrecks Unfortunately, making reckless driving
hundred miles per hour, “Gary,” a Paly junior driving without any consequences or perhaps car that you can’t do usually. It makes you from simply forgetting to follow the necessary decisions not only puts the driver in danger,
who wishes to remain anonymous, checks his believe they aren’t being reckless and are be- feel special and its lots of fun.” rules of driving. but risks the lives of all the drivers around
rearview mirror. Without so much as a flinch ing practical. According to the National Teen Driving Forgetting to stop at a stop sign or turning them.
Gary grabs the wheel and steers off past three “I’ve gone 110 miles an hour while Statistics, car accidents are the leading cause on your headlights when necessary gets many “This one time I was driving down El
lanes just making it into the designated exit lane sharking [quickly of death. Regardless, student drivers in trouble. Camino,” junior Kyra Heirich said. “These
of the freeway. changing lanes back “I’m kind of glad I crashed, some students continue “It was dark and raining and I hadn’t two group of high school students were
With instances like these, it’s no wonder and forth],” Gary said. to violate the driving turned on my lights,” junior Chris Wycoff speeding around in two separate cars. They
the rate of car accidents among teenagers is “That’s pretty much the because now I know there are laws. Speeding is a said. “I was taking a left and the road had were weaving in between lanes, showing off,
higher than rates among all other age groups, only efficient way to consequences to driving recklessly common offense. seemed clear when I checked. I made the trying to see who could go faster and avoid all
including the elderly. drive down Highway and I’m a better driver for it.” “I thought I was turn and accelerated the car while turning on the other cars better. I almost got hit because
A number of Paly student drivers have 101. After a while driv- late for a meeting in the radio. Then I crashed into and on top of a they weren’t paying attention to where they
learned through their own experiences that ing becomes a joke, so Half Moon Bay,” Gary round-about and skidded up onto a boulder. were going and I ended up having to turn off
a single wrong decision or a moment of lost you have to do that kind Chris Wycoff said. “I was going It ripped out the bottom of the car.” the street.”
concentration can result in an expensive ac- of stuff to stay awake. junior about 110 miles an hour Often times, such thoughtless behavior Reckless driving can have terrible
cident. At the end of the day, and usually I’m really results in a wreck. Simply not paying atten- consequences and can cause fatal accidents.
“It was really late at night and I was as long as the car isn’t good at picking out the tion or following easy rules can put a student According to the U.S. Department of Trans-
driving my friend home from a concert,” wrecked, you have nothing to worry about.” places where police cars are hiding. I didn’t at risk. portation, 12.9 percent of people involved in
said “Boris,” a junior who wishes to remain Speeding and drifting is common among see this one cop that was hiding underneath According to the U.S. Department of fatal accidents are teenagers.
anonymous, said. “I was trying to park in a students. Although speeding isn’t usually the ramp of the entrance to the freeway. I Transportation, young drivers between the “I’m kind of glad I crashed, because now
tight spot and I accidentally backed into this considered by most students to be a huge heard him turn his emergency sirens on and I ages of 15-20 account for 16 percent of all I know there are consequences to driving reck-
car behind me. There wasn’t any damage but infraction, speeding increases the likelihood didn’t know whether he was coming after me police-reported crashes. Along with inatten- lessly and I’m a better driver for it,” Wycoff
it was a close call.” of car accidents. or someone else. Anyways, I took the nearest tion to the rules of the road, the feeling of said. “I’m on a gold-star system.”
The Campanile Features May 5, 2008 • B5

Local Bay Area flea markets offer unique trinkets

Vendors sell used and unconventional items such as household appliances, homemade jewelry at bargain prices
Alemany has somewhat of an iden- does not have too much going for it.
tity crisis as some attendees insist Time spent at Ashby would be better
that the market maintains a scat- considered as a conveniently-located
tered, funky and thrift store-like feel offshoot of an afternoon in Berkeley
while others report being sickened rather than as central to a day’s enter-
by the same sleazy, surplus-under- tainment. The Ashby Flea Market is
wear-selling atmosphere that many held between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Sat-
markets now project. urdays and Sundays. The flea market
Alemany is slightly less cen- features 250-300 vendors.
tered on near-expired retail cosmet-
ics and tends to lean more to the Alameda Point Antiques and Col-
antique typewriter tilt and most of lectibles Faire
the market’s frequent visitors report Alameda Point
a steady flow of treasure. Most local flea market fanatics
There is still a decent amount of cite the Alameda Faire as their favorite
what one shopper described as “sto- market in the Bay Area. Held at the
len socks, bad pornography and ear former Naval Air Station inAlameda
pickers” but this is, unfortunately, next to the Port of Oakland, the fair
to be expected at most flea markets. holds rows upon rows of quality ven-
Consumers generally consider a trip dors that seem to stretch all the way
to the Alemany to be worthwhile, if into the water.
only for the fun of looking. All items are required to be at
Parking and admission are free, least 20 years of age. Although that
but consider avoiding Alemany on rule does not appear to be strictly
the first Sunday of every month when enforced, the gaudy jewelry, water-
most of the best vendors are across the ing cans, cable car bells, mailboxes
bridge at the Alameda Flea Market. and fur hats that join tables of glass
The Alemany Flea Market is held be- doorknobs, taxidermied animals and
tween 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., Wednesdays vintage Fiestaware are enough to
and Sundays. The flea market features distract most visitors from all traces
200 dealers on Sundays, with fewer of Happy Meal-esque toys and surplus
on Wednesdays. deodorant.
Be sure to arrive early to ensure
The Ashby Flea Market enough time for wandering. Extremely
Berkeley/Ashby BART Station dedicated shoppers can get first dibs by
Hannah McGovern/The Campanile
The Ashby Flea Market is a mas- arriving as early as 6:00 a.m. but must
sively cliché snapshot of Berkeley ­­­but pay an entrance fee of $15, compared
The table above shows the various knick-knacks that are offered by the numerous vendors who sell at local flea markets. There are all that separates Ashby from most of with those walking in between 7:30
many flea market locations near Palo Alto including Palo Alto High School, De Anza College and the BART station in Berkeley/Ashby. the other East Bay markets hustling car a.m. and 9:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. and
By Annie Vought for a market of its size. The ratio of they no longer have a use for and, jewelry and children’s toys for rea- stereos of questionable origin is the 3:00 p.m. who pay only $10 and $5,
Staff Writer great finds to worthless trash is rather in combination with a crew of loyal sonable prices, but the De Anza Flea amount of tie-dyed clothing, Nubian respectively.
Two hours, 60 bucks and a keen high, so one or two trips around the lot customers, create a tight-knit and Market has far too heavy a concen- and Tibetan art and marijuana para- This market has its drawbacks
eye might provide a flea market enthu- will garner most carefully-searching welcoming atmosphere that makes tration of cheap white socks, razors, phernalia mixed into the fray. — neglected porta-potties, stubborn
siast with a ceramic tea set, a dilapi- scavengers an armful of unique trea- a morning at the market a pleasant screwdrivers and other random items Some shoppers adore the over- antiques dealers and no protection
dated but classic record collection, a sures. The Paly Flea Market charges experience. The Paly Flea Market filling crate upon crate. Extraordinary whelming gust of incense smoke and against the sinking fog or hot sun.
box of broaches and a little red wagon neither admission nor parking fees and has only a few stubborn vendors who buys hide here, but are not obvious to beats from the notorious drum circle However, it attracts some of the
to lug it all home in. But the same is small and close to home, so casual constantly sell viciously over-priced the untrained eye, so serious pursuers that greet customers at the entrance, best vendors in Northern California
amount of effort might result in only a Palo Alto buyers can investigate the junk but this figure is low in com- of quality finds should come equipped but many find them irritating and hard and boasts an incredible view of the
restocked supply of Hanes underpants, market without making much of an parison to the amount at other local with plenty of patience. to avoid in this tiny lot. Golden Gate Bridge.
Scotch tape and a near-expired bottle investment in either time or cash. flea markets. The Paly Flea Market The De Anza Flea Market is Ashby has a couple of redeeming A visit to the fair is worth a
of Pantene Pro-V shampoo. Such is the Mainstay vendors include an enthu- is held between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on considered mid-sized, but can still be vendors, such as a woman who is said Sunday morning and maybe even an
hit-or-miss dynamic of a flea market. siastic vintage clothing collector who the second Saturday of each month. overwhelming. Parking is five dollars to have the best selection of beads in extra ten bucks to grab first dibs on
Yet this is partly the appeal of flea acquires fantastic items from estate The flea market features 100 vendors. on-site, but street parking is free and the Bay Area and a genial, record- this expansive collection of antiques,
market shopping, a niche in which sales, a man who sells handcrafted, within a short walking distance. There selling man who scours Northern Cali- collectibles and bonafide flea market
many in the Bay Area find their place one-of-a-kind birdhouses complete The De Anza Flea Market is no admission fee. The De Anza Flea fornia for audio gems even Amoeba junk.
and are reluctant to ever leave. with stained glass windows and a De Anza College, Cupertino Market is held in parking lots B and Music has trouble locating. Remember to bring comfort-
woman who designs plant arrange- Thousands of shoppers flock C, between 8 a.m. ­and 4 p.m. on the Yet other than a distinctly shal- able shoes, bottled water and robust
The Paly Flea Market ments by arranging cacti in cast-off to this monthly market, a sprawling first Saturday each month. The flea low portrayal of Berkeley culture, the bargaining skills. The Alameda Point
Palo Alto High School ceramic pots and toy dump truck menagerie of retail salespeople, craft- market features 700 venders. widely sought-after African food and Antiques and Collectibles Faire is held
The Paly Flea Market is wonder- beds. ers, antique-sellers and spontaneous the not-so-inconspicuous wandering between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the first
fully small but boasts an unusually Most vendors are friendly locals garage-sale-type vendors. Certain The Alemany Flea Market flocks of drugged “hippies,” an ex- Sunday of each month. The flea market
eclectic and large selection of goods who want to simply pass on items vendors market classic records, funky 100 Alemany Blvd, San Francisco cursion into the Ashby Flea Market features 800 vendors.

Palo Alto students tutor the basics for East Palo Alto organizations
By Chris Gonnerman Haynes tutors at the I Have A Dream Foundation in
Senior Staff Writer East Palo Alto which is a program that follows students
The discrepancy between the education one receives from kindergarten through high school.
in the Palo Alto Unified School District and both the public Haynes has tutored seventh graders at the foundation
and private schools in East Palo Alto or East Menlo Park is since her sophomore year for one hour, one to two times
clear when one compares scores reviewed on standardized a week during the school year.
tests taken by the two sets of schools. “I wanted to do community service somewhere where
There are a handful of dedicated students at Palo Alto I really enjoyed spending time,” Haynes said. “The kids
High School who have chosen to tackle the problem. They are all so bright and enjoyable.”
provide students in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park Haynes goes for “homework time,” which is es-
with academic support as tutors and mentors, support that sentially a study hall, where she helps tutor math and
many students in Palo Alto take for granted. English.
Seniors Aidan Sundstrom, Susan Haynes, Hannah “A lot of the time it’s not the actual work they need
Kaiser and junior Ella Richardson are some of the Paly help with but more getting started and staying focused,”
students that offer their time mentoring and encouraging Haynes said.
for the youth across Highway 101. Sundstrom has been Through the program, children are encouraged by
tutoring with the non-profit YES Reading program one or the realization that there are people who are there to as-
two times a week during the school year since the begin- sist them and who are willing to do whatever they can to
ning of his junior year. help them succeed.
He says that he does this because he enjoys working “I wish more could be done to help some of the
with the students. students’ siblings reap the same mentoring benefits, but
“I choose to tutor because it seems like an easy and I love doing what I can to help and seeing the students
positive way to help the failing education system in Cali- improve,” Haynes said.
fornia,” Sundstrom said. Courtesy of Susan Haynes
Richardson has tutored at the same program once a
The YES Reading building is located on the border of week since the fall of 2007.
Senior Susan Haynes tutored at the I Have A Dream Foundation for two years. Other Paly students
East Menlo Park and East Palo Alto. Through the program, “I was looking for community service hours and I saw
Sundstrom tutors second and third graders that go to Belle
have also tutored for various other foundations located throughout East Palo Alto and Menlo Park. this program advertised one day in the quad and I went
Haven Elementary School in East Menlo Park. Despite all the positive work Sundstrom does in the vocabulary, a worksheet before reading the lesson book for it and I’m happy I did,” Richardson said.
“The school is in need of reform,” Sundstrom said. community, he feels discouraged about the education and a reading assignment. We were able to finish all of Like Haynes, Richardson tutors seventh graders in
“Most of the kids are really behind in reading and writ- situation in schools so close to Palo Alto. this in about 45 minutes.” English and math during the school day. Students that
ing.” “In East Palo Alto, you can really see the results of Like Sundstrom, Kaiser said a lot of the fun in tutor- need help will normally call her over.
A key reason for this is that many of the children the [No Child Left Behind Act] and how it has created ing came from seeing the results of their hard work as the “After every hour I’m with them, I’m happy with
that attend Belle Haven do not speak English at home underfunding and other problems for schools,” Sundstrom months passed. what I’m doing,” Richardson said. “Doing something
since many of their parents are recent immigrants from said. “It was obvious the program helped improve their good always feels good and I like motivating them to
Spanish-speaking countries. Although Kaiser no longer tutors for YES Read- writing and reading, it was very rewarding to feel the work hard.”
Thus, YES Reading is enormously helpful for students ing, she says she found the process and the results quite difference I was making,” Kaiser said. Although Richardson is keen on tutoring once a week,
who need homework support and practice in speaking satisfying. Kaiser feels that she has sincerely helped each one her experience has opened her eyes to the disparity between
English outside of the school day. “I heard about the program through a link on the of her students. Palo Alto and East Palo Alto schools.
“When I’m working with a child, I can see the results Paly Web site and I thought it would be a fun way to do “I think that writing and reading at a high level is “It seems unfair that Palo Alto public schools are much
much quicker than I sometimes expect, which is very community service,” Kaiser said. “Before each lesson, the something that we take for granted, so it was great to be better than East Palo Alto private schools,” Richardson
encouraging,” Sundstrom said. student and I would have a lesson plan that consisted of able to pass that on,” Kaiser said. said. “At the same time I’m glad I am there to help.”

Stop Stressing.
Call today and find a tutor you can relate to.

Call us! 650-387-9007
B6 • May 5, 2008 Features The Campanile

Paly athletes seek advantage with enhancers

Students take muscle-building supplements to boost performance
By Gloria Yu from eating or drinking fluids for two ting themselves at a health risk if their
Staff Writer days while simultaneously working body does not meet its needs,” Wilson
Athletes may be some of a out in sweat gear. said. “The less we eat, the healthier the
school’s most idolized celebrities “I was pretty miserable about all foods we are eating should be.”
because of their leadership, charisma of it,” Drebin said. “By the time I was At the high school level, coaches
and physique. getting ready to weigh in, I started observe that the use of supplements
But there may be a dirty secret to get disoriented and almost fainted is more commonly seen among males
behind their well-toned bodies and in line. After that incident, my mom than females.
confident attitudes. Even among some made me promise to start cutting Regardless of the established
of Paly’s most successful athletes, weight smarter, with a diet instead of stereotype that males are naturally
some athletes have sought an unfair just starving and I was happy to go competitive in physical strength,
advantage. along with that.” Cisca Harris, a freshman on the Junior
Some sports, such as football and For the majority of Drebin’s Varsity football and wrestling teams,
wrestling, pressure players to have sports career, he has made smart neither takes supplements nor feels the
certain body sizes or fall into specific decisions concerning dieting during need to gain an “extra edge” against
weight groups. Common ways to reach football and wrestling seasons. Drebin her male competitors.
these requirements include taking is also carefully overlooked by his In fact, Harris is a vegetarian.
supplements of different forms such coaches and Wester. Drebin said that Her mom maintains a healthy meal
as pills, shakes and powders. Popular while Wester advises him on his diet, plan for her in order to establish a
supplements include creatine substi- his coaches concentrate him more on diet healthy enough for her strenuous
tutes for muscle building, ZMA for workout strategies. While Drebin is athletic needs.
testosterone and insulin growth and accustomed to the transition in be- “In wrestling health is very im-
HMB for protein. tween seasons, he knows that the only portant, especially for us girls,” Harris
Creatine is naturally occurring way is with mental toughness. said. “We just don’t have time to give
and helps to supply energy to the “When you’ve made a really hard the guys another advantage. Of all the
muscular and nervous systems. One cut, you don’t recover completely until girls that I know who wrestle, anybody
of the most popular supplements for maybe the next day, even if the dif- who really wants to get out there and
creatine is CEX that specifically aids Michela Fossati-Bellani/The Campanile ference is really subtle its still there,” compete is worrying about their health
to muscle building. Drebin said. twenty four-seven.”
While many athletes lift weights to increase muscle and tone their bodies, a large number also take
“Carter,” a Palo Alto High School While many Paly athletes com- According to junior Nick Rob-
junior who wishes to remain anony- supplements in order to maintain a specific body size or fall into a certain weight class for a sport. pete for strong and healthy bodies, inson, who is on the boys’ Varsity
mous, is on the Varsity football team hancers and testosterone management organization that works with some Even though Paly coaches do not Paly’s athletic trainer and sports medi- basketball team and does not take
and takes supplements in all three supplements. of the top high school wrestlers in force wrestlers into a certain weight cine teacher Stacy Kofman stresses any performance enhancers, people
forms. During the vigorous season, the country. class, Drebin prefers the 180-pound that the importance of healthy diets who take supplements routinely avoid
“The pressure to take supple- Carter eats snacks between periods Wester prepared a special diet weight class. is not specific to any one sport. talking about the subject.
ments come from your surroundings throughout the day. During the off- for Drebin that caters to his personal “Wrestlers take a body fat test to “It’s not to say that athletes “Even though it’s legal, guys
and high expectations for next year,” season, his diet is high in protein. health needs. see the minimum they can weigh,” shouldn’t eat fast food,” Kofman said. still don’t want their coaches to know
Carter said. “Along with recruiting, “I usually eat five meals a day and “When I’m on a diet, I try to eat Drebin said. “They do this to keep “It’s clearly unhealthy, but they should that they’re taking pills or powders
you want to give yourself the best snack constantly with peanut butter five to six small meals a day to keep people from killing themselves trying limit the intake of such foods.” because they want to be seen as fair so
legal edge you can have.” and honey sandwiches,” Carter said. my metabolism running constantly to make weight.” Similarly, Clyde Wilson, a nutri- they don’t get criticized for cheating
Another initiative to take these Carter accompanies this diet with and burning more calories than if I Drebin’s body fat test revealed tion expert at Stanford University, on the field,” Robinson said.
supplements comes from the motive to frequent protein shakes to ensure the were just eating three big meals,” that he could wrestle in the 171-pound constantly stresses the importance of Robinson observes the com-
gain social status in the weight room. exact amount of daily protein intake Drebin said. “Another benefit of weight group this year so he decided healthy nutrition in his lessons. petition that drives his peers who
According to Carter, he has continued and for recovery from an injury when eating so many times is that you get that it would be ideal to cut down his Wilson says that while some use supplements to continue using
to take supplements because he has necessary. a lot less hungry, so the diet doesn’t weight to 180, which satisfies that athletes pay more attention to their them.
seen his peers taking them too. According to junior football feel as harsh.” group. The journey to lose weight to nutrition than others, the awareness “People usually take supplements
“I’ve been steadily increasing the player Ashraf El Gamal, this “outside Furthermore, Drebin drinks make the 171-pound weight class hap- of one’s nutrition and overall health because they see their friends taking
amount of supplements I take since help” is misunderstood because they protein shakes and eats protein bars pens in a very systematic process. can make a big difference while them,” Robinson said. “Football play-
freshman year,” Carter said. “It was are often categorized with steroids. during the season mainly after work- “Wrestling practices are strenu- competing. ers always want to be the biggest on
originally just protein, but now it’s “The only things people take are outs to keep his body from burning ous enough that you lose weight pretty “Since the difference between defense.”
become more.” protein and natural amino acids,” El muscle mass. quickly, so generally the most I would first and second place in some races Usage of supplements is not
While Carter has not personally Gamal said. “Either way, you can take On tournament days, Drebin have to cut the day before a weigh-in is less than a second, athletes know officially restricted in high school
experienced any side effects from all the supplements you want, but you drinks up to 160 grams of protein, would be 5-6 pounds,” Drebin said. that training hard is not enough to sports.
using creatine or other supplements, won’t have results if you don’t work protecting him from exhaustion “It’s difficult to think about, but work- achieve their full genetic potential Although coaches might stress
some side effects include damage out too.” throughout the day. ing hard at a wrestling practice can take and give them the edge they need,” more natural forms of muscle growth
to the kidneys in otherwise healthy Pressure to take supplements What sets Drebin apart from other off that much weight in sweat without Wilson said. “That edge is needed not or performance improvement, athletes
people and the risk of unbalancing a begins as early as freshman year for athletes is his immediate transition forcing you to go hungry.” only to perform well, but also to stay that take supplements will continue
body’s natural formation of creatine, some athletes. Senior Ryan Drebin, from football in the fall to wrestling According to Drebin, some dan- healthy during the rigors of intensive to do so in their competitive sports
according to the University of Mary- who is a member of both the Varsity in the winter. gerous ways to cut weight include self- training.” whether it is to assure that starting
land Medical Center. wrestling and football teams, is a During the football season, starving and ingesting laxatives. For In comparing male to female ath- position or that reputation in the
“There are high expectations special case. Drebin maintains a weight of 190 one tournament, Drebin experienced letes’ diets, Wilson notes that females weight room.
for next year with college recruiting Drebin began taking supplements pounds but the qualification is 180 a dangerous incident with unhealthily typically have more difficulty loading “In a race of who has enough
and fighting for a starting position,” early in his high school career. pounds by the time wrestling season cutting weight. The Tuesday before carbohydrates before a competition money to buy the supplements needed
Carter said. As he started to grow as a wrestler starts. his Friday weigh-in, Drebin realized than males do because females tend to to give them that lead, there’s always
Carter originally began his use and football player, it became in his The difficulty is that there is he was unfortunately still 12 pounds eat fewer calories per pound of body going to be this competitive edge,”
of enhancements by increasing his best interest to seek a professional usually only one week in between over weight. weight than males do. Robinson said. “As long as the rule
protein intake, but his diet has grown nutritionist. Currently, he works with the two seasons for Drebin to make Since still wanted to make the “If an athlete restricts calories, books allow it, people are going to
over the years to include muscle en- Carolyn Wester, who is part of an this transition. weight class, so he decided to refrain they must be aware that they are put- keep taking them.”

Hair Specialists
—Elizabeth Barragan—

Elizabeth has pursued her A.S. in

multimedia from Long Beach, CA. As she
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working at Bocca’s Hair Specialists in Palo Alto
as a receptionist, while attending cosmetology
Elizabeth has been at Bocca’s for four
years and is now working as a Junior Stylist.
She is continuing her education by attending
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A&E The Campanile

Chu On This:
Pastries Harold and Kumar sequel lacks originality
Escape from Guantanamo Bay elicits laughs, but fails to live up to expectations
By Tyler Blake
Editor in Chief
Harold and Kumar: Escape from
Guantanamo Bay has a tough act to
follow. 2004’s now-cult classic Har-
old and Kumar Go To White Castle
Alan Chu was one of the funniest movies of a
A little gem of a question hit generation, practically redefining the
me while I was walking back to my stoner comedy.
house from school. What is a pastry? Escape from Guantanamo Bay
I mean, it is baked in the oven and isn’t quite capable of living up to
all, but what conditions need to be the original, mainly due to an over-
fulfilled before a baked good is a reliance on re-hashed jokes from the
pastry? I began to think about some original, but fortunately for viewers, it
examples of pastries. There are cakes, is still an enjoyable experience.
pies, cookies and muffins — all of Escape from Guantanamo Bay
which are baked in the oven. So far, so follows the same basic plotline as
good. Then I thought of the American the original movie. Buttoned-up ac-
pastry: the donut. countant Harold Lee (John Cho) and
That threw me completely off his slacker roommate Kumar Patel
track. It does not even touch an oven; (Kal Penn) embark on a seemingly
it is deep fried and glazed over with mundane journey that inadvertently
what I think is a thin film of heaven. forces them into a hilarious misad-
Yet it is considered a pastry. I found venture.
myself in an interesting conundrum. The first scene of Escape from
After a few days of pondering what a Guantanamo Bay takes place just
pastry is, I decided to let sleeping dogs moments after the ending scene of the
lie. Soon after, everything just fell into original Harold and Kumar movie.
place. I began to grasp the definition of Kumar convinces Harold to take a
a pastry. However, understanding this trip with him to Amsterdam so his
is like acing the SATs: always sought typically laid-back accountant friend
after but never accomplished. I at- can pursue his true love, Maria (Paula
tempted to make a list of pastries along Garcés).
with their justifications. The following However, the trip goes awry when
is my personal list of pastries. Kumar’s “smokeless bong” is mis-
Muffins are the stereotypical identified as a bomb on the airplane,
pastry. And why shouldn’t they be? landing the pair in the infamous titular
They are like bread, but not. Plus government prison. In Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Harold and Kumar continue their adventure not long after White Castle to find Harold’s love. Although
they are baked and sweet. They can The rest of the movie progresses their journey generates laughs and parodies a few current political topics, the sequel repeats numerous jokes from the previous film.
be eaten anywhere, from in a box to in much of the same way that White
with a fox, mostly because they are Castle does. Harold and Kumar jour- tanamo Bay even steals some of the Neil Patrick Harris reprises his prisoner abuse to drug legalization Escape from Guantanamo Bay
neither green eggs nor ham. They ney to various places, meeting unusual same lines from the original. role as himself (which won him a and prostitution. is not a movie for the prudish. But if
can have anything inside them, like individuals and landing themselves in However, there are some new cult-like following in the original The most incredible part of Guan- one can deal with the non-stop drug
blueberry, strawberry, cranberry or several awkward situations. twists to the story, mainly with the Harold and Kumar). However, Rob tanamo Bay’s satire is that it manages references and nudity, it is definitely
fill-in-the-blank-berry. Even choco- Unfortunately, the originality addition of Kumar’s lost love, Vanessa Corddry, of The Daily Show fame, to make a point about these hot-button a movie worth seeing.
late chips can be used. But maybe that made Harold and Kumar Go (Danneel Harris), who is now engaged almost steals the show as the overly- issues without coming off as overly Harold and Kumar: Escape from
that is pushing the limit too far. If To White Castle so entertaining and to Kumar’s college rival, Colton (Eric intense FBI agent Ron Fox. Fox is partisan or unfunny. Guantanamo Bay may not be able
you are a fiber lover, I heard there are funny is missing throughout Escape Winter). basically a man who harbors an almost The film, however, is not for the to live up to the lofty expectations
even bran muffins. Personally, I have from Guantanamo Bay. Kumar coincidentally runs into maniacal obsession with catching the overly-squeamish or easily offended. placed upon it by the first Harold and
never seen bran before so I am a bit In several scenes of the sequel, it Colton and Vanessa in the airport on fugitives Harold and Kumar. Cord- There are almost non-stop drug ref- Kumar movie, but watching the film
skeptical about them. seems that Escape from Guantanamo his way to Amsterdam, opening up dry’s absurd performance parodies erences (which should be expected is still a worthwhile way to spend an
Donuts are evidence that a higher Bay is paying homage to the original an opportunity for the viewer to see the current Bush administration’s by those who have seen the original afternoon.
power exists. How else can their film, rather than continuing or di- a different side of Kumar’s character, almost single-minded concentration Harold and Kumar) and nudity. These
existence and taste be explained? It versifying the story line of Harold which generates some strong laughs on stopping terrorism. potentially offensive scenes include a Guantanamo
simply cannot — believe me, I have and Kumar’s adventure. Most of the from the audience along the way. Surprisingly, the stoner comedy “bottomless party” hosted by Kumar’s
tried. But the reason for why donuts jokes are thinly-veiled remakes of The opportunity to look into has some legitimate political satire drug dealing Miami contact and ones Cast: John Cho, Kal Penn
are called pastries still eludes me. Yes, jokes in the first movie White Castle. Kumar’s pre-stoner past also suc- beneath multiple layers of cheap sex that take place in a brothel. Even with Runtime: 102 min.
they are sweet, but as far as I know For example, hang gliding is recast ceeds in providing some laughs. His and drugs jokes. The film touches on the potentially offensive nature of the Directors: Jon Hurwitz,
they are not baked. On a different as parachuting, while the basic idea “discovery” of pot makes for one of a number of political topics, which scenes, they manage to add to the Hayden Schlossberg
note, donuts have every conceivable remains the same. Escape from Guan- the best scenes in the movie. range from Guantanamo Bay and overall comic effect. Rating: R
topping. There is chocolate, glazed,
maple, jelly-filled, crème-filled and
other deliciousness. Basically, a lot
can be done to a deep fried lump of
Rising Down brings original, classy rhythms to hip-hop
dough. Some toppings are worse than distinguishes The Roots from rappers with short in serious rhymes about statutory rape on this
others, but I have yet to taste ones that shelf-lives. The ability to make songs without seemingly bubble-gum track, adding a deeper
are not tasty at all. crutches, like choruses and guest appearances meaning.
Then there are pies. Everyone that so many other artists rely on, makes The The only really disappointing tracks on
loves pies, mostly for the filling, be- Roots the group it is. the album are the skits littered throughout the
cause otherwise it would be nothing In its most po- array of quality songs.
more than a glorified piece of crusty litical and solemn The ability to make songs without “The Pow Wow” and
bread. Unlike the previous two, pies album to date, songs “The Pow Wow 2” are
are a tad more diverse. For instance, a like “Singing Man” crutches, like choruses and guest ap- recorded telephone calls
pie can be filled with meat. From clas- and the title track pearances that so many other artists between members of
sic apple to lamb, pies have a plethora “Rising Down” de- rely on, makes The Roots the group The Roots and their
of flavors — the sky is the limit. I’m scribe the threats of it is. management from 1994,
actually scared of heights, so let me global warming and during struggles the
know if there are any undiscovered the physical state of group went through as
pie fillings up there. the world and the destructive mental state of a young band. While it does give the listener
Of course, what would pastries many Americans. Black Thought gives his best insight into the beginnings and hardships the
be without the misnomers? The way- verse of the album in “Rising Down,” an outcry group has experienced, it also takes away from
out-of-left-fielders? Take the humble against global warming and environmental con- the real songs. Though the track listing on the
cookie, which maybe isn’t so humble cerns, saying “Between the greenhouse gases and back of the CD gives 16 songs, there are only
seeing as how it rivals the other three’s the earth spinnin’ off its axis/got mother nature 13 tracks with actual music on them.
variety. Like muffins and pies, it is doin’ back flips/with natural disasters it’s like “Criminal,” featuring Truck North and
baked and delicious. Cookies can 80 degrees in Alaska.” The song is constructed Saigon, is another of the many strong tracks
have chocolate chips, nuts or no nuts, around a simple, strong drum beat by ?uestlove, in Rising Down. Saigon, best known for his
and all other possible combinations Black Thoughts’ verse and a strong guest verse repeated appearances on the HBO television
in between. I will not go through a from veteran emcee Mos Def. show “Entourage,” gives a strong verse over
long-winded list, but let me give you a Rising Down is made significantly better a soft rock guitar track that sounds more like
warning against fruit used in cookies. by the quality of rappers featured. While Black Radiohead than a classic hip-hop beat, but fits
Do not do it. Repeat: do not do it. I’ve Thought is a great rapper, it is always good to well with his and Black Thoughts’ rhymes. The
learned through my own experience Rising Down incorporates thoughtful tracks that address political concerns. Various have a variety of sounds and voices, and the softer beat mixed with more classic hip-hop
that it will end in tears and spilt milk. instruments and guest performances help The Roots creates high quality hip-hop. artists who were invited to rap in Rising Down style rhymes about crime and street life makes
No further explanation is needed. are strictly of high caliber. Strong verses from for an interesting combination, but is typical of
The next type is where the line By Zach Harris live-instrument-based brand of hip-hop into the Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Styles P, Common and The Roots’ off-kilter style.
between pastry and dessert blurs. I am Staff Writer mainstream, giving light to different styles of Wale give Rising Down the sound of a high- Despite the fact that Black Thoughts’rhymes
talking about cakes. They are associ- The Roots grow deep. The veteran hip-hop music that exist under a single genre. quality finished product. Wale, a Washington are often outshined by guest verses and ?uest-
ated with desserts, but they are also collective The Roots finds success once again In Rising Down, The Roots mixes electronic D.C.-based rapper and the self-proclaimed “rap love’s beats, Rising Down is one of the most
baked in ovens. I am only considering with the release of their eighth studio album, sounds with acoustic instruments and horns. ambassador to the Capital,” is featured on “Ris- original albums of the year.
them because of my ongoing affair Rising Down. With heavy, jazz-influenced beats Black Thoughts’ versatile rhymes match well ing Up,” which spotlights Go-Go, a genre of The positives vastly outweigh the negatives
with them. I mean just look at them. and complex rhymes, The Roots has not strayed with whatever sounds are infused behind him, music popular in the nation’s capital that mixes of the album, and with a very listenable quality
They can be served with ice cream, far from its more than 15-year-old formula. proving that he is indeed one of the best rappers a lot of live percussion instruments with horns that has appeal throughout most genres of music,
with frosting, with fruit, with choco- However, with the addition of rock elements and in the hip-hop world today. and strings. “Rising Up” and the Go-Go-style The Roots continues to be a viable option when
late, with marshmallows. Whatever an impressive guest list, The Roots continues to Black Thought continues to demonstrate live instrumentals behind it mesh well with Black looking for real, substantive hip-hop.
cakes are classified as, they are the be one of the most entertaining and substantial his skill and talent in Rising Down with a Thoughts’ rhyme scheme. The addition of Wale’s
perfect example of it. rap groups today. steady mix of self-conscious songs and tracks loose, easy-going rhymes makes the track one
Well, that is it for my little list of A Philadelphia-based group, The Roots’ on which he just purely raps. During the song of the best ones in Rising Down. Rising Down
wonders. Just remember that most of members have made music together since the “75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction),” Black In the iTunes-exclusive track “Birthday Artist: The Roots
these are pastries, not desserts. So you early 1990’s. Founding members, drummer Thought rhymes for 75 bars straight, with no Girl,” Patrick Stump of the pop-rock group Fall Label: Def Jam Records
can have a donut before dinner, but ?uestlove (pronounced “Questlove”) and emcee chorus or hook in the middle, just a drum-heavy Out Boy sings the chorus about a girl celebrat- Running Time: 102 minutes
please don’t tell anyone I said that. Black Thought, have brought their original, beat and his vocals. It is this type of song that ing her 17th birthday while Black Thought adds
The Campanile A&E May 5, 2008 • B9

Summer music festivals to rock the Bay Area

Upcoming concerts incorporate rock, alternative, hip hop bands with other entertainment
By Catherine Benson Music lovers either venture into
Staff Writer the city, often desperately seeking
Throughout the year, the Bay an affordable hotel, which can be
Area serves as a major hub of artis- problematic with a student’s budget,
tic talent and unforgettable shows. or return to Palo Alto for the night.
However, this summer music and arts Although returning home would not
festivals will raise the bar, featuring be too much of a hassle, camping in
everything from underground rap to Golden Gate Park could potentially
alternative rock and will impress audi- be a perfect way to accompany the
ences with outstanding performances. festival.
So many concerts, so little time. The festival lineup would ap-
peal most to lovers of alternative
Monterey Music Summit folk and acoustic rock and includes
Monterey Music Summit will performances from Radiohead, Tom
close out the school year with standout Petty and the Heartbreakers, Jack
performances from artists ranging Johnson, Beck, Ben Harper and the
from Coheed and Cambria to Slightly Innocent Criminals, Regina Spektor,
Stoopid. The festival will take place Devendra Banhart, Cold War Kids
over the course of three days and and Matt Nathanson.
although Paly is still in session on On Friday, Aug.22, the gates open
Friday, May 30, students can still at- at 3:00 p.m. and the performances
tend on the Saturday and Sunday. should begin at 5:00 p.m. On Satur-
One day passes can be purchased day Aug. 23 and Sunday Aug. 24 the
instead of the three day passes for gates open at 11:00 a.m., with music
either Saturday, May 31 or Sunday, expected to start around 1:00 p.m.
Jun. 1. Outside Lands catches looks with
Saturday’s festival lineup will its headliners of Radiohead and Jack
feature artists including Snoop Dogg, Johnson, but the entire lineup is filled
Slightly Stoopid and Ozomatli, while with lesser-known, yet very talented
Taking Back Sunday and Coheed and artists. Although the price is outland-
Cambria headline Sunday’s lineup. ish and the lack of accommodations
The festival strives to be a hun- is irritating, Outside Lands could
dred percent carbon neutral and has be worth the price for its extensive
tried to minimize its overall carbon three-day lineup of acoustic gems.
footprint by focusing on waste di- Aug. 22-24, 2008. San Francisco, CA.
version, vendor product usage and Golden Gate Park.
supporting local and sustainable
industries. Treasure Island Music Festival
Tickets are already on sale on The beginning of the new school
and general admission and three-day year can be stressful, but the Treasure
event passes are $169 each and include,, Island Music Festival will be the
parking. A $5 processing fee per ticket ideal way to relax come September.
Artists Ben Harper (left), Hieroglyphics (top right) and the Kooks (bottom right) will perform at the Outside Lands Music Festival, Paid
is also added to the price, along with The Saturday of the two-day festival,
shipping charges. Dues International Hip Hop Festival and BFD, respectively. The summer music festivals will range from one to three days in length. Sep. 15 will feature artists such as
One-day passes are available in cludes top performers such as Cypress val is hosted by Murs, a West Coast styles of music show up in the lineup Mos Def, Method Man & Redman, Thievery Corporation, Gotan Proj-
limited quantities and differ in prices. Hill, Pennywise, Flogging Molly, underground MC and member of both as well. Tickets for the Pier 30/32 Raekwon & Ghostface, Immortal ect, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist
Friday’s pass costs $49, Saturday’s Alkaline Trio and The Kooks. Living Legends and 3 Melancholy venue are on sale now and all priced Technique and Kidz in the Hall with and M.I.A. Performances by Modest
pass costs $69 and Sunday’s pass costs The doors will open at 11:30 a.m. Gypsies. Tickets will be on sale soon at $33 plus service charges, while the a special guest, The Pharscyde. The Mouse, Spoon, Built to Spill and
$69 per person. and music will begin on the Bud Light and tickets for previous venues have Shoreline Amphitheatre tickets cost San Francisco event will be hosted Clap Your Hands Say Yeah will all
Camping sites are available at Festival Stage at noon. The final act sold at around $30. Saturday, Jun. 14, $27 plus service charges. Saturday, by local MC Supernatural & Scratch, be on Sunday, Sept. 16. The festival
the Laguna Seca Recreation Area and will be performed in the Subsonic Tent 2008. Berkeley, CA. Berkeley Com- Jun. 21, 2008. San Francisco, CA. who also will perform at the Paid Dues will also feature art installations and
can be sold in 3-night packages until ending around 11:00 p.m. munity Theatre. Pier 30/32. Friday, Aug. 15, 2008. International Hip Hop Festival. performance artists, ranging from stilt
May 25. After May 26, individual Tickets are on sale now and are Mountain View, CA. Shoreline Am- All tickets are general admission walkers and hula hoopers to sculpture
camping will be for sale for varying priced at an affordable $10.53 for gen- Vans Warped Tour phitheatre. and will go on sale Saturday, May 17. installations.
prices, based on the remaining avail- eral admission plus service charges. Students will have a choice when Saturday, Aug. 16, 2008. San Fran- The Treasure Island Music Festi-
ability of sites. May 30, 31 and Jun. Saturday, Jun. 7, 2008. Shoreline it comes to the annual Vans Warped Rock the Bells International Fes- cisco, CA. Venue to be announced. val is also doing its part to be green by
1, 2008. Salinas, CA. Laguna Seca Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA. Tour since it plays at both Pier 30/32 tival reducing the waste and offsetting the
Recreation Area. in San Francisco and the Shoreline The top grossing hip hop event Outside Lands Music and Arts emissions used at the festival.
Paid Dues International Hip Hop Amphitheatre in Mountain View in the country last year, Rock the Festival These methods include vol-
Live 105 BFD Festival within the span of the summer. Bells International Festival, will re- Outside Lands sets itself apart unteering with the nonprofit Clean
Big Freaking Day, also known Returning to the Bay Area for Although the acts differ slightly turn to the Bay Area for its fifth year from the other festivals this summer, Vibes organization to reduce waste
as BFD, opens the summer with an its third year, the Paid Dues Hip Hop between the two venues, most per- running. both for its worthwhile cause (making reclamation and work with clean up
annual day-long music festival hosted Festival will solve any student need for formers play throughout the tour. The With the slogan “Represent, San Francisco and the Golden Gate efforts after to gain a free admission
by local alternative rock radio station conscious underground hip-hop. lineup includes Against Me!, Angels Respect and Recognize,” the festi- Park environmentally-friendly) and to the festival.
KITS Live 105.3. This one-day, one-stage festival and Airwaves, As I Lay Dying, Gym val will suit will appeal to mainly for its outrageous price of $225 (for Regular admission tickets can
The performances are divided will feature artists such as De La Class Heroes, Say Anything, The conscious and independent hip hop a three-day pass). Another setback either be purchased as a single-day
into three separate stages where bands Soul, Blackalicious, Little Brother, Academy Is... and Reel Big Fish. The enthusiasts. for the festival is that Outside Lands ticket for $58.50 or a two-day ticket
will play simultaneously throughout Sage Francis, Hieroglyphics and Warped Tour features mostly alterna- The lineup will include artists does not offer any type of camping for $110. Sep. 20 and 21, 2008. San
hours of the day. This year’s lineup in- Supernatural and Scratch. The festi- tive rock, however, some ska and other such as A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, area or accommodations. Francisco, CA. Treasure Island.

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B10 • May 5, 2008 Ads The Campanile

The Campanile
Thanks the following sponsors:

Liz Hoffman and Morrie Druzin

Sally Geisse and Josep Vericat
Greene Family
Ju-Wen Hsu
The Hahn Family
The Blake Family
Yeou Yong Maa
The Clayton Family
Rosalind Ross
Jessica Madey
Lisa Miao
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Eunice Lo
The Lee Family
The Pitsch Family
The Campanile A&E May 5, 2008 • B11

Sarah Marshall tops charts with comical plot

Kristen Bell, Jason Segel star in first-time director Nicholas Stoller’s new comedic hit
By Erik Krasner-Karpen The story’s main departure from why Peter fell for her in the first place.
Graphics Editor and its main strength is in Peter’s But the plot treats her like an antago-
Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the abjectly unhealthy reaction to the nist, a temptation for Peter to avoid,
latest film from comedy king Judd situation. which feels unfair if not bizarre. It’s
Apatow (Superbad), follows what Segel plays him pathetically and almost as if Segel wrote two scripts,
has become the standard formula for mercilessly as he makes a series of one where Sarah is a harpy and one
an Apatow production. terrible choices: booze for breakfast, where she’s Peter’s soulmate and he
He hires new talent, bringing awful one-night stands and constant, spliced together pieces of both.
together first-time director Nicho- histrionic, hilarious weeping. Kunis does a soldierly duty as the
las Stoller, first-time writer Jason Segel’s performance holds the obligatory love interest. In fact, there’s
Segel and a cast largely fresh from film together as he makes Peter a nothing to fault in her performance.
television. He guides that new talent simpering, self-pitying wreck, but one Unfortunately, the script never gives
into carrying out his own raunchy, the audience can relate to, making his her a personality to work with.
natural and often improvised style scenes funny but believable. Bill Hader of “Saturday Night
of comedy. Brand’s Live” and
Apatow brings in an actor or two m u g g i n g , Segel’s performance holds the film Superbad
from his stock of regulars, which in brooding plays Pe-
this case are Superbad’s Jonah Hill performance together: he makes Peter a simpering, ter’s more
and The 40-year-old Virgin’s Paul makes him a self-pitying wreck, but one the audi- straight-
Rudd, who both play minor roles. delightfully ence can relate to, making his scenes laced step-
The result feels familiar at best, hateable an- funny but believable. brother Bri-
unoriginal at worst, but it’s worth a tagonist. As an. Their
solid laugh. The script riffs off a fairly a preening, love-hate,
standard romantic comedy plot. Segel vapid New co-depen-
stars as Peter Bretter, a composer Age singer, Aldous is a perfect foil dent relationship makes for some of
who composes music for the hit TV for the nebbishy Peter. the liveliest scenes in the film. Brian
show “Crime Scene.” While his job’s The audience instantly relates tries to console Peter, but he can’t
secure, Bretter dreams of making “a to — and feels — Peter’s jealousy. help joking at Peter’s expense and his Jonah Hill (left) and Jason Segel (right) star in this season’s unforgettable romantic comedy hit
Dracula musical with puppets.” Peter spends much of his screen time deadpan barbs make Segel’s whining
staring forlornly at Sarah and Aldous all the funnier.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a hilarious comedy about getting dumped and taking it like a man.
At the beginning of the film,
he dates “Crime Scene” star Sarah and the audience wonders along with Forgetting Sarah Marshall lugs painfully one-dimensional role of see Forgetting Sarah Marshall comes
Marshall (Kristen Bell), but is dumped Peter what she sees in him. around a huge, rarely funny support- a honeymooner having trouble in from one of the opening scenes: Sarah Forgetting Sarah
for obnoxious British rocker Aldous On the other hand, Kristen Bell’s ing cast, mostly of predictable locals. the sack. comes home to Peter, who has com- Marshall
Snow (Russell Brand). character might not be hateable Paul Rudd plays an absent-minded Stoller treats them without pletely disrobed himself to surprise
In order to forget Sarah Mar- enough.The script handles her schizo- surfer, Davon McDonald plays an interest, as if they were part of the her and dumps him. Cast: Kristen Bell,
shall, he treats himself to a vacation phrenically as she’s too sympathetic obsessive-compulsive bartender and scenery and not independent sources The camera cuts to a full-body Jason Segel
at a Hawaiian resort, only to find to be a villain but not sympathetic Hill plays a waiter with a man-crush of humor. They feel forgettable, shot of a bawling, naked Jason Segel Director: Nicholas
Sarah and Aldous there too. Luckily enough to be a legitimate interest on Aldous. interchangeable, inconsequential to with his genitals hanging out for all to Stoller
Peter soon finds himself falling for for Peter. Genius character-actor Jack the story. see. That shot defines the film: it’s not Running Time: 112 min.
the resort’s cute receptionist, Rachel Sarah Marshall is smart and MacBrayer (“30 Rock”) finds his The image to bear in mind very original or very subtle, but to a Rating: R
(Mila Kunis). articulate and it’s clear to the viewer talents particularly misspent on the when deciding whether or not to certain sensibility, it’s hilarious.

Developed character plot, improved Modernized Village Cheese

visuals enhance Grand Theft Auto IV House attracts Paly students
By Henry Becker By Josh Lo House also offers hot sandwiches ($6.99).
Features Editor Staff Writer The sandwich bread is toasted and served
Send a call out to all English students: Reopened on Apr. 19, the Village Cheese warm. The meat selection for hot sandwiches
Crime and Punishment is now a video House’s new, modern atmosphere draws is expanded to include tofu-balls. “The Italian
game. customers in with its variety of sandwiches. Tofu,” made with tofu-balls, marinara and
The reality is dark and dirty in Rockstar’s After shedding its archaic feel, the renovated mozzarella cheese, is a popular choice.
new first-person RPG Grand Theft Auto IV, and modernized Cheese House suits Paly Although the sandwiches are delicious,
as the game changes tone significantly to one students and really just about any other kind service is often slow, causing long lines that
with a heightened reality and real repercussions of customer. reach the door. To cope with this problem, the
to what main character Nico Bellic does. Of Although it looks completely different Village Cheese House should perhaps have one
course, many of the staples are the same. Car than the original Village Cheese House, the employee take the orders quickly while others
theft, mass murder, robbery and many other unique store still offers the same classic make the sandwiches, a system successfully
things too civilized to write about. sandwiches. carried out by other sandwich chains.
Merely the essence of crime is changed. Passed down with the legendary “special Sandwiches are not the only items offered
Sitting through the GTA series, it’s easy to sauce,” made with special relish and special at the Village Cheese House. Lunch and din-
remember how boring crime gets and how mayo in precise ratios, the sandwiches have ner salads also available and are healthy and
there’s no thrill in killing that many people the same renowned taste of perfection. surprisingly filling. The Pasta Pesto Deli Salad
or robbing that many stores. The Old Fashioned Sandwich ($5.99) is and the San Francisco Deli Salad are absolutely
But with GTA IV there is a moral side, the a popular order that is made with fresh meat, delicious and perfect for a quick lunch.
developed plot behind the character to give a swiss cheese, pickles and special sauce. The new restaurant also offers other dif-
previously never seen depth that exhilarates This classic sandwich is quick to make, ferent salad choices such as Picnic Potato,
the game with replay value. yet very scrumptious with its fresh aroma and Potato and Egg, Orzo Feta, Elbow Macaroni
The story is basic. Bellic arrives in Liberty delicious partisan bread and leaves customers and the Mediterranean pasta.
City in America to flee the Bosnian War only wanting more. Not to be missed is the unique, imported
to find his cousin Ramon has painted perhaps The meat selection is quite large, con- European candy. The Village Cheese House
too bright a picture of America. Simply put, Improved and awe-inspiring visuals make up Rockstar’s most recent release, Grand sisting of roast beef, turkey, smoked turkey, still offers imported candy but has a smaller
Bellic has to survive on his own from the baked ham, black forest ham, smoked ham, selection than the previous Cheese House.
ground up however he can. This includes rob-
Theft Auto IV. The new game retains its staples of mass murder and robbery. pastrami, corned beef, salami, cotto salami, Regardless, the candy is still very popular
bery, assassination, turf wars and missions of the game. Players still rampage, of course, quirks. Bellic can go skydiving, drive cars, German sausage, beef bologna, liverwurst, and allows the popular student lunch spot to
length and awesomeness on a level above the and experience that unusual brand of humor planes and boats and escape the law just as mortadella and prosciutto. retain a bit of its old feel.
game’s predecessor, San Andreas. GTA is famous for, but it has a little bit more before, but it’s a bit harder now, a tad more Besides pickles, which are standard in the Its look may have changed, but fortunately
The visuals of the game are improved and depth now. The city itself is endlessly variable, challenging. sandwiches, there is a respectable vegetable the Village Cheese House maintains the quality
frankly awe-inspir- complete with clubs, A word to the wise: make sure no one’s selection as well, which features lettuce, to- of its classic sandwiches and delights.
ing. Much thanks The city itself is endlessly variable, diners, local hang- looking before stealing that nineteen seven- mato and onion.
goes to the fact that complete with clubs, diners, local outs, mob centers, ties Cadillac. But even if there’s a problem, For diners looking for an especially hearty
Rockstar’s visual police and the strang- Bellic can drive fast. And of course, there are meal, extra meat can be added for $1.00. Al- Village Cheese
artist team created hangouts, mob centers, police and the est places imaginable. no speed limits in the world of GTA. though the Old Fashioned Sandwich is a popu- House
a very inviting view strangest places imaginable. And there’s only more lar order by students, many customers choose
of a sordid city, to discover. to build their own sandwiches ($5.99).
which drives much The beauty in
GTA IV The meat and vegetable selection is ex-
Location: 855 El Camino Real,
Palo Alto
of the gameplay: the environment. GTA is that there is really no finish and Bellic Price: $59.99 actly the same as was offered in the Old Fash- Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10am-6pm
Simply because there is more real gravity can go on forever from one to four main islands Rated: M (Mature) ioned Sandwich but instead, customers have Sat 11am.-5pm
to Bellic than there was to past characters like each complete with its own city, nightlife and Platform: Xbox 360, PS3 more freedom to select unique combinations Prices: $5.99-$6.99
CJ does not mean there is no ironic humor in their subplots to complement the intricate of meat and vegetables. The Village Cheese

Melinda Wedemeyer O’Connor and Sons Electric Geraldine Asmus

Realtor, Alain Pinel
Realtor, International President’s Circle
Bonded and insured •Beautifully Remodeled Town Home
Complimentary Estimates •Mountain View / $589,000
578 University Ave.
License no. 513626 Phone: (650) 813-9159 •2 Bedrooms, 1 1/2 Baths 245 Lytton Avenue, Suite 100
Palo Alto, CA 94307 Palo Alto, CA 94301 Fax: (650) 813-9179 •Very Private, Close to Schools (650) 306-0410
(650) 543-1109 Cell: (650) 740-1121 •Questions? Call Geraldine: (650) 306-0410

A paint-your-own pottery and mosaic

studio. It’s fun, easy, and great for all ages!
Bring this card for $5.00 off 299 S. California Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94306
your next visit! (650) 323-1515
(not valid with any other offer or coupon)

B12 • May 5, 2008 The Campanile

Prolific Oven boasts more than cake in

Known for its famous desserts, Prolific Oven makes tasty lunches as well 1700
By Anna Waldron bread layered with juicy bacon, smoked
Staff Writer turkey, avocado, lettuce and tomato, this
The Prolific Oven has been voted the sandwich is guaranteed to satisfy any
best bakery in town in a survey conducted voracious eater.
by the Palo Alto Weekly for over 10 con- The club is even better with toasted
secutive years. Although the bakery and bread, which can be obtained upon request
coffeehouse is known for its scrumptious for an extra $0.50.
cakes, cookies and pastries, its lunch menu Although the sandwich may look
is executed with the same superior qual- daunting at first, it is not as heavy as other
ity that has made The Prolific Oven such clubs because it is not overstuffed and can
a success. actually fit in one’s mouth. Every layer is
Situated in between the Palo Alto Sport well balanced and there is a perfectly pleas-
Shop and Toy World and Congdon and ing slather of mayonnaise on the bread.
Chrome Inc. Stationers, The Prolific Oven The tacino panini ($7.75) is also well
is a small cafe, but feels airy and roomy balanced with smoked turkey slices, melted
inside. Like a true coffeehouse, there are Muenster cheese and mixed greens smashed
plenty of tables for two with small, red in between two crusty pieces of flour-dusted
leather chairs that can be pushed together Ciabatta bread. On the bread is a nice layer
to suit any size party. of flavorful sun-dried tomato pesto. This edition featuring
When the weather is pleasant, custom-
ers can also grab a table outside. The cafe’s
The Prolific Oven uses a thicker type
of pesto, which is less oily and has a tex- Beth Nitzan
predominately maroon-colored walls and ture similar to that of a spread. The pesto with The Campanile’s
old paintings give it a vintage feel. is rustic with chunky pieces of sun-dried
One wall boasts The Prolific Oven’s tomatoes and various fresh herbs, like
Danielle Kim and Becca Allen
awards of achievement, which are next to oregano with an underlying hint of garlic. The Campanile: Hey Beth!
an old historic map of Palo Alto. Despite The spread is the highlight and unifying Beth Nitzan: Hi.
the restaurant’s large front windows, the factor of the sandwich, giving it a unique TC: So where are you going to college this fall?
lighting is dim and sets an inviting and and very Italian flavor. BN: I’m going to Pomona.
comfortable atmosphere. Most of the sandwiches on the menu
TC: What’s your favorite type of drink?
Just like buying a coffee and a pastry, are well-balanced such as the turkey club Elizabeth Petit/The Campanile BN: I like water.
ordering lunch is done at the counter. Since and the tacino panini in their ingredients.
TC: We’ve heard that you’re quite the baker.
the lunch menu hangs on the wall behind However, the chicken pesto panini ($7.95)
the delectable cake and pastry casing, it’s is disappointing in appearance. What’s your favorite thing to bake?
almost impossible not to select a sweet Like a classic panini, the sandwich BN: Chocolate soufflés. I like baking. The other day
treat for dessert. is flat and boasts light grill marks on the was my friend’s birthday and I baked her a cake.
The Prolific Oven offers 11 cold sourdough bread, but there is barely enough TC: You’re a sweetheart. So we’ve heard you’re an
sandwich options, four paninis and seven inside to qualify it as a sandwich. On the out-of-control rebel and you recently got a tattoo.
salads, which are all fairly priced and made menu, the sandwich is said to be composed BN: This is true.
to order with fresh ingredients. Various of chicken, basil, tomatoes and Mozzarella TC: What is it of?
coffee drinks and whipped frozen fruit or cheese with sun-dried tomato pesto. BN: It’s a treble clef.
chocolate drinks are also on the menu. However, the basil is included in TC: Did it hurt a lot?
Service is fast and friendly, but with the pesto and there are only two slices of BN: Not too much.
Elizabeth Petit/The Campanile
the low-key environment and display of tomatoes. TC: We heard [best friend] Melinda [Lee] was
beautiful cakes to admire, customers will Despite the lack of vegetable and color, The Prolific Oven sells many lunch meals such as sandwiches and salads, frightened.
not mind waiting a little bit longer than there is a sufficient amount of chicken and like the turkey club ($7.95), which comes with a small, tasty slice of cake. BN: Melinda was more scared than I was. I was
usual if the kitchen gets crowded during delicious oozy Mozzarella cheese, giving on top to give the cookie spice and a nice, At a reasonable price, customers can supposed to be squeezing her hand, but she was
the lunch hour. the panini a surprisingly flavorful punch. sugary sparkle. enjoy their light and flavorful lunch in a squeezing mine really hard!
Every sandwich is accompanied with If more tomatoes and lettuce were The oatmeal raisin cookie has the best quiet and laid-back environment. Every TC: So Beth, why’d you get your TV taken away?
a fresh slice of yellow cake layered with added to the panini, it would resemble the flavor and texture. It is very flat and thin, lunch ends on a good note because who BN: My TV was taken away when I was two years old
chocolate icing and donned with but- Italian flag and be a simple and delicious which may cause some to think that it is doesn’t like to finish their meal with a gra- because I watched too much TV.
tercream dollops. The cake is perfectly sandwich. brittle or tough. tuitous and award-winning slice of cake? [Makes a sad face.]
delicious because it is light and airy but Although a thin slice of cake, which However, the cookie is just the op-
TC: What were your favorite shows?
very moist. is freshly made daily by the bakery, ac- posite and is as chewy and lovely as an
The cakes and sandwiches are a won- companies every single lunch item, it is oatmeal raisin cookie should be. The raisins Prolific Oven BN: Probably like Barney, Lamb Chop...
TC: Lamb Chop was creepy.
derfully unique combination because most very difficult to resist the temptation of give the cookie a natural sweetness and Address: 550 Waverly Street
bring out the flavors of the molasses and Peter Lee: It wasn’t called Lamb Chop.
cafes do not offer free dessert with a meal the large, freshly baked cookies at only Hours: Mon.: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
or even make cake that is as well-balanced $1.55 each. brown sugar. BN: Yeah it was, what was it called then?
Thurs.: 7 a.m.-10 p.m. PL: I know it wasn’t called Lamb Chop. The character
in flavor as those of The Prolific Oven. The snickerdoodle is crunchy and dry The Prolific Oven’s success can be
Fri.- Sat.: 7 a.m.-11 p.m. was Lamb Chop but the show wasn’t called that.
The turkey club ($7.95) is the big- along its perimeter, which is somewhat attributed to its strong belief in simplicity
gest sandwich on the menu. Stacked with disappointing, but the center is chewy and using the freshest and highest quality Sun: 8 a.m.-7 p.m. TC: That was absolutely the show.
three layers of fluffy, homemade white and soft. Plenty of cinnamon is sprinkled of ingredients. Price Range: $1.25-7.95 BN: No, Peter, you’re wrong, it was Lamb Chop.
TC: The show’s official name is Lamb Chop’s Play
PL: See! Who were the other characters? It was Charlie
TC: ...and Hush Puppy. Anyways, how’s crew going,
Beth? Has your team made it to nationals?
BN: Not yet, our championships are in Sacramento
next weekend. If we place at championships we go to
nationals in Cincinnati.
TC: For crew, don’t you have to get up really early?
BN: Yeah I get up at 4:15 [a.m.]
TC: So when do you go to sleep?
BN: When I’m done with my homework. I don’t get
that much sleep.
TC: Beth, how would you characterize your
relationship with The Campanile?
Earth Week BN: Awkward.
TC: Elaborate.
Julia Benton BN: Well, I have no reason to be here, but I’m in P10
Earth Week came to Palo Alto High School on Apr. all the time.
21-25, helping to raise environmental awareness TC: We like having you here.
within our community. Shoelaces made from recycled BN: I like being here.
soda bottles (right) and I Care bags (left) were among TC: In your opinion, what TV character does Ryan
the green items handed out to interested students. [Pfleiderer] look like?
GreenCitizens, a local nonprofit organization that aims BN: The mom from the Brady Bunch! Carol Brady!
to educate on reducing environmental waste, attended TC: We completely agree with you, he looks
the event and music was heard on the quad. completely womanly.
BN: He’s a total woman, wouldn’t you agree?
TC: How is [Paly choral group] The Heartbeats?
BN: Heartbeats is pretty fun, I’m pretty sad that this is
my last year as part of it.
TC: When did you join The Heartbeats?
BN: I joined sophomore year, because they were all
seniors and they wanted to train an underclassman who
would keep it going.
TC: Oh you were their little elf! Favorite kind of
BN: I like mango.
PL: I like mango too!
BN: I also really like grapefruit.
PL: I hate grapefruit.
BN: Peter has bad taste in foods. All foods.
PL: I have to make orange juice from concentrate
because Beth doesn’t buy real orange juice. I have to
scoop it out from the freezer!
TC: Okay, Peter. Beth, are you okay with balding,
aged men?
BN: Is Peter really balding?! [Studies PL’s head.]
TC: Are you excited school is almost over?
BN: I’m excited. I’m going to Mexico this summer
with choir. And then I’m going to Florida.
TC: So when are you going to see Peter?
BN: In between.
PL [simultaneously]: She’s not!
TC: [Laughs.] Last words?
BN: You guys are weird.