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Interview – Klaus Nielsen IPP : How do you see the Indian

market in terms of growth?
to provide after-sales service in a timely
manner is increasingly important. We
IPP :Any specific plans for the coming
two to three years?
KN: The Indian market is offer annual maintenance contracts KN: We are constantly looking at how
“Printing is mushrooming undoubtedly growing. If you consider
printed material, the last two years
and we are seeing a huge surge in the
number of AMCs we have been
the market develops and what
opportunities there are.
everywhere in India” have seen growth in terms of volumes.
However, because of the hesitation of
providing to customers. Customers
today want to plan maintenance and
Establishing the Print Media
Academy in India was a milestone and
banks to provide finance and certain don’t wish to face breakdowns. When I it turned out to be a huge success.
After Klaus B Nielsen, events in the international market, look at the turnover in our spare parts Besides PMA courses, we have also
there has been some hesitation in and service departments, we are started offering other services like ISO
managing director, making investments. From the time of seeing a growth in line with certification of Heidelberg printing
Heidelberg India, took the Lehman Brothers collapse, until equipment sales. There is an increased presses. Keeping our customers
approximately twelve months ago, we awareness about the benefits of benefit in mind, several plans are in
charge at the Chennai saw a drop in our equipment sales in professional after-sales support. the pipeline including the expansion
headquarters of the India. But in the last 12-months of our consumables business. u
business has started picking up and
company about three years To eMail this article to a friend SMS IPP229 to 566775
I’m positive about the coming 12
ago, the company has months. I’m confident that India is
poised for good growth.
expanded the number of its
offices in the country and its IPP : Which are some of your faster
customers no longer come moving products in India?
KN: Besides our printing press, we
only from the major metros. In have been seeing a growth in the
recent years, Heidelberg number of installs of CtPs and Polar
India has set up new In India today, we are selling quite
residential offices in Kochi, a well balanced product portfolio
from pre-press, press, post-press to
Ahmedabad and consumables, training and consulting.
Hyderabad. Additionally, I would say that our
Klaus B Nielsen, managing director,
Heidelberg India customer is no longer located only in
Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, the big metros; they are located in the
Guwahati, Kochi and a host smaller towns because that is where
the economic growth is coming from.
of smaller cities and towns The volume of high print quality in
have now become important environment, which to some extent is smaller towns is now reaching a level
restricted. That sometimes causes where a printer can, for instance, buy a
markets for Heidelberg India. problems while producing high Speedmaster 74 four-colour machine.
Nielsen tells senior editor quality and also while overcoming
various printing-related issues. IPP : So, it’s a whole new market out
Sashi Nair that a new spirit of We moved into this building (GST there?
entrepreneurship is boosting Road, Chromepet) in April 2008 and KN: In the past, the small-town
had the inauguration in September customer went to the nearest metro to
demand for presses in these 2008. We’ve been running a lot of get commercial jobs done. A vast
towns. courses, and until a few weeks ago majority of our customers are family
we’ve had just about 3,000 people run businesses with a high level of
IPP : How has it been for Heidelberg going through various training entrepreneurship. We are seeing a lot
in India the past few years? programs. In the long term, our of small commercial printers setting
Klaus Nielsen: In 2005, we took the programs will benefit all those related up their operations with new
decision of setting up a print media to the Indian graphic arts. Indian equipment. Some of them are doing
academy in India. We saw that one of printers are competing with printers extremely well — and this may be an
the factors holding back the Indian outside the country and if they can indication that economic growth is
printing industry was a lack of training enhance their skills and product reaching smaller cities and towns.
opportunities. Many printers and knowledge, they will be able to go out
operators venture into a print shop to and get more export jobs. IPP : You offer after-sales support.
learn various functions and in a span How demanding is the Indian
of four or five years, graduate to IPP : Have you ever thought about the customer?
become head printers or a lead prospect of setting up a manufacturing KN: All of our customers are in a very
supervisor. They don’t really have the facility in India? competitive environment. They face
essential theoretical background or a KN: In order to establish a pressure from their customers for
formal education and their knowledge manufacturing facility, you need a timely delivery and they have
about printing is something they have certain critical mass. At this point of deadlines to meet. As a capital
picked up from only one time, India still has some way to go. equipment manufacturer, your ability

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