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"... thou shall go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shall speak’ Jer. 1:7
Volume 7, Issue 1
APRIL, 2011

This year’s trip to India afforded another opportunity to spend
precious time with the founders of Alpha Ministries and our dear
friends for over 25 years, Pastor Mathews and Grace Cherian. We
have seen this ministry grow throughout the years because of the
extreme sacrifices and dedication of these two faithful people sitting
beside Terry. They have endured intense times of persecution and
have seen many of their ministers suffer beatings, burnings, stoning,
jailing and sometimes even brutal murders. They have even had a fire
bomb sent through their bedroom window, but nothing has stopped
them from fulfilling their mandate to bring the Gospel to Northern
India. Over 1,200 churches have been planted, and over 700 children
have been placed in Christian homes. One of the ways they stay
connected to all of the ministries they are involved with is to host their
Pastors' Conference. While providing all the pastors lodging and food
MANTLE MINISTRIES while at the conference, they deliver teaching and encouragement to
these faithful men who come from all over India. There were three
PASTOR TERRY AND PAT CARLSON Pastors' Conferences this year with a twelve hour drive between them,
and although the travel was difficult at times, it was such a privilege to
“… thou shall go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shall speak” Jer. 1:7 minister with such devoted brothers in the Lord.


The Pastors' Conference afforded some very unique experiences this year. In India,
the Pastor’s Conference and Evangelistic Crusades always have the potential for
31700 Couchez Street disruption and persecution from the radical Hindus because of the dangerous
St. Clair Shores, MI 48082-2411 surrounding area. Alpha Ministries prepare the best they can to keep each meeting
safe. They stay very aware of what is happening , not only in the meeting, but outside
in that immediate community. Sometimes the American ministers are driven directly
to the site after the meeting has started, preach, and are driven immediately back to
PHONE: 586.296.7100 where we were staying and not allowed to lay hands on the people. This year the Lord
Pastor Terry Ext. 102 provided more freedom. Pictured on the left is Terry preaching in Auranagabag, in the
Pastor Pat Ext. 110 state of Maharastra. This was the first time an area pastor hosted a conference. For the
FAX: 586.296.7103
first time in India, Terry was given a wireless microphone. To the surprise of those
Terry jumping off of the stage attending, Terry jumped off the stage and walked into the crowd preaching. You can
E-MAIL: see his interpreter trying to catch up. It was a powerful moment and exciting to have
that freedom. There was also opportunity to give an altar call, which is usually only given by the Nationals for security reasons.
BLOG: One of the most rewarding moments was when Terry was actually allowed to go into the crowd of people for a time of personal
ministry and prayer. Many women took advantage of this opportunity and brought their children up to be blessed, and Terry was
able to spend hours of personal prayer for these passionate people. This was an unforgettable trip.
In February, we were invited to speak at a Mission Conference in Largo, Florida
concerning our summer missions project “Champions for Life Kids' Camp.” The Pastor of
the church also asked Terry to minister at the three Sunday Services. This is the church
that sends a mission team up to Michigan to help us with our camp. We just got a call from
the missions director and their missions committee has voted to sponsor the camp with the
maximum amount of support they give to out of state missions. We are looking forward to
reuniting with a team from this church this July as we minister together at the camp.


Alpha Ministries in India has asked both of us to come speak at their Missions Conference
in Virginia this April. This conference will raise support for the ministry to “fulfill the
great commission among the unreached people groups of Asia by winning nationals,
building nationals, training nationals and sending nationals to plant churches where no
church exists.” We will be home only two days from this conference before we head out
to the nation of Haiti. Please keep us in your prayers.


Evangelistic Crusade Tent Meeting Praying with Security Guards

After the earthquake, Terry was moved in his heart to return to the nation of Haiti. Upon asking how we could help, the
Pastor said he needed a Vacation Bible School up in the mountains and in the down in the desert. Pastor Lamartine found
the Lord when he was a child, attending an American led Vacation Bible School. Last year while in Haiti, Terry met some
of the adults in the church that attended VBS as children 25 years ago and they still remembered us. We have a a team of
youth and adults leaving for Haiti in just a few weeks. Please keep this team in your prayers as this is the first time out of
the United States for two of our team members.

Praying with People Conference Banner Praying with People

Stay connected with us as we travel at:
A huge thank you to all of our faithful supporters in these difficult times. Because of your partnership with this
ministry, many lives all over the world have been touched, taught and encouraged. Words are not adequate to express
our appreciation. Times of refreshing come from the Lord. God opened so many doors this year, to not only minister,
teach and train, but to individually, at times, encourage those feeling alone on the front lines of ministry. They too
asked us to express their extreme gratefulness for your generosity.
NOTE: Checks may be made payable to Mantle Ministries and donated directly or placed in the offering at New Life.
If you use a New Life tithe envelope, please check the box Mantle Ministries. All donations are tax deductible and receipts will be
Feeding the Crowds Benny at Home We Stayed At People We Stayed With mailed at year-end. Once again, our sincere gratitude for our partners.