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Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we are group 2 from 1K09.

My name is Lan and

these are my cooperative partners, Minh Thanh, Dieu Hang and Tra My. It’s our privilege
today to carry out the mission of helping all of you get better ideas about the previous
chapter by analyzing the specific case in out textbook as well as giving deeper illustration
by another similar case in Vietnam.

Our presentation will be broken down into 3 main parts, so that you will catch them
clearly. First of all, some important points of the lecture will be reviewed very quickly
and concisely. Then we’ll move to the case analysis (Market highlight 3.1) on the basis of
the theory reflected in that case as well as give some answers for the problems given.
And the most important part, in my point of view, which may help you get better
understanding of the chapter, is a very specific demonstration from Vinamilk.

Now, let’s get started with some key points in the lecture with Tra My…
(My vs Thành sẽ chia đôi phần này để nói nhé)


After all of you have got the general knowledge of the marketing environment, we would
like to move to the second part which involves the case “Boomers go grey, while the
young become adultescent” Market highlight 3.1, p.87. Above all, It’s necessary to
provide you with some main points of this article and some explanations so that it would
be more understandable….

So, I’m pretty sure that you now have caught some understanding about this case?
And let’s come to the first question given in the case, which requires us to specify some
of the products affected if Queensland continues to gain migrants from New South Wales
and Victoria. Back to the investigation done in the previous part, we can draw some
assumption about Queensland’s future in terms of the population and age structure. More
specifically, Queensland will adopt more young adults aged 25-34 which is a big market
for furniture, life insurance, banks, sports equipment, footwear and apparel.

As a natural response of the market, all the marketing organizations of the products and
services mentioned above would be affected in some ways, which is the second question
brought into discussion. Apparently, those organizations must take action to promote
their products and services to the new population as well as maximize the productivity as
much as possible. However, it is the changing age structure that will results in different
growth rates for various age groups and these differences will strongly affect marketers’
targeting strategies. They will have to work for BIGGER shares of SMALLER markets,
i.e. the young generation aged 25-34 because they will perspectively become their target
and potential customers. Those organizations would transform the marketplace from a
mass market into more fragmented micromarkets.

After we have dealt with this Australian case, let’s have a look at a company in Vietnam
which might be very familiar with your daily life. Vinamilk - Vietnam Dairy Products
Joint Stock Company……….
Phần dưới này viết sau nhé.

Thế là mình đã hoàn thành đầy đủ và cả beyond responsibility rồi nhé :))
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