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CNC Machine


Cutting Speed


& Analysis
Go ahead...

Machine! long as it’s in VERICUT

A crash in VERICUT’s “virtual machining” world can save you in the real one!
VERICUT CNC simulation software enables you to VERICUT also optimizes the cutting process so in addition
machine parts on the computer before actual cutting occurs to being error-free, your programs are fast and efficient.
so you can eliminate errors that could ruin the part, damage And, VERICUT offers the best tools available for analyzing,
the fixture, break the cutting tool, or crash the machine! inspecting, and using the in-process, “as-cut” model.

CNC Machine Simulation “VERICUT paid for itself

and Part Verification the first time we used it.”
Reduce crashes and close calls Dave Watson, Manufacturing Eng.
Eliminate on-machine prove-outs Lockheed Martin
Reduce machine implementation time Aeronautical Systems
Create perfect first-time parts
Reduce scrap and rework

CNC Program Cutting

Speed Optimization
Reduce CNC cycle time
Improve finish quality
Prolong tool life
Eliminate manual
feed rate adjustment

In-process Inspection, Analysis

and CAD Model Export
Inspect, measure, and analyze parts
to ensure dimensional accuracy
Compare as-cut parts with the design intent
Simulate CNC on-machine probing
Create inspection reports and documentation
Create CAD models from NC data

2 Photo courtesy of Mazak.

That sound can be
A simple mistake can
ruin your part, tool,
machine, or even your
machinist! And it can
throw your production
schedule into disarray.
If you use a CNC machine
seriously, you should
seriously consider
VERICUT simulation!

An easy and expensive mistake to make:

after completing a cut on the main spindle (left) the upper turret retracted, causing a collision
with the sub-spindle. VERICUT detects the mistake before it becomes a “real” problem.



Licensing Also Available:

VERICUT’s modular format provides flex- runs on both Windows and UNIX platforms.
ibility – you purchase only the capabilities VERICUT is delivered as both a 32 bit and
just-AXIS OPTIPATH(compatible
you need. It’s easy to add modules; 64 bit application with Windows

let us know and we provide a license that XP Professional x64). G-codes and CAM
gives you immediate access. VERICUT
formats are supported.


MACHINE Syou can:
Also Available:


· prevent crashes. · increase tool life.


· eliminate prove-outs. · boost CNC efficiency.

· shorten cycle times. · be more competitive.
“VERICUT saved us $30,000 on one part alone.”
John Sweeney, Schmiede Corporation - A Leading High-Precision Contract Machine Shop
CNC Machine Simulation
No more expensive surprises! Simulate your CNC
machines, exactly as they behave on the shop floor,
so you can detect errors and potential problems
before the program goes out to the shop!
A machine crash can be very expensive, zones” around the components to Machine Simulation Supports:
potentially ruin the machine, and delay
your entire manufacturing schedule! But
check for close calls, and even detect
over-travel errors. Machine movements
· Multi-axis milling, drilling, turning,
mill-turn, EDM.
with VERICUT, you can dramatically
reduce the chance for error and avoid
can even be simulated while stepping
or playing backwards in VERICUT’s
· Simultaneous mill/turn on different
spindles and workpieces.
wasting valuable production time prov-
ing-out new programs on the machine.
Review Mode. · Machines with multiple synchro-
nized CNC controls.

Machine Simulation detects collisions

A selection of customizable machine
models is included. Or, you can build
· Auxiliary attachments: tail stock,
steady rests, part catchers, bar
and near-misses between all machine models from scratch. Machine compo- pullers, etc.
tool components such as axis slides,
heads, turrets, rotary tables, spindles,
nents can be designed in a CAD system
or defined in VERICUT. A “Component
· Automatic workpiece transfer to
pick-off or sub-spindles.
tool changers, fixtures, work pieces,
cutting tools, and other user-defined
Tree” feature makes it easy to connect
the pieces and manage the kinematics
· IGES or STL models, and others.
Many sample machines and control
objects. You can set up “near-miss of the machine. configurations are included.

Prevent CNC machine crashes

and near-misses

Reduce the time it takes to

implement new CNC machines

Show machinists what to

expect from new NC programs

Improve process efficiency

Increase shop safety

VERICUT’s MDI includes
axis jog buttons and
Enhance presentations
allows tool positioning
by graphical picks. Using and documentation
the simple MDI controls,
you can make sure your Train programmers and
machine can reach all machinists without using
the necessary features of
production time...
the part.
4 or risking a crash
Superior Collision Checking
VERICUT features the most accurate collision- VERICUT detects
checking available. Rather than just checking the collision!
points along a path, VERICUT checks along the
entire path of travel. You don’t have to specify a
“step size” tolerance that Point-check methods
can slow the simulation can miss collisions!
if too small or miss
the collision if
too large!

Photo courtesy of
Okuma America
Cutter/Grinder Verification & Machine Simulation
Before you risk crashing the machine, breaking the cutter, or destroying the grinding wheel, verify grinding
operations in VERICUT and perform detailed analysis to make sure the part is correct before machining!
Featuring an interface designed especially for grinding, Cutter/Grinder Verification can be launched
from a grinder programming system (i.e. NUMROTOplus® or Schütte) to verify multi-axis grind-
ing. Cutter/Grinder Machine Simulation detects collisions, overtravel, and near-misses.

Included Tools to Simulate More Complex Applications...

New machining techniques and
complex control functions require
· CNC controls which allow
programming of the tool axis
greater simulation capabilities. using IJK tool axis vectors
VERICUT supports: · Turning operations which are
· Automatic part transfer
between fixtures
not symmetric about the lathe
· Facing head (or
“programmable boring bar”)
· Parallel kinematics machines
such as the Tricept head shown
· Index® mill/turn machining to the right
center’s multi-channel
· Multi-axis waterjet cutting
CNC Progr am
OptiPath supports
multi-axis machining!

Cut Par ts Faster!

Improve Surface Finish!
Reduce Tool Wear!
VERICUT’s optimization module, Simplified Setup and Use Optimization for Finishing
OptiPath,® automatically modifies A setup wizard prompts you for cutter Chip loads typically vary widely as the
feed rates based on the current settings as you machine the part. Essen- tool profiles through the material left be-
cutting conditions to make your tially, you add intelligence to the cutter. hind during roughing cuts and over the
programs more efficient... while All the settings for that cutter are stored contours of the workpiece to near net
in an optimization library. You define shape. OptiPath adjusts the feed rates
also extending tool life and improv-
the settings once. Every time you use to maintain a constant chip load. (Con-
ing finish quality!
that cutter the results can be instantly sistent chip loads are recommended
Knowledge-Based Machining optimized! by cutting tool makers to reduce “chip
VERICUT is a true knowledge-based thinning.”) The results are improved tool
machining system: through the simula- OptiPath also features a “learn mode” life and better finish. This is especially
tion process, it learns the exact depth, for creating the optimization library critical when tip cutting with a ball end
width, and angle of each cut. And it with no setup required. For each tool, mill or contouring a surface with a small
knows exactly how much material is OptiPath finds the maximum volume step-over, such as semi-finishing or
removed by each cut segment. With that removal rate and chip thickness and finishing in a tool steel mold cavity, for
knowledge, OptiPath divides the motion uses them to determine the optimization example.
into smaller segments. Where neces- settings for the tool.
sary, based on the amount of material
removed in each segment, it assigns the Optimization for Roughing
best feed rate for each cutting condition During roughing, the goal is to remove
encountered. It then outputs a new tool as much material as quickly as pos-
path, identical to the original but with sible. OptiPath keeps the cutter at its
improved feed rates. It does not alter maximum safe rate-of-advance into ma-
the trajectory. terial for the varying cutting conditions.
For example, during planar roughing
“4½ hours of programmer of an aluminum aerospace structural
component, material may be removed
time spent on optimization
at a constant axial depth, but the radial
saved us $75,000!” width of cut could differ greatly from
Brian Carlson
cut to cut. OptiPath modifies the feed
Programming Manager OptiPath features a “learn mode” for easy
Aerospace Dynamics, rates to maintain a constant volume creation of optimized NC programs with no
International removal rate. setup required.
“...the result of using the optimization feature is a
savings of more than 81 hours on one job alone.”
Ben Miller
Tool & Die Programmer,
Parker Hannifin Corporation, Racor Division

How it Works...
As the cutting tool encounters more Machine More Efficiently...
material, feed rates decrease; as Cut more parts in the same amount
less material is removed, the feed of time – it’s like getting another
rates speed up accordingly. Based CNC machine! Reducing cycle time
on the amount of material removed increases productivity and gets parts
by each cut segment, OptiPath to market more quickly.
automatically calculates and inserts
improved feed rates where neces- Save Money...
sary. Without changing the trajec-
Increased productivity by reducing
tory, OptiPath writes the updated
the time it takes to cut parts can add
feed rates to a new NC program.
up to significant yearly savings.

Could You Benefit from OptiPath? Improve Part Quality...

Do any of the following sound familiar? If so, OptiPath can help!
Constant cutting pressure causes
· Removing a lot of material · Optimizing programs “by ear” little or no variation in cutter deflec-
· Long machining times · Reworking programs for feeds/ tion. Finishes on corners, edges, and
· Large NC programs speeds... or no time to do so blend areas are better so less bench
· Interrupted cuts (multiple entry/exit) · CAM system and/or programmers
work is required.
· Cutting at variable depths/widths don’t have necessary knowledge
· High speed machining · “Resident expert” retiring/leaving
Make Cutters Last Longer...
· Thin wall machining · Poor surface finish
· Delicate tooling and materials · Excessive bench time
Optimum cutting conditions prolong
· Expensive tooling and materials · Chip thinning problems tool life. Shorter machining times
· Hard materials, soft materials · Cutter deflection problems mean less cutter wear, so you have
· Older equipment · Chatter in corners to change tools or inserts less fre-
· Multiple parts · Air cuts or light cuts at slow or pro- quently.
· Premature cutter wear/failure grammed feed rates
Reduce Machine Wear...
A more constant cutting pressure
between the machine tool and the
workpiece reduces variable forces
on the axis motors for smoother
machine operation.

Make Better Use of Time...

Machinists don’t have to be glued to
the feed rate override! They can run
multiple machines, set up the next
job, or attend to other duties.

CNC Progr am
Workpiece Verification
V E R I C U T Ve r i f i c a t i o n m a k e s Three Steps Get You Started: Control Support:
detecting program mistakes and Verification supports most common
1. Define your stock model
verifying part accuracy easy! control functions, and controls are
Import from your CAD system easily modified.
The Project or create it in VERICUT
· Rotary axis pivot points
Tree gives you
the ability to 2. Set up your tooling Look-ahead cutter compensation
view and con-
figure all set-
·Tool setup wizards for milling
tools and turrets
· Supports several different tool
length compensation methods
· ·
ups for a given
job. Each setup Create any cutter shape Control cycles; fixture offsets
has its own
CNC machine,
·Read cutter descriptions from
the tool path file
· Variables, subroutines, macros,
looping, branching logic
fixtures, tools,
NC programs, Import via CAD/CAM or tool
Inspection and Measurement:
and simula-
tion settings.
management interface
3. Import your NC program
· Zoom, reverse, rotate, cross-sec-

The cut stock tion the cut stock
moves from
setup to setup,
CAM files (APT)
· Measure thickness, volume, depth,
gaps, distances, angles, hole
orienting at Then press cut. It’s that simple! diameters, corner radii, scallop
each step. heights, etc.
Superior Performance: Machining Support: Other Capabilities:
VERICUT’s unique algorithm provides · 3-axis milling · Video and image capture
fast, accurate results. Performance does · Rotary axis positioning · Create a custom user interface for
not degrade with increased cuts, so · 2-axis turning specific applications
VERICUT can process programs with
millions of cuts and virtually any type of
· Multiple simultaneous
cutting tools
· Add previously removed material
back to the cut stock when step-
material removal technique. · Multiple setups or operations ping back in Review Mode

Multi-Axis EDM Die Sinking

As complexity of the part and the ma- Do you check/re-check mold components, milling programs, electrode models,
chining operation increases, so does and electrode milling programs to get proper first-time die sinking results?
the chance for error. Don’t leave the ac- How often does an error still make it through your careful checks?
curacy of the NC program, the quality of
the part, or the safety of the operator to
Using “as cut” models of the rough machined mold and electrodes,
detect electrode overlap, gaps, gouges, over-burn, and unburned re-
chance! The Multi-Axis module verifies gions.
and simulates material removal during: ·
Compare the finish-burned
· Multi-axis milling (i.e. cutting with
a changing tool axis)
mold/die to a CAD model of the
final mold component or molded
· Synchronized motion of multiple
independent cutting heads or
part using AUTO-DIFF.

attachments such as 4-axis VERICUT accurately simulates EDM

lathes/mill-turns or multiple-head die sinking operations – so you get
machines it right the first time! FAST!
CNC Probe
Progr ams
Create & Simulate CNC Probe Programs
1. The part
5. Probe motions
are simulated prior
to being sent to
CNC machine

is cut
VERICUT is an ideal place to create probing
sequences in a CNC program because of its
‘in-process’ model. This in-process feature
geometry is not available anywhere else in
the CNC manufacturing process.

With VERICUT simulation, there is no

4. G-code
reason creating your probing operations output
should ever cause a headache! It noti-
2. Features are
fies you when the probe tip contacts an selected 3. Parameters are set
object while not in ‘probe mode,’ and (post-processor,
cycle types,
detects any collisions. By emulating the tolerances, etc.)
probe cycle’s logic (which may alter machine
motion based on information gathered during probing),
VERICUT helps protect probes and probe tips that could be dam- results. Contact CGTech to learn how
aged or broken by programming errors. VERICUT can create and simulate your
custom probe cycles!
VERICUT simulates probe cycle subroutines or sub-programs, including complex
logic and Type II formats used to set offsets and make decisions based on probe CNC Machine Probing will help ensure
that you will not destroy the probe or
Inspection Reports & Setup Plans crash the machine during tasks such
Save time and improve accuracy by generating
in-process inspection instructions and other Locating the stock and/or fixture
and adjusting offsets
documentation from VERICUT’s simulated
in-process machined features! Measuring and adjusting for stock
With VERICUT, you can establish a formal,
but simple and efficient method to create and
· Identifying stock and/or fixture
configuration or part number
document inspection and setup procedures
using in-process feature dimensions.
· Measuring and adjusting tool or
fixture offsets
All VERICUT reports are highly customizable · Detecting tool failure
using a simple template. Creating the reports is quick and easy because
you use the in-process model to graphically select features. For inspection
· Inspecting machined features

reports, VERICUT identifies the feature, extracts feature sizes, and applies
a standard tolerance for the measurement. You can then add any additional
instructions and select the measuring instrument from a list. The setup plan
feature allows you to add simple dimensions and notes to a VERICUT image
than can then be added to a VERICUT report. All VERICUT reports can be
saved in standard HTML or PDF format.
Progr am Analysis
& C A D Expor t
AUTO-DIFF enables you to detect design, VERICUT highlights the gouge and records
gouges and excess material by the error. The design model even moves with the cut
comparing the design model to the stock as it transitions between setups.
VERICUT “as-machined” model. You can assign different colors to the design model,
By the time it is ready to be machined, rough stock, errors, gouges, collisions, or excess
a design may have passed through material for easy identification. The Surface
several engineers/programmers, de- Range tables include a value to
partments, companies, and CAD/CAM represent surface cuts exactly
systems. In the end, it can be difficult matching the design
to tell whether the tool path accurately model. Unique col-
reflects the design intent. With AUTO- ors can be desig-
DIFF, you can be sure. nated for these
The design model can be a solid, sur- features.
face, skin, or points. You can “embed” it Zoomed
inside the rough material for interactive AUTO-DIFF
results show
gouge-checking. If the tool contacts the a gouge

Model Export Make Legacy Data Useful: Improve Reverse Engineering:

With Model Export, you can create
CAD models of the cut part from
· Create CAD models from old
G-code or APT programs
· Take the “as-machined” model
back into your CAD system
your NC data... at any stage of the
machining process, and complete with
· Import them into your CAD
system for modifications
· Update the design model to
reflect the true finished part
machined features! · Design mating parts, etc. · Perform mechanical analysis of
the “as-cut” part
Improve Process Planning:
VERICUT can be used to create a CAD
model from an existing NC program. The
· Plan for multiple setups or staged
model includes features such as holes,
fillets, corner radii, pocket floors and
· Avoid problems when program-
ming subsequent cuts
walls – just as it’s cut on the machine.
· Export a CAD model at any
· Eliminate trying to “visualize”
material shape at each stage
stage in the machining process
· You control the tolerance and
accuracy settings
· IGES & STL output
and ACIS output with optional
model interface

In-process, “as-machined” model you

can use in your CAD program!
NX® Interface
Enables you to
easily verify individual paths,
a series of selected paths,
or a complete sequence of
operations. Stock, fixture,
and design models are au-
tomatically transferred to
Interfaces & Conver ters
VERICUT, along with tool
path and tooling information.

Also Available:
The VERICUT process runs Mastercam Interface
independently, so you can Using Mastercam’s C-Hook GIBBSCAM NX HYPERMILL
work in NX while verifying a technology, the interface TDM WINTOOL
NC program. runs VERICUT directly from
within Mastercam. Setup
CATIA® V5 information, including tools,
Interface tool paths, and models
Integrates are automatically transferred
from Mastercam to VERICUT Pro/E ® Interface PowerMILL® Interface
in their proper orientation Launches VERICUT from Launches VERICUT from
process to make setting up,
and location. You can work in Pro/E to run interactively PowerMILL. Tool definitions,
simulating, and optimizing
Mastercam while VERICUT or in batch mode. Motions stock, fixture and design ge-
NC programs easier and
verifies the NC program. for the selected Operation ometry from PowerMILL are
more efficient. You can verify
or NC Sequence, tool de- automatically transferred to
individual operations, a series
scriptions, and reference/ VERICUT. The PowerMILL
of operations, or a set of com-
workpiece/fixture models interface to VERICUT is sup-
plete NC programs. All stock, EdgeCAM ® Interface from the current session are
fixture, and design geometry Developed using Pathtrace’s plied by Delcam.
automatically transferred to
is automatically transferred to PDI development tools, the
VERICUT in the correct ori- interface simplifies setup
an external process, enabling
entation, along with tool path, by transferring model, tool
you to work in Pro/E while TDM Interface
tooling, machine and control assembly, and NC program
VERICUT verifies the tool This module provides direct
data and other simulation information to VERICUT. You
path. The Pro/E interface access to tooling data avail-
parameters. VERICUT runs can launch VERICUT from
to VERICUT is supplied by able in the Tool Data Man-
independently, so you can EdgeCAM, but it runs exter-
PTC. agement System for use in
continue working in CATIA nally so you can continue
while simulating and optimiz- working in EdgeCAM while VERICUT. No intermediate
ing your NC programs. verifying and optimizing NC files are produced, so the
programs in VERICUT. hyperMILL® Interface data is the latest available
CATV™ – CATIA V4 Launches VERICUT from from the TDM database.
Interface hyperMILL. Tool definitions,
Runs VERICUT from inside GibbsCam Interface stock, fixture and design
CATIA and transfers CATIA A plug-in in GibbsCam geometry from hyperMILL
geometry for stock, fixture, launches VERICUT. Tool are automatically transferred WinTool Interface
and design models. It con- definitions, stock, fixture to VERICUT. The hyperMILL With the WinTool interface,
verts CATIA line and arc ele- and design geometry from interface to VERICUT is sup- new tools can be easily as-
ments into VERICUT cutter GibbsCAM are automatically plied by OPEN MIND. sembled, adjusted, and im-
and holder tool definitions. transferred to VERICUT. ported in VERICUT, ready to
Based on CATIA coordinate The VERICUT process runs use, and without additional
systems, CATV automatically independently, so you can modifications. The WinTool
calculates translations and work in GibbsCAM while interface to VERICUT is sup-
rotations. verifying a NC program. plied by Datos.

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