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Risk Assessment Data Directory Guide to finding and using reliability data for QRA Global experience “Ihe International Association of Oil 8: Gas Producers has access oa wealth of technical knowledge and tetsains. We collate and distil this valuable knowle perience with its members aperating around the workd in many diflerent vr the industey to seas guidelines for good practice by individual members, Consistent high quality database and guidelines (Out osctll aim is to ensure a consistent approach to euaining, managensent and bese prac sive theoughoue the ward Ihe oil and gasexploration and production industsy recognises the nee to develop consi cnt databases and records in certain elds, The OGPS members ave encouraged to use the {guidelines as a asting point for their operations arto supplement theie own poleies and regulations wich may apply locally Internationally recognised source of industry information Many of uur guidelines have been recognil and used by interasional authorities a safery and ensironmental bodies. Requests vome from governments ad non-government organisations aro the world as wells fro non-mserber companies, Disclaimer Walser ffne hasbeen made te ensure the acanary ofthe norenaton antatued reutor the OGP nar a came lain fran foveseable or aufnocerable wie made ther of ts oF thee nego Urabe herds diy Caner sch nse asa sherecpione ven ih the bats th The document many equation. N ~ i supersede rede fiom such requirements she eve of ay efit 0 1 he procsans of thts dovunaeut aud fs Copyright notice ave © The ternational Asovnaion of Ol and Gas Prodacor. Be tha shecopyright of OGP and ( 1. oaher rights served." uy other wie eg to eprint vpore ich oo part prstded the san are arbucac of sheOGP. Tow F and stn sand Conditions shal beg esac hors fom all bests RADD ~ Guide to finding and using reliability data for QRA, contents 1.0 Scope and Application 14.1 Scope. 1.2 Application 1.3. Definitions. 2.0 Summary of Recommended Dat 2.4 Copyright: 2.2 Sources of Reliability Data . 3,0 Guidance on use of data 3.1. Introduction. 3.2 Failure Rate Calculation. 3.21 3.22 3.23 3.2.4 Failure Rate Calculation #3 — Many Failures with Probability Plotting 3.2.5 Treatment of Common Cause Failures .. 13, 3.2.6 Failure Rate Calculation using the OREDA Estimato 13, 3.3. Calculation of “on demand” Failure Probability. 3.4 Guidance Specific to the OREDA Handbook .. 3.4.1. Selecting Appropriate Data 4,0 Review of data sources ,. 4.1 OREDA Database and Handbook(s| 4.41.1 OREDA Data Presentation. 4.2 MIL-HDBK-217F 4.3 FIDES 4.4 EPRD-97 an 4.5 PDS Data Handboo! 4.6 FARADIP IIL 4.7 IEEE 493-1997 4.8 Sintef Reports, SubseaMaster and WellMaster 5.0 Recommended data sources for further information .. 6.0 References