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Software Freedom Day

September 18th
Hem Sharma Acharya
Say yes to Linux
Ubuntu Google chrome os Android os

Kubuntu Auditor Ututo

Arch Linux Debian Dream Linux
Artistx Fedora Agnula
Damn small linux Hp Mi Eeebuntu
Scientific linux Ubuntu netbook remix Linux Mint

Uberstudent XBMC live 64 studio

Nepalinux Red hat linux Element os
Ubuntu studio Suse linux Asianux
Meego os Pc linux os Karoshi
Why are they too much in
• Because a Single OS
can’t fulfill the need of
• Different people have
different computing
• Such many Linux
operating systems
would never have been
possible if Linux was
not opensource.
You will Know the real power of
 Widely adopted
 Largest community
 Dell has already started
to ship its netbooks
with ubuntu
 Ubuntu is commercially
supported by uk based
company canonical Ltd.
 You can get it for free
 Second most popular Linux
based operating system
 Based on fedora project
 Project was created in late
 Sponsored by Red hat
 Derivatives:
Aurora sparc linux
BLAG Linux and
 Latest version:13
Popular operating
system till its
discontinuation in 2004
in favor of Red hat
Enterprise Linux
 Initial release: 2005
 Focused on Desktop
usage in Nepali
 Development and
distribution of
Nepalinux is done by
Madan puraskar
 Awarded APC Chris
Nicol FOSS Prize 2007
 Developed by
community supported
OpenSUSE project
 Linux Mint provides an up-
to-date, stable operating
system for the average user,
with a strong focus on
usability and ease of
 It is recognized for being
user-friendly, particularly for
users with no previous
experience in Linux.
 Comes with,
Firefox, Thunderbird, XChat,
Pidgin, Transmission and
GIMP preinstalled.
 This operating system is
worth trying.
 This Linux based
operating system is
designed for students.

 It is free, user friendly

linux OS for learning, and
teaching the essential
skill of academic success
at the higher education
and advanced secondary
 Supported by learners,
researchers and
knowledge workers of all
 Designed by Google to
work Exclusivelywith
web applications.
 Web application is
computer program that
runs from the internet.
 Soon you should be able
to get acquainted with
such OS and
 From servers to Desktops and now its entering
into the mobile space.

 Mobile operating systems based on linux are

replacing other operating systems.

 Smartphones, tablet computers are getting Linux

based operating systems.
 Developed by Google
 Based on Linux and
GNU software
 Mostly open source
 Google activates
200,000 Android
licenses daily.
 Nokia is feeling need to swich to Linux based
OS in order to compete with Other mobiles.
 So they are creating Meego OS in collaboration
with Intel.
 Meego OS will come in high end nokia devices
and your small laptops called netbooks.
 Meego OS is completely opensource.
 Nokia’s Maemo os and
Intel’s moblin os is
fused to develop a
great operating system
called Meego.

 You will soon get Nokia

Smartphones with this

 Meego can run on

smartphones, netbooks,
Tablet pcs, In-vehicle
 You can get the Linux operating system that
best fits your needs.
 You can even customize them live through
some websites.
 Linux has already ruled over servers and now
slowly taking over Desktops, personal
computers and mobile computing devices.