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Lesson Planning

Waynesburg University

Writing the lesson plan:

Translating thoughts into a plan of action

First Eucharist Preparation

PhotoStory Family Assignment
Pennsylvania Academic Standard(s) addressed during this lesson:
Quality of Writing – 1.5.2.C: organize writing in a logical order
Speaking and Listening – 1.6.2.A: listen actively and respond to others in small and large group situations
1.6.2.B: use appropriate volume, clarity, and gestures in individual and group situations
Information, communication and technology literacy- 1.9.2.A: use media & technology resources for directed and independent learning

Lesson Objective(s)
• The Student will create a PhotoStory project that tells the story of their family
• TSW present the project during one of the Eucharist meetings
• TSW identify one similarity between their family and the other family presented that evening

Assessment Plan

(This will be a voluntary means of presenting the information to the other families joining in the sacrament. This is an event with
families of differing means and resources so form of presentation will be flexible)

• A rubric will score the ability to sequence the story appropriately (beginning, middle and end), as well as using resources

• The sacrament facilitator would be responsible for creating a sample family story to present to the group on their own family.

• Acquiring materials for the project would be the responsibility of each individual family.

• The meeting space would need to provide a screen, projector, and computer for the families that do bring a PhotoStory

Inclusion Techniques for Students with Special Needs:

The PhotoStory lends itself well for use by special needs children as they do all the preparation and narration prior to the actual
presentation. Narration may also be completed by another family member if vocalization is an issue. Since this a family-centered activity
participants of varying skill levels would be completing the activity.

Enrichment Techniques:

This activity is an enrichment project – families may choose to present their family story via any means they choose.
Enrichment techniques within the PhotoStory would include families adding special transitions, music or other advanced
features to their project rather than just a basic PhotoStory.

Lesson Differentiation:
This is a church community building lesson – an activity that will develop a sense of togetherness and stewardship
for members. The lesson will be presented to families with the options for families to work together or a family to “sponsor”
another family to help create their PhotoStory project.
Lesson Presentation
Introduction/Motivational Activities/Anticipatory Set:
Introduction: Ask the group to tell what they know about the Holy Family.
From the responses develop a list of information.
In small groups at tables, take the list of information and place in a chronological order.
Review as a large group how the Holy Family developed in the beginning, the middle, and the end.
Anticipatory Set: Tell the group you have a story of a family that isn’t quite so famous but is interesting to learn about
(show facilitator PhotoStory)
Detailed Teaching Sequence:
• Tell families that they will create a story of their family – how it began, where it’s at now… the end is yet to be
• Have families brainstorm on some information they can tell about their families

• * It is important to include that the child who will be receiving first Eucharist has been baptized…. Be sure to point
out that detail to include in their story
• Explain that the information list that they developed is a good start for telling their family story. They may remember
more to include in their final project.

• They saw a PhotoStory presentation which is one way to tell their story – they may create a poster board display,
show video clips they may have, orally tell their story…. Whatever means they are comfortable with.

• There will be a sign-up sheet to choose when you will be responsible for presenting your story to the group. There
will be two presentations per meeting night so the stories will be presented up to the celebration of First Eucharist.
• If you have your heart set on creating a PhotoStory I have information for doing that as well as names of some
families who said they would “sponsor” helping a family create their project.

Guided Practice/Independent Practice/Assessment Activities:

This is an independent project.
There will be an evaluation that families may give presenting families feedback on: a fact they found interesting
about their story and something they have in common.

Closure: Closure would occur on whatever evening the presenting family shares their project.
First Eucharist Preparation
PhotoStory Family Assignment

Leticia H. Fournier

EDU 505

Summer I