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Immortality series:

My Work Immortality series was inspired by

the Philosophical idea of Immortal nature of the
human beings and the spiritual stages of such
souls , through the observation of several Indian
Saints and their attainment towards a higher state
of mind or supreme consciousness state in their
life, Which I find the very possible thing for all
human beings existed under this Vast big blue sky
. It is like four evolutionary stages to reach unto
that final Nirvan or Mukti or Satori or Self
realization state. I want to record that experience
which I had tasted a drop from the Vast Ocean of
experience and saints from India.

Work Technique: Soft ground line etching, Aqua

etching, burnishing and final prints. To emphasis
the four evolutionary stages of Sat – cit – Anandha
- Paramanandha
Immortality series – I SAT (The existence)

This plate depicts the human existence of his worldly consciousness and his life

purely depends on nature and its co-existence Where he slowly start to delve deep in

to the mystery of the nature and the metaphysical energy system that flows in each

and every elements that existed around him and slowly getting deep in to the

solitude of self-searching.

The sun and moon->life and death.

Lotus and water -> the life Existence itself

Tortoise -> Symbol of the innate human sexual or creative energy reservoir.

The Shiv-ling and coiled serpent-> the serpent energy (KUNDALINI) in Lotus

Muladara -1st subtle center.

Female Face-> Earth

2nd plate: Immortality series - II CHID (The spiritual


This plate depicts the human awareness towards the spiritual consciousness and in

search of divine essence from nature and start to hear his inner-heart (intuitional)

.Where in which he start to minimize his sub-conscious residuals through yogic

practices and meditation into Supra- mental state.

Eye-> The spiritual awareness

moon-> Divine consciousness and sivling->The sexual center and dormant

sexual(creative) energy.

Ourthva dhandava- shiva and Vishnu in a combined form. The two form of divine

incarnation followed in Hindu culture. Ourthva Dhandava pose symbolizes paths of

the yogic practices and meditations widely practiced in Hindu religion.

3rd plate: Immortality series – III ANANDHA (The Bliss state)

This plate depicts the higher mental consciousness called as The Bliss Stare or the

Supra-mental state. Where the transformation of the human soul in to a spiritual

endowment I used peacock in this plate to represent the immortal quality of the

spiritual souls and lots of such souls dancing in ecstasy one with divine . And the

yogis practicing meditation to keep the mind detached from worldly senses.

Peacock-> symbolizes the immortal quality of the divine souls

4th plate: Immortality series- IV Paramanandha (The

enlightened state)

This plate depicts the Nirvana or the enlighten state of the Immortal Souls .Where

the enlighten soul is placed in the center of a Thousand petal lotus which represent

the Sahasrara (7th Subtle center-Sat charka nirupana ).The winged infinite hooded

snake represents the immortal state of their presence in the universe.