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Q1) Mrs. Thomas _______ her house early _________.

Choice of word/Simple Present Tense/Time expression

a) lives, every day

b) left, since yesterday
c) is leaving, everyday
d) leaves, every day
Q2) A: We really have to do something to save our environment from destruction.
B: I ________ _______ right!
Non-continuous verbs

a) am thinking your
b) think you're
c) thought you're
d) have been thinking your
Q3) Prices ___________ up. Things are more expensive this week.
Present Perfect Tense

a) go
b) are going
c) have gone
d) had been
Q4) A: Tom says Paris is really a lovely city. I'd like to go there sometime.
B: You should. I ________ there twice and I assure you it's worth it.
Present Perfect tense

a) went
b) have been
c) have gone
d) had gone
Q5) When Karen _______ the question, she immediately _______ the answer.
Simple Past

a) saw, knew
b) was seeing, knows
c) saw, knows
d) had seen, knows

Q6) I ___________ a library book when I _________ a $50 bill between two pages.
Past Continuous Tense vs. Simple Past

a) am reading, find
b) read, found
c) was reading, founded
d) was reading, found

Q7) Arrange the following words and phrases to come up with a meaningful sentence.
will/a pay cut/survive/all/to take/we/our company have/so that/agreed
Sentence Pattern

Accepted answers
We have all agreed to take a pay cut so that our company will survive.
We all have agreed to take a pay cut so that our company will survive.
Q8) Arrange the following word to come up with a meaningful sentence.
Basic Sentence Pattern

Accepted answers
It is hard to imagine to live without electricity.
Q9) Choose the correct statement/s.
Sentence Pattern for Embedded Questions

a) Would you mind telling me what time does the bank open?
b) I'd like to know what time the bank opens.
c) Could you tell me what time the bank opens?
d) Can you tell me what time does the bank opens?

Q10) Which is the correct statement?

Sentence Pattern and Word Order for Adjectives

a) My grandfather showed me his collection of postage Australian valuable stamps.

b) My grandfather showed me his valuable postage Australian stamps collection.
c) My grandfather showed me his collection of valuable Australian postage stamps.
d) My grandfather showed me his Australian postage collection stamps that are valuable.
Q11) If the phone _______, I ________ you.
Type 2 Conditionals

a) was working, could call

b) is working, could call
c) could work, am calling
d) would be working, could have called
Q12) If Darren had kept the receipt, he could've gotten a $10 refund.
What's the real situation?
Type 3 Conditional

a) Darren didn't keep the receipt, but he got a refund.

b) Darren keeps receipts so he always gets refunds.
c) Darren kept the receipt and got $10 back from the store.
d) Darren misplaced his receipt so he wasn't able to get a refund.
Q13) Nicholas Sparks is one of the most sought after writers whose books are made into films. One of
_______ The Notebook.
Pronoun Usage and SVA

a) these books are

b) this book is
c) these books is
d) these are
Q14) I'm very busy these days, I have ______ spare time than I used to.
Comparative Degree and Choice of word

a) little
b) less
c) few
d) some
Q15) Being able to speak different languages _____ an applicant an edge compared to those who can
only speak one.

a) give
b) is giving
c) gives
d) have been giving
Q16) A study revealed that 73 percent of Metro Manila's population takes the LRT and the MRT.
How do we pronounce the names of the two mass transport systems in Metro Manila?
Linking - Accent

a) /ehl-AHR-tee/ and /ehm-AHR-tee/

b) /EHL-ahr-tee/ and /EHM-ahr-tee/
c) /eh-lahr-TEE/ and /eh-mahr-TEE/
d) /uhl-AHR-tee/ and /uhm-AHR-tee/
Q17) A study revealed that 73 percent of Metro Manila's population takes the LRT and the MRT.
Choose which word in the sentence DOES NOT have a schwa (soft uh sound).
Articulation - Accent

a) revealed
b) that
c) population
d) take
Q18) The Manila Metro Rail transit began its operations ____ December 15, 1999.
Preposition of Time

a) at
b) on
c) in
d) last
Q19) One of the MRT's original purposes was to decongest Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA),
one of Metro Manila's main thoroughfares and home to the MRT, and many commuters who ride
the MRT also take road-based public transport, such as buses, to reach the intended destination
from an MRT station.
Which statement has the same meaning as the statement above?

a) Many commuters either take the bus or the MRT along EDSA which causes the traffic.
b) The MRT was built for those people commuting along EDSA to minimize the traffic along
this main thoroughfare.
c) EDSA is one of the streets in Metro Manila which always has heavy traffic because of the
buses and the MRT commuters.
d) The MRT was constructed to lessen the volume of buses plying this route, but some of the
MRT commuters use the MRT to get public transportation to take them to another
Q20) Mr. Tanner pulls ________ $500 a week doing odd jobs in his neighborhood.
a) down

b) out

c) for

d) off

Q21) Marie heard the news _____ television that she was one of the topnotchers in the bar
examinations while her parents learned about he good news when they saw it _____ the
newspaper the next day.

a) from, on

b) on, at

c) at, in

d) on, in

Q22) We arrived at the airport just _______to catch our flight.

a) at that time

b) on time

c) by the time

d) in time

Q23) The accident was Jean's fault, so she had to _____ the repair.

a) be blamed for

b) suffer from

c) be protected by

d) pay for

Q24) The party couldn't leave the island because of the _______ rain and ________ wind.

a) heavy, strong

b) strong, gust of

c) cats and dogs, lambasting

d) more falling, breezing

Q25) Neither of these subscriptions _____ a charge for installation of the dish and the receiver.

a) has

b) have

c) will be going to have

d) are having