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Heroes are those who have the spirit of nationalism and patriotism
deep inside their hearts. They are the ones who have performed brave
deeds. They are the ones admired for noble qualities or special
achievements. Those are the ones who fight for other people’s rights. For
some, are those who make extraordinary things that anybody else can’t
simply do. During the Spanish regime, there are some Filipinos who became
well-known because of their heroic behaviours. Andres Bonifacio, Gabriela
Silang, Emilio Aguinaldo, Dr. Jose Rizal and the others are some of them. But
only one of them was considered as our Philippine National Hero---------he
was Dr. Jose Rizal.
Going back to the year 1861, little Jose Rizal, but his full name was Jose
Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda, was born. He was just a splendid
child at his very early age. At the age of two, he was able to enunciate the
ABAKADA. He was able to make sentences in Tagalog and Kastila at four. He
penned his first poem in Tagalog when he was nine and he also wrote a short
comedy story in the same language which brought delight in their place. Jose
Rizal was rose in a family with no prejudices. To be veracious is a tradition in
them. Although he was only a kid, his eyes were vulnerable about the
discriminations and maltreatments of the Spaniards to his fellow Filipinos.
This encouraged him to fight for himself and for others until he got older. He
fought for his fellow citizens and for his nation above himself. He fought the
Spaniards through his pen and paper. With the use of these two and with his
knowledge and wisdom, he wrote stories, poems, and novels which brought
veracity and anticipation to his fellowmen. He and his writings became
globally eminent particularly his two famous novels, the Noli Me Tangere and
El Filibusterismo which criticizes the Philippine social and political life during
that time wherein the Spaniards badly opposed. His writings also untied the
blindfolds of his fellows that they should not be the slaves of the conquerors.
He is not only a good writer but also good in the field of medicine. He
became a doctor at his early age. He departed to different places for his
studies and safety. But because of his being nationalistic and patriotic, he
returned to his native land to continue what he had started. But the
Spaniards had him prisoned and sentenced him to death. Even though he is
in prison, he never quitted for the sake of his nation, he still continued to
write poems and novels which enthused more Filipinos. No wonder why he
became our Philippine National Hero.
Jose Rizal is a hero who existed so long ago. And now let’s emphasize
the present.
Recently, many of our countrymen became triumphant in the field of
sports. Latest was the great accomplishment of the Philippine Soccer Team
wherein they qualified on the semi-finals. Another was the two boxers who
became victorious in their boxing endeavours; they were Nonito Donaire and
Manny Pacquiao. The latter was considered as “The Living Hero”.
He is not using his pen and paper but with his fist and gloves. He is not
using his knowledge nor wisdom but by his strength and speed accompanied
by his great strategies. He is not travelling to different countries for his
studies but to show the world how Pinoy robust is. He is not fighting because
of the discriminations nor maltreatments but because of the honour and
pride he can give for the Filipinos. He is not eminent of famous writings but
of great speed. He may not be considered as a National Hero but he is the
Boxing Hero.
Emmanuel Depedran Pacquiao famously known as Manny “Pacman”
Pacquiao now considered as the “World’s No. 1 Pound-for-Pound Boxer” in
his generation. He is an unconquered fighter, known and feared for his great
speed and globally idolizes his massive punches and “punch lines”. He is also
an able politician who has a great care with the needs of his people belong to
his jurisdiction. Recently, he grabbed his 8th Championship belt from his
Mexican opponent, Antonio Margarito. In connection, he placed his name not
only in the history of the Philippines but also with the world. In his fight,
everyone, particularly the Filipino citizens, celebrated his victory.
These two heroes of the archipelago are similar in some ways. Both of
them are very passionate on their work, that’s why they are both globally
renowned. Both of them are also very dedicated that’s why they became
triumphant in their respective fields. Both of them are also travelling to other
countries for their preparations. And aside from they are the Filipino prides;
some says that the two of them are also womanizers.
But it should always be evoked that it doesn’t requires extraordinary
powers to be a hero, because in our own little and simple ways, there’s
always a hero in there. What’s more substantial is that you sincerely do it
without expecting any recompense.

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