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Jose Antonio Galan was sentenced to death by participating in

Insurrection of the commoners.

José prudenció padilla, he was the naval hero during the campaign for
independence led by Simon
Bolivar, creator of the Navy and first admiral of the Great

2.Despite being more docile and submissive, the Indians fought for their
territory, but many died from diseases brought by Europeans. They were
organized and appointed a single chief and so united in one tribe to fight
and land not to be removed.

3.To find out the laws that protected them, they studied human rights.

4.People kill and mistreated, nobody wanted them around and they were
shunned by society because they said they were not important to society.
Some of this still the case today

5. There are some names of women who actively participated in the epic-
independence, Policarpa Salavarrieta, Manuela Saenz, Baltazar Terán,
among other names.
The women of that time, had to housework and also not allowed to work,
the only thing important to them was to preserve the values of chastity and
honor (virginity).
But despite these differences they participated in the independence, but
ended up being shot.

6. Farm children defended their land with their swords

7.Some were given as slaves to protect others, but they had had some not
so lucky were killed defending their territories.
8.People with Down syndrome were very few people spoke to them, some
neither determined nor the people, or friends ... Indeed there were very few
people who determined.

9.There were many people without money and on the street, but there was
how to help people who lost everything in all the struggles for

10.Bolivar's stay in Haiti, gave a new vision of the problem of slavery and
not only won the support of the black nation, but said freedom of the slaves
who joined the armies of freedom during the period of independence.

11. During the time of independence mainly Creole women performed

household chores such as washing clothes in rivers and seas, cooking, going
to the market place to get food, in addition to weaving and to serve their
employers or spouses and children . And caring for war wounded.

12. Were lower-income people had dealings between them, but they had
more time to work and be semi-slaves, the stock was held by employers or
owners of these ethnic groups.
While the color received better treatment than blacks, played a leading role
in the fight against apartheid. Your right to vote was denied them in the
same way as blacks.

13.Some of those who did could still work and other aid just waiting around
The value of human life was almost nil for the Indians. Not reached
adulthood by the type of hard work and feeding

14.200 years ago children were not rich did not go to school. People just
worked, also had no interest in politics or eduacion precisely because they
lived a subsistence lifestyle. In some situations some children if they were
forced to work but in 1826 there was an educational project strongly to the
state and therefore became necessary to establish universal education, free
and compulsory.


16.The Spanish American and some other prisoners were shot.

17. Laws that always discourage the entry of foreigners into the territory,
first of the Viceroyalty of New Granada and after what would be Colombia,
the entry of foreigners in Colombia has always been low compared with
other countries on the continent, a situation that should to the same policies
inherited from Spanish colonial times.

18. The secondary sector has a greater relative weight than in the rest of
Andalusia because of the large chemical and refinery pole of La Rabida, a
major source of provincial employment. Its economy, like the rest of Spain,
is dominated by the tertiary sector, including tourism.

19. Cadiz Constitution of 1812 stated that among its provisions:

Mitas are abolished, or orders, or divisions of Indians, and all personal
service under those names or other loans to individuals without reason or
pretext for judges or governors may allocate or compel the natives to the
said service .

20. By the middle of last century the black population was largely in two
things: the departments of the Pacific Chocó, Valle, Cauca and Nariño and
the Atlantic coast in Bolívar, Atlántico, Magdalena. They were released in
1851 after the abolition of slavery in Colombia. Since his arrival has
contributed greatly to the culture.

21. Yes, at that time to avoid the extinction of the black race, he turned and
territorialization desesclavizacion.

22. Indigenous people have offered the return of their rights and lands by
the government of simon bolivar

23.Yes, even prostitution had existed long before, and at the time of
independence, the Spanish sent to bring women to meet their needs as

24.That despite the oppression that society still giving women but at this
time is much less than before. Leave the teaching that women can be equal
and at the same capacities as men.

25. Some participated in the battles, were slaves because it is the race that
has more strength to do the jobs, some were forced to do things that they
did not want.

26. The construction of electric trains and also considered as a discovery

that evolved knowledge and world view, that was the novelty of the time

27. Throughout history man has had the idea of not being alone in the
universe, myths and legends were born to the time it was heresy to
comment, only the Catholic religion had the truth on any supernatural
approach, the one being who exists outside the earth is God, who was
against this idea, at least he was banished.
Some people do not all ask the same about the fact of independence.

28.Francisco José Caldas using microscope, magnifying glass, thermometer,

made the hypsometer, also used the telescope, instruments used in the
botanical expedition, and found a fragment of an octant.

29. Fever, infections such as malaria, malaria, intestinal infections,

bronchitis, flu. To cure such diseases it was only worth was the quinine for
malaria, but doctors were not 200 years ago as fighting many diseases, so
what they did was take plants and test their effectiveness as a remedy to
It was a leper colony for many years.
Indigenous Filipinos were aware of Leprosy, which they considered a divine
punishment and fought through craft remedies so cruel as to bury to the
neck to the lepers in holes filled with dry leaves, or remain soaked in cow

30. Aunque no existiera la odontologia como tal,en esa época, usaban una
cuerda o una pita.

31. At independence not only for the wounded had sewed them and gave
them potions of medicinal herbs.
It is a disease of microorganisms that produce infections, surgical operations
200 years ago were coated with medicinal plants to infection.
Trading was very traumatic and postoperative periods were very long and
painful, took place in any house, there were no specialized sites, such as
when the woman was his sons attended the midwife or another woman with
some knowledge of how to have children.

32. The water brought from the rivers, streams, natural wells and boats,
mules, as well as firewood, personal hygiene was very strange if there were
hardly any culture of personal hygiene, to communicate with people far
away or had to go to reason to visit or send someone who was there and
that if he remembered was the reason or the person, the gossip had some
influence, large landowners if they used cards because they were people
who could read and write and had people carrying these written on
200 years ago the night light was used for cooking locks with log fires, the
water carried from one place to another in moyas mud and communication
was by letters they wrote and were transported in boats to get to the

33. In few occasions liquor, chicha, cane juice ferments corn and other
producing an intoxicated minor to bear the pain also used what we know
today as the base or marihuana to feel no pain.

34. The idea of buying ironclads was President Ramon Castilla in 1862.
Commissioned for this work to the Minister of Peru in the United States,
Federico Barreda, which deals with John Ericsson, managed an offer of sale
of some of the Passaic class monitors in 400 thousand dollars, but this did
not materialize because the Peruvian Congress not approved the
disbursement. It would have been a bad buy, since these monitors were not
for the high seas.

35. Not because one died in the independence and in other cases some
natural dying and and not exposed to this type of procedure.

36. To meet the continuing needs of water, grass and wood for the fires, the
route followed several rivers and streams across half the continent. In
addition, the road network required a minimum of road works to be
passable by wagons. To complete the trip in a season, most travelers
departing between April and June, as soon as the grass was enough to keep
the animals and the roads were dry.

37. The drugs were all natural and not very effective, although there were
people who cured but had no type of specialty patients.

38. The direct relationship between water resources and food production is
therefore critical to continued human population crecimiento.67 irrigation
absorbs up to 90% of water resources in some developing countries.

39. Some of they burned and another used as fertilizer for plants.

40. Margins of society lived or are defenseless against the harassment.

There is no comfort to them, as it did in the novels and engravings of the

41. Foods like cooked milk the cheese they had on one hand angry chicken
so the meat cooked and put the smoke so it does not hurt them

42. Harvesting is often developed in the Kalahari desert regions where,

despite the aridity, many plants grow highly nutritious, the population used
for food.

43. They had no bathrooms, so it used the woods or a secluded place.

44.Ya que las vacunas no existian, utilizaban Algunos bebedizos de plantas


45. They waited until the disease progressed a bit to see the characteristics
of each disease, even after all could not be sure what each person suffered.

46. With the start of this expedition took science a valuable impetus in New
Granada. Were thoroughly investigated medicinal plants, and animals
studied by class. He made his way to anthropology, since it carried out
studies on the habits and ways of relating to different groups who were in
remote areas.

47.The reaction was panic or shock, thought they were divine punishment
for acts that are inconsistent with the religious philosophy, very, very few
people had any real knowledge.

48. Tried to control it with water or soup

49. This implies no interference by any organization or religion in the

government of the same, whether in the executive, legislative or judicial.
The secular states are all independent countries of any organization or

50. The influence of the Catholic Church in Colombia has been great since
the time of the conquest, the church has had temporary records calendar
for dates of celebrations of saints and virgins, who were posted in churches
and temples to parishioners , that way you know the day and month in
remote regions, to know the time of day in places where there were not any
means timer is used the position of the sun and shadows.

51.There was no equipment to determine with certainty that. You may know
that happens, expect to see if it looked like the father or not, also counting
the days and months since a woman estubo with her husband until his son
was born.

52.In omens as if a dog is very restless came the visit of a woman also
believed in the apparitions of the Virgin. And myths like the Pata Sola and

53. Christmas is celebrated in the same way it is now and start a tradition
all over the world for a very long time.

54. The music was very simple, some drums and some maracas and that
music was to be dancing at parties. They did dances like la Chacona, la
Gallarda, la Zarabanda, el Agua de Nieve, el Paspié o Pasapie, el Minué…
Some listened to religious music.

55. To paint the teachers used at that time the chisel and the club and there
were also teachers who started to introduce art to kids

56. At independence there was no funerals, burying the dead in mass


57. Some worked artezanias made in rock or clay and painted with the same
paint on the time

58. Pusandao: Prepared with pork, banana and cassava

Chucula: A mixture of boiled banana with milk and beaten

Tapao: Beef sun dried and cooked with plantain
Encocado: Beef stew, pork, fish or seafood marinated in coconut juice

Cazuela: Fish or shrimp

60. A quick steps Revolution extended their setting on the east, showing the
validity of the uprising lawns. The fledgling rebel troops, who were
beginning to be trained by Dominican military on the size of Modesto Díaz
and Luis Marcano, began to demonstrate the importance of the machete as
a weapon of redemption.

61. Not celebrating anything at that time that were at war, and had no
symbolic own days, the days when Spanish holiday celebrated series

62. Moulds of different ways for different things in clay

63. The Argentine State the period of the history of Argentina during which
terminates the authority of the Spanish monarchy in the Viceroyalty of Río
de la Plata, the growth of the viceroyalty disintegrates into various political
units and legal and political establishment of today is Argentina.

64.Edgar Allan Poe

He was renovating the Gothic novel, remembered for his tales of terror.
▪ "The Black Cat"
▪ "The Cask of Amontillado"
"A Descent into the Maelström"

65. That violence has never ended since that time until the present time.

66. The expansion prompted the first human settlement on the right bank of
the Segura takes hold, the now known as the Barrio del Carmen.

67. No, because no plant at that time was illegal, therefore it was not

68.In half a century, up to 40 million buffalo were slaughtered for skins and
meat and to facilitate the spread of railways. The loss of these animals, a
vital economic resource for the plains Indians, was an existential blow to the
native cultures.

69. Principality professional soldiers, legionaries and auxiliaries in battle

spent a small part of their military careers. Most of their days of service
passed marked by a series of routine tasks, both military and nonmilitary.
This, together with the social and private lives of soldiers, has been virtually
ignored by contemporary historians like Tacitus and Dio Cassius.

70. The legacies were handing out the governments of each country.

71. Corn, rice and various grains. Also gemstones with Spain and Europe
72.First viceroy, Spaniards were the second European
third, the Spanish American, fourth White, fifth mestizos
and finally blacks.

73. The woman ran the home, she went to help financially.

74. Gunpowder weapons are transported food and clothing, were used to
transport boats and floats within the colony

75. The freedom and rights

76.Like now, but everything at hand.

77. Cooking, knitting, be obedient to their husbands, have children, take

care of them.

78. Many deaths, but the new country did not have to give their gold to the

79. Import and export it took many months and takes a long time getting
the goods.

80. The king ordered to eliminate one of the popular fear that others feel,
they felt defeated and began paying taxes to the crown.

81. The Indians had their own method of teaching, but when the Spanish
came to America the priests made the things they wanted to go up, religion,
philosophy, ethics and among other things.

82. Teachers have always been priests or church-related people, so

education was always linked with religion, especially men who were
receiving education, such as learning to read and write.

83. El Correo del Orinoco was the main instrument of our Simón Bolívar to
counter the bad image that the international media, and local "Gaceta de
Caracas", broadcast of his investiture disrespected.

84. Se ayudaban de los conocimientos de otras personas, generalmente los

ancianos de la época, gente sabia que realizaban recorrido y recolectaban
historias que luego eran convertidas en conocimiento mitos y leyendas
trasmitidas verbalmente, debido a que muy pocas personas sabían leer y
escribir los habitantes no acudían a escasa bibliografía de la época.

85. To develop a profession should have a minimum I wanted to be and

have a higher degree to become a profession. And to have a good charge is
needed to be of good family, knowing how to write and read.

86. In the text of your proposed donation mechanism of choice for teachers,
which should be based on merit. For example, in terms of primary education
wrote that the provision of schools shall be in opposition, and passed to
establish in detail the procedure that would regulate. In the next article, the
fourth set every three years the council will open a new opposition, and
opponents call if you have had for conviction or improve teacher ratio.

87.Colombia had many reforms and was to stay as independent,

autonomous and education reform the teaching and learning

88.Sixth: Arithmetic, English, Geography and History, Biology, among

Seventh: Arithmetic, English, Geography and History, Biology, among
Eighth: Algebra, English, History, Biology, American Literature, among
Ninth-Algebra, Plane Geometry, English, History, Biology, American
Literature, among others.
Tenth, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Statistics, Economics, Philosophy,
English, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish Literature, among others.
Eleventh: Calculus, Statistics, Economics, Philosophy, English, Chemistry,
Physics, European literature, among others.

89. He came to teach a lot about this issue at length after he caused great
interest that I come to crave independence of the five nations

90. Not because men were the only ones working, single women were
engaged in home.

91. Had all the educational opportunities both basic and higher average.
How people were related to the land and the environment for Independence

92. Designing maps through compasses

93.Oral narratives (such as shamanic healing), in some songs and rituals,

Original works of their ancestors, which, in turn, encode the process of
settlement of
Region. In addition, these oral narratives and songs are part of the
topography and retain
History of these groups in a metaphorical or analogical

94. The first document which collects numismatic Spanish title to the
Catholic Kings are a few coins minted in Naples (1504), and then Carlos I as
its new general in Castilian coins (gold shield, 1537) and American (Mexico,
1535), This led to a general acceptance of the term, both within the
Hispanic kingdoms and abroad.

95. The people at the time of independence planted their crops according to
seasonal time

96.Always been considered that water is essential for human survival and
the Indians took it as a god
97. As traditional dwelling houses built Colombians called Rucas large, with
areas ranging between 120 and 240 square meters

98.Battles, weapons and soldiers in Independence

99. Women did not participate directly in battle but gave their contribution
to the wars and give them guns, food, shelter and some women gave their
money for the soldiers to buy their weapons.

100. Not recruit children because at that time there was no illegal
organizations and other is that he had no experience in battle.

100 -
Because They Did not Had experience of battle and Did not Have the strength like an adult.

101 -
No, Because They Made Their Own arms, and They do it with tables, and Other Things.

102 -
Some were returned to their native tierrras, and others were shot

103 -
Considered a liberal army that occurred in New Granada in Spain they were found.

104 -
Probably existed, but never revealed for fear of being discriminated against and shot.

105 -
Not because I just fought for their territories to other communities.

106 -
The soldiers themselves were cured and improvised stretchers

107 -
In mass graves.

108 -
In the battle of Boyacá bridge that analyzed all the field and planned what they would do to win the

109 -

110 -
Were echos with delays in treatment, short-range rifles used in Europe and ate foods that were to

111 -
What happened much affection in the relationship of New Granada, since Spain commanded before

112 -
revolution initiated by bourgeois North American americanafue them managed to break from
England, Europe was far from North America and South America Rebolucion in general was initiated
by Spain who wanted to take this and the people who lived in poverty.
113 -
The concecuancias were refglegadas in:
The aim was to break most of all economic systems that had implemented the Spanish-
Although not an absolute Indepencia, the government was taken over by representatives Creole
The Creoles were able to consolidate its superiority.

114 -
If Barbona colonial policy because it affects all American social

115 -
Yes, you point out ideological influences
Political conflicts are reported, with the government.

116 -
Just know the influential people to carry out the revolt

117 -
Not because the women thought they were ineligible for that office.

118 -
They made no arrests, but wanted to make the laws governing

119 -
The laws were made by the town meeting, and only did those who were literate

120 -

121 -
In 1810.2010 year marks the bicentenary of Colombia

122 -
Because they never reached an agreement on the consolidation of independencis

123 -

124 -

125 -
They are not the people for being garantisos excalvos

126 -
Freedom and autonomy of a state is the state that does not depend on any other

127 -
Some children took care of the church, and some are hard labor put

128 -
In the larger urban parishes could be more

129 -
Shot by those who violate laws

130 -
The ideas started in 1960 and was enacted Jimmy hendrix

131 -
If bolívarsi Simon was a dictator, and was persecuted for violating laws that were already

132 -
For surely the end always chose who they wanted and not what the people thought best

133 -
They participated in the revolt that made in Great Britain.

134 -
the methods most used were:

La Garrocha
"The Water Torture

135 -
Commoner revolution

136 -
The illustration was the impetus corrente that Spain was also called the Age of Enlightenment.

137 -
There was no protection for children.

138 -
Because the Spanish did not recognize their rights as children of Spain.

139 -
That achieving breakthroughs such as zoology, astronomy and anthropology.

140 -
Indigenous peoples would not accept what they said they refused to the new doctrine and many are
denied the Catholic religion.

141 -

142 -
Ah Bolivar was very important to many people because it was the release we are more, ah been
taken in some regions as a sign of honor and beneracion

143 -
Because I use terms like never before, then others took it as a ofenza.
144 -
Management experience and a good work

145 -
Because in reality it was not very important for the leaders.

146 -
Because they felt sorry for the loss and therefore not commented on the story

147 -
Because at that time there was a government that would make the laws are complied

148 -
Because officials were still the realm

149 -
Because in reality played an important role in independence.

150 -
In 1685 it created the first camera to upgrade der minutes.
151 -
There were 5: