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“Next level of Excellence”
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Executive Panel

Quality & Process Excellence Forum

15th - 17th September 2010
Lisbon Marriott Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

Brenton Harder, Credit-Suisse nEW eRA OF PROCESS EXCELLENCE

MD COO Division
Roger Cliffe, Vodafone Think beyond your own responsibilities and beyond the box

Global Head of Quality

Britta Bibel Cavallaro, OC Oerlikon AG Business process improvement through such strategic initiatives as
VP, Global Head of Quality of Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma, IT and Cultural Transformation are now
needed more than ever before. Even if your organization is involved
Baris Ertan, Garanti Bank in these process excellence initiatives, it’s time to take a closer look at
VP Organization & Quality efforts versus results. Only enhanced creativity and innovation in our
Jose Sarmento, Borealis AG business process improvement efforts will relieve the pain points in
VP Quality our businesses. In this economic crisis there is probably nothing with
a higher ROI than a well-structured, well-executed business process
David J. Clift excellence initiative. When people work on strategically important
Author, Speaker, Coach improvement efforts, it makes them feel important. Business process
Jean-Louis PEREE, Jet Aviation, Switzerland excellence provides an escape from worrying about what they can’t
VP of Quality control. Business process excellence enriches team members by
allowing them to think beyond their own responsibilities and beyond
Mark Mc Gregor, Author - Mark McGregor the box “out-of-the-box”. Business process improvement allows all
Author, Speaker, Coach employees, from various functional areas and backgrounds, to pursue
Niklas Blomqvist, Volvo Car Corporation common interests and become energized from each other. Business
Process Assessment and Audit process improvement facilitates the values of dignity, respect, trust,
collaboration and a shared commitment of success.
Gunnar Collin, SEB
Head of Strategic Vendor Management, Strategy and
Business Development, Group Operations
Mark Roper, British Air
Head of Performance and Continuous Improvement
Profit Through Process - Become energized from each other
Marita Mitschein, MAJOMI Inc., USA
President Power your Business “low cost and high return”
Luis Miguel Mourao Grincho, Glintt, GM
Product Development and Process Optimization
„Getting it right first time“
Evaluating the Effectives of your Processes

In the Chair: Gunnar Collin, SEB

Head of Strategic Vendor Management, Strategy and Business Eliminating waste errors
Development, Group Operations
Implementing systems to control the process for
Brenton Harder, Credit-Suisse ongoing improvement
MD COO Division Lean and Six Sigma by any Other Name
Joel Roxburgh, Vodafone
Implementing successful re-engineering
Head of Corporate Responsibility
Stefan Henschel, Deutsche Bank
VP and Lean Six Sigma MBB, European Cash and Banking
Evin Kose, Finansbank Who WILL attend
VP Cost Management Vice Presidents, Heads and Directors of Operations, IT, Quality, Process,
Claire Roberts, UBS Business Analysis, Business Excellence, Business Improvement, Auditors,
Regional Head of Process Excellence (and Master Black Belt) Lean, Six Sigma, Product Management, Revenue Assurance and CRM

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Conference Workshop
15th of September 2010, Lisbon, Title: The People Side of Change
Workshop Leaders: Mark McGregor, Author & Performance Coach
Roger Cliffe, Director Quality, Vodafone
This highly practical workshop will be like nothing you are ever likely to have experienced. Mark & Roger
will guide you on a journey that combines theory, insight and best practice. This is a unique opportunity
to learn from not one but two leading business and process improvement specialists.
During the workshop you will learn to understand how and why some programs succeed while others fail,
what it takes to manage and lead successful programs, how to generate greater buy in for your ideas and
eliminate many of the barriers to change. Highly practical in nature, by the time you leave you will have
had the chance to practice many of the ideas presented.


Ask Yourself, would you like to:

• Deliver Your Process Projects More Successfully and in a Shorter Time?

• Be Able to Generate Greater Management Buy-in and Commitment?
• Communicate More Easily and Have Others Understand You Better?
• Know When and How to Leverage Different Tools and Techniques?
• Learn How the Best Companies Eliminate the Barriers to Change?
If your answer to any of these is YES, then the workshop is a must for you. You will not only learn but
experience how easily you can change your results and the results of others around you.
Meet your workshop leaders:
Roger Cliffe, Vodafone UK
Head of Quality

Roger joined Vodafone in 2002 as Quality Director. His current role involves leading Process Management, Process
improvement, 6 sigma and Service Quality for Vodafone UK. His previous work in Quality Improvement covers the
financial services, steel, aerospace and chemical industries in the USA, Japan and Europe. He is a frequent speaker
at internationalQuality Conferences. He is a fellow of the IQA, has been a Senior Assessor for the European and
British Quality Awards for10 years and a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. He is also a member of the Board
of the British Quality Foundation and Midlands Excellence

Mark McGregor
Author & Performance and Coach
An internationally acclaimed speaker, Mark has wowed audiences all over the world with his unique approach
to blending business, process and people skills. Mark’s broad skill base and vocal talents help to bring fun to the
more serious aspects of business. He has variously been described as a „Master of Mindset“ by IQPC and as a
„BPM Guru“ by industry analysts GartnerGroup. More recently Mark has continued to further develop his NLP
skills and as a Licensed Master Practitioner he is currently undergoing additional training with the Society of NLP
to become a licensed coach.

• After the workshop Special Social and Networking Activity Touring Lisbon
• Unforgettable Night City Sightseeing
• Tour Highlights
Monuments to the Discoveries, Typical Portuguese Restaurant, Fado & Folkloric Dances, Lisbon Bridge
DAY 1 SEPTEMBER 16 ,2010 12:20 Interactive Panel Discussion
The audience has an opportunity to ask questions and open an
8:30 Registration and Coffee interactive discussion with the speakers from the afternoon session

13:00 Luncheon
9:00 Opening remarks from the chair

14:20 CASE STUDY Enhancing Quality and Excellence

Science of Business Excellence -
Through a Shared Function, an Experience from the
the Promise, the Reality and the Future… Financial Industry

9:10 KEYNOTE The Need To Change The Way We Gunnar Collin, SEB
Change Head of Strategic Vendor Management, Strategy and
• Change starts with an end - letting go of old ways and old Business Development, Group Operations
• Change is situational - stop worrying about the outcome 15:40 Afternoon tea and networking
and focus on the psychological aspects of the transition
• Transition is where change happens - replace old and
maladaptive habits with new ones better adapted to new 16:20 CASE STUDY Evaluating the Effectives of your
realities Processes
• Change ends with a new beginning - people are reoriented
and renewed to a new sense of purpose that makes the • Assessing the costs and benefits of BPM in order to set
change real and sustainable achievable business objectives
• Identify ROI opportunities in business processes
Brenton Harder, Credit-Suisse • Managing and measuring lead time between investment
MD COO Division and ROI on BPM systems
• Q&A
9:50 Are Your BPM Projects Missing the Key Ingredients?
While BPM has the ability to completely transform Luis Miguel Mourao Grincho, Glintt, GM
organizations, to date many programs seem to have missed
the big potential. It is easy to talk of creativity and innovation, 17:00 Interactive Panel Discussion
of reduced costs and greater agility, but what does it take? The audience has an opportunity to ask questions and open
For most organizations it is still a case of “people performing an interactive discussion with the speakers from the afternoon
processes produce profit.” In his presentation Mark McGregor session
seeks to demonstrate how the focus on the key differentiators
of truly successful organizations, and how you can easily make
the changes to enable you to replicate their success. 17:20 Closing remarks from the chair
• Generating Greater Management Buy-in for Process
• Change Your Focus to Change Your Results
• Understanding the The Process of Change Speakers and delegates are cordially invited to attend a
• A 7 Step Model for to BPM Success
Mark Mc Gregor, Author- Mark McGregor Networking Cocktail Reception
Author, Speaker, Coach

10:30 Morning Coffee and Networking

11:00 CASE STUDY Product Development and Process

Optimization „Getting it right first time“
• Discover links between people knowledge and processes
within your organization
• Flexible turnarounds needed to ensure success
• Extend your boundaries –to your suppliers on one side
and to your customers on the other side
• Q&A
Britta Bibel Cavallaro, OC Oerlikon AG
VP, Global Head of Quality

11:30 CASE STUDY “Low cost, high return“

• How to Power your Business when Reducing the Cost?
• Providing cost-savings where needed
• Understanding and measuring process performance against
customer expectations
• Proactively identifying continuous improvement
• Q&A
Marita Mitschein, MAJOMI Inc., USA, President
DAY 2, SEPTEMBER 17, 2010 Building your audit system as an effective process for
follow up and implementation
8:30 Registration and Coffee • Assessing the common drawbacks to business processes:
traditional KPIs, functional budgets, lack of process
9:00 Opening remarks from the chair
Niklas Blomqvist, Volvo Car Corporation
Transforming your Organization Process Assessment and Audit
“Sky is the limit”
11:40 Interactive Panel Discussion:
9:10 CASE STUDY FAST Forward - Leaning the Eliminating Waste Errors
Improvement Process • Minimize delays
• Back to basics • Maximize the use of assets
• Why do initiatives work/fail? • Promote understanding
• Effects of culture • Q&A
• What needs to be standard/different?
• Building capability 12:20 CASE STUDY “The Governance Model”
• Using the language of success • Integrating Values, Principles, Strategy and Policies in a
• Capturing the benefits coherent business frame
• Fighting bureaucracy get simplicity.
Roger Cliffe, Vodafone, Global Head of Quality • Develop a “Lean Management System to achieve higher
British Airways wins innovation award levels of compliance and control
British Airways picked up two awards at the 2009 Globe Jose Sarmento, Borealis AG, VP Quality
Travel Awards, winning recognition for its innovation and
also being named the best scheduled airline to Europe 13:00 Luncheon

9:50 CASE STUDY Context for Change Six Sigma by any Other Name
Incorrectly positioned change initiatives can tackle
14:30 CASE STUDY Use of Lean Thinking in a
symptoms rather than root causes. In order to plan
and manage change holistically as an overall portfolio, Production Environment and the Challenge
engagement of leadership and the entire workforce is & Rewards of Being Able to Apply this to a
essential, but not an easy task. Mark’s presentation will Banking Environment
address how the Continuous Improvement initiative within • Applying lean thinking in a banking environment
British Airways is positioned and has evolved over time with
• Organizational designs that will eliminate waste and
the goal to be the most effective and demonstrating value
maximize capacity usage,
to shareholders.
• Leveraging technology
• how can large scale transformation work across multiple
• Q&A
business functions?
• achieving the right balance between central and local Baris Ertan, Garanti Bank, VP of Quality
• engaging at all levels 15:10 „Transformation - by Definition“
• driven from the top or built from the bottom up ? Many words are used to describe transformation and
Against a background of turbulent times across the airline continuous improvement. This talk will define them and
industry – how is the focus maintained on strategic change show how 21st century management systems integrate
when cost and structural pressures dominate the agenda ? them. It will also highlight the plethora of opportunities
Mark Roper, British Air opened up ... and the challenges ahead.
Head of Performance and Continuous Improvement David J.Clift, Author, Speaker, Coach

10:30 Morning Coffee and Networking 15:40 Interactive Panel Discussion

The audience has an opportunity to ask questions and
11:00 CASE STUDYUsing Business Process Assessment open an interactive discussion with the speakers from the
To Leverage Profitability And Quality Of afternoon session
Business Potentials 16:00 Closing remarks from the chair
Volvo Car Corporation will bring their structured and
effective method for assessing their operations, including 16:30 Farewell Coffee and Networking
value-add analysis, and the design and refinement of
operations. You will gain information about: JFG European Headquarters specializes in organizing top level business
• Different alternatives to optimise your business, to business conferences with strategic orientation Senior decision-makers
from leading companies are present at our events both as speakers and as
including by setting up KPIs delegates. Our fields of interest include financial services, telecommunications,
• Using cross functional ownership/metrics and process petrochemicals and the pharmaceutical industry. Extensive research, careful
orientation to lead enterprise excellence speaker selection and top class venues provide a unique incentive and
exceptional opportunities for the executives and experts participating in Jacob
• Monitoring and planning process performance: Fleming conferences.