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Add Bardahl to your car or truck for the
additive boost it needs to run at it’s best.
The secret of our success
Bardahl has been winning motor sport races with planes, boats, cars and
motorcycles since 1939. Ole Bardahl had an idea that revolutionized and
expanded lubricant and equipment design technology. Ole realized that
the use of additive chemistry could provide a protective layer that would The “Polar Attraction”
resist removal and prevent wear under the most severe of circumstances.
formula’s protection
Lubricants are normally splashed, sprayed or pumped between load
bearing surfaces. But oil by itself will drain away from microscopic peaks capability is shown
and valleys (asperities) resulting in increased friction and wear. Ordinary in the photo below.
lubricants and oils cannot adequately protect engines and industrial
Ole Bardahl’s development of the “Polar Attraction” formula changed the
way lubricants were formulated. The original “Polar Attraction” formula
bonded with load bearing surfaces to protect them against friction
and wear, even under the most severe operating conditions. Since
its development Bardahl has been working to improve and refine the
“Polar Attraction” formula with developments such as use of “Fullerene”
chemistry to reduce friction even further. With Bardahl Without Bardahl

Proof of Bardahl superiority

can be found in the large
number of OEM approvals
and technology acceptance.

Audi Peugeot
Fiat Renault
Mazda Volkswagen

Page 1-2 Crankcase Products
Page 3-4 Fuel System Products
Carburetor Products
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Page 6 Stop Leak Products
Page 7 Cooling System Products
Page 8 Specialty Products
Grease Products

B-1 Oil Supplement B-2 Oil Treatment Ring-Eeze

• Increases Engine Power • Stops Oil Burning Bardahl’s Ring-Eeze restores power and
• Protects Against Wear • High-Performance Formula performance and contains powerful detergents
• Prevents Sludge Formation • Restores Engine Power to clean off varnish and break down sludge.
B-1 Oil Supplement contains POLAR B-2 Oil Treatment contains Bardahl’s POLAR As a vehicle is driven, its engine is gradually
ATTRACTION (triple protection) Formula to ATTRACTION (triple protection) Formula. wearing out its lubricating oil – using up the
prolong engine life. Improves fuel economy Engineered for older, higher mileage engines chemical additives and base oil oxidizes –
and increases engine efficiency by reducing as well as engines operating under heavy loads forming varnish and sludge. Ring-Eeze removes
deposits and adding a tough lubricating film or in extreme conditions to reduce oil burning varnish and sludge preventing piston rings and
to metal parts. It is suitable for all cars, newer and restore compression and power. Improves lifters from sticking and restoring free movement
engines and is compatible with all motor oils protection for stop and go driving and improves of critical engine parts. Ring-Eeze reinforces
including synthetics. fuel economy. Suitable for all cars and is OEM additives blended into motor oil so that
compatible with all motor oils including synthetics. future oil degradation may be reduced.
#10208 B-1 Oil Supplement
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label #21208 B-2 Oil Treatment Product #1060 Ring-Eeze
Packed 12 x 12 oz bottles per case Bi-lingual English and Spanish label Packed 6 x 16 oz bottles per case
Packed 12 x 12 oz bottles per case

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Original No-Smoke No-Smoke plus Stop Leak

Bardahl’s No-Smoke stops oil burning and Bardahl No-Smoke plus Stop Leak provides
reduces exhaust smoke. No-Smoke lessens all the benefits of the Original No-Smoke, plus
engine noise and restores compression, the added benefits of stopping oil leaks. No-
improving power and performance. Smoke plus Stop Leak contains seal swelling
The Number One selling product in its agents and seal conditioners to restore
category in the USA. pliability and body to seals that are starting to
dry, shrink and become brittle.
#2116 Original No-Smoke
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label #2117-W
Packed 12 x 16 oz. bottles per case No-Smoke plus Stop Leak
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
#2116-W Original No-Smoke Packed 8 x 16 oz. bottles per case
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
Packed 8 x 16 oz. bottles per case

All engines create oil sludge!

Sludge is heavier than oil and tends to separate from it and build up in oil passages. Blocking
these passages reduces or stops the flow of oil to critical engine parts, increasing wear and
shortening engine life.
In addition to stopping oil burning, No-Smoke with Sludge Guard reduces the formation of sludge.
Sludge Guard contains concentrated dispersant chemicals, which hold sludge particles in
suspension in the oil until they are removed by the oil filter.
All oils contain dispersant chemicals, but higher mileage engines can create so much sludge
that these chemicals become overwhelmed. Sludge Guard boosts these chemicals and provides
increased protection.
Changing your oil every 3,000 miles and treating the oil with No-Smoke with Sludge Guard
will not only stop oil burning but also extend the useful life of your engine.

#2216 #2217-W
No-Smoke with Sludge Guard No-Smoke plus Stop Leak
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label with Sludge-Guard
Packed 8 x 16 oz. bottles per case Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
Packed 8 x 16 oz bottles per case

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All-U-Need No-Smoke Concentrated

The complete fuel system treatment that Fuel System Cleaner
reduces emissions and Guarantees you’ll Difficulty starting, rough idling, hesitancy, poor
pass the Emissions Test or DOUBLE YOUR acceleration, a loss of power, excessive fuel
MONEY BACK (where available). It is not consumption and increased emissions?
enough to just clean injectors. To maintain
total engine efficiency it is necessary to clean No-Smoke Fuel System Cleaner cleans out
Injectors, Intake Valves, Combustion Chamber deposits and restores engine performance.
and the Emission System.
One bottle of All-U-Need in a full tank of #2125
gasoline provides fast one-tank clean up of all No-Smoke Concentrated Fuel
these areas. This unique blend of detergents System Cleaner
and dispersants allows Bardahl to offer the Packed 12 x 12 oz bottles per case
first and strongest emission test guarantee in
the industry.
For best results add one bottle of All-U-Need to
a full tank of gas every 5,000 miles. There’s no #2125-6
better emissions product on the market today. No-Smoke Concentrated Fuel
System Cleaner
#5010 All-U-Need Packed 6 x 12 oz bottles per case
Packed 6 x 16 oz bottles per case

Knock-Out Octane Booster Insted O’ Lead Gold

A powerful octane booster with MMT for off- The protections of lead in a lead-free formula
road vehicles. Raises the octane level of most plus a powerful octane booster with MMT and
gasoline from 2 to 7 points. When used as raises the octane level from 2 to 5 points.
directed, Knock-Out Octane Booster reduces This product is designed for older cars that were
knocking and pinging and boosts power output. designed to run on leaded gas. The owners
of these cars know they cannot trust just any
#3011-W product in their classic so they turn to Bardahl.
Knock-Out Octane Booster
Packed 8 x 12 oz bottles per case #3010-8 Insted O’ Lead Gold
Packed 12 x 8 oz bottles per case

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Gas plus, Gas Treatment

Bardahl Gas plus, Gas Treatment prevents
carburetor and fuel injector deposits. Protects
against rust and corrosion, reduces stalling, hard
starting and rough idling. It also improves fuel
economy and reduces exhaust emissions. CARBURETOR
Gas plus, Gas Treatment
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
Packed 12 x 250 ml bottles per case

Injector/Carburetor Cleaner
Provides quick, superior cleaning action for
injectors and carburetors with just one treatment.
Prevents stalling and hesitation, promotes faster
starting and smoother idling.
Dirty injectors and carburetor jets are one of the
leading causes of poor fuel economy.

Injector/Carburetor Cleaner
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
Packed 12 x 250 ml bottles per case

Carb & Choke Cleaner Aerosol

A fast acting aerosol product designed for use on
carburetors, linkage, automatic chokes, P.C.V. valves,
and heat risers. Carb and Choke Cleaner dissolves
and removes varnish deposits, dirt, grease and other
Octane Booster
Improves power and throttle response by
increasing octane by up to 5 points. Bardahl #5525
Octane Booster eliminates knocking, pinging, Carb & Choke Cleaner Aerosol
and dieseling while maintaining performance and Packed 12 x 12 oz cans per case
reducing exhaust emissions.

#3510 Octane Booster

Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
Packed 12 x 250 ml bottles per case

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Honda/Acura Power Synthetic Euro/Asian Power Steering

Steering Fluid with Power Steering Fluid with Additive plus Stop Leak
Sealer and Conditioner Sealer and Conditioner Renews and conditions power steering seals and
Honda and Acura power steering units require Bardahl Synthetic Power Steering Fluid For Euro/ contains the Bardahl unique anti-wear formula
a fluid with unique viscometric properties. Asian Vehicles is a ‘top-tier’ fluid for use in all that stops leaks and squeals.
These properties are not found in regular Power cars and light duty truck power steering systems. Bardahl Power Steering Fluid Additive is
Steering Fluid, but are necessary to keep Honda/ It reduces pump wear and oxidation, prevents formulated for all types of power steering units;
Acura power steering units operating smoothly leaks and improves steering response. improving performance and extending power
and quietly at both low and high speeds. Bardahl steering pump life.
Honda/Acura Power Steering Fluid also contains This product meets or exceeds European and
a sealer and conditioner to reduce pump wear Asian manufacturer’s specifications and is
compatible with all power steering fluids. #5711
and prevent leaks caused by seals becoming
hardened or shrinking. Add to power steering
Power Steering Fluid Additive
Packed 24 x 8 oz tubes per case
reservoir as needed to maintain the correct fluid #5715
level. This product meets or exceeds Honda/ Synthetic Euro/Asian Power
Acura Power Steering Fluid specifications.
Steering Fluid with Sealer
and Conditioner
#5713-W Packed 6 x 12 oz bottles per case
Honda/Acura Power
Steering Fluid
Packed 6 x 12 oz bottles per case

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Engine Stop Leak Transmission

and Conditioner Stop Leak
Restores and maintains the pliability of Specially formulated transmission
synthetic and natural rubber gaskets and additive designed to stop leaks
seals, thus helping to eliminate oil leaks and condition seals in automatic
and prevent their recurrence. transmissions.
It is formulated to reduce or prevent oil Bardahl Transmission Stop Leak also
loss due to seal shrinkage and will help removes internal deposits and reduces
free stuck rings, reduce valve deposits fluid oxidation.
and help quiet lifters.

#6015 #6018
Engine Stop Leak Transmission Stop Leak
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
and Conditioner Packed 12 x 16 oz bottles per case
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
Packed 12 x 16 oz bottles per case

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Radiator Anti Rust and Lube Radiator Stop Leak Radiator Super Flush
Inhibits rust and corrosion, lubricates water and Conditioner Removes rust and scale from radiators and
pump, bearings, seals and reduces deposit Seals small leaks in radiators, cylinder heads, water-jacket deposits.
formation in radiators. gaskets and heaters. Bardahl Radiator Super Flush helps prevent
Bardahl Radiator Stop Leak and Conditioner overheating and is safe for aluminum
#8117 mixes with all types of rust inhibitors, anti-freezes engine blocks.
Radiator Anti Rust and Lube and coolants.
Packed 6 x 16 oz bottles per case #8119 Radiator Super Flush
#8118 Packed 6 x 16 oz bottles per case
Radiator Stop Leak
and Conditioner
Packed 6 x 16 oz bottles per case

Page 7
Gear Oil Additive
plus Stop Leak
Bardahl’s Gear Oil Additive plus Stop Leak
is a specially formulated additive for manual
transmission, gearboxes and differentials.
SPECIALTY It extends the life of gear oil. It also fortifies OEM
additives with Bardahl’s Polar Attraction Formula,
PRODUCTS providing a protective film that reduces wear.
Gear Oil Additive plus Stop Leak also has a seal
conditioner to prevent and eliminate leaks.

Gear Oil Additive
plus Stop Leak
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
Packed 24 x 8 oz tubes per case


Ultra EP Grease Multi-Purpose Grease Moly EP Grease

A superior lithium-complex grease having A general-purpose lithium grease formulated A Lithium complex grease that has a high melting
excellent lubricating qualities over a wide with good pump ability and resistance to point and is fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide
temperature range from -40°C to 260°C. It is water washout, in order to meet the typical (Moly) to reduce wear by maintaining lubrication
formulated to resist water washout, and has requirements of industrial, automotive, heavy- under conditions of high friction and shock loads.
excellent mechanical and chemical stability in duty fleet and agricultural equipment. Used for agricultural, automotive, fleet, off-road,
order to protect industrial, automotive, heavy-duty industrial, marine and mining applications.
fleet, and agricultural equipment. #9020-50 Bardahl Moly Grease can be used for Caterpillar
and other heavy-duty equipment.
Multi-Purpose Grease
#9000-50 Ultra EP Grease Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
Bi-lingual English and Spanish label Packed 50 x 14 oz cartridges per case #9060-50 Moly Grease
Packed 50 x 14 oz cartridges per case Bi-lingual English and Spanish label
Packed 50 x 14 oz cartridges per case

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