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Submitted to – PROF M N TRIPATHI


Research Methodology is to teach and to save knowledge from fossilization,

such a step helps not only in the growth of the subject but also in facilitating
solutions of burning problems.
As an independent discipline, it helps solution of immediate problems of
business also.

It is however, necessary to evolve and shape methodical tools, designs and

techniques to improve quality. If marketing strategies are good and
effective; it will help to sell the product in an effective manner to reach every
part of the country, specifically in rural and hilly areas, where distribution is
always a problem.


We will conduct our research in order to collect primary data and reach the
objective of dissertation. We will also be discussing which different types of
method that are used.

Since our research is of descriptive character our primary intention was to

collect secondary data and analyze it. By doing so we found the factors price,
trust and convenience. We then collected primary data through a survey.

The main purpose of the survey is to collect data about the consumer
behavior and the significance of the established factors, price, trust and
convenience. In order to find and establish digital meter and spot billing
segments. Consumer traits and behavior have to be identified.

For primary data basis, I have collected information upon sample basis,
interview and personal survey by visiting various shops. For collection of
these data I have prepared a questionnaire which is up to date in my

The questionnaire has been filled up by various customers, dealers and also
retailers. The study was carried out at various retail outlets and consumers.
The survey includes both observational study and direct semi-structure


A research design is the determination and statement of the general

research approach or strategy adopted for the particular project.

After formulating the research problem and hypothesis, the research design
was involved. This design had to suit the requirements of the present study,
had to explore and also describe and diagnose the problems of the study.

Sample size

The study is carried out in Bhubaneswar. The number of sample is 100,

which fulfills the requirement .Each respondent is treated as a case of
detailed analysis.

Collection of Data

For the study both primary as well as secondary data is collected by

questionnaire and personal interview method. Secondary data is collected
through published materials, newspapers, journals and websites etc.

Sampling Procedure

The sampling procedure used is random, keeping in mind proper

representation in all areas.

Primary Data

These data are raw material. They are the measurement observed and
recorded as a part of original study. They are original in character. The
investigator or researcher directly collects this data. The basic form of this
data is by observing and questioning.
The primary data is a detailed interview schedule with the help of a detailed
questionnaire. The samples are drawn purposively from various areas of the
relevance study. Discussions are held with the general, branch manager and
executives of the company to design and execute the research.

Secondary Data
They are not originally drawn by the researcher as fresh data. These are
collected by some other person for this purpose and published. These type of
data can be collected from various sources.

Analysis of data

The data collected have been codified and tabulated. Relevant statistical
relationship have been established and analyzed. The analysis of data helps
in understanding the marketing strategies. The data has been analyzed to
arrive at some concrete conclusion. The problem identified in regard to
marketing strategies and the suggestions to overcome the problems have
also been evolved on the basis of interpretation of data, various statistical
methods, formulation and techniques have been applied for interpretation of
data. Finally an attempt is made to give a study in form of the report.

Research Tools

For the collection of information a questionnaire is designed which is

structured and non disguised type and is administered as per schedule. It
includes many open ended as well as close ended questions. The type of
research is both exploratory as well as Descriptive.

Likert five point scales ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree is
used as a basis of questions. We take different factors by studying the
existing modules of consumer attitudes that play an important role in
purchasing energy meters and choosing the energy billing pattern and then
proposed a model leading to energy meter purchasing and choosing the
billing pattern. This model is then tested in my research by the mode of
factor analysis in SPSS.