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About the Department REGISTRATION FORM

Department of Information Science & Technology (IST),& Division of

MCA Under IST was carved out of Department of Computer Science 7 DAYS FDP ON DATA WAREHOUSING & DATA MINING
and Engineering in May 2010. The Department functions under the
Name :
Dept. of Information Science & Technology Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering. Dr.G.V.Uma,
CEG Campus, Anna University is currently the Head(i/c) of the Department. IST function as one of DOB:
the University Department having academic autonomy of having its Designation :
& own syllabus and curriculum. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate Name of Institution :
Center for Faculty Development and research programmes in various disciplines of Information Institution approved by AICTE : YES / NO
Anna University Technology, Multimedia & MCA Degree Programme. Highest Educational Qualification :
proudly presents Professional Experience : years months
Choose whichever is applicable:
Objective • Enrolled for Ph.D. : YES / NO
7 Days Faculty Development Programme The faculty development program is intended to provide opportunity • Guiding Ph.D.: YES / NO
on for teachers employed in AICTE approved institutions to upgrade Address for Communication :
their knowledge in the area of Data Mining & Data Warehousing.
Data Mining & Data Warehousing
23—31 May 2011 Contents
E-mail Address:
Data Warehousing and Business Analysis—OLAP—Data Mining funda-
Phone no. (with STD code) :
mentals—Association rule mining—Classification—Prediction—
Convenor Office :
Evaluation—Clustering—Partitioning—Outlier analysis—Text and Web
mining Declaration
Dr. G.V. Uma The above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to
abide by the rules and regulations governing the workshop. If selected, I
Speakers shall attend the workshop for the entire duration.
Coordinators Experts from Anna University and Industries.
Place: Signature of the applicant
Dr. S. Sendhilkumar Eligibility
Dr. T. Mala Participants should be a faculty in any university or AICTE approved Sponsorship
institutions. Mr. / Ms. / Dr. ------------------------------ is the employee of our insti-
tute / Organization and is hereby sponsored for the above workshop.
Registration He / she will be permitted to attend the course, if selected.
About the University • Total number of participants restricted to 20 members. No Date:
Anna University was established on 4th September 1978 as a unitary type of
University. It offers higher education in Engineering, Technology and allied registration fee for first 20 members. Place: Signature of the sponsoring Authority
Sciences relevant to the current and projected needs of the society. Be- • Confirmation of participants will be made after the registration
sides promoting research and disseminating knowledge gained there from, deadline.
Selection is done in first come first served basis. Seal:
it fosters cooperation between the academic and industrial communities. •
Situated in the southern part of the city of Madras (Chennai), the Univer- Mailing Address
sity's main campus extends over 100 hectares. The Anna University is a Important dates Dr. S. Sendhilkumar,
member of the Association of Indian Universities, the Association of Com- Receipt of application: 10th May 2011 (By post / e-mail) Department of Information Science & Technology
monwealth Universities and Partner of UNESCO International Center for CEG Campus, Anna University, Chennai -600 025
Selection intimation by the organizers: 12th May 2011 (By e-mail)
Engineering Education (UICEE). UGC have accredited Anna University with
Five Star Status in 2002 which is the highest rating. Ph.22358832, 22358854