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Artistic view of the killing of innocent Rohingyas in 1994 by

Major-Gen. Win Myint Commander of the Western

Regional Command on the order of Senior Gen. Than Shwe.

“ In Burma, Ethnic
VOLUME. 3, ISSUE. 4 Rohingya Muslims
continue to be denied full
APRIL 2011 citizenship and equal
opportunitie for education, employment and travel. ”
E-mail : arakaneditor @ HILLARY CLINTON, RATHENAU
ON APRIL 15, 2011
News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

FROM THE PAGES OF HISTORY - 4 Almost all of the 400 Rohingyas killed in
JOINT PRESS RELEASE OF ROHINGYA 5 1994 with the order of Gen. Than Shwe were
ORGANIZATIONS civilians. Only a rebel commander surrendered with
WITHOUT A HOMELAND, WITHOUT A HOPE 6 about 20 followers might be involved in this group
ROHINGYA ENDURE DESPERATE of 400 unfortunate Rohingyas.
SITUATION IN BANGLADESH Other rebels captured were killed on the spot.
ROHINGYAS FACE ‘ SILENT CRISIS’ IN 10 As a matter of fact Than Shwe`s army killed more
BANGLADESH – RIGHTS GROUP ( RI ) than 3,000 people in this tragedy. But only about 60
ROHINGYA DONATE FOR TSUNAMI 11 were rebels. Alas!!! the rest were all Rohingya
VICTIMS IN JAPAN civilians. Recently, Aung Lynn Htut, a former
WATER CRISIS IN LEDA REFUGEE 11 Burmese intelligence officer now living in the US,
CAMP AGAIN writes that when it was reported to Than Shwe about
RNDP OBJECTS TO APPOINTMENT OF USDP'S 12 the arrest of 400 Rohingyas who were arrested in
connection with the Rohingya rebellion, Than Shwe
ARAKAN REBELS ABDUCT CHRISTIAN 12 ordered to kill saying that ”Eliminate them! Don’t
even leave an infant alive! They are just Kala
143 FAMILIES FROM BURMA PROPER 13 ( degrading term for people of Indian descent ), not
humans! Sentence them to the maximum
13 imprisonment !”
BURMA DETAINS 146 BOAT PEOPLE : "In April 1993, (it was 1994-editor) Than
13 Shwe, who is also the commander in chief of the
Burmese army, ordered Gen. Win Myint, the then
ONLY ROHINGYA IN MAUNGDAW commander of the Western Regional Command (and
later the regime's Secretary 3 and adjutant general)
AUTHORITIES TRANSFER LARGE ARMS 14 to kill over 400 ethnic Rohingyas in Arakan State's
Buthidaung and Maungdaw Townships in retaliation
ROHINGYA FACE DIFFICULTIES WITH NEW 15 for attacks by Rohingya rebels who detonated 18
mines in one day in an assault on the Burmese army.
NASAKA OFFICERS HARASS STUDENTS 15 The army rounded up more than 400 people, includ-
ing civilians, and as soon as they received their
THAN SHWE, THE TREMBLING DICTATOR 16 orders from the GHQ office, they killed them all."
From May 1994, North Arakan had become
a new killing field. At SLORC death camps of
READ ARAKAN ONLINE Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships, Rohingyas
KNOW MORE ABOUT were tortured, shot or slaughtered, more chilling is
that the people were to dig their own grave before
ROHINGYA PEOPLE being killed or buried alive. Alleging as insurgents sympathizers, Rohingyas were taken late at night
from their homes and were tortured to death or
Email : arakaneditor @ buried alive. Under the pretext of looking for
: info @ rohingya .org insurgents random killing in the Cont. P. 3


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

From P. 2 EDITORIAL villages was a regular routine action of the SLORC brute forces. About
60,000 troops had been deployed in North Arakan who used hundred’s and thousands of
Rohingyas as human shields. Thousands of porters were carried to unknown places in the jungles
most of whom never come back.
Under false and imaginary charges thousands of Rohingyas had been gunned down and
slaughtered. They were forced, at gun point, to kill each other by slaughtering or striking with
spades on the heads. There are instances that the brother had to kill his own brother, and both the
father and son were killed together before the very eyes of the family members.
In the first week of May, 1996, a group of wood cutters while cutting a big tree at Chowdhury
Valley in the west of Tamyung Khali village spotted a pile of skeletons believed to be a mass grave
of Rohingyas and inform the local Chairman. They estimated that no less than four hundred human
remains were in the mass grave. On information army personnel removed the skulls and bones to
unknown places. It might be the mass grave of the 400 Rohingyas killed by Than Shwe. ##


By Our Reporter, 26 April 2011 situations are
LONDON: In April, the regular still in the
meeting of Burmese ethnic groups same positions
living in the UK was hosted by the in their areas
Burmese Rohingya Organisation after the sham
UK (BROUK) on April 23, according election which
to Mr. Tun Khin, the president of was held on 7
BROUK. November
“The Kachin, Chin, Karen, and 2010. There are
Rohingya ethnic groups attended neither
the regular meeting, and it was improvements
held at No 10 Station Road, Walm- nor changes,
thamstow, London.” and in some
“All the ethnic groups areas the situa-
updated the others on the current tions are even
situations of their area inside getting worse.”
Burma and the positions outside “Human rights violations and dis- recommended after her release,” said
Burma.” criminations against ethnic minori- the organizing secretary of BROUK.
In the meeting, a program ties are occurring continuously.” “The meeting was started at 16:00
was held to discuss future activi- “All participants harmoniously de- and successfully finished by 19:00,
ties and events in order to deliver a cided to work together harder and along with some vital meeting resolu-
unified message to international to play critical roles in fighting their tions.”
communities and the rulers of common enemy, dictatorship, by all “Finally, all ethnic brothers and
Burma that all ethnic groups stand means, and also highlighted that it sisters enjoyed a traditional Rohingya
together in their commitment for a is very important for the ethnic peo- dinner served by members of the
genuine federal union of Burma, ple of Burma to work in unison as Rohingya ethnic community in the
Tun Khin said. “The ethnic Daw Aung San Suu Kyi UK.” ## Source: Kaladan News

We’re crying, there’s no tear Mountains have evicted us;
ROHINGYA’S LIFE OF TODAY in the eyes. There’s no light Rivers have excluded us,
The Dream that Never Fulfilled at the end of the tunnel. Stars have eluded us; Moon has
Our land has abandoned us; deflected us, The sun has engulfed us.
Our neighbors have disowned us, There’s no fish in the pond,
Our brothers have rejected us; There’s no bird in the forest, We’ve been dreaming, trying, struggling
Our soul has betrayed us, There’s no fruit in the trees, ever since, Oh God, show us the way,
And our mind has declined us. There’s no grains in the give us the means and will,
We’re dying, but there’s no death barn. There’s no bread on To save ourselves, and to be alive again.
in sight. the plate. Ibn Kyapuri, Arakan


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

From the Pages of History Rohingya language was aired by the

government’s official Burma

The Mayu Frontier District Broadcasting Services twice a week

till 24 October 1966. Every year
Rohingya representatives, including
By AFK Jilani wrestlers were invited to 12,
February Union Day celebration.
The Mayu valley sits on the If they were not Muslim kings Rohingya feast and cultural shows
traditional Rohingya homeland of mentioned in the inscription, the were part of the Union Day
North Arakan between the Kaladan Muslim kings might be Rohingya celebration. During the Frontier
river and the Naf. Some people say it Muslim kings, from the Mayu River Administration the Rohingya people
is called Mayu because once upon a valley, the eastern side of the Naf were as happy as that of 1942 to
time it was a place of free heaven for River. Rohingyas claim their 1945 Peace Committee period. In
the peacocks where various kinds of existence there of over thousand 1962 the government drafted a bill
the peafowls inhabited with freely years. If not thousand years, their for Arakan statehood excluding
dancing and singing. In Rohingya existence might be from the time of Mayu area in the territory projected
language peacock is called Mayur (in 1202 C.E. when the Muslims Arakan state as the inhabitant of
Pali it is called Mayura).Some says conquered Bengal that is 800 years. Mayu area are Rohingyas. General
Malay people crossed through this (Dr. Than Tun) Ne Win staged a coup on 2 March
place in the early days of the history In 1942 the Muslim Rohingyas 1962.The revolutionary government
and the place is called Mayu.But both liberated all area up to Razabil of Ne Win cancelled the plan to
the sayings may be from the [Zaydebyin] in the Rathedaung Town- grant statehood to Arakan. But the
folk-tales. ship. The whole Mayu frontier area Mayu Frontier Administration
The Mayu Range rests between comprising Maungdaw, Buthi daung remained till it was put under the
the Naf and Kaladan rivers. The high- and most part of the Rathedaung administration of the Ministry of
est peak of the range is (2174) Township were brought under the Home Affairs in first February 1964.
fts.Since it is connected with the Hi- administration of the Muslim Peace On that day all the government
malayan Mountains, various kinds of Committees set up by the Rohingya servants of Mayu District were
wild animals are found in this range. Muslims of the north Arakan. Mr. assembled at Mayu House (4th mile)
The commonest wild animals found Omrah Meah became the president of Maungdaw by the order of Frontier
in these mountains are elephants. the Peace Committees. In 1945 while D.C. Major Tin Oo. Lt. Col. Than
The highly revered white elephants taking power from the President of Nyunt, head of the Frontier
by the Buddhists are often found in the Muslim Peace Committee, Mr. Administration of Burma handed
these mountains near Maungdaw Omrah Meah, by Col. Phillip, Col. over the Mayu area to Lt. Col. Sein
Township. Tigers, gauyals (gaurs), Edgerly and other British military Lwin (afterwards Gen. Sein Lwin,
the wild goats, wild cattle, Malay Officers, the British promised they President for 17 days ), the then
deers and various kinds of deers would make North Arakan a “Muslim Secretary of Home Ministry in front
and birds are common fauna in this National Area". The same promise of all the attending government
majestic Mayu. Mayu is a land of was also given to Atura Raja (Abdul servants. In a sympathetic
mountains, thick tropical forests, Majid) of TaungBazar by the British mood Col. Than Nyunt told the
rivers and creeks. Its 70 percent of officers in Writing. audience not to be sorry for the
the land is covered with forest. Teak, On First May 1961, the elected change of the administration.
Pyinkado, Kamaung, Kayin, canes democratic popular government of However, in a haughty manner Col.
and bamboos are found in the forest Prime Minister U Nu created the Sein Lwin warned the audience to
of Mayu. Mayu river is famous for its Mayu Frontier Administration Area be faithful to the new administration
beautiful natural Saindaung water-fall covering Maungdaw, Buthidaung and with a voice of thunderbolt nodding
at the height of 220ft.There is a very the western part of Rathidaung town- excessively his head and moving
beautiful beach lies between ships. Though it was a military his hands in support of what he was
Alaysangyaw (Hashorata) and administration, as it did not involve saying.
Ahngumaw. subordination to the Rakhine authori- In 1974, the Revolutionary
In 600 AD Maha Wira Min ties the arrangement earned the Government of Burma, renamed as
founded his kingdom at Purma (now support of the Rohingyas. A special the Socialist Republic of Burma
a village in northern Maungdaw) at police force known as' Mayu Ray" popularly known as BSPP govern-
the east bank of the Naf river was raised with recruits from local ment convened the first Pyithu Hlut
(Pamela, 1976, PP44_45). In the Rohingyas and the law and order Taw (Parliament) which ratified the
'Kyaukza' serial No.963/20-23-804- situation was improved. Economic, constitution drawn by BSPP. The
Burmese Era, 1442C.E. there is educational, health and cultural new constitution granted 'state' to
indication of Muslim king`s reign of improvements were done by the Arakan manned by Buddhists only
Arakan in 14th century who were Frontier Administration. without the participation of Muslims
friends of Burmese kings and used It was the only administration, of Arakan though half of the popula-
to visit them. The kings of Arakan which favoured Rohingyas during tion of Arakan is Muslims, Cont. P. 5
had Muslim titles. the post-independent Burma.


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )


Concern on Narinjara’s Concocted News Linking Rohingya with Taliban
We, the undersigned Rohingya organisations, strongly condemn the Narinjara News Agency for its
disinformation of describing the innocent Rohingya people as suspected Talibans.
According to a pre-plan to extort money from the Rohingyas, the Nasaka collaborators informed the
Nasaka of the area that some insurgents had entered in North Maungdaw and held a meeting with people in
Kamaung Seik village (Fokira Bazar) whereupon, taking advantage of opportunities and circumstances, the
Nasaka started arresting and torturing the innocent villagers arbitrarily. So far, about 50 innocent Rohingya
villagers were arrested under false and concocted allegation of having link with insurgents which Narinjara
fabricated as Talibans in its news on 20 March, 2011. It has exaggerated news giving cry wolf mentioning the
name of one imaginary Taliban Maulvi Harun as imparting combat and bomb making training to the villagers in
the jungles. It further concocted that a seal and documents, which identified them as members of the Taliban,
were seized. According to Irrawaddy news of March 22, 2011, the Narinjara editor Khaing Mrat Kyaw said,
“Nasaka told us about Maulvi Harun, who entered the country from Bangladesh and had given training.” It
hints his involvement in the plan of the Nasaka against the innocent Rohingya villagers.
To make the matter worse, Narinjara embroidered this false news by putting on it an unrelated picture
of masked Afghan Taliban fighters holding RPG with intent to confuse them with Rohingyas and thereby to
mislead the minds of the people. The head of the Thailand based Arakan Project Chris Lewa told DBV that
“there was no evidence to link the group to mujahideen groups”. This is a blatant lie, without any evidence,
and is a politically motivated report aims at discrediting and tarnishing the image of one of the world’s most
persecuted, underrepresented and voiceless peoples – the Rohingya -- for being Muslims. We demand
Narinjara to put up any evidences to substantiate its misleading report that it stage-managed by taking
advantage out of the Rohingya people’s tragedy created by Nasaka and vested interest groups that resulted in
the serious human rights violations by the regime.
Despite Narinjara’s callous effort, on 21 March 2011, the director of Nasaka Lt. Col. Aung Gyi, said in a
public gathering of 300 people at the Maungnama Madrassa (religious school) in Maungdaw Township, which
was attended by village authorities, elders, and religious leaders, that the rumour of “Taliban link” was a fake
report and was a creation out of the enmity between the local members of the Union Solidarity Development
Party (USDP) and the Rohingya political party of National Democratic Party for Development (NDPD) both of
which had contested in 7 November 2010 national elections. He continued that all innocent people who were
arrested on suspicion will be released soon on the recommendations of the village authorities, elders and
religious leaders after the completion of enquiry.
Despite protests from Rohingya civil societies time after time, the Narinjara News is still actively
engaged in making false news against the Rohingya people thus contributing persecution of Rohingyas by the
regime’s brute forces like Nasaka, army, police and other repressive functionaries.
We are dismayed that the Burmese Section of the BBC World and other media made similar reports
based on the concocted news of Narinjara. Despite concern raised with BBC about the bias report of
Narinjara’s editor Khaing Mrat Kyaw, who is also a BBC correspondent in Bangladesh, BBC continues to relay
sensitive news that he incorrectly reported about the Rohingya people without proper investigation.
Meanwhile, we invite the attention of the media groups, human rights and democratic organisations,
including Burma News International (BNI), to the fact that the activities of the Narinjara is objectionable,
particularly in matters relating to the promotion of human rights, democracy and ethnic harmony in Arakan.

National Democratic Party for Human Rights (in exile) (NDPHR (in exile)
Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO)
Arakanese Rohingya Community in Thailand (ARCT)
Burmese Rohingya Association in Japan (BRAJ)
Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia (BRCA)
Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK (BROUK)
Rohingya Community in Norway (RCN)

For more information, please contact:

AFK Jilani +880-1674811079, Hla Aung + 33-629258793, Zaw Min Htut + 8180 30835327


with Burmans in the top posts and Rakhine in lower strata. Pro- Burman Rakhine who tightened the screw
against the Rohingyas further dominated the Arakan State Council. In the new formation the regime once again
excluded the Rohingyas from the administrative affairs and ministerial body of Arakan State. ##


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

Without a Homeland, Without a Hope

tthe state, we are constantly submit-
ted to forced labor, arbitrary arrest,
land confiscation and other abuses
By Tony Cliff , April, 9, 2011 by the authorities."
Rohingya also complain of
COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh : - known as Burma. Although they being targeted by the Rakhine, the
Mahamuda Khatur remembers the have been a constant victim of a predominant Buddhist group in
fateful day three years ago. At dawn chauvinist Buddhist regime Myanmar's Arakan State. It's a
her husband had left their animated by anti-Muslim and anti- bitterirony considering that the
Kutupalong refugee camp in south- Indian sentiment dating back to the Rakhine themselves are subject to
ern Bangladesh for the forest to British colonial occupation, the he junta's systematic oppression
fetch firewood he would sell to Rohingya had citizen status in against ethnic minorities. Violent
other refugees or local people. He Myanmar until 1982. That year, then incidents such as attacks on
never returned. dictator Ne Win promulgated a mosques by Buddhist radicals and
Mahamuda was told that he citizenship law that stripped them of retaliation by Rohingya are regularly
had drowned in a river, a claim she their nationality. It was the epilogue reported. To justify their stance,
has never independently verified. of one of the darkest chapters in the both communities have traded end-
That left her as a 27-year-old widow country's recent history, the Naga less arguments often founded on
with two children. Now, suffering Min Operation ("Operation Dragon biased or reconstructed historical
from tuberculosis for eight months, King") launched in 1978 in the west facts.
Mahamuda is too weak to work and Arakan State. Xenophobia, fueled by
cannot feed herself or her children. In the name of a crackdown on extremists from both sides but also
The pallor of her face and the "illegal migrants",
thinness of her arms show the the army killed,
unmistakable signs of severe raped and
malnutrition. Now, she has to rely arrested scores of
on other refugees' generosity to people, mostly
survive. "But there is not much that Rohingya.
the people here can do for us," she Villages were
says. "Everybody is in the same burned and
situation." looted. Mosques
Mahamuda is an ethnic and other
Rohingya, a Sunni Muslim commu- religious sites
nity that has fled persecution in its were particularly
native Myanmar for neighboring targeted. That
Bangladesh and other countries. operation forced
Throughout this region, on a narrow some 200,000
strip of beach, sparse forest or Rohingya to flee
sandy land squeezed between the to neighboring
Bay of Bengal and the Myanmar Bangladesh. Most of them were re- by the ruling junta, which has
border, Rohingya exiles can be seen patriated by the end of 1979. In masterfully used divide and rule
carrying heavy bags of salt, bundles 1991-1992, fleeing the junta's wide- tactics to maintain its control, has
of firewood, stacks of bricks, spread use of forced labor, sum- submerged any hope of a dispas-
baskets of fish, blocks of ice. mary executions, torture and rape, sionate debate. Still, arguments
Above all, they carry the another wave of 250,000 Rohingya forwarded by the Rakhine commu-
weight of being one of the largest left the country. Currently the re- nity, such as the "fear that the
stateless populations on the planet. gime continues repressive Rohingya occupy our land because
Out of an estimated 1.5 to 2 million practices, although on a lesser of their high birth rate and rapidly
population, only the 48,800 scale. increasing population", as a
Rohingya registered as refugees During a discrete visit in a Rakhine journalist exiled in Bangla-
with the United Nations High large Rohingya village in Arakan desh put it, have some basis and
Commissioner for Refugees State last year, in the relative safety will eventually need to be properly
(UNHCR) in Bangladesh and Malay- of an old mosque, an elder detailed addressed.
sia have legal status. The one the numerous restrictions imposed The dramatic situation of
million or so Rohingya living in by Myanmar authorities on the local Rohingya exiles in Bangladesh, a
Myanmar's western Arakan State population. "Even though we have country more accessible than Myan-
are not recognized as citizens and been living here for many genera- mar to outside observers, has
the 500,000 to one million others tions, we need a special authoriza- become the show case for the mi-
who have chosen exile in other tion for almost everything: to move nority's stateless plight. Some
countries are mostly considered out of our area, send our children to 29,000 Rohingya live as refugees in
illegal migrants. the university, marry them, run a Kutupalong and Cont. P. 7
The Rohingya were not always a business. And, as everyone else in


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

From P. 6 a booming beach resort Leda, the other non-

in Bangladesh. These camps are official camp with a
under the UNHCR's supervision and population of 13,700,
benefit from the presence of a few offers a relatively
international non-governmental less desperate face.
organizations (NGOs). With properly Rattan-built houses
built houses, schools, playgrounds are properly aligned
and a sewage system, they look like along paved alleys,
any other adequately administered here and there em-
refugee camps in the world. blazoned with flow-
But the largest facility, ers and greenery. Yet
Kutupalong, has a twin brother with restrictions
a much less amiable face. imposed by Bangla-
"Kutupalong makeshift", as it's desh authorities in
commonly known, is literally stuck the makeshift camps
to "Kutupalong registered". are drastic. Food dis-
Thousands of adobe huts covered tribution and education are sharply in Chittagong, the country's largest
with plastic sheets, branches and curtailed. Still, if these rules were seaport, and its surrounding areas.
dried leaves cluster together over a strictly enforced then They mix easily within a dense and
succession of bare hills, sheltering "Kutupalong makeshift" and Leda already impoverished local popula-
a population of 20,000, according to would have turned into full-blown tion but are likewise seen as taking
the latest count by a NGO active in death camps. jobs and encroaching on scarce
the area. Despite the appalling condi- land.
Here, there is not a single tions, refugees manage to bypass "A deep tension between the
trace of shade. Nor are there these interdictions and organize their two communities has developed
latrines or a proper sewage system. survival. In Kutupalong, for instance, over time, particularly the last two
Only a few pumps installed by the as a substitute to a proper schooling or three years," comments Chris
French NGO Solidarites Interna- establishment, community leaders Lewa, coordinator of The Arakan
tional provide for basic water needs. with the help of outside sympathizers Project, a human-rights group moni-
In the summer season, the heat have set up a network of 30 classes toring the Rohingya's situation. In
inside the huts is sweltering. During inside huts with locally trained Ukhia, a small town near Kutupa-
the monsoon season, water often teachers. long, local people have created
dissolves the huts' walls and The restriction on wandering "anti-Rohingya committees". "They
transforms steep alleys into muddy outside the makeshift camps is per- organize meetings, publish docu-
torrents. In any season, day and haps the least observed of the ments denouncing how the Rohin-
night, disease-carrying insects are restraints. "Many refugees leave gya take over their work and ask for
ubiquitous. them for a few days or a week to their deportation," says a journalist
We don't have enough mosquito work in brick or dried fish factories, from Kaladan, a Rohingya news
nets," laments Karim, the commu- salt pans, as rickshaw drivers," says agency based in Chittagong.
nity leader of one of the six blocks Karim, the Kutupalong community Abuses by the local authori-
dividing the camp. "Many diseases leader. "They usually work for 100 ties had become so egregious that
are endemic here, malaria, diarrhea taka a day [about US$1.4], which is in February 2010 MSF stirred up a
and tuberculosis. And now we have not enough to feed a family so often hornet's nest by strongly denounc-
to face an epidemic of chicken pox both parents have to work. This ing "a violent crackdown against
and measles." population of illegal workers is par- stateless Rohingya in Bangladesh
Almost like an indecent exhibit, ticularly vulnerable to abuse and is forcing thousands of people to flee
mothers show the faces of their constantly at the local authorities' in fear" to refugee camps. The cam-
infants and children marked with and people's mercy. Rapes, beatings, paign had an at least temporary
chicken pox pustules. More thefts and other abuses against Ro- positive impact on the Rohingya,
worrisome is the 30% rate of acute hingya have been well-documented seen in fewer cases of arrest and
malnutrition reported in the camp over the years. There are an esti- harassment from the police.
by the European Commission mated 250,000 to 350,000 other Ro- However, MSF's outburst,
Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO). hingya who live outside of the camps which some critics said "only devel-
Only the NGO Medecins Sans and are scattered all over the country oped an unconstructive approach
Frontieres (MSF) Holland, in a clinic who are equally at risk without legal towards the Bangladesh govern-
set out of the camp along the main status. ment" later triggered a strong reac-
road, and the French Action Contre There is an ethnic irony to tion from the authorities. Work per-
la Faim (ACF), has the right to their situation. The Rohingya have mits for NGOs active in the camps
provide medical treatment to the similar origins with the predominant were suspended, putting them in
"Kutupalong makeshift" population. Bengali from southeast Bangladesh the uneasy position of having to
A few kilometers to the south, and share the same language spoken work on a day-to-day basis under
Cont. P. 8


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

From P. 7 the constant threat In Thailand,

of expulsion. "It appears to be a authorities have
government strategy to silence the been embroiled
NGOs," said Lewa. in controversy
The presence in both Myanmar about their treat-
and Bangladesh of a large ment of
population of young destitute Rohingya boat-
Rohingya men regularly raises the people. In 2009,
concern of their potential exploita- the Thai army
tion by Islamic extremist groups. was accused of
Although a few cases of recruitment pushing back to
by Islamic terrorist movements in sea about 1,000
Bangladesh were reported in the Rohingya boat-
1990s, there is no evidence today people without a
showing any link with this kind of working engine
organization, say aid workers. and with little
In Myanmar, the omnipresence food or water. According to human- 2005, when the last repatriation took
of the junta's vast surveillance rights organizations, more than half place, 236,599 Rohing refugees
apparatus acts to dissuade any of them drowned. Thai Prime Minister went back to Myanmar from Bangla-
recruitment efforts by outsiders. Abhisit Vejjajiva last month reaf- desh."
"These accusations result more firmed to a meeting of foreign jour- She adds: "There are indica-
from a fantasy," says a MSF staffer nalists his government's policy to tions that as many as half of the
in Yangon who used to work in the deport Rohingya, who he considers 200,000 to 400,000 undocumented
Arakan State. "The Rohingya are "economic migrants" rather than Rohingya that the Bangladesh
surely orthodox Islamic, political refugees. government says are in the country
conservative people but it does not Among themselves, Rohingya now may have been registered as
mean that they are terrorists." In often denounce the lack of solidarity refugees in 1991, gone home to
Bangladesh, meanwhile, a massive from other Muslim communities. Myanmar, and come back to Bangla-
crackdown launched by the "There is no religious consideration, desh again." That, McKinsey says,
authorities in 2005 has practically no Muslim brotherhood," laments a means many have thus lost their
decimated local Islamic terrorist leader of the exile group Arakan previous refugee status.
outfits. Rohingya National Organization Resettlement in third
Instead, thousands of Rohingya (ARNO). A large community of countries remains an exceptional
exiles are opting to leave Bangla- Rohingya has settled in Saudi outcome despite a program
desh for other supposedly more Arabia, a predominantly Sunni initiated in the refugee camps in
accommodating countries. Many Muslim country. 2006. According to a spokesman of
attempt the dangerous and costly The Saudi Embassy in Yangon the International Office for Migration
trip by boat across the Indian Ocean claims that there are 120,000 there, (IOM), the program's implementing
to more prosperous destinations in though many of them arrived in the agency, "926 Rohingya have been
Southeast Asia. About 25,000 country with Bangladeshi passports. resettled mostly in United Kingdom,
Rohingya now live in Malaysia, Another estimated 300,000 Rohingya Canada and Australia. Another 500
including 19,800 who are under the have lived for years in Pakistan, people are expected to be resettled
UNHCR's care. Over the past two mostly in the Karachi area where this year but we have to wait for the
years, another 420 or so have they are reportedly well integrated conclusions of a program review
reached Indonesia. into the local community. currently done by the Bangladesh
Repatriation of government."
Rohingya from Any mass repatriation of
Bangladesh to Rohingya will remain wishful
Myanmar, mean- thinking as long as a comprehen-
while, has been sive political settlement that
on hold for spurposefully addresses the fate of
several years be- Myanmar's numerous ethnic
cause the political minorities remains elusive. The
situation there newly appointed cabinet in Naypyi-
offers few guaran- daw has so far demonstrated no
tees for a safe sign of interest in reaching such an
return. According accommodation. Myanmar's
to Kitty McKinsey, Rohingya will thus be condemned
UNHCR's spokes- to survive many more years in a
person in Asia, stateless existence.##
and the end of
1992 Source: Asia Times Online


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

Rohingyas: A forgotten issue ? Rohingya Endure Desperate

When a problem becomes chronic, the need to solve
it also seems to lose urgency. The issue of Rohingya
Situation in Bangladesh
refugees from Myanmar, like that of the stranded Pakistanis,
is not only old but one that seems to have been relegated to By LALIT K JHA , Saturday, April 23, 2011
limbo. The Rohingyas are victims of the ethnic cleansing WASHINGTON— Noting that Rohingya
refugees face a desperate situation in Bangladesh, a
policy of their government and since the late seventies they
have been pouring into the Bangladesh in waves to escape Washington-based non-profit organization has urged
Australia, Canada, the US and Britain to work with
the periodic anti-Muslim persecution, thinking perhaps that
they would be safe in this side of the river Naf among their Bangladeshi government to strengthen
fellow Muslims. As a further misfortune for both Rohingyasprotection and humanitarian assistance and reduce
sexual and gender-based violence.
and Bangladeshis, what was their shelter in an emergency is
becoming their permanent habitat. Although the contempo- “The situation is desperate for Rohingya
rary world is violently denouncing racism, and zero refugees in Bangladesh,” said Lynn Yoshikawa, of
tolerance to racism is often heard as a slogan in interna-Refugees International. In its report, “Bangladesh:
tional forums, on the question of Myanmar the world’s The Silent Crisis,” Refugees International said
hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who
leadership has adopted a strangely acquiescent attitude. Of
course, some kind of international sanctions were imposed fled repression in Burma have no protection from
against Myanmar but not for persecuting the Rohingyas. Farabuse, starvation and detention in Bangladesh
from twisting the arm of Myanmar the world’s leaders are because of a lack of documentation.
pressing Bangladesh to adopt a more accommodative The plight of the Rohingyas was recently noted
policy towards the Rohingyas – another sign of twisted by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a speech
value judgement in an unjust world order. in Berlin early this month. “In Burma, ethnic
Although in the past a number refugees were Rohingya Muslims continue to be denied full citizen-
repatriated with the help of UNHCR, that process is now ship and equal opportunities for education, employ-
ment and travel,” Clinton said at the Rathenau Prize
stalled and according to media reports, early return of the
rest is unlikely. The Myanmar government shows no ceremony in Berlin on April 15.
enthusiasm in this regard and the visit of foreign minister “They live in squalor and are forced to suffer
Dipu Moni to Myanmar last January did not yield any resulta litany of abuses because the government doesn’t
recognize them as refugees,” said Yoshikawa, who
in this area of bilateral relations. What is further disturbing
is that infiltration is still reportedly continuing. The recently returned from visiting Rohingya camps in
registered refugees number 24,331 but there are many timesthe region.
more unregistered ones – 400,000 or more. Because of this The report called on the international commu-
nity to urge the Bangladeshi government to register
influx poverty in Cox’s Bazar district is escalating at the rate
of three percent per year, according to a study report of undocumented refugees and improve protection for
UNICEF. It was also known that many Rohingyas are all vulnerable Rohingyas, adding that donor govern-
involved in drug trafficking and other crimes. We are not ments must also work to restart and increase reset-
suggesting that Rohingyas are by nature more criminally tlement of refugees to third countries and increase
disposed or less criminally disposed than any other peopleassistance for communities hosting refugees.
in the world (we are not racist like the Myanmar junta) but “Donor governments should rapidly mobilize
the unsettled condition of these hapless refugees US $2 million to meet the World Food Program’s
destabilising society and vitiating the environment. This funding gap to ensure the provision of full food
kind of environment even breeds terrorism. A positive way rations in the official refugee camps this year,”
it said.
to fight terrorism is to prevent the creation of environment
that promotes terrorism. Bangladesh government would be According to the report, approximately 800,000
expected to take up the Rohingya cause more vigorously Rohingyas live in three townships in northern
with the Myanmar government as well as the UNHCR and Arakan State in Burma. Rohingya children are three
other world agencies. ## times more likely to die before their fifth birthday
Source: Editorial, The Daily Sun, Dhaka 18/4/2011 than other children in Burma, and malnutrition rates
frequently exceed emergency levels, the report said.
The World Food Program reported that food security in the region had worsened over the past two years, with
two-thirds of the population going hungry.

Giving a graphic description of the plight of the Rohingyas, Refugees International said Rohingyas there are
often arrested while collecting firewood in the nearby national forest or while working. If they are unable to pay a
bribe or obtain a guarantee from a Bangladesh national for their immediate release, refugees are often charged
with illegal entry and sent to jail. Refugees International said that detained Rohingyas routinely have to pay a bribe
of between $110 and $400 for their release, forcing many families into heavy debt.##
Courtesy: Irrawaddy Online


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )


AlterNet, April 20, 2011 unlikely to resist the upcoming conditions, saying there had been
Bangkok/Delhi – Tens of thousands monsoons." RI is calling on donor no reports of this. "Those that are
governments, particularly Australia, living outside the camps are surviv-
of stateless Rohingya refugees in
Canada, the United States and Britain, ing well because of the hospitality
Bangladesh face abuse, starvation
to help the Rohingyas by providing of our people in the area. No one
and detention in a "silent crisis"
humanitarian aid, a new country to has died or starved due to a short-
that could lead to a humanitarian
live in and funding. The rights group age of food in that area," he told
emergency if the authorities do not
also wants donors to encourage AlertNet by phone from Cox's
do more to protect them, a report by
Bangladesh to set up a system to Bazaar. Salahuddin also denied
Refugees International (RI) said.
register vulnerable and undocu- claims made in the report that au-
The Rohingyas are a Muslim
mented refugees to protect them. thorities in Dhaka were repeatedly
minority from Rakhine State in the
"The plight of the Rohingyas has delaying finalising a policy on the
west of the predominantly Buddhist
been neglected for decades by the Rohingyas and intentionally pre-
Myanmar. Rights groups say they
international community and Burma venting relief groups from aiding
face some of the worst discrimina-
(Myanmar's former name) advocacy them. "The government is actually
tion in the world and accuse the
groups, despite the scale and severity very serious about dealing with the
Myanmar government of denying
of abuses they face both as stateless undocumented persons and we are
them citizenship, free movement,
Burmese minorities and refugees," making a policy on the better treat-
ed u c at i o n an d em p l o ym en t .
Yoshikawa told AlertNet. ment of these people," he said.
But those who have fled to
Bangladesh also face discrimination
UNREGISTERED AND UNPROTECTED "This is a transitional time - we are
According to Bangladeshi offi- trying to formulate our policy which
- they receive limited aid and are
cials, there are almost 25,000 Rohin- I am hopeful will be done soon. And,
subject to arrest, extortion and
gyas who have refugee status and after all that, these issues will be
detention, the report Bangladesh:
who receive food rations and other settled and their lives will be bet-
The Silent Crisis, released on Tues-
aid from the United Nations. They are ter," he said.
day by U.S.-based rights group RI,
said. housed in two camps in the country's HUMANITARIAN CRISIS INEVITABLE
"The situation is desperate for southeastern Cox's Bazaar region. Yoshikawa, however, said a humani-
Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh," Officials say there are also between tarian crisis is "inevitable," if the
Lynn Yoshikawa, a co-author of the 200,000 and 300,000 Rohingyas who Bangladeshi government does not
report who recently returned from they term as "undocumented" - with address the issues facing the
visiting the refugee camps, said. no refugee status and no legal rights - refugees and said there are con-
"They live in squalor and are forced who are living outside the camps, cerns even for the officially
to suffer a litany of abuses because dependent on local Bangladeshis for recognised Rohingyas. The U.N.'s
the government doesn't recognise work and sustenance. World Food Programme (WFP),
them as refugees." Of this group, the lucky ones are which provides food assistance to
Bangladesh's Rohingya repatriate in local villages while others end up in the official camps, is facing a $2
commissioner, Firoz Salahuddin, unofficial settlements where mud huts million shortfall in funding. It only
dismissed RI's claims. He told Alert- covered in plastic sheets and tree has support to cover food needs
Net the report was "disappointing" branches provide poor protection until the end of June. Christa Rader,
and the Rohingyas were in fact from monsoon rains that cause mud- WFP's country director for Bangla-
being treated well. The Bangladesh slides and expose them to waterborne desh, told AlertNet the situation is
government classes the majority of diseases. Unregistered Rohingyas "critical because the people living in
Rohingyas as illegal migrants and have for decades lacked "basic pro- the camps depend 100 percent on
says they should return to Myan- tection from violence, exploitation and the food we provide".
mar. Last year the authorities forci- arrest" in Bangladesh, Yoshikawa And, despite the food aid,
bly evicted thousands from a make- said. "(They) have exhausted their malnutrition levels in the camps are
shift camp, prompting an outcry coping mechanisms and are forced around 15 percent and the rate of
from aid and rights groups. into begging, prostitution and traffick- chronic undernutrition is about 60
Since then, Bangladesh has ing to survive." Women and girls are percent - which is considered se-
increased restrictions on aid agen- particularly vulnerable, and reports of vere. This has prompted WFP to
cies working with the refugees, the sexual violence against unregistered start feeding programmes for hun-
RI report said. Despite worrying refugees have increased in the last dreds of children under two years of
levels of malnutrition at the largest year. he U.N. Refugee Agency UNHCR age. "What is more critical is the
makeshift camp housing about does not have access to these Rohin- situation in the makeshift camps,"
20,000 people, "the government has gyas and few aid agencies – if any – Rader said. The malnutrition rate in
denied permits for aid agencies to are officially allowed to provide these camps is twice as high,
assist unregistered refugees and assistance. "NO ONE HAS DIED" according to RI. The numbers are a
Bangladesh's Salahuddin dismissed concern even in Bangladesh which has
host communities," RI said.
one of the highest malnutrition rates in
"Shelters are falling apart and are RI's claims of abuses and poor living
South Asia. ##


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

Rohingya Donate for Tsunami Victims in Japan

Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Rohingya who are living in Japan
donated relief goods for the tsunami
victims in Japan on April 4, 2011
according to an organizer from a
Rohingya group. The program was
organized by the Burmese Rohingya
Association in Japan (BRAJ).
“We are very happy to have a
chance to donate for the tsunami
victims on behalf of all Rohingya.”
“We donated several items of goods
worth $4000. They are immediately use-
able items for the victims according to
the instructions of centre officials,
such as blankets, warm clothes,
jackets, warming plaster, baby milk,
towels, adult and child diapers, instant
foods, etc.”

“On April 4 at about 10 a.m, we hand-over

all the goods at the Tatebayashi City Office,
where the local government have opened a
donation and relief goods receiving
centre .”

“The Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh have

been receiving aid from Japan since 1993.
Now, it is our turn to help Japanese people
when they are in a desperate situation after
the recent powerful earthquake and tsunami.
We, Rohingya around the world are praying
for the victims,” Zaw Min Htut, the president
of BRAJ, told the city officials who received
the relief goods with thanks to the Rohingya
people. ##Source: Kaladan News


are even unable
By Our Reporter, 12April 2011 to take baths or
to wash their
Teknaf, Bangladesh: The refugees of Leda unofficial
clothes. In addi-
camps have been facing an acute water crisis again tion, they have
since the first week of April said a refugee leader from very little drink-
the camp who prefers not to be named. Solidarity, an ing water. The
NGO from the United Kingdom, has not been supplying local people
water to the camp since April. The reason is unknown. neighboring the
When refugees asked about the water crisis, the con- camp disturb
cerned authorities did not reply to their questions, said the refugee
a refugee leader. There are two NGOs, Muslim Aid (UK) women and girls when they go to streams to fetch water,
and Solidarity (UK), that have been working in the Leda said a mother of three children from Leda camp.
camp. Muslim Aid works for management and medical “Most of the children are facing various skin
treatment in the camp, while Solidarity is working to diseases because of the water crisis and the overall
improve unhygienic issues, such as latrines, drainage unhygienic situation.” “The weather is very hot, if we
systems, and supplying water to the camp. don’t get enough water or pure water from Solidarity
There are over 12,000 refugees who have been living NGO, our children will be affected by more diseases,”
in Leda camp without any support or rations from any said another community member. ##
quarter. At present, the refugees are not able to cook Source: Kaladan News


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

RNDP Objects to Appointment of USDP's Muslim MP in Arakan's Legislature

Tuesday, 08 March 2011 appointed as secretary. U Phoe
Sittwe: The Rakhine Nationalities Min, an MP from the RNDP in
Development Party, or RNDP, has Rathidaung Township's second
objected to the appointment of a constituency is a member of the
Muslim lawmaker as secretary of committee along with outside
the legislative committee of the Ara- scholars U Kyaw Tha, retired assis-
kan State Parliament on the charge tant director of the high court, and
that the lawmaker is not a citizen of U Maung Tha Hla, a retired law offi-
Burma. cer of the state. U Khine Pray Soe,
U Khine Pray Soe, secretary of however, said that their submis-
the RNDP, told Narinjara that his sion of the objection was rejected
party has objected to the without any discussion in the par-
appointment of U Zarhivir, aka U liament.
Aung Myo Min, from the Union "We submitted our objection to
Solidarity and Development Party. the parliament on 2 March, and it
He was elected in the first was rejected on 3 March. We were
constituency in Maungdaw Town- merely told that the appointment
ship in accordance with the 2008 came after step-by-step examina-
constitution. tions by the higher authorities and
"The legislative role is very the Arakan State Parliament does
important and it is not appropriate Mr. Jahangir (a) U Aung Myo Min, MP not have the authority to withdraw
at all to appoint one who bears from USDP of Maungdaw Township the appointment," he said.
debatable citizen status as the sec- U Zarhivir has been unavail-
retary of the legislative committee able for comments despite
Arakan State Parliament was formed
of the state parliament. We have to attempts to reach him. According
at the parliamentary session on 1
object to the appointment of U to a source close to Zarhivir, he is
March and consists of five appointed
Zarhivir because it is not in accor- one of the few Muslims who hold a
members, of whom three are elected
dance with the 2008 constitution," national ID card and his identity
lawmakers and two are outside
said U Khine Pray Soe. number is Ak-195265, although his
The 2008 constitution, drafted other relatives hold only the white
U Aung Naing, another MP from
by the current regime, has a clause ID cards that bear the remark, "by
the USDP elected in the second
stating a member of parliament this card, the holder must not
constituency in Thandwe Township
must be a citizen who was born to claim citizenship of any
was appointed as president of the
parents who were citizens of Burma. country."##
committee while Zarhivir was
The legislative committee of the Source: Narinjara News

Arakan Rebels Abduct Christian Preacher for Ransom in Paletwa

Thursday, 24 March 2011, Khonumthung News.
A Christian preacher U Aung Liberation Party (ALP) is active in the
Law was abducted in the second area and the party extorts money
week of February from the western from the villagers. The group is fight-
Burma border by the Indo- ing for freedom of Arakan state.
M ya n m a r - B a n g l ad e s h b a s e d “The Burmese Army and the
Arakan (Rakhai) armed group ALP are on either side, so people live
demanding a ransom of Kyat 40 in fear. It is unfortunate that the
lakhs. church leader was kidnapped,” said
U Aung Law is a member of a school teacher Although Khonum-
the Anglican Church and was serv- thung News tried to get
ing Duchuangwa village in Paletwa information about this, details were
township, Chin state. not available till date.
“Captain Mint Soe and his The people in western Chin
six rebels belonging to the armed state and northern Arakan (Rakhine)
group took away U Aung Law and face detention, rape and killing by
demanded a ransom of Kyat 40 unknown armed groups. Besides,
lakhs from the villagers,” said a people are suffering the effects of
Arakan (Rakhine ) Rebels in Paletwa
local. famine due to bamboo flowering. ##
Township Area, Photo: ALP Website


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

143 Families from Burma Proper Settled in North Arakan

By Our reporter, 06 April 2011 422 people in total and this was the Maungdaw in Arakan State since
19th settlement since the model 1999.
Maungdaw: 143 families brought in villages were established in North- According to the official record, 50
from Burma proper were settled last ern Arakan State. model villages had already been set
week in model villages that are The families were brought from up in those townships and 1,952
being established in Maungdaw Rangoon to (Akyab) Sittwe by sea families, with 6,655 people, were
Township in Northern Arakan State on 28 March and arrived in Maung- settled in the villages.The settlers are
by the Burmese military regime. The daw on 1 April. They were temporar- being brought mainly from Burma
families were brought from ily accommodated in Maungdaw's proper and they are mostly ethnic
Rangoon Division and they are the Ka Nyin Tan Ward and later sent to Burmese. They are provided by the
19th round of settlers since the different model villages in regime with free houses, free arable
villages were set up in Northern Maungdaw. land, and equipment to earn
Arakan State. 40 of them were sent to livelihoods.
All the families are brought from Taungbro and the rest were sent to According to local residents, there is
Rangoon Division. Among them, 61 Nyaung Chaung and Kharee Myaing dissatisfaction with the settlers
families are of retired prison model villages in Maungdaw, added because most of them are criminals,
department officials, 14 are of the official.The Burmese regime homeless, or transient people from
police, and the rest are of the started to establish the model vil- Burma proper and they often engage
general population from four lages in the border townships of in anti-social activities in Northern
districts in Rangoon. They include Rathidaung, Buthidaung, and Arakan. ## Source: Kaladan News


By Our correspondent, 08 April 2011 Swedish Ambassadors Aneli Lindal The team visited the Kutupalong
A 19-member delegation Keni and Kerin Ohaman, Australian and Nayapara official refugee
comprised of diplomats from west- High Commissioner Dr. Jastin Lee, camps in Cox's Bazar on 6 April,
ern countries has recently visited UK High Commissioner Head of Po- 2011, and assessed the living condi-
the Rohingya refugee camps in litical and Global Issues Zequelin tions, health, and education of the
southeastern Cox's Bazar District in Deli, Canadian High Commissioner refugees.There are 28,000 Rohingya
Bangladesh. Robert Magdangul, Swiss Embassy refugees sheltering in two officially
The delegations from 12 Deputy Head Gaberial Gary Gud, registered refugee camps and about
countries are including U.S. Am- American Embassy Political Officer 70,000 refugees are living in two
bassador James F. Moriarty, Kuliar Graham, and Spanish Em- makeshift unregistered camps.
UNHCR Country Representative Mr. bassy Deputy Head Adorwadu. A UNHCR representative said
Craig Sandar, EU Ambassador UNHCR Bangladesh-based that if the refugees will get
Uliam Hanna, French Ambassador delegate Caridi Rui, WFP Bangla- citizenship rights or the political
Sarli Kosart, German Ambassador desh-based head Crestardar, UNHCR situation is favorable for them, they
Holgar Mycle, Dutch Ambassador Jee Protection Officer Orzenzen, RRRC will be sent to Burma. It is good if
Heuical, Dutch Deputy Head of Mis- Officer Firuz Salauddin, and other Burma receives the refugees. If so,
sion Dorish Burbarak, Norwegian local officers met the delegation at we will also help the repatriation
Ambassador Reque Brit Lound, the camp. process. ## Source: Kaladan News


Monday, 11 April 2011 a Muslim group living primarily in in Rakhine State. The others will be
Yangon – Myanmar has Myanmar’s western Rakhine state sent back to Bangladesh,” the offi-
detained 146 boat people from who are described by the United cial said.As many as 300,000 Rohin-
Bangladesh after they were dumped Nations as one of the world’s most gya have fled Myanmar to
on a beach by traffickers who told persecuted minorities. The group, neighbouring Bangladesh, where
them they were in Thailand, an offi- found on a beach in late March, said they live in “primitive and squalid
cial said Monday. they had paid to be taken from conditions” in both official and
“They are in the Irrawaddy region Bangladesh by boat to Bangkok and makeshift refugee camps, according
under investigation,” said the Myan- were told they had arrived in the Thai to US-based Human Rights
mar government official, who asked capital, he said. Watch.The rights group said in a
not to be named.He said more than “They will be charged under the February report that authorities in
immigration act. For the Rohingya
80 of the detainees were Rohingyas,
they will be sent back to Maungdaw
Myanmar have Cont. P. 14


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

National Security Personnel Harassing only Rohingya in Maungdaw

By Our Reporter, 09 April 2011 town for business or other purposes Htun and taken to an office where
Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Win Hla Htun summoned Rohingya he was also accused by the agency
National Security Personnel businessman Akaram, and went to in the same manner as Akaram. It
( Sarapa) have been harassing only his shop to pick up with his is still not known when Farook Sha
members of the Rohingya motorbike on April 5. After he picked will be released from detention.
community to extort money in up Akaram, who has shop on Master “This is a method for the Burmese
Maungdaw since the last week of Munaf shopping line, he was authorities to extort money from
March, said a businessman from accused by the agency that he is the Arakanese Rohingya commu-
Maungdaw. dealing in Yaba (metham- nity with false allegations and
“One member of the National phetamines) drug business. So, the physical and mental harassment in
Security Agency, Win Hla Htun, is agency asked for 500,000 Kyats. If order to coerce people to fulfill
going around Maungdaw where victims fail to pay the demanded their demands,” said a school-
Arakanese Rohingya are sitting money, the National Security teacher from Maungdaw.
their shops and business centers to personnel will torture the detainees “The harassment was started again
check the position of Arakanese physically and mentally in their after the national elections on
Rohingya businessmen. camp, said an aide from the agency. November 7, and all the authorities
“He started harassing Arakanese Later Akaram was released after are going to harass the Rohingya
Rohingya businessman on April 5 in paying the demanded money to the community. We don’t know if the
the Maungdaw municipal area. The agency. new government will handle the
National Security personnel had Similarly, on 8 April, Farook Sha, situation of northern Arakan with
already been harassing the people another Arakanese Rohingya busi- peace.”
of rural area while they were in the nessman, was picked up by Win Hla Source: Kaladan News

Authorities transfer large arms shipment to Nasaka headquarters

By Our Reporter, 28 February 2011 “The Nasaka personnel were boxes which are usually used to
Maungdaw, Arakan State: The watching the ship after it reached the hold arms, said a local from Maung-
Burmese authorities transferred a Buthidaung port. The Nasaka had daw who was detained at the head-
huge arms shipment to the Burma complete control of the port until quarters at the time.“The Nasaka
Border Security Force (Nasaka) they unloaded all of the arms and were shifting the arms to where
Headquarters of Maungdaw from loaded them into trucks. Nobody else their outposts are stationed on the
Buthidaung on February 25, accord- was allowed to enter the port.” border with Bangladesh in the north
ing to an officer from the The Nasaka used eight trucks to of Maungdaw. Northern Maungdaw
Buthidaung port. On February 25, a transport the arms from Buthidaung is in a mountainous area and the
ship from Rangoon carried arms to to the Nasaka Headquarters of Kyi- border line is lands,” said a local
Buthidaung without entering Akyab, kanprin in Maungdaw, said a trans- from northern Maungdaw. ##
the officer said. porter from Buthidaung. Source: Kaladan News
“We had to park the trucks inside
the port compound, and then we
From P. 13 “systematically were ordered to leave the trucks,”
persecuted” the Rohingya for more said a driver who was involved in the
than three decades. action. “The Nasaka reloaded the
In the past human rights activ- arms into the trucks themselves dur-
ists have condemned the Thai navy ing the night so nobody could see
for sending Rohingya asylum- what was going on.”
seekers back to sea.The UN Refu- “We drove the trucks at night.
gee Agency in Bangkok said it had When we reached the Nasaka Head-
confirmed that more than 140 peo- quarters, the Nasaka personnel or-
ple had been put ashore in the Ir- dered us to leave the trucks inside
rawaddy Delta and was trying find the Nasaka Headquarters.” “The Na-
out more information about them. saka personnel didn’t use local la-
“Sometimes, the smugglers borers or port laborers to load or
take people out in boats and sail unload the arms.”
them around and tell the people Similarly, the Nasaka personnel
they have reached Thailand or Indo- transferred the arms during the night
nesia and these poor people find from its headquarters to the north of
out they are in Myanmar,” said Maungdaw where a detainee was TRADITIONAL ROHINGYA BOLIKALA
spokeswoman Kitty McKinsey. ## seen last month loading wooden ( WESTLING COMPETITION )


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

Rohingya Face Difficulties with New Maungdaw Settlement Program

By Our Reporter, 02 March 2011 Maungdaw market without paying villages have been built in north-
Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Ro- any money. The agent takes a lot of ern Arakan State. These model
hingya community in Maungdaw is materials from the Rohingya commu- villages were built with the forced
facing difficulties from the Burmese nity’s building materials shops. How- labor of Rohingya people. Besides,
authorities’ new resettlement ever, he never takes any materials the villagers have to provide
program in Maungdaw.Kyaw Aye, a from shops with Rakhine owners. money, rations, generators, cattle,
Rakhine community member who The Rohingya community has to pay and materials for house buildings
hails from block no. 3 of Maungdaw, for, or give freely, land, labor, food, for the newcomers. Moreover, the
is a resettlement program agent. He and materials for the new model vil- Nasaka has seized grazing
oversees the building of new homes lages. Even so, the new model villag- pastures belonging to the
and the repair of old homes in model ers harass the Rohingya villagers in Rohingya community to distribute
villages (locally called ‘Natala many ways. “The SPDC’s policy of to model villagers. These atrocious
Villages’). The agent is now forcing establishing “model villages” in measures have forced the
the Rohingya community to build northern Arakan State to be popu- Rohingya to become landless
houses for newcomers to lated with Burmans from Burma Internally Displaced Persons
Maungdaw. The agent gave orders to Proper and Rakhine from Bangla- (IDPs), and in some cases to face
the village authorities concerning desh and inside Arakan State has starvation forcing them out to
where model villages had to be built. resulted in the confiscation of lands cross the border into nearby Bang-
A new model village in Shweza Vil- from the Rohingya community. The ladesh for life and shelter. The
lage for 200 families who will come building of model villages reportedly Burmese authorities have plans to
this month is being set up. intensified after the formation of the turn northern Arakan State into a
The agent is using the name of Burma Border Security Force, or Buddhist-majority area. They are
the Maungdaw Township Authorities Nasaka, in 1992. causing a serious demographic
to get the building materials from the At present, over 100 model imbalance by bringing in new
settlers. ## Source: Kaladan News

From P. 16 THAN SHWE .....

The regime's killing of monks Nasaka Officers Harass Students in Maungdaw
during the September 2007 protests
7, 2011 according to an elder from
is just one incident that the interna- Our Reporter, 16 March 2011 Shweza village. “Anno’s books
tional community is aware of. The Maungdaw, Arakan State: Officers of were spread on the road and his
regime is afraid that it may one day Burma’s border security force, or Na- school bag was torn apart by the
face an international tribunal saka, harassed Rohingya students Nasaka. Finally, locals rushed to
because of its misdeeds. who were on their way to sit for their the spot, which made the officers
If the Commission of Inquiry matriculation examination.Anno (not depart.” Anno complained about
proposed by Tomás Ojea Quintana, his real name) is a student of class X the incident to his school’s au-
the special rapporteur on the human at Maungdaw High School. He always thorities, who then reported the
rights situation in Burma, were travels to school from his village and incident to U Aung Kyaw Oo, the
allowed to work inside the country, back by trishaw or motorbike, the stu- head of Township Authority and
more stories would surely come dent said. Nasaka Headquarters. However, no
out. That's why Snr-General Than “He always crosses the Shweza action was taken against the
S hw e q u i e t l y i n c l u d e d t h e Bridge while he goes to school, but bridge security officials, said a
self-amnesty law in the 2008 yesterday he was stopped at the schoolteacher from Maungdaw.
Constitution to secure his future. bridge for a toll while he was riding a “It is very important for
However, I want to warn Than motorbike.” The bridge security and students to get to the examination
Shwe that as the leader of the army, Anno quarreled about the toll while center on time, otherwise they will
he will be held accountable for Anno was going to school for his be expelled.” “The Nasaka person-
violations that the army has perpe- examination which started on March nel of the bridge security post
trated. Looking at other authoritar-
people and strive together to bring always demand tolls from the
ian regimes around the world, we
Than Shwe and his family to justice. students who ride motorbikes. The
can compare Than Shwe to the
Under no circumstances should they toll is not imposed by the
utterly despicable Muammar Al-
be pardoned under an amnesty. ## authorities, but the bridge security
Gaddafi of Libya. The Burmese
Aung Linn Htut is a former intelli- officers forcefully take money from
army should not take orders from
gence officer who served as a senior drivers.”
such a person, but rather follow the
diplomat at the Burmese Embassy in “The toll is only imposed for
example of the Egyptian army,
Washington, DC. He took political the Arakanese Rohingya commu-
which refused to fire on unarmed
asylum in the United States in 2005. nity on the bridge, not for the Ara-
civilians. It is time for Burmese
army personnel to side with the Sources: Irrawaddy kanese Rakhine community.” ##
Source: Kaladan News


News and Analysis of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, Arakan ( Burma )

Than Shwe, the Trembling Dictator

By AUNG LINN HTUT , They are just Kala [a degrading
term for people of Indian descent],
Saturday, March 5, 2011 not humans! Sentence them to the
Why did Snr. Gen Than Shwe maximum imprisonment!” That was
insert a self-amnesty clause into the Than Shwe I knew.
Burma's 2008 Constitution that Slobodan Miloševic of Yugosla-
was never discussed by the via, Charles Taylor of Liberia, Pol Pot
regime-sponsored National of Cambodia and Omar al-Bashir of
Convention, the body that drafted Sudan were all facing justice in
the charter? Why did he compel different internationally sponsored
retired director-general Thaung tribunals at that time. So I could
Nyunt, his legal adviser, to write easily understand the cause of Than Murderer Snr. Gen. Than Shwe
this section alone in his office Shwe's concern.
without consulting others? I reported back to them perfunc-
According to my sources in torily, informing them that the US
Naypyidaw, Thaung Nyunt, a government was busy with its own
devout religious person, felt business—this was soon after the
ashamed of his involvement in attacks on the Pentagon and the
Than Shwe's dirty work. World Trade Center on Sept. 11,
Chapter 14, Section 445 of the 2001— and had no time think about
Constitution, entitled “Transitory Burma. Than Shwe was delighted by
Provisions,” states: “All policy the Sept. 11 attacks. He didn't even
guidelines, laws, rules, regulations, send a state condolence letter to the
notifications, and declarations of US government like most other
the State Law and Order heads of state until the Burma Desk
Restoration Council and the State of the US State Department asked us
Peace and Development Council or about it.
actions, rights and responsibilities The reason he stuck the self- Murderer Maj-Gen. Win Myint
of the State Law and Order Resto- amnesty clause into the Constitution
ration Council and the State Peace is simple: He doesn't have the necessary. In the same year, Than
and Development Council shall courage to take responsibility for Shwe ordered his commanders in
devolve on the Republic of the what he has done to his own people. Shan State, Karrenni State, Pegu ,
Union of Myanmar. No proceeding Here are some examples of actions Karen State, Mon State and
shall be instituted against the said for which he is directly or indirectly Tenasserim Division to relocate
Councils or any member thereof or accountable. villages and kill entire families,
any member of the Government, in In April 1993, Than Shwe, who is including infants, of anyone who
respect of any act done in the exe- also the commander in chief of the defied the orders.
cution of their respective duties.” Burmese army, ordered Gen Win I have personally witnessed the
I can recall one occasion Myint, the commander of the Western Christie Island massacre, in which
when I was serving at the Burmese Regional Command (and later the Than Shwe ordered Gen Kyi Min (the
Embassy in Washington, D.C. A regime's Secretary 3 and adjutant former navy commander), Gen Myint
new staff member who had been general) to kill over 400 ethnic Swe (the former air force
transferred to the embassy in 2001 Rohingyas in Arakan State's commander), Gen Thura Myint Aung
told me that he had Buthidaung, Maungdaw Township in (the former adjutant general) and Col
brought urgent orders to carry retaliation for attacks by Rohingya Zaw Min (the minister of
out an inquiry into an important rebels who detonated 18 mines in electricity {1) to kill 81 civilians who
matter. The orders were to find out one day in an assault on the Bur- were found on the island.
if the US government had any in- mese army. The army rounded up Than Shwe also ordered Gen Soe
tention of bringing the Burmese more than 400 people, including civil- Win (the former prime minister) and
generals before an international ians, and as soon as they received Aung Thaung (minister Industry {1)
criminal tribunal. We were to report their orders from the GHQ office, to assassinate NLD leader Aung San
our findings as soon as possible. they killed them all. Suu Kyi. I can safely say that there
I smiled to myself at the thought In 1996, when the National are many former intelligence officers,
of Than Shwe, who was always so League for Democracy (NLD) decided former army officers and police offi-
merciless towards others, express- to walk out of the National Conven- cers who can verify this account.
ing such cowardly concern about tion, Than Shwe was furious and There are also many other events
his own fate. “ Eliminate them ! ordered the intelligence apparatus to and incidents that I am not aware of.
Don't even leave an infant alive! intimidate members of the party and Cont. P. 15