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I think it is still acceptable, because to start a business it should not be afraid to lose,because the
business would be spun, is not always the
company suffered losses whencoupled with the hard efforts and major in business it is to find
a customer is not looking for profit

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I think iTunes is a service business, because iTunes is a software that provides content for users to be
more easy to listen to, storing, and accessing music
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rivalry among existing competitors, because it has many online music business on the
internet then iTunes was difficult to get into the online music business


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0pple give performances or solicitation with a relatively cheap price, then lists the
advantages possessed, and displaying photographs of famous artists in their website
0pple offers for goods and services such as iphone, iTunes, laptop etc.

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economy is the activity of managing the household.
business people usually will wrestle with its business management so that its business progress.
therefore, a businessman studying economics.
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Ñue to increased knowledge for labor is an opportunity to improve the status
ofemployment, obtain jobs that match the background, increase work productivity andimpact
on increasing revenues, so the concept of improvement of knowledge workers is a key driving force in
the development of economic productivity.

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essence of each destination is different.
the goal is equality of communism, socialism, the goal is security, capitalism, the goal isfreedom.
communism has so far failed in its purpose robbery to be equal because of the demands of the nation's
economy, which means that all about business and investment decisions made by the authorities.
capitalism is the same, it has been pretty much a failure in achieving its economic
goals, essentially capitalist economic anarchy of the most extreme in its execution,because
it leads to plutocracy or government held by the rich, causing social inequalityis very high.

if socialism was successful in achieving its economic objectives, as understoodsocialism tend to do a decent
job and provide security for the community
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because of government spending are realized in the demand for goods and services,the budget bill, as well
as the regular budget should be adjusted to the economic development that occurred.
although basically government spending for goods and services, routine expendituresare relatively stable.
according to Keynes, government spending must be greater than the decline
inconsumption that occurs, thereby moving in a dynamic economy.
so, government spending is an important factor as a stabilizer in the economy.

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because if the company had engaged in price discrimination, the government candefine
the geographic market is very small.
perhaps there is only one customer.
if a company is very small and others are not too large, the merger likely will escape scrutiny because
of the influence of competition is unlikely.
if one company out of business, the merger may be allowed as a means of keepingassets in the industryÚp
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recause to start a service business capital required is only slightly compared with the production business.
in addition, to start a service business does not require too much manpower and places that are too big.
with the assumption of a salon or barber's business.
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because competition can enhance competitiveness between the sellers of one another.
so that the quality and quantity of goods will also be competing, and can produce bettergoods.
and also as a comparison of performance so as to create a healthy competition.
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because of government interference with the intended purpose:
1. Overseeing for due to adverse external economic activities can be avoided
2. Provide enough public goods to the public can buy it easily and cheaply
3. Overseeing the activities of companies, especially large companies that could affectthe market
4. Guarantee for economic activities that do not cause inequality in society
5. Ensuring economic growth can be realized efficiently
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Through this approach we try to understand the circular flow of economic system by
identifying anyone main actors, and seeing their respective roles. Then we'll see apattern of association's
activities within the frame work of the perpetrators of a closed economy model of the system. The model is
used to simplify and facilitate the discussion of linkage patterns in everyday reality consists of thousands
of patterns ofactivity and economic exchange.

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in my opinion is unethical if I apply to a different company, because I have made an agreement with the
company and the company has paid 80% of my tuition.
and I'll cancel my intention to apply as a manager in different companies.

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I will consider the internal factors such as:
who made that site?
what the content of these sites?
whether the site is useful for my business?
whether the site has fitness goals with the company that I run?

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government should consider this impact on consumption and savings decisions of workers today. If
the benefit is lower for parents to motivate individuals to save more through out their lives, then
the aggregate savings will increase, which will lower interest rates and encourage more
investment. This may enhance the productivity and economic growth.
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businesses trying to gain a competitive advantage in the market place is a

business thatcan offer similar products or services with competition at a lower price or exceed customer

Mechanism of open trade and free markets (and the theory of perfect competition) are
not directly have occurred in the Internet world,so the entire the impact or the argumentsin
connection with such conditions prevailing in the market .
Given the above, companies must have criteria (critical success factors) and
measurements (performance indicators) that can serve as a barometer of success or failure of the
company have and maintain a certain competitive excellence. Some theories suggest a competitive
advantage in the market for at least 7 (seven) aspects must be the concern of a company, ie respectively:
1. Customer Service
2. Price
3. Quality
4. Fulfillment Time
5. 0gility
6. Time to Market
7. Market Reach
The condition of seven of these aspects will ultimately determine the company's position with in the arena
of market competition.

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Economists study how society distributes resources, such as land, labor, raw
materials,and machinery, to produce goods and services, conduct research, collect and analyze
data, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts on various issues, includingenergy
costs, inflation , interest rates, exchange rates, business cycles, taxes, and employment rates.
Economists developed a method to obtain the data they need.
For example, sampling techniques can be used to conduct surveys, and various
mathematical modeling techniques can be used to develop forecasts. Preparing
reports, including tables and graphs, research results are also an important part of theduties of an
economist, such as the present economic concepts and statistics in a clearand meaningful to those who
have no background in economics. Some economists alsoconduct economic analysis to the media.

Work environment. Economists have structured work schedules. They often work alone,writing
reports, preparing statistical charts, and using computers, but also can be an integral part of
the research team. Many work under pressure
of deadlines and tightschedules, which may require overtime. Routine they may interfere with specificr
equests for data and by the need to attend meetings or conferences. Some travel may be required.

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Economists can work in government, industry, research
organizations, or consultingfirms, economists with a bachelor's degree usually qualify for a
position as assistantresearch entrylevel, for marketing or financial position, or for various sales jobs.
Wages and salaries average annual wage is $ 83.590 economists in May 2008. Middle 50
percent received between $ 59,390 and $ 113,590. The lowest 10 percent earnedless than
$44,050, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $ 149,110.
In March 2009, the average annual salary for economists employed by the Federal
Government $108,010.

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Education and training. 0 master's or doctoral degree in economics is
required formany private sector economists work and to progress to higher level positions. In the
Federal Government, candidates for the position entrylevel economists must have a bachelor's
degree with at least 21 hours of economics and 3 hours of statistics,accounting, or calculus, or a
combination of education and experience.

Economics includes many specialties at the graduate level, such as econometrics,international

economics, and labor economics. Students should select graduate schools
strong in specialties that interest them.
Some schools help graduate students find internships or part-time job in government
agencies, economic consulting or research firms, or financial institutions prior tograduation.
Undergraduate economics majors can choose from a variety of courses, ranging from
microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics courses are more philosophical,like the history
of economic thought. recause of the importance of quantitative skills toeconomists, courses of
mathematics, statistics, econometrics, sampling theory andsurvey design, and computer science is
The difference between an economist with the job qualifications in the private sector.They
are considering a career as an economist should be able to pay attention todetails because much
time is spent on precise data analysis. Candidates also musthave strong computer and quantitative
skills and can perform complex research.Patience and perseverance are
the qualities needed, given that economists must spendlong hours on independent study and problem-
solving. Good communication skills are also very useful, as economists must be able to present their
findings, either orally or in writing, in a clear, concise.