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How To Get

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How To Get Taller

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How To Get Taller

About The Author

James Silverstone is the Founder and CEO of Height Increasing Altitude Shoes.

James spent over 5 years researching how men could look and be taller, more dominant and
more confident. Soon after, he wrote this book and established the international phenomenon
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The objective of Altitude Shoes is to make men stand out.

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A vast amount of research & development has gone into this book and the entire Altitude
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we have enjoyed putting them together.

How To Get Taller


We all know that first impressions count for a lot. One of the things that determines first
impressions is how tall you are. This book presumes that you have an interest in knowing how to
become taller. In Chapter 1 we outline that there are inherent advantages to being tall. However,
whatever your reasons for becoming taller and reaching your maximum height potential this book
aims to give you simple and easy to follow steps to reach that potential. Not everyone can grow
to be a Yao Ming or Shaquille O’Neal, but what everybody should do is maximise their chances of
growing to their full potential. This book will help you with that.

Something you may be thinking is “I’m already too old to continue growing. So should I stop
reading?”. The answer is the later chapters in the book (particularly Chapters 5 and 7) will teach
you how to ‘look’ and ‘become’ taller and also teach you ways to express your confidence so that
height is less of a factor. We still recommend you read the entire book because the information
contained within will enhance your life in other ways aside from height alone. This book was
written primarily to be an informative, easy to read guide on how to maximise your potential. We
hope you enjoy it.

How To Get Taller

Chapter 1

Advantages of Being Taller

You’ve downloaded this book because you want to become taller, so naturally we’re as-
suming that you already know (or have some inkling) that being taller has inherent advantages.
However, before we start, let’s crystallize some of those thoughts and establish clearly some of
the advantages that height gives us, and particularly reasons why most men want to be taller.

Taller men are physically more attractive to women

Numerous studies show that women prefer men that are physically taller. This is because
height is an indicator of good genes.

Evolutionary psychology suggests that this is because tall men were seen as physically domi-
nant and thus more able to lead and provide for a woman and her offspring. To ensure longevity
of their offspring, women consequently looked for taller men to mate with. This bias still exists
today and women sexually prefer men who are taller.

Taller men are more likely to succeed in the business world

In his bestselling book ‘Blink’, Malcolm Gladwell documents the link between height and
leadership and success. His findings were telling. In roughly 250 Fortune 500 Companies, 58%
of CEO’s were over 6 feet tall. This is an over-representation of 400% when compared with
American men in the population who are over 6 feet tall. Other studies corroborate this finding.

According to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology someone who is 6 feet tall earns,
on average, nearly $166,000 more during a 30-year career than someone who is 5 feet 5
inches--even when controlling for gender, age and weight.

How To Get Taller

There is consequently strong evidence that being taller and achieving success in life go hand
in hand. This may be because taller men are less ignored by others or are simply subconsciously
more dominant. The tallest guy in the room will always command more attention than a similarly
capable individual who is shorter. Whatever the reason, the findings are clear: taller people tend
to have more success in life than shorter people.

On average, a person earns $789 more per inch

they are taller

Taller men are more dominant and accepted socially

Taller people are more likely to be in a position of power in the workplace, schoolyard and
other social groups and gatherings.

This likely stems from what happens naturally in interactions between shorter people and
taller people. For example, a tall person looking down on shorter person during conversation is
demonstrating inherently dominant behavior. On the flipside, shorter people must look up to taller
people during interactions, which is inherently submissive. It is no wonder then that tall people
are seen as having authority / dominance in a relationship

Taller men make better, faster, and more agile athletes

Remember in high school when it was always one of the taller guys who got picked as team
captain? Here are a few reasons why:

• I bet you can figure out why being tall comes in handy when playing basketball or vol -
leyball, but height gives you an advantage in other sports as well.
• Longer legs help greatly in sports requiring running since a longer stride length means
that speed doesn’t need to be developed to the same extent that an athlete with

How To Get Taller

shorter legs has to reach.

• A longer reach helps in all martial arts, boxing and fencing.

Studies have shown that, time and time again, height and being taller has great advantages
and improves one’s chances of upward mobility in all areas of life. One over arching theory sug-
gests that someone who unknowingly intimidates others with their height for their entire life gets
their way more as people are less likely to oppose them. They thus
learn to experience less resistance in their life and their behavior
adjusts so that they are naturally act more in line with influence
and success without even knowing it.


Height isn’t the only way to

judge a person’s potential in
business, sports or any other
area of life, but studies show
that there is an undoubted
correlation that cannot be
ignored. Thus, if you had
the power to even out the
playing field, the ques-
tion is… why wouldn’t

The good news is that

you do have the power to
change your

How To Get Taller

By the age of 33 taller men and slimmer women are

much more likely to be married

For more information on studies of why height is an advantage please see Height, Relation-
ship, Satisfaction, Jealousy and Mate Retention, Gayle Brewer.

This fascinating study of evolutionary psychology established that male height is associated
with high mate value. The study details why tall men are perceived as more attractive dominant
and of a higher status than shorter rivals, resulting in a greater lifetime reproductive success. See
the full study in the Evolutionary Psychology Journal at

How To Get Taller

Chapter 2

An Introduction to Height
According to the magazine ‘The Scientific American’ “about 60 to 80 percent of the
difference in height between individuals is determined by genetic factors, whereas 20 to 40
percent can be attributed to environmental effects, mainly nutrition.”

Nutritional strategies will be discussed later in this book, but for now, let’s explore some
genetic and biological factors which affect height.

Biology and Genetics

The first gene linked to tallness in humans was isolated by researchers working in hos-
pitals in association with Harvard and Oxford Universities. It was found that humans inherit
a copy of the ‘HMGA2’ gene from the mother and father. A specific form of this gene can
add a little over an inch to the child, while inheritance of two of the genes can add about two
and a half inches to the child’s adult height. This skeletal growth allows more height to be
achieved, causing muscles and connective tissue to adapt to the new size.

Your skeleton provides a framework for your body’s size and dimensions, and height is
a predominant factor of this (others being shoulder width, waist width, muscle mass. There
is little that can be done to increase the size of a bone when it has reached its full growth,
but during the growth process (childhood and adolescence), nutrition plays a big role in de-
termining your adult height. If you are in this phase (or have loved ones who are), then pay
close attention to the later chapter on Nutrition.

How To Get Taller

Growth spurts

Growth takes place from time of birth to adulthood. However, it is not

a regular or predictable process.

Two major growth spurts occur in

a child’s life:

o The first is during infancy

o The second occurs at the
onset of puberty

A youth may grow as many as 4

inches in one year. After a year or two
and toward the end of puberty, the
growth rate slows down again.

The beginning of the puberty (the

second and most significant growth
phase) increase in height is about
age 9 in girls and 11 in boys but
varies widely from individual to in-
dividual. However, the major puberty
growth spurt begins a little later on
in early adolescence. Most girls have
their major adolescent growth spurt
between the age of 12 and 13 years;
whereas most boys experience this
between the age of 14 and 15 years.

10 10

After the growth spurt, for most individuals, growth continues but slows
down to a much steadier rate. Each individual may experience growth
spurts earlier or later than the average age. Al-
though it is widely accepted that an individual’s
maximum height is achieved by the late teens,
this is not correct. While it is generally true that most girls
reach their full height by 18 while most boys by 20, there are
many examples of individuals that continue to grow taller even
into their twenties.

The Spinal Column

This Spinal Column is important to

the topic of how to increase your height
because, unlike your limbs, the spinal
column can be shaped and modi-
fied to make you look taller (this
will be discussed in greater detail
in Chapter 5 - How to look taller).

The spinal column is made of

the seven cervical, twelve thoracic,
five lumbar, five sacral and four
coccygeal vertebrae, that is, a total
of 33 bony segments or vertebrae.
These are strong bones with several
functions including providing a frame-
work for your upper body and allowing
movements such as twisting and bend-
ing. Your spine is naturally “S” shaped
and when you are standing front-on, a
correctly aligned spine will appear as if
a straight line is running through your
How To Get Taller

body from the crown of your head, down the centre of your torso, and
finishing between your feet.

In between the vertebrae, 22 discs made of cartilage material are

located. The main function of these discs is to absorb the shock, pro-
vide the spine flexibility and hold together the vertebrae providing
them support. These discs contribute to about one-fourth of the
height of the vertebral column.

The spinal column contributes 30-40% of

an average person’s height

The spinal column allows for good scope of growth and

can be stimulated even post puberty. Even though most of
the height growth happens during the early stages of life,
that is, adolescence and puberty, growth after puberty can be
achieved by stimulating the less dense material in the body like
cartilage and muscles. On the other hand, the denser bones do
not grow much after a certain age. This is why the spinal discs
are so important for gaining extra inches to your height. You can
do this by regularly stretching and moving your back to keep your
discs elastic and susceptible to increase in length by a few mil-
limetres, which can add up to inches, combining contribution
from all the 22 discs.

How To Get Taller

The other important area of height increase from the spinal column is the supporting spine
muscles and ligaments. These are a major contributor to your posture and determine the amount
of curvature your spine will have in its different regions. Weak muscles lend to a bad posture,
which in turn makes you look shorter. An upright torso is supported by strong spinal muscles.
Pilates and other muscle building exercises can be immensely helpful in building strong muscles,
which will support your spinal column well and give you a good posture.

Another spinal column related factor that affects your height is the spinal curvatures. The
lesser the extent of these curvatures, the taller you will be. In fact, a higher degree of curvature
than normal also puts stress on the discs causing them to compress and further reduce your
height. Moreover, abnormally high curvatures can also cause stress and strain on your body lead-
ing to other medical problems.

The common spine curvature problems include swayback, hunchback and poke neck. In
swayback, the lower back’s curve is exaggerated, usually caused by weak abdomen muscles or
excessive fat around the stomach. Hunchback or rounded upper back is caused by poor posture
practiced while sitting and walking. This is also a sign of weak shoulder muscles. Poke neck,
mostly a habitual problem, is the forward thrust of the head, as if protruding out of the neck.

To maintain the right curvature of your spine, the way you carry yourself becomes very impor-
tant. The more you tend to slouch when you sit, stand or walk, the more the spinal column bends
and gets abnormally curved. Sitting upright, standing straight and walking with your shoulders
thrown back and your chest out helps to straighten the spinal column and makes you look taller.
To illustrate this point further try a simple test. Stand as you normally would against a wall, get
someone to measure your height, and mark it on the wall. Do it once again, only this time stand
erect and try to align your spinal column as close to the wall as possible, keeping your back
straight and chest out. You will notice that there is a difference between your first measurement
and your second measurement, the latter being more by an inch or so. This clearly confirms that
your posture affects your height. Make a conscious effort to keep your spinal column straight.
Initially you will feel strange and awkward but once your body adjusts to your new posture it will
come to you naturally and you will notice a difference in your height.

How To Get Taller

Stretching and reaching out for things out of your way is also a good way to stimulate the
nerves, cartilage and muscles in the spinal area. Since the nerves are dense around the spinal
column, the stimulation causes production of more growth hormones. These hormones will get
absorbed by the body when you do activities like stretching, resulting in growth. Though the
bones of the spinal column cannot grow much, the cartilage of the discs and muscles have the
potential to absorb these growth hormones and nutrients. It is therefore necessary to exercise
the spinal cord to force it to absorb these nutrients that will cause growth. Sit-ups, squats and
pull-ups are excellent forms off exercise that help stimulate the vertebral column.

Like any other body part, the spinal column also needs to weaned back into growing to help
you grow taller after puberty. You need to create an environment that would favour and facilitate
this growth. This can be done through proper exercise and nutrition. The chapters on exercise
and nutrition in this book will give you more details on a how to follow a focused approach to
stimulate the various parts of your spinal column to grow taller.

How To Get Taller

Chapter 3

How We Grow
The changes in height which occur from childhood to adulthood can be thought of in two

1. The total height made at successive ages; and

2. The increments in height from one age to the next, expressed as growth rate.

For the purposes of this chapter, you can think of growth in height as a road trip, where total
height is the mileage from your origin to your destination, and the growth rate is the different
speeds you would be travelling at throughout the trip.

Physiology - Childhood

Although most babies grow an average of 10 inches in length during their first year of life, by
the time they go to school, their growth rate slows to approximately 2 inches each year.

During childhood, and through puberty, the long bones of the body contain epiphyseal plates,
commonly called “growth plates”. These are populations of cartilage cells, which are located
at each end of the bone. The cartilage cells, called “chondrocytes”, are very responsive to the
growth signals present in a normal growing body and continue to divide during growth. This en-
ables the bones to keep on growing until the person reaches their adult height. Once this height is
reached, the cartilage in the epiphyseal plates is replaced by rigid bone, which does not respond
to Growth Hormone.

How To Get Taller


Genes play a major role in growth, which is understandable because almost everything about
us (to varying degrees) can be attributed to heredity or genetics. According to an article published
in the November 2008 issue of “Growth, Genetics & Hormones Journal,” genes are primarily
responsible for determining a child’s growth pattern.


The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is responsible for regulating the growth of the body. The
growth hormone provides the information about the cellular make-up, which is used by the body
to produce more cells of the same genetic structure causing body growth. These hormones are
carried to the various organs of the body via the blood stream.

The pituitary gland is responsible for the production of this essential hormone in the body.
This gland is situated deep inside the brain, and synthesizes and releases several important
hormones including HGH.

How To Get Taller

The pituitary gland that synthesizes growth hormones in

human body is of the size of a pea and weighs only 0.5g

Human Growth Hormones are produced and released in response to stimulus that the pi-
tuitary gland receives from the different organs of the body. During the pubescent stage of an
individual, the chemical messengers and hormones signal the body to grow in height. As a result
of this, the organs of the body demand HGH from the pituitary gland and are ready to absorb the
growth hormone when it is made available to them.

An artificial growth hormone has been developed and is used extensively as an anabolic
agent while training in the sports industry. It is also used to treat older people suffering from
certain medical conditions. It is found to delay the effects of aging and helps to increase longevity
and life span.

This artificial HGH however has been found to be ineffective in dealing with the increase in
height. Though this compound helps to lose fat and put on muscle mass, it was discovered that
only natural Human Growth Hormone is effective in bringing about changes in a person’s height.
This is because when the synthetic hormone is induced, it encounters the body in a state when
it is not in a position to absorb it.

Synthetic growth hormone can be consumed in the form of a shot or a tablet. Both these
methods of obtaining the hormones are artificial and do not involve any bodily functions to be
active. Since the necessary triggers required by the body to synthesize the hormone are missing,
the brain does not receive any messages stating that the body requires the growth hormone. Due
to this the body believes that the hormone that it has acquired through these artificial means is
unnecessary and in excess. The organs of the body refuse to accept it and the body in turn expels
it out as waste. Because of this reason, synthetic growth hormones have failed to deliver results
especially when dealing with height issues.

How To Get Taller

The whole idea behind inducing human growth hormone is to force growth of the body in the
cartilage, bones and muscles. Synthetic products may be beneficial for putting on muscle mass,
but they could work against your body under a few circumstances.

The platelets of the bones are responsible for bone development and formation. Until the
age of 25 these plates are open and help in cell reproduction and increase in height. During the
adolescent years, due to the mixed chemical signals and hormonal imbalances present in the
body, a person may suffer from temporary human growth hormonal disorders. Lower amounts of
HGH may be produced at this time, but if the body is stimulated properly and with the right kind
of exercises, this problem can be easily rectified. However, at this stage, if the adolescent decides
to take synthetic HGH it could be harmful and result in permanently stunting his or her growth.
The HGH could cause the plates to close prematurely and affect the growth.

Whether below or over 25 years of age, you should definitely consult with a paediatric endo-
crinologist before taking any synthetic growth hormones. A doctor would also be able to advise
you on the quantity of the hormone you need to consume to ensure that you are benefited from it.

How To Get Taller

Chapter 4

How We Can Grow Some More

Thus far we have provided foundational knowledge regarding anatomy and how various tis-
sues in the body grow through natural processes.

This chapter is where we put this to practice and discuss what influences growth, and more
importantly, how YOU can influence these factors so you can grow just a little bit more. While
there is no magic pill that you can take to grow taller, taking action on these factors will ensure
that you do not miss out on growth opportunities. Later chapters will cover more actionable steps
of how to increase your height immediately, but this chapter is crucial so that you do not miss
out on growth opportunities.

Nutrition is a big player here, but it will be covered in Chapter 6 – Nutrition. However, the next
most important growth factor is so easy to take advantage of that you can do it in your sleep!


Sleep or rest is crucial for optimal functioning in everyday activity.

The body grows most during deep sleep

Losing as little as 3 hours of sleep can result in a 50% reduction in immune function, making
someone who is sleep deprived for a few days or a few weeks far more susceptible to disease
and illness than someone who is smart about their recovery and getting sufficient sleep. Sleep

How To Get Taller

can be broken down into stages, here’s a table describing what goes on physiologically when
you sleep:

Sleep stage Brain wave Wave speed Bodily

type reactions

Fully awake Beta 20 cycles per Alertness

Feeling Alpha 10 cycles per Deeply relaxed,
sleepy second reduced Central
Nervous System
Light sleep Theta <7 cycles per Muscles relax,
second respiration slows
down, blood
pressure falls

Deep sleep Delta 3.5 cycles per Muscles are

second repaired/ built,
dead cells are
replaced, im-
mune system is

Human growth hormone is also released under conditions of sleep. It is thus crucial, that you
get enough sleep in order to grow properly, especially during the growth years. In men, 60% to
70% of daily human growth hormone secretion occurs during early sleep which is typically when
the deepest sleep cycles occur. Poor quality sleep can negatively impact human growth hormone
levels, thus impeding growth.

Research suggests that it is during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep (more commonly known
as deep sleep) that the body is able to:

How To Get Taller

• restore organs, bones, and tissue;

• replenish immune cells;
• circulate human growth hormone.

Sleep has a profound effect on not just growth,

but overall physical well-being

Sometimes it is hard to get a good night’s sleep. Even when we do fall asleep, the quality
may be a little lower than what you want (I.e. light sleep instead of deep sleep).

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your sleep:

• Oversleeping may set the body clock to a different cycle. This will make
trying to fall asleep much harder. Avoid over sleeping. Try and get between
8-9 hours of sleep regularly.
• A warm bath will sooth and relax you, so the transition from alertness to
deep sleep will be much smoother.
• Exercising during the day will sufficiently deplete your energy stores so
that sleep will come faster at night.
• Caffeine causes hyperactivity and wakefulness. Avoid substances which
contain caffeine (coffee, tea, red bull), particularly before sleep.
• Tyrosine rich foods are brain stimulating and may keep you awake. These
foods include Tyrosine which is a type of amino acid that is found in many
foods. Typically foods that are high in tyrosine include meat sources such
as fish, chicken and pork, whole grains such as wheats and oats and
dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt. Legumes, beans and
also considered to be high in Tyrosine.
• Alcohol significantly disrupts sleep by interfering with the stages of sleep.
Avoid alcohol if possible.

How To Get Taller

• Sleeping pills may work temporarily but in the long term will cause disturbed
sleep patterns.
• Keep your room reasonably cool. Humidity may cause disrupted
sleep. A fan running may help to relax and encourage sleep.
• Make evenings relaxed, not stressful affairs.

Alcohol, smoking and drugs

This is important enough to warrant its own section in this chapter, but is also simple enough
to be articulated in this one line:

If you want to grow, avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs!

It’s tempting to indulge in one or more of these when we’re in ‘party mode‘, but it’s also im-
portant to consider the consequences as the human body doesn’t take too kindly towards these
growth poisons.

Together, lack of sleep and alcohol, smoking and drugs represent major factors which can
significantly impede health and thus growth. If you want to grow taller, the most important thing is
to take care of basics and avoid these factors. Just like anything in life, there is no magic pill that
you can take to grow taller, but taking action on these factors (and nutrition, covered in Chapter
6) will ensure that you do not miss out on growth opportunities.

Many people may find that they are unable to grow any further, or even if they can it will be
a very limited amount. Much of the advice on this chapter is about how to prevent growth inhibi-
tion. However these tips are also generally helpful in leading a healthier more productive life.
There are also many things that allow one to make an instant impact on their height. Read on to
Chapter 5 “How To Look Taller”.

How To Get Taller

Part 5

How To Look Taller

It is true that there are genetic limits to how much you can ‘grow’ taller. However, genes
aside, there are things that you can easily do in order to become taller. Most of these things are
ridiculously simple and can be implemented into your life with just a little bit of self-monitoring.


Posture is the most important component when considering height increase, because unlike
your limb length, good posture can increase your height by just a little more immediately.

If you want to look taller in a matter of seconds, take a moment and straighten up your pos-
ture. This will make an incredible difference in not only how tall you look but will also make you
appear a great deal more confident to others as well.

Aside from the obvious benefit of extra height, using the deep core muscles of your body - the
abdominals, lower back, and pelvic floor - to support your posture allows the shoulders to relax,
the neck and head to move freely, and it also relieves stress on the hips, legs, and feet.

Posture can have a very significant impact

on your height

How To Get Taller

Get into the habit of doing self-checks throughout your day so you can become more con-
sciously aware of the type of posture that you are using. If you have poor posture from poor use
or habits (such as from working a desk job, being hunched in front of a computer for long hours
or a poor weight training program), not only will you be taller, but you will likely experience a
significant increase in your energy levels once your posture improves.

Posture is something that most of us don’t really pay much attention to, but can have a big
impact on our appearance. Ideally you want your shoulders to be back, your hips pulled up, and
your head slightly elevated. A step by step run down:

How To Get Taller


Push your shoulder blades as close together as possible, then relax a little bit until they’re
still pulled back but you feel comfortable. This is the appropriate posture to make you look your
tallest. Why? Because broader shoulders look more intimidating and are associated with domi-
nance and thus height.


Pull your hips in and keep your back straight. This movement alone can increase your height
by an inch or more. If you have had consistently bad posture you will find retaining this position
tiring at first as your lower back muscles and abdominals are used to being in a more relaxed
state. However after monitoring it for a couple of weeks it should become second nature.


Keeping your head elevated is often overlooked when it comes to posture as it isn’t some-
thing doctors or chiropractors will pay particular attention to.
However if you want to look taller and more confident, always
keep your head slightly elevated. Ensure that your chin is par-
allel (or a bit above parallel) to the ground.

The reality is most people know what good posture

looks like and we can observe that it makes the individual
look taller, more powerful and more confident. It is often in-
spiring how free and strong it makes a person look, so make
it happen for yourself!

For a great diagram on good posture, see:

How To Get Taller

Back and posture conditions which affect height

The advice on posture conditions below is meant to be generic and general advice. Back
and posture problems are often much more complicated than we are able to detail in this book
and will require posture and health specialists to fix fully and properly. Consequently, please seek
expert medical advice if you think that any of the below conditions relate to you.


Scoliosis – Is a medical condition in which there is a Lateral (sideways) deviation of the

spine. Often the person’s spine is curved from side to side like an ‘S’ or ‘C’. This can be
a painful condition as an adult and if you suspect you have such a condition it would be
advisable to see a doctor or a physiotherapist for an examination.


Individuals who have a serious case of scoliosis should consult a physician or a physio-
therapist. The solutions to dealing with scoliosis are generally related to strengthening the
weaker or lengthened side of the body. This would involve specific forms of weight lifting
for a particular side of your body. It is highly recommended that you get a personal trainer
or physiotherapist for this.


Kyphosis – is a medical condition that is involved the excessive curvature of the thoracic
spine. It is more commonly called hunchback. There are multiple medical reasons for
kyphosis and the condition can develop due to aging alone.


The key to prevent kyphosis as much as possible is to consistently stretch the chest,
shoulders and biceps Standing and sitting with good posture are key to preventing this

How To Get Taller

condition as well. Further improvements can be made by specifically strengthening the up-
per back (not the lats!) and the external rotators.


Lordosis – Lordosis is commonly referred to as swayback or saddleback. This condition de-

scribes the inward curvature of the lower portion of the spine. This is a condition common
in gymnasts of dancers. Lordosis can be caused by tight lower back muscles, excessive
abdominal fat and pregnancy.


Lordosis is treated by strengthening the abdominal muscles and hamstrings. Also the
strengthening of the hip flexors, lower back and glutes will assist in easing any pain caused
by Lordosis.

REMEMBER: By keeping great posture and preventing the above conditions from occurring to
yourself (or anyone you love) you will naturally look and feel taller to other people as well as get
the great health benefits that stem from them.

Fashion and grooming

By educating yourself in, and utilising certain visual elements of clothes, you can make your-
self appear taller. Below are some instantly usable tips to take advantage of height increasing
strategies when you are at a job interview or on a date.


To make yourself look taller, your hair should be thin at the sides, and tall on the top. Often
spiking your hair up with wax or gel adds to the ‘look’. If you ask a hairdresser to use this idea
next time you’re getting a cut, he or she will know what to do. If they don’t, find a new hairdresser!
Here are examples of cuts which can make an inch or two difference to your height:

How To Get Taller

How To Get Taller

How To Get Taller


Below are some guidelines about how your clothing can help you appear taller:

• Avoid clothes with horizontal lines. Belts are horizontal so try to conceal it under
your clothes.
• Wear clothes with vertical lines or striping. Vertical lines or stripping make a per-
son appear taller. It’s a visual trick that’s played on our minds all the time, and no
one ever realises. Pinstripe suits are great.
• Wear clothes with shoulder pads. Shoulder pads make your shoulders appear
broader and as a result your whole body will look more slender.
• Avoid baggy jeans. By covering distance between your knees and waist, baggy
jeans make you seem shorter.
• Wear shoes that will make you appear taller. If you are a female, this should
be easy since you can find a lot of female shoes with 2 or 3 inch heels. For
males, wear Height Increasing Altitude Shoes.
• Avoid clothes that are made from heavy and bulky fabric. The add width and
hence shorten the image visually.
• Wear a coat or jacket that is of the perfect length. They should end where the
buttocks meet the legs.
• If you have a slim
frame and a good
body wear fitted
clothing. The better
fitted the clothes are
the taller you will
look and the better
you will look overall.

Matching shoes and pants

merges the shoes into the legs
and makes the legs look longer.
Dark colours also emphasize

How To Get Taller

power and competence.


Below are some guidelines about how you can use colour to help you appear taller:

• Match your pants’ colour with your shoe colour to make the legs look longer.
• Lengthen your upper torso by wearing a belt that matches your top.
• Dark colours such as black, navy blue and charcoal grey projects power and
competency. People with power and confidence seem taller and more intimi-
dating even if they are actually physically not. This is an interesting psycho-
logical effect and one that you can take advantage of. On the other hand,
lighter colours make you appear more approachable. If you want a command-
ing and confident image, try wearing dark colours.

How To Get Taller

Chapter 6

Nutrition & Growth Supplements


Nutrition is vitally important for reaching and staying at the limit of your height potential. Even
though you may not grow any further retaining a strong healthy body is vital to keep your height at
its maximum potential. If you’re still young, having a poor diet can stunt growth. A good, balanced,
nutritious diet will allow you to reach your full height potential.

Improved nutrition over history has improved our height as a general populace. The average
height for an early 17th-century English man was approximately 5’ 6”. For 17th-century English
woman, it was about 5’ ½”. Averages for modern Americans are just over 5’ 9” for men, and
about 5’ 3 ¾” for women. The main reasons for this difference are improved nutrition, notably
increased consumption of meat and milk, and antibiotics.

It is critically important that you have an understanding of the

nutrition that you need in order to stay healthy and allow your
body to repair and grow

Food is our body’s fuel. It is what gives us the energy to move and the materials to repair
and rebuild our body’s structures such as hair, skin, nails and muscles. There is a HUGE variety
of foods that can be consumed in your diet, and the more healthy items you try to include in your

How To Get Taller

diet, the better. This is especially the case for fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition is an incredibly complex topic and there has been a huge amount written about it so
we will just cover the basics here and recommend more in-depth resources further on.

Nutrition involves six major nutrients. The table below lists them alongside examples of cer-
tain nutrients:

Carbohydrates Multigrain breads, oats, cereals, quinoa, pasta,

brown rice, beans

Protein Lean meat (chicken, beef, steak, veal, turkey

breast, ham), eggs, fish, dairy foods

Fat Nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts), olive oils,

fish oils, flaxseeds,

Vitamins All fruits and vegetables, multivitamin supple-

ments, green tea

Minerals All fruits and vegetables, spinach, red meat

Water Water!

How To Get Taller

Foods you should be eating:

• LEAN beef, chicken, turkey and pork - There is no substitute for this high quality
animal protein that is perfectly engineered to build and repair human mus-
cle and other tissues involved with growth
• Fish and fish oil - Fish has the same
quality protein as the lean meats men-
tioned above, but you also get the benefit
of the healthy fats found in fish, which
are unfortunately very absent in the
typical Western diet
• Eggs - Good source of protein and fat
• Nuts (as well as olive oil and avocado) -
High in monoun saturated fat which is
important for testosterone
• Fruits and vegetables - Packed with
fiber, vitamins and minerals. These
keep you healthy, fight off
cancer and can help you to
look younger too
• Whole grains and
beans - Excellent low
GI, high fiber source
of carbohydrates
• Low fat dairy
Essential for bone

How To Get Taller

General nutrition tips you should practice to make yourself grow taller:

• Regular meals - Eat your meals at regular hours. Try not to vary your meals too much.
A regular balanced lifestyle is a key component to being healthy and to allow your body
to grow at its optimum rate.
• Don’t skip meals - Leaving your body hungry will upset its balance and require it to
gain energy from elsewhere and will divert resources from growth.
• Eat breakfast - Always start the day with a well-rounded breakfast including complex
carbohydrates and vitamins. In essential factor in nutrition for height.
• Vary your foods - Don’t always eat your favorite foods. Varying your diet will enable
you to get a balance of nutrition. Try to avoid processed meats and foods as much as
• Avoid junk food - Pastries, sweets, crisps and soda drinks. These items don’t provide
any nutritional value whatsoever. Rather, eating them will harm your health.
• Reduce sodium - Don’t consume too much salt. Excess salt can cause hypertension.
• Fresh and raw vegetables - When choosing fruit and vegetables eat raw fruit and veg
when possible. Cooking vegetables reduces the nutritional value in the food. Also fresh
juice can be a great tasting course of nutrients and vitamins. Un-sugared of course.
• Whole wheat - Choose whole wheat bread over white bread. Everytime. Pasta as well
when it is available.
• Drink water - Drink six (6) to eight (8) glasses of water, vegetable juice or sugar-free
juice per day. This is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle that will maximize your
height potential. The human body is 70% water and thus liquid intake is a vital require-
• Eat dairy - Eat Dairy - Consume dairy products. 1 or 2 glasses of milk a day is suffi-
• Food supplements - Food supplements are getting better and cheaper by the day.
Multi-vitamins are great additions to your diet. We won’t recommend any specific prod-
ucts but do a Google search and find something that suits you. You can also check out
protein and other supplements to the diet.
• Rest - Ideally you should rest after each meal although this isn’t always possible. Defi
nitely do not exercise soon after eating.

How To Get Taller

Lose excess fat to look taller

The build up of fat in the area of torso leads to the development of a protruding belly, which
is not only unflattering but also makes you look shorter. Because of this accumulated fat, the
muscles in this area become heavy and hang off the ligaments and attachments. These muscles,
which should provide support to your body and lend you a good posture, thus end up losing their
proper shape, causing the torso to become rotund, and contracted in terms of vertical length.
This gives the impression that you are shorter than you actually are. Also, fat accumulated in
other parts of the body gives you body width, which makes your height seem lesser in compari-
son and you appear shorter.

It is therefore important that you lose all excess weight, as this will help you get a shapely
torso and a good posture. When the abdominal muscles do not have accumulated fat on them
and are toned, each muscle tends to stay in shape even when you are relaxed, giving the body
firmness. This affects the overall height of a person in two ways. Firstly, it makes you look slim-
mer, and hence appear taller as the body is held firmly by the toned muscles. Secondly, strong
and lean muscles with no fat around them tighten this part of your body into a vertical shape.
As a result of this, the torso is lengthened, which translates to increase in the overall height of a

A protruding belly curves your spine and makes you

look shorter

There are several effective ways to lose weight without harming your body in any way. Some
great tips on losing weight by regulating your nutritional intake are discussed below.

How To Get Taller

Key nutrition tips for losing weight:

• Set a target – This is the first thing that you should do when you set out on a weight
loss program. By setting a target, you always remain focused on the goal and have a
better chance of achieving it. Also, remember to set short term targets that are achiev-
able to avoid disappointment midway.

• Avoid long periods of starvation – Snack regularly, especially between the main
meals. As a thumb rule, make sure that you have a small healthy low calorie snack
once every four hours so that you don’t eat a lot at one go.

• Eat healthy – Include healthy, high fibre foods in your diet. Unprocessed cereals,
fresh fruits, grains and vegetables are good choices. They are rich in nutrients as well
as high on fibres that will help you lose weight.

• Salads before meals – Have a vegetable salad before your meal. It will help satiate
your hunger to a certain extent so that you eat less of high calorie foods.

• Protein rich diet – Include proteins in your diet. Low fat dairy products like egg
whites, de-skinned poultry, fish, and lean meat should be consumed in moderation.
Avoid protein sources like shell fish, pork and organ meats as they are high in choles-
terol and saturated fats.

• Hydrate yourself – Carry a bottle of water with you at all times and sip on it regularly.
Sometimes you misinterpret thirst for hunger, especially immediately after a meal or
snack which could cause you to overeat.

• Avoid junk food – Stay away from foods such as pizzas, burgers, cookies, pastries,
chips, wafers, aerated drinks and creamy beverages. These foods are high in calories
and fat. Having said that an occasional indulgence is okay and does not do much

A sample weight loss diet that would help you lose weight quickly is discussed below. Also,

How To Get Taller

do not hesitate to visit your physician for a customized weight loss diet plan that suits your indi-
vidual body needs.

How To Get Taller

Here is a weekly sample weight loss diet plan:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Breakfast Untoasted Protein Yogurt or Protein Cottage Protein Cottage

muesli with shake skimmed shake Cheese and shake cheese or
skimmed milk and citrus fruits Yogurt and
milk and citrus fruits citrus fruits
citrus fruits

Snack 1 piece of 1 piece of 1 piece of 1 piece of 1 piece of 1 piece of 1 piece of

fruit or 25 fruit or 25 fruit or 25 fruit or 25 fruit or 25 fruit or 25 fruit or 25
almonds almonds almonds almonds almonds almonds almonds

Lunch Tuna salad Mixed ¾ cup 1 me- 2 boiled 1 small 1 piece

with 1 cup greens and turkey with dium piece eggs with 1 baked or grain bread
greens, ¼ raw veg- large mixed broiled cup grilled broiled with low fat
cup beans etable salad green salad salmon vegetables chicken butter and
and olives with grilled and 1 cup and 2 breast with 1 cup fruit
meat roasted tomatoes steamed salad
vegetables vegetables

Snack 25 almonds 15 walnuts 1 red apple 15 walnuts 1 1 ½ glass

or three tablespoon tablespoon skimmed
apricot of low fat hummus milk
halves butter with with carrot
celery sticks sticks

Dinner 1 small 2 small 1 cup baked ¾ cup Stir fry 1 small 1 cup split
baked yam falafel pat- beans and whole grain chicken (1 piece white pea soup
with 1 cup ties with ¼ 1 cup of pasta with cup) with fish with with large
steamed cup hum- roasted arabiatta large mixed 1 cup of greens and
broccoli mus and a vegetables sauce and a green salad brown rice beans salad
mixed green large mixed and steamed
vegetable green salad vegetables

How To Get Taller

Tone your muscles to gain height

The muscles around the torso are very important for good
posture as they assist in keeping the body firm and main-
taining its overall balance. The structure of the torso is
lengthened when these muscles are toned and well
built. This makes you look taller. Besides these, the
back muscles are also very important for height gain.
They support the spinal column and ensure that it
does not get curved more than required. If you are
aspiring to gain height, you should pay special at-
tention to building lean muscles in your entire torso
and back area.

When you start a toning regimen, your body begins to

burn up the excess fat which you have accumulated over
the years. At the same time, you rejuvenate your muscles that
have lost flexibility and strength owing to a sedentary lifestyle.
As the fat melts away, your body shape appears leaner and fitter
and your muscles begin to take a well defined, visible shape. This
is when you will begin to see the effects of the exercise on your
toned body.

As you continue to exercise, your newly strengthened muscles will

ensure that more and more calories are burnt up which means that
your metabolism rate will increase with each day of exercise.

When you are working on toning your muscles, your diet should
include all the nutrients that are essential for muscle building.
Avoid foods that are fatty and unhealthy and ensure that you
do not skip any meals. Have a meal once every 4 hours as this
would maintain the body in an anabolic state. This is important
because if your body switches to the catabolic state, it will stop burning fat for energy and start

How To Get Taller

storing it, resulting in weight gain. Some other important nutrition tips for building lean muscles
are discussed below.

Key nutrition tips for building lean muscle:

• Muscles require nutrients – You require lots of proteins and even carbohydrates
and fats in limited quantities for building lean muscles. This does not mean that other
nutrients are secondary – you should always try to keep your diet balanced to include
all necessary minerals and vitamins too.

• 50-30-20 nutrients thumb rule – A thumb rule about how energy is consumed by
the body for building muscles is that 50% of carbohydrates, 30% of proteins and 20%
of essential fats supply the required energy to build strong muscles. This again rein-
forces the need for a balanced diet.

• Drink lots of water – Water aids in quick and efficient metabolism. Make sure you
drink lots of it. Ideally you should drink at least 200-300 ml every 2 hours.

• Eat 5-6 meals a day – Eat smaller meals but spread them out over the course of the
day. You should keep feeding your body every 3-4 hours to help sustain the muscle
building process.

• Eat before you exercise – Eat a light snack at least an hour or two before you start
exercising. Do not exercise on an empty stomach.

How To Get Taller

Here is a sample muscle toning diet:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Workout Workout Rest Day Workout Workout Workout Rest Day

Day Day Day Day Day

1 large 1 large 1 large 2 large 2 large 1 large 2 large

Breakfast whole egg whole egg whole egg whole eggs whole eggs whole egg whole eggs
4 large egg 4 large egg 4 large egg 3 large egg omelette 5 large egg 4 large egg
whites1 cup whites whites whites 3large egg whites whites
oatmeal 1 whole- 3 slices 1 whole- whites 1 cup 1 cup oat-
1 scoop wheat extra-lean grain waffle 1⁄4 cup low oatmeal meal
whey bread slice turkey 1⁄2 cup kiwi fat
protein with 1 bacon fruit cheddar
tablespoon cheese
peanut 1 slice
butter whole-
wheat toast

8 oz. 2 scoops 1⁄2 cup 6 medium 1⁄2 can 6 whole- 1 whole-

Mid- reduced-fat whey pro- Grape-Nuts celery stalks white tuna wheat wheat
morning yogurt with tein cereal 1 Tbsp. in water crackers muffin
Snack fruits 1 cup 2 scoops peanut 1⁄2 cup 1 cup to- 1 Tbsp.
1 scoop oatmeal whey pro- butter low-fat mato soup peanut
whey tein 1 scoop cottage 1 oz. wal- butter
protein whey pro- cheese nuts 1 scoop
tein whey

How To Get Taller

Lunch 8 oz. 1 can white 6 oz. grilled 6 oz. deli 10 slices 4 oz. deli 6 oz. deli
chicken tuna in salmon turkey low fat deli roast beef turkey
1 Tbsp. fat water 2 cups ¼ cup low- ham rolls 1⁄2 avocado 2 cups
free mayon- 1 Tbsp. green salad fat cheddar 2 whole 2 cups green salad
naise light may- 1 Tbsp. oil/ cheese grain bread green salad 1 Tbsp. oil/
1 large onnaise vinegar 1 Tbsp. slices 1 Tbsp. vinegar
whole- 2 cups dressing light may- 1⁄4 cup peanut dressing
wheat green salad 1⁄2 avocado onnaise light cream butter 4 oz. sweet
pita pocket with beans 1 large cheese potato
1⁄2 cup to- 1 Tbsp. whole- 1 medium
matoes and vinegar wheat cucumber
lettuce dressing pita pocket

Pre- 1 scoop 1 scoop 1 scoop 1 scoop 1 scoop

whey pro- whey pro- whey pro- whey pro- whey
workout tein tein tein tein protein
1 medium 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup 1 whole-
banana papaya strawberries oatmeal wheat

1 scoop 1 scoop 1 scoop 1 scoop 1 scoop

Post- whey pro- whey pro- whey pro- whey pro- whey
workout tein tein tein tein protein
1 scoop ca- 1 scoop 1 scoop ca- 1 scoop 1 scoop
sein protein casein sein protein casein casein
20 oz. En- protein 1 doughnut protein protein
ergy drink 1 Tbsp. 2 slices 1 slice
jelly white bread white

How To Get Taller

8 oz.
Dinner 9 oz. white 6 oz. pork 8 oz. lean 8 oz. 9 oz. chicken 8 oz. lean
fish tenderloin sirloin ground salmon breast grilled
2 cups 1⁄2 cup 1 cup lean beef 1 cup zuc- 1⁄2 cup beef
green salad brown rice green 1⁄2 cup chini and beans and 1 whole-
with beans 1 cup beans black beans lettuce green veg- wheat
1 Tbsp. oil/ lettuce 1 cup 2 cups 2 cups etables large bun
vinegar broccoli green salad green salad 1 cup 1 cup
dressing 1 Tbsp. 1 Tbsp. sprouts lettuce,
vinegar oil/vin- broccoli
dressing egar 1 glass low and toma-
1⁄4 cup dressing fat milk toes
fat-free 1 cup
cheddar green
cheese beans

Bedtime 1 cup low- 1 scoop 2 scoops 8 oz. low- 1 scoop 1 scoop

Snack fat cottage casein casein fat casein casein
cheese protein protein cottage protein protein
2 Tbsp. 1 Tbsp. cheese 1 oz.
salsa peanut mixed
butter nuts

How To Get Taller

Supplements for growing taller

The body requires optimal amounts of certain nutrients to support physiological functions like
growth and development. Often, due to both genetic as well as environmental factors, the body is
unable to produce sufficient quantities of these essential nutrients. In such cases, these nutrients
can be taken externally by consuming them in the form of supplements.

Supplements can be taken for many purposes including augmenting growth, building muscle
mass and losing weight. Most supplements are easily available over the counter at medical stores
and superstores without any prescriptions. They come in the form of pills, capsules, tonics and
even as powders that can be added to food items.

There are several kinds of supplements that can help a body grow or to impede it. The most
commonly used are discussed below:

1. HGH Supplements: HGH supplements are helpful for losing fat and building muscle.
They give body both strength and stamina. Releaser HGH supplements are considered
safe because they contain only natural ingredients. They are combined with amino acids
and other body building essentials to give the best results, especially if your normal diet
lacks these components. The supplement is also available as a spray, for instance the
GenF20 HGH or Rejuvenate 2000. Capsule based HGH supplements are also marketed
by many companies like KIMPTON Supplements LLC.

2. Creatine: In the human body, creatine in its natural form helps boost strength, which
means that during high intensity sports like sprints or weight lifting, creatine can help aid
performance. When you consume creatine supplements, the quantity of this essential
nutrient is increased in the skeletal structure. When athletes deplete their creatine levels,
they start feeling their muscles ache and tire easily. Creatine supplements are one of the
most popular growth supplements in the market, and some of the popular products are
sold by AST Sports Science and Champion Nutrition.

3. Protein Supplements: Protein supplements are extremely popular amongst body

builders and athletes. They aid in building muscles and strengthen body mass. If you are

How To Get Taller

building muscles, the body requires more than the regular intake of protein, and protein
supplements prove to be very helpful in fulfilling this need. Whey protein, egg protein,
soy protein and casein are the key components of protein supplements available in the
market. Products like ProM3 offer a combination of all of these proteins in one package.

4. Calcium Supplements: Calcium is crucial for proper bone growth and strength. It also
helps in metabolism, which means that with adequate calcium intake, you are able to
extract the maximum out of your diet. Athletes often choose products like Bone Strength
and KAL’s Coral Calcium to boost their bone density.

5. ZMA: ZMA stands for Zinc monomethionine aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate. Sim-
ply put, it is a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. All of these are essen-
tial for human body development. Many body builders and sportspersons opt for ZMA
supplements like PimaFORCE ZMA.

6. Methoxy, Ecdy: These are relatively new

growth boosters in the market. Methoxyi-
soflavone and Ecdysterone enhance
anabolic gains and help in muscle
building. They enhance the absorp-
tion of proteins in the system and
boost muscle development. There
are many several popular brands
under which these products are
manufactured like Gaspari Nutri-
tion, Universal and SciFit.

How To Get Taller

Different supplements for different types of training

Every supplement available in the market is created for a specific purpose and does not suit
every kind of training. Therefore, you should take these supplements carefully and only after
consultation with an expert. It is also necessary to understand the effects of a supplement before
using it; as otherwise you may end up with unexpected and undesirable results.

Some popular products in the market

Growth supplements are very popular among athletes, body builders and those who wish
to look good, feel confident and show off a beautifully chiselled body. This makes the industry
a lucrative one and most of the companies take full advantage of the huge demand for growth
supplements by manufacturing more than one product.

For example, SCI-Mentor offers a range of whey, creatine, protein combines and glutamine
products which can be used for a number of different purposes. L.A. Muscle is another top brand
which has weight gainers, energy givers, weight reducers, muscle builders and many other prod-
ucts. PhD Supplements also offers a comprehensive range of creatine, whey, glutamine, HMB
and other growth supplement products. There are a number of other such companies and brands
who offer a wide range of growth supplements.

With such a large variety of supplements available under many different brand names, it
becomes quite difficult to identify the correct supplement for your needs. What makes matters
even worse is the fact that two or more companies manufacture almost similar supplements and
it becomes difficult to figure out how one is better than the other.

It is always advisable to visit an expert physician to find out if you should use a growth
supplement and what kind of supplement would best suit your situation. This is important as tak-
ing the wrong kind of supplement could affect your growth permanently. For example, if a person
below the age of 25 takes growth supplements there is a chance that the excess HGH present
in the supplement could block the open bone platelets and stunt his or her growth. Similarly if
someone is trying to lose weight and accidentally takes a supplement that is intended to build
body mass, it would have the exact opposite of the desired effect.

How To Get Taller

It is therefore, very important to take advice from a trusted physician before you start taking
any growth products. Moreover, growth supplements should never be taken in quantities higher
than those prescribed.

For further, more specialized information on proper nutrition, see: - a good summary of

the basics of choosing a multivitamin. Also emphasizes that a multivitamin is NOT a substitute
for good food.
min-00400000001551/ - question and answer surrounding what vitamins to choose. Great
read. - The British Nutrition Foundation. Gives great advice on how

to eat a healthy, varied diet. Covers all the basic fundamentals of nutrition necessary for height
maximization. - Website dedicated to healthy cooking recipes. The

ability to create delicious food using healthy ingredients is an important factor in growing to your
full height potential.

How To Get Taller

Chapter 7

Physical Conditioning
Training your body in the right way can strengthen your muscles and help increase your
height. It’s long been said that playing basketball increases your height and to a certain extent
this is true. Any exercise that you do consistently that lengthens your limbs (I.e. in basketball
you are jumping and reaching all the time) will have an effect on your height in the long term.
Genetics is still the most important factor but exercise can play a role in helping you reach your
full height potential.


Stretching is important for flexibility and ideal posture, which is a factor in your height.

Stretching is a necessary addition to any fitness program, especially if you are training with
weights. The point of working out with weights and stretching is to reduce the amount of pres-
sure on the invertebral disks there by increasing the amount of cartilage in between. This will
increase your height naturally. Many gym and/or health clubs offer Pilates and yoga classes with
their memberships. It’s a good idea to start taking these to improve your flexibility and posture.
By improving your flexibility and posture, your height will thank you.

Here are some good stretches to do for the major muscles:

Chest stretch

Standing comfortably, place both elbows and hands on either side of a

door and push the weight of your body forward until you feel a stretch across

How To Get Taller

the chest. For this stretch to be completely effective, make sure

your elbow is not merely to the side of your body but positioned
so that you can feel your chest muscles stretch without pain.
Positioning your elbows and arms slightly behind your body can
also help. This stretch is also called the pectoral stretch and it
lengthens your chest muscles. Remember that the muscle elon-
gates during the stretch, so hold the stretch for 15 seconds. You
can take a 15 second rest between the stretches. As part of your
daily exercise routine, you can include 3 such sets.

Lat stretch

The Lat stretch targets the Latissimus Dorsi and gives your
back muscles a good workout. This stretch is an important part of
any height gain program. To do this stretch, hold a sturdy, planted
object with one hand at arms length, bend the knees and sit back
into the hips. You must feel a stretch in your upper back and
arms when you lower yourself. The stretch works best if you can
contract your back during the pull up. You can repeat this 3 times
with 15 second gaps. Remember to stay in the lowered position
for 10 to 15 seconds to get the full benefit of the stretch.

Gluteus & Piriformis stretch

Assuming the push up position, place one leg below your up-
per body and bend the knee so that it is 90 degrees and resting
on the floor. Keeping the knee aligned with the opposite shoul-
der, press your hips to the side, which has the folded leg, until
you can feel the stretch. Repeat the stretch for the other leg.
The piriformis and gluteus maximus muscles are stretched and
strengthened by this exercise. This exercise can also be repeated
thrice with 15 seconds gaps. Each stretch can be held 10 to 15
seconds as long as the pull in the buttocks isn’t uncomfortable.

How To Get Taller

Lower back, hamstring & calf stretch

Sitting down with one leg straight and the other bent, reach
with both hands for the foot of the straight leg and hold. Keep-
ing your back straight, let out your breath and try to bring your
chest as close as possible to the knee of your outstretched leg.
You should be able to feel the stretch in your hamstring and calf
muscles while your back is gently pulled too. While bringing your
body down, try to keep your arms as close to the leg as possible.
You can stay in position for up to 20 seconds. Repeat 3 times in
a row with 15 second intervals.

Hip flexor & quad stretch

Lunge down with bodyweight mostly distributed on the lead

leg. Lean back and hold until you feel it. This stretch helps loosen
and stretch the thigh and the front of your hip. The hip flexor
and quadriceps are the muscles targeted in this exercise. This
exercise is good for people who are seated all day at work. This
simple stretch can help alleviate lower back problems when done
3 times day with a small interval of about 15- 20 second in be-
tween each. Remember to hold the position for 15 seconds when
you feel the pull.

Aerobic Training

Aerobic training involves cardiovascular exercise to increase

cardiovascular endurance.

This is good for general health, especially in the society we

live in today, as it promotes blood vessel health, increases the
efficiency of your blood circulation, removes waste products from
the body’s tissues and many other benefits. Aerobic training can

How To Get Taller

be done jogging, swimming, cycling, or boxing.

Aerobic training will have an indirect effect on your height. If you exercise regularly and also
rest a sufficient amount you will substantially improving your health, Doing so will allow your body
to dedicate resources to growth that will in crease your ability to grow taller.

Anaerobic Training

Anaerobic exercise is intense exercise used to increase strength, speed and power. It is so
called because anaerobic exercise triggers anaerobic metabolism. Anaerobic exercise develops
muscles differently to aerobic exercises. The latter is often linked to endurance related sports
such as (long distance) running, cycling and swimming. Anaerobic exercise is linked to high
intensity sports such as mixed martial arts. Sports such as football and basketball require both
aerobic and anaerobic training.

The key factor with anaerobic training is that oxygen is not the limiting factor. When you are
running or cycling you will end up ‘panting’ but this is not the goal with anaerobic training. Rather,
the goal is to allow your muscles to operate briefly (less than 2 minutes) near their maximal ability.

The most popular form of anaerobic training is H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) H.I.I.T
trains both your anaerobic and aerobic cores. It involves short bursts of maximal energy followed
by active rest. For example, You could be at a park doing HIIT with sprints. You would sprint for 10
seconds, then walk for 40 seconds, and repeat as many times as you feel comfortable. This is a
work to rest ratio of 1:4, so as you get better, you can decrease the ratio and maybe sprint for 20
seconds and walk for 40 seconds. This type of training allows you to get one hell of a workout in
under 15 minutes, and it’s not for the faint of heart!

The key benefit of H.I.I.T is rapid loss of fat. By slimming down your body yet retaining its
muscular tone, you will generally give people the impression that you are taller than you are. If
you are able to grow further, H.I.I.T will allow your body to develop more quickly with less fat. This
in turn will increase your body’s ability to reach your full height potential. Whether or not you are
still able to grow or not, we highly recommend you incorporate H.I.I.T into your training regiment.
However, please be warned it is a very tough workout!

How To Get Taller

Weight Training

Weight training has a range of benefits including stronger muscles, joints and connective

Certain types of weight training turn your body into a metabolic furnace which is great for
fat loss, while other types are more geared towards strength gains. Either way, a good physique
makes people care less about your height.

A good way to ensure your giving equal attention to different muscle groups is by categoris-
ing weight exercises into movements - a concept coined by Australian strength and conditioning
specialist Ian King. Below are movements which replicate actions you do in real life, not just the
gym, and are much more functional for physical strength and conditioning.

How To Get Taller

Horizontal Bench press, Dumbbell bench press, Machine

push chest press, Push up

Horizontal pull Barbell row, Dumbbell row, Seated row, Bent

over fly

Vertical push Military press, Dumbbell shoulder press, Dip

Vertical pull Pull up, Chin up, Upright row, High pull
Squat Barbell squat, dumbbell squat, hack squat, duck

Deadlift Mixed grip deadlift, Sumo deadlift, Romanian

Lunge Static lunge, Walking Lunge, Step up, Bulgarian
split squat

Twist Sit up, Reverse crunch, Swiss ball crunch, Rus-

sian twist, hanging leg raise

How To Get Taller

There’s tons of info about bodybuilding online so search around and see which exercises
might be fun doing. You can also watch many great training videos on YouTube.

If you’re just starting out and looking for a quick way to get into it quickly, do one exercise
from each group every time you work out. As you get more advanced and your physical condi-
tioning improves, you can start mixing things up and trying out different split routines. (A split
routine is when you work on a select group of muscles/ movements for a workout, simple ex-
amples include upper/ lower, push/ pull, etc.)

For full-on body building advice the bible of bodybuilding is the modern classic the Encyclo-
paedia of Modern Body Building by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although not many people know that
‘Arnie’ wrote a book, his opus (written with Bill Dobbins) is the classic writing on the subject. For
a detailed guide on how to gain that perfect physique look no further.

If you want to know more about weight training, flexibility and/ or aerobic training, another
good book is ‘The New Rules of Lifting’ by Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler. The authors create
a workout program that uses the natural movements of the body. The book also details why more
muscles can also help you live better and longer.

Hybrid Training

Hybrid training is taking everything or anything from the above, and mixing it up together. If
you haven’t heard of Crossfit™ (, this is an excellent example of hybrid train-
ing where the aim is to push your physical limits, using whatever modality of training.

The idea behind Crossfit is that a balanced proficiency in cardiovascular/respiratory endur-

ance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy is
necessary for the optimal use of the human body.

How To Get Taller

An example hybrid session done at the park:

10 x Body rows
10 x Push ups
10 x Russian twists
10 x Tuck jumps
10 x Burpees
1 x 100m run

4 sets.

The workout begins by starting with the body rows and moving through each exercise in turn.
You finish the set by completing the 100m run. That completes 1 set. The idea is that you do the
same circuit 4 times for your workout.

Hybrid training is a great way to maximise your workout time. By working out and getting
healthier in general you increase your ability to grow to your maximum potential. Also a better
physique will generally make people less conscious of your height.

Attaining the kind of body you want requires consistent effort coupled with a well designed
workout program. Here are some useful tips of how you can achieve an enviable physique, which
will make you look tall and confident.

Choose the right exercise regime

It is very important to identify the right training regime suited for your body. This choice will
of course also depend on the outcome that you expect from your training. Unless you choose the
correct routine and exercises, you may end up with results very different from what you had in
mind. For instance, as we saw earlier, weight training can have different effects depending on
the type of routine you are following. It is important for you to discuss your needs and plan out an
appropriate regimen with a professional personal trainer before you start with a weight training

How To Get Taller

Consistent and disciplined training

Any kind of exercise program will yield results only if followed diligently and consistently.
Overloading your body for 6 months straight and then putting your feet up for the next 6 will
probably cause more damage than good. A consistent training program can help your body tone
up and maintain shape and stamina.

Identify the muscle group you want to build or tone

What most beginners do not know is that a workout should be designed in a focused manner
so that a specific body part or a group of muscles is specifically targeted. This ensures that the
group of muscles or the body part gets the maximum benefit out of the exercises before you de-
cide to move on to a different set of muscles. Therefore, a workout which skims over every body
part without actually getting the muscles to begin working at higher stress levels than normal,
will not be as effective as one which specifically targets a single area. The latter workout will
eventually give you faster, better and more sustainable results.

Build your workout schedule with clear targets

In order to get the results you dream of, it is necessary to design a workout schedule which
will help you achieve your goal. As we saw before, different exercises can help tone different
muscles. So, plan your exercise regimen depending on the desired outcome you are looking for-
ward to. For instance, if you want to have an enviable 6 pack abs, incorporate a set of crunches,
knee ups and inclining sit ups into your schedule and stick to them diligently.

Convenient scheduling, and adequate rest and nutrition

Make time for your exercise routine in such a way that you have fun doing it. Motivation and
enjoyment are critical factors in ensuring the success of your hard work. At the same time over
loading your body or pushing yourself beyond reasonable limits will cause more harm than good.
While it is necessary to keep good pace during your workout, over exertion can damage your
muscles instead of toning them. Make sure your diet is balanced and is suited to your muscle
building regimen. Both proteins and limited quantities of fats and carbohydrates are important.

How To Get Taller

Adequate rest and sleep are also equally necessary.

Getting a lean muscular physique is definitely hard work but the effort is always well
invested. An effective exercise regimen can change more than the way your clothes fit or
the way you look. Exercising can be very effective as stress busters and can immensely help
your confidence level. They not just make you look good and taller, but also make you feel
healthy and good about yourself. Regular exercising can also delay or offset problems like
osteoporosis later in your life.

Lean muscles lengthen your torso to add an

inch or two to your height

Some sample workout programs you can try

Though there are many different types of workout programs and exercise routines spe-
cially designed for specific purposes, it is impossible to find one that suits your body type
perfectly. You always need to customize a routine to your specific needs. It is important to
make sure that the routine you select works towards the intended goal of achieving a toned
body and lean muscles. For instance, if you mix up muscle building exercises like bench
presses with toning ones like stretches, chances are you will get nowhere as far as outward
appearance is concerned, although your muscles may get stronger and more flexible.

Pair your exercise routine with proper nutrition including plenty of fluids, amino acids,
proteins and calcium, which help your body grow. Remember that rest is very important too.
Your body builds muscles and replenishes energy while you sleep. So the effects of your
workout are optimally translated into results, only when you get adequate rest.

Structure a proper workout schedule and talk it over with a personal trainer or better still,
get advice from a personal trainer on what will work best for your body type and requirement.

How To Get Taller

Below, I will cover the some sample work out programs for you.

Size/ weight gain exercise routine

A proper weight training program can help you gain muscles and bulk up in the right places.
In addition, weight training can help protect bones and reduce the possibility of debilities like
diabetes and heart ailments. However, you can enjoy these positive outcomes, only if you practise
a correct routine with proper muscle exertion and adequate recuperation time.

The exercises recommended here are categorised by the body area or muscles which they
are intended towards. Choose the regimen depending on the outcome you wish to achieve. Re-
member to alternate between categories for a full body weight and muscle building programme.

Upper Body Exercises

• Flat Dumbbell Press
• One armed dumbbell row
• Pectorals
• Pushdown
• Seated Dumbbell Row/ Cable Row
• Shoulder Press/ Shoulder Fly
• Lateral Dumbbell Lifts
• Dumbbell Shrugs
• Barbell curl/ wrist curl

Lower Body Exercises

• Leg extensions
• Deadlifts
• Lying leg curls
• Back extension
• Standing Calf Lift
• Crunches/ Reverse Crunches
• Wall sits
• Smith Machine Squats

How To Get Taller

For the more intensive exercises, start with 3 sets of 6 -10 repeats each. The easier ones like
calf lifts can be repeated 10- 25 times over 2 sets. 30 second rest breaks in between sets will
keep your muscles fully worked out, without over loading them too much.

Any workout must be preceded by 5 minutes of non intensive cardio exercises to get your
muscles warmed up and ready. At any point during the workout, stop if you feel any pain or more
than a little discomfort. Sore muscles must be given a chance to completely recuperate before
you exercise them again. Workout days must be followed by rest days to ensure that muscle
damage does not occur.

Also, it’s a good practise to allow your body to cool down by doing some light aerobics after
the workout.

How To Get Taller

Body toning exercise routine

Toning exercises are aimed at reducing excess fat and allowing the muscle to become more
visible giving a well defined look to the person. The idea is to burn away all those accumulated
layers of fat so that you become leaner, fitter, feel more energetic and have better stamina and
endurance. As with any other exercise, only complete commitment to the routine and consistent
exercising will give you the desired results. Don’t forget to eat healthy and rest enough while you
are at it. These are critical for achieving a well toned body.

Beginning with a 5 to 10 minute warm up is critical to ensure that muscles get the most
benefit from the workout without damage or injury. Here is a list of exercises which target dif-
ferent areas of your body. Select your workout regimen depending on the body area or muscles
you want to tone. Choose 4 from a category for each workout. Ideal repetitions are 8 – 10 with
3 sets. Make sure to rest for 20 to 30 seconds between each set. At any point, stop immediately
if your muscles feel sore or hurt.

Upper Body Exercises

• Overhead Shoulder Press

• Chest Press machine
• Bent Knee Push Up
• Bicep Curl
• Triceps Extension
• Standing Dumbbell Lift

Middle Body Exercises

• Sit Up
• Isometric Sit Up
• Side Twist Sit Up
• Front Arm Raise
• Incline Press
• Crunches
• Lat Pulldown

How To Get Taller

Lower Body Exercises

• Inner Thigh Lift

• Outer Thigh Lift
• Power Lift Kick
• Squat, with no weights
• Calf Lift
• Lower Back Extension
• Lunge Squat

Remember to give a day’s break between workouts. For an effective body toning program,
select exercises from a different category on each workout day.

Workouts for beginners

If you are new to the world of exercising and body training, here is a low intensive beginners
program for you. This will give you a complete body workout before you take focused weight
training or toning regimens.

Begin with just one set of 10 repetitions at first and move up to 2 to 3 sets with 12 repeats
each. Remember the 30 second rest breaks in between sets and keep the workouts on alternate
days to let your body rest and recover fully.

Start with a light warm up for 5 minutes before beginning the workout to get your muscles
ready for the hard work to come. Here are a few recommended beginner exercises that should
be fairly easy for you to do. Choose 4 to 5 from among these for each day’s workout.

• Floor Squat
• Leg press with Bands
• Assisted Lunge
• Wall Sits
• Push Ups Against Wall
• Lateral Dumbbell Lifts

How To Get Taller

• Abdominal Rotation
• Step Ups
• Ball Crunch
• Chest Press with Medium Weight
• Deadlifts with Medium Weight
• Side to Side Lunge

Before you start, remember the basic rules of working out.

1) Drink plenty of fluids after you workout to replenish your body’s expended moisture.
2) Consult a physician first before beginning an exercise regime if you have any known
diseases or serious injuries. Some exercises may not be advisable for people with cer-
tain medical problems.
3) Get the right kind of rest and nutrition along with your workout schedule to achieve best

And most importantly, stick to your regimen. If you follow these basic rules and stay disci-
plined, you will soon begin to see the effects of your hard work in the form of your stronger, more
flexible and taller body.

How To Get Taller

Chapter 8

Height Growth Myths and the Real Truth

Short people often find themselves getting the short end of the stick in many situations.
Within a professional environment, people with diminutive frames or less height start out with
a huge disadvantage, which often leads them to put in extra effort to be viewed as competent,
efficient and capable team players among a group of taller colleagues. Taller people get more
attention, command more respect and even get the best jobs in today’s highly competitive world.
‘Standing tall’ helps increase the authority you wield and encourages others to follow your lead.

However, there are many opinions, myths and contradictory statements floating around about
whether or not you can increase your height after a certain age. Many of these are misleading,
because of which many short people fail to find effective solutions to improving their height and
enjoying the benefits of being tall.

In this chapter, we shall discuss some of the common notions and myths about height growth
and shed light on the real truth.

Myth#1: Regular workouts stunt growth

There are people who believe that regular workouts or weight training can stunt your growth.
This myth has no basis and is actually quite contrary to the reality. Firstly, no well planned ex-
ercise routine can lead to adverse effects on the height of your body, unless you have a special
condition. Secondly, weight training or otherwise, exercise stimulates growth hormones and en-
courages your body to produce more of these helpful growth nutrients. Third, regular workouts
improve your metabolism which means that essential nutrients in your food are absorbed better
by your body and are utilised better too. While working out or lifting weights may not actually help
you grow taller (unless you are following a specific height gain routine), it certainly won’t make

How To Get Taller

you shorter.

Even the toughest workouts do not stunt your growth

Myth #2: Diet and height are in no way related

Again, not true at all. Like we saw earlier, some kinds of foods do have a significant impact
on how your body grows. Children need plenty of calcium, which is why parents insist that their
kids drink up their milk everyday. However, this is not only true during the growing years, but
also in your adulthood when you are working towards gaining height. Correct diet that gives
adequate nutrition to help the body build muscle tissue and strengthen
bones can and does help at all ages. If you already have a regular
workout schedule, matching it with a properly designed diet plan
can help your body results grow or bulk up faster depending on
what you are aiming at. So if you are serious about improving
your height, think ‘exercise plus diet’ because one without the
other will probably not give you the desired results.

How To Get Taller

Myth #3: You can’t increase height through exercise

There are several people who increase their height by a couple of inches by exercising right
and would happily testify that this is indeed a myth. Yes, some exercises do help increase height.
When you exercise, your body is prompted to release more growth hormones as a result of
your physical effort. Exercising is in fact much better and far safer than consuming bottled HGH
products, as it leads to the natural release of these growth hormones that boost growth and also
height. Having said so, it is important to know that not everyone who does the height increasing
exercise routines grows taller.

That is because there are many factors which determine the effects of any exercise. Primary
among these factors are the way these routines are done, the exercises that are being practised,
the intensity of the routine, the frequency with which the exercises are performed and the com-
mitment that you have towards the prescribed exercise plan.

Myth #4: We are stuck with the height we attain in age period of 18 to 21

It is medically and scientifically proven that everyone grows in height during the ‘formative
years’. It is also believed that once you hit the barrier of 21 years of age, your body shuts down
its height growth processes completely. There are a few experts who also say that growth takes
place up to the age of 26 and no more. Well, this is partly true. Children do grow faster and bet-
ter than adults. This is an accepted and proven fact. In fact research has proved that a baby’s
growth during the first 2 years has impact on how tall he or she will be in adulthood. Proper
exercise during the growing years definitely helps in enhancing the final height of a person.
However, this should be no reason for short people to lose all hope just because they are older
than 21. There are methods, diets and training routines that can help them gain some crucial
extra inches.

Myth #5: Coffee affects our chances of growing tall

Well, yes this is plausible. This popular myth might actually be true - to a certain extent.
Scientists explain that caffeine is a diuretic which causes calcium to be leached out of bones.
Everyone knows that our bones determine the basic shape, form, and height of our body. As cof-

How To Get Taller

fee diminishes bone strength and development, it is possible that your body may not achieve the
maximum height it can, if you are accustomed to drinking significantly high quantities of coffee

However, there is no concrete scientific proof that coffee stunts height. But then there is am-
ple proof that protein drinks, soy drinks, milk and other healthier beverages ensure better health,
better bones and aid in growth. So the good news for coffee addicts is that the adverse effects of
coffee can be compensated by including such drinks or amino acids, proteins and other growth
augmenting foods in your diet. However, as coffee also has many other not so healthy effects on
your body, you should make sure to limit your daily caffeine intake to stay healthy.

There may be a few more height growth myths besides these, and it is always wise to fact
check them before losing hope of growing taller. The height growth indeed halts in normal per-
sons after 21-25 years, but the body can certainly be conditioned to grow again by following the
right exercise and diet program. Also, never hesitate to consult doctors and experts in the field
to adopt the right practices.

How To Get Taller

Chapter 9

Height Increasing Shoes

As discussed throughout this e-book, there are some safe and natural ways to gain height.
However, all of these require a significant amount of effort investment and are time intensive.
Some of these may actually prove to be quite costly over a period of time. And in case you are
using growth supplements, they may also come with undesirable side effects, which you are al-
ways better off without. Even after all this, there is always a chance that these height increasing
methods may not be able to help you beyond an inch or so of gain in your height.

There are several artificial ways also to gain height. In case you are looking for a permanent
solution, there are some surgical options available which are quite expensive and even risky.
These procedures are known to be quite painful and have long recuperation times. You should
opt for them only after a great deal of deliberation and research.

On the other hand, there are some temporary ways of getting taller by a few inches instantly.
Among these, you are likely to have already tried insoles or pads insertions in your shoes. Though
these can give you some quick inches, but they should fit perfectly in your shoes to avoid stress
on your back, otherwise they can result in lower back problems upon long term use. Plus, these
external attachments can be very uncomfortable to wear.

A convenient and comfortable solution: Altitude Shoes

There does exist a great solution for temporarily gaining those crucial extra inches instantly,
without having to bear with the unnecessary discomfort of wearing ill-fitting insoles. “Altitude
Shoes” are specially designed shoes which add 2-4 inches to your height while looking com-
pletely normal. They are designed to elevate you to a taller posture invisibly; that is, they look no
different from a normal pair of shoes.

How To Get Taller

There are a few brands of Altitude Shoes in the market (e.g. “Hite Shoes”, “Altitude Shoes”
etc). Each one delivers amazing height increasing capability and great comfort. The interna-
tional industry leading online producer is Shoes go from between $50
– $200, depending on the style and design. Also, at the time of writing, Altitude Shoes offers free
international delivery.

Altitude Shoes are a revolutionary solution to shortness. Users describe how their confidence
level have shot up unprecedentedly after they started standing ‘taller’ (see http://www.altitude-

Altitude Shoes look like normal shoes but

add 2-4 inches to your height instantly

How To Get Taller

How do Altitude Shoes work?

The secret to Altitude Shoes is HQHI, which stands for High Quality Height Increasing Insoles.
These specially designed insoles ensure that your height increases dramatically without any
compromise on comfort, fit, looks or elegance. See here for more information about how they

How To Get Taller


There is no doubt that there are significant advantages to being tall. As this book has out-
lined, there are ways to alter your lifestyle to give yourself the best possible chance of reaching
the maximum height your genetics allow for. However, there are also genetic limitations to the
height you can reach. Luckily there are external tools that can be used to increase your height
such as high heel shoes for women or Altitude Shoes for men.

When you are born, you dealt a certain hand of cards. This includes your God-given talents,
natural abilities, intelligence and height. However these attributes can be honed and developed
through both internal and external techniques.

It is up to you how you play your cards! Being naturally short is not an advantage that cannot
be overcome!

Good luck!