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Paryatan Bhawan, C-13, Vipin Khand,
Gomtinagar, Lucknow,
Uttar Pradesh




2.0 EARNEST MONEY Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand)

3.0 LAST DATE AND TIME 18-07-2010 by 3:00 P.M.


(a). Name of the applicant firm :
(Attach company Profile)
(b). Name of the proprietor / Director :
(c). Year of inception :
(d). Address of the registered Office :
(e). Telephone Numbers :
(f). Fax Number :
(g). E-mail :
(h). Turnover of Previous Year :
(i). Check List for Enclosures:
i. Company Profile
ii. Empanelment letter with UPDESCO /
UPLC or any other Govt. Agency
iii. Copy of work orders (minimum 25) of
similar work done for other
Government Departments in U.P.
iv. Copy of audited balance sheet of the
previous 2 financial years.
v. Income tax clearing certificate for the
last two years.
vi. Copy of Service Tax Certificate
vii. Trade Tax registration certificate with
TIN Number
viii. Copy of PAN letter
ix. Earnest Money Deposit.
x. Copy of ISO 9001:2000 valid


5.1 UP Tourism, Lucknow invites tenders for “Website maintenance and Online
Accommodation Booking Application”.

5.2 All tenders strictly in the prescribed form should be submitted before the Date & Time of
submission, as specified, along with this tender, duly signed and stamped, as a token of
acceptance of terms and conditions of this tender.

5.3 All tenders shall be either type written or written neatly in indelible ink.

5.4 Technical and Price Bids have to be submitted in separate sealed covers. The envelope
containing Technical Bid should indicate ‘Technical Bid’ and the envelope containing ‘Price
Bid’ should indicate ‘Price Bid’. Both the envelopes should be kept inside another single

5.5 The sealed tender envelope should be superscribing “Tender for Website maintenance and
Online Accommodation Booking Application”

5.6 Price Bid shall be opened only for those bidders who qualify in Technical bid.

5.7 Each envelope should indicate the bidder’s complete address.

5.8 The firm will have to quote price bid including taxes and duties if any as per the Price Bid
format enclosed in the tender form.

5.9 The EMD has to be deposited by demand draft or pay order or FDR in favour of Director
General Tourism, U.P. payable at Lucknow.

5.10 The Director General Tourism, U.P. shall have the right to accept or reject any or all tenders
without assigning any region thereof.


6.1 The Bidder should be registered or empanelled with Information Technology and
Electronics Dept. of Uttar Pradesh through either U.P. Electronics Corporation Ltd. or U.P.
Development Systems Corporation Ltd. (Enclose a copy of empanelment letter)

6.2 The Bidder should have development and support centre located locally in Lucknow.

6.3 The Bidder should have an experience of at least 10 years in website maintenance and
development of similar web based applications.

6.4 The bidder must be an established and experienced company/firm who regularly
undertakes similar work. The Bidder should have designed and maintained at least 25
dynamic websites of Government Departments / Institutions in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
(Enclose copy of work orders)

6.5 The bidder has adequate financial stability and status to meet the obligations under the
Contract, for which he will be required to submit a copy of the audited Balance Sheets of
the previous two financial years, with minimum turnover of Rs. 1 crore per annum.

6.6 The bidder should submit Income tax clearance certificate for the last two years.

6.7 The tenderer should be ISO 9001:200 certified for Software Design, Development &
Website Services. (Enclose a copy)

6.8 The tender should have a Service Tax Registration No. (Enclose a copy)

6.9 The bidder should be registered with UP Trade Tax Department. (Enclose a copy of TIN

6.10 Copy of the Permanent Account Number (PAN). . (Enclose a copy)



The website shall be redesigned in English. It will start with an intro film in Macromedia Flash
with light music in background. The film will be for 5 to 10 seconds duration approx. When the
film run is over, the home page opens automatically.

The home page will be designed on DIV based concept using flash, Java Script, XML, HTML,
etc. and all the latest tools. The inside pages will be designed on the same scripting and
designing techniques. The website will have static and dynamic pages.

Various links and sub-links will be provided on the Home Page for going to various sections
of the site. Navigation will be user friendly and a viewer can go from any link to any part of the
website. Each page will be complete in itself in navigation.

Video Clippings can also be included if desired in streaming format. Connectivity to other
sites can also be given though this site for the purpose of additional information. The link
structure and contents can be finalized after mutual discussions.

The complete website has to be tested and validated through the Markup Validation
Service of W3C and should be made compatible for viewing on all the major browsers
like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc.


The website should be oriented towards its prospective audience i.e. citizens, foreign tourists,
businesses, government departments as well as government employees. The content aimed
must be in simple language, too long or too short pages should be avoided. It should not
require an extra piece of software to access or, if required, should be auto-downloadable.
The text portion is designed in HTML with graphics in JPEG or GIF format. Flash animations
may be used. For large documents (with multi-column text, forms, tables, graphs), Application
Forms etc. format used all over the world is Portable Document Format (PDF).

It has to be noted that since the web users can directly reach the inside pages of the website
using the search engines and there is no guarantee that they shall enter the site through the
Home Page, each page in the website must have a self-contained complete navigation facility
and should be capable of taking the viewer to any part of the website.


In order to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and improve upon the security posture of critical
Information related to Tourism Department as per the G.O. No. 1591/78-1-54 bys0/99-2004
dated 30th Dec 2004 the Security Audit Certificate of the Web Server on which the Tourism
Website will be hosted has to be provided to the Tourism Department. The Security Audit has
to be done as per the guidelines of CERT-In though the empanelled third party agencies.

7.4 Function Point Testing

This test is being designed to verify whether it serves the purpose for which it is deviced.
Software certification will be required from STQC (Directorate of Standardisation, Testing &
Quality Control Certification) under information Technology Department, Govt. of India or any
other institution for main facing and increasing quality of the Website.



a) Static Pages :-

(i) The firm under agreement shall redesign, maintain and update the static pages of the
website (comprising of information of about 400 pages) daily, weekly and monthly as per
requirement under the following area -

• Publishing of Tender Notices on net

• Information of various units of Uttar Pradesh State Tourism Development

• Updation of Package Tours Information

• Tariff of various units.
• News and Announcements.
• Updation of events calendar.
• General information of various destinations, photo galleries, fairs, festivals,
accommodations, etc.
• Other misc. static information.

(ii) The firm shall check the link structure redundancy at frequent intervals and rectify any
problem of broken links.

(iii) The firms should provide maintenance and support of all the PoP3 mail boxes on the web
as well as configuration at PCs in UP Tourism Directorate Office.

b) Dynamic Pages :- The firm under agreement should be able to maintain and update the
dynamic application (comprising of more than 200 dynamic pages) running on the
website which caters to “Online Booking of Accommodation” of various Units of UPSTDC.
The pages are in ASP and database used is MS Access. There may be minor changes
required to be done in this application.
Proper support of training reimplementation of software and maintenance has to be
provided to various units (Lucknow, Allahabad, Varanasi, Sarnath, Gorakhpur,
Chitrakoot, Jhansi, Balrampur, Ayodhya, Kushinagar, Sanauli, Agra, Moradabad,
Haridwar) in UP who are updating the information of Online Booking application, in case
of any problem, including UPTOURS, Lucknow.

Management of Payment Gateway and SMS Gateway has to be done.

c) Specification of the Web Server

The web server should have the following minimum configuration :

• Quad Core Xeon Dual Processor (2.2 GHz)
• 12 GB RAM
• 3 x 146GB SCSI Hard Drives
• Remote Access Card
• Support Plan ( 24 x 7 )
• Bandwidth Requirement : 50.0 GB/per month minimum
• Operating System : Windows 2003 Server
• Database : MS Access & MS SQL 2005 Database server
• Firewall

d) Specifications of the Mail Server

The Mail Server should have the following facilities and should be a different machine
from that of the web server :
• Facility to download mails in any mail client.
• Facility to view mails on the browser through a web interface. The web interface
should denote the amount of space utilized by that a/c.
• Facility to users to change their password by themselves.
• Fully secured Control Panel with following facilities :
• To create, modify or delete any e-mail a/c.
• To fix or modify server space allotted to each a/c.
• To create E-mail Forwards.
• To create E-mail Responders
• To create Mailing Lists to send mails to multiple recipients easily.


8.1 The firm under agreement shall contact the Officer-In-Charge and receive the information with
respect to the above, from time to time.
8.2 They may receive some of the out stationed information through e-mail or fax.
8.3 The Firm under agreement shall publish the received information within 24 hours of receipt of
information. However some information of very urgent nature shall have to be uploaded
8.4 It is not the binding of Tourism Department that all the information is made available in
electronic format. The firm under agreement shall have to digitize the received information
through its own manpower and arrange itself the equipments used such as scanners if
required for proper execution of the work.
8.5 Some of the information is prepared in Hindi Language, the firm under agreement shall be
responsible to prepare the application accordingly and give suitable tool to retrieve the
information easily to its customer.
8.6 The Online booking of accommodation application may require some changes from time to
8.7 The users coming on the website should be able to see the availability of accommodation and
the units should be able to update the accommodation status on daily basis.
8.8 Proper support of training reimplementation of software and maintenance has to be provided
to various units (Lucknow, Allahabad, Varanasi, Sarnath, Gorakhpur, Chitrakoot, Jhansi,
Balrampur, Ayodhya, Kushinagar, Sanauli, Agra, Moradabad, Haridwar) in UP who are
updating the information of Online Booking application, in case of any problem, including
UPTOURS, Lucknow.
8.9 Detailed web statistics of the visitors on the site is required which should include hourly, daily,
weekly, monthly report of traffic, search engine and keywords report, browser reports, etc.
8.10 Control Panel for the Mail Interface and Web Interface has to be given. Training for the use of
same has to be provided.


Paryatan Bhawan, C-13, Vipin Khand,
Gomtinagar, Lucknow,
Uttar Pradesh



Please specify your prices of the below particulars. Price should be quoted separately for each job.

Sl. Specifications Amount Rs. Amount Rs.

No. (one year) (Three years)
1 Domain Name Renewal charges:
2 Charges for Web Server Space (2 GB) on
Advanced Windows 2003 Server with MS
Access/MS SQL 2005 support and .NET
framework (2.0) as per the specifications
given for Web Server in 7.3 (c) and Security
Audit of the Web Server through the
empanelled third party agencies of CERT-In
3 Charges for PoP3/IMAP Mailboxes (50 A/Cs)
with 5 GB Mail Space
4 Charges for the maintenance and updation
charges of the existing website (Approx. 400
A 4 pages) as per scope of work in 7.3(a)
5 Charges for the maintenance and updation of
the "Online Accommodation Booking Module"
as per scope of work in 7.3(b).
6 Designing & Hosting of new pages in Hindi or
English in A-4 size per page.
7 Video Clipping in Real Video Format per
minute charges
8 Extra Web Space per GB charges
9 Taxes if any

Date : [Signature of authorized representative]

with Seal of the Firm

Name :
Designation :