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Protect Your Rights

No one anticipates being in the uncomfortable position of needing legal represen

tation, but if you find yourself trapped in that situation, hiring the most comp
etent and experienced attorney can make the difference between costly fines and/
or lengthy incarceration or walking away with your reputation intact. The Ford F
irm of Atlanta, Georgia, a criminal defense firm, is dedicated to offering the b
est possible service regardless of the nature or extent of the criminal charges.
Servicing clients from metro Atlanta as well as throughout the state and across
the country, the Ford Firm operates confidently in both state and federal court
As a leading criminal defense law practice, The Ford Firm consists of savvy, exp
erienced lawyers who are determined to see justice prevail and the presumption o
f “innocent until proven guilty” honored as a reality for each and every client. If
contacted before actual arrest and charges filed, your Ford attorney may be able
to halt the entire process due to insufficient evidence, thus protecting your r
eputation, job, relationships and community standing. If charges have been filed
, it may be possible to have them dismissed before an indictment. In the event t
hat the case does go to court, Tom Ford is prepared to mount a creative, aggress
ive and intelligent defense on your behalf.
Contacting a capable lawyer is one of the smartest decisions you can make when f
aced with possible criminal proceedings, and the Ford Firm is experienced in all
the following areas:
• Assault and battery, murder
• Child pornography
• Drug-related offenses, DUI
• Embezzlement
• Firearms
• Fraud
• Kidnapping
• Parole/probation violations and revocations
• Sex crimes including rape
• Robbery, theft
• White collar crimes
By hiring appropriate legal representation you may be able to have more serious
felony charges reduced to misdemeanors and avoid the damage that crippling fines
and jail time can present both to you personally and to your family who will al
so be impacted. The expert legal knowledge available when you choose a Ford Firm
lawyer will guarantee that you get the best criminal defense possible throughou
t the entire process. Strategies such as getting charges reduced, over-turning c
onvictions through the appeals process and advocating for clients from start to
finish is all part of the normal advocacy for which this Atlanta law firm is wel
Should you find yourself facing the possibility of criminal charges, call the Fo
rd Firm at the earliest possible opportunity. Follow through with a consultation
to see how they can best meet your needs. This is no time for amateurs. Hire th
e best criminal defense team in the area and see that your rights and future are