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DH board exam sample questions from: Saunders b.

left ventricle and systemic arteries

Review of Dental Hygiene c. right atrium and systemic veins
d. left atrium, pulmonary veins, and
1. Sensory impulses form a toothache are likely lungs
to be transmitted on
cranial nerve V 10. A patient indicates a current history of
shingles. What is this condition?
2. A patient with congestive heart failure will a. hemorrhoids
most likely require b. herpes zoster
an upright seating position c. psoriasis
d. eczema
3. A patient taking amphetamines is likely to
exhibit all of the following except one. Which 11. Hypothyroidism can result in
one is the exception? a. an elevated metabolic rate
a. hyperactivity b. an increased heart rate
b. increased blood pressure c. slow tooth eruption
c. appetitie suppression d. increased numbers of
mental depression catecholaminergic receptors

4. The initial vascular response during acute 12. Glycolysis is

inflammation is initiated by the release of a. the pathway for breaking-down
a. prostaglandins glucose to pyruvate
b. histamine b. the pathway for the conversion of
c. kinins pyruvate into acetyl CoA
d. lysosomes c. the pathway for production of both
5. Immune protection of mucous membranes d. the pathway for donating electrons for
from infection is most closely associated with production of ATP
a. IgA antibodies
b. IgE antibodies 13. During the intra and extra-oral examination,
c. Cytotoxic T cells which of the following findings would be of
d. Complement greatest concern?
a. A pea-sized, soft, movable nodule on
6. For a patient taking medication daily for the superficial cervical lymph nodes
hypertension and no other conditions, the b. Several brown pigmentations on the
concern dentally is lip of a person of Hispanic descent
a. the medication may mask c. A fixed, non-movable mass of the
inflammation deep cervical lymph nodes
b. the greater chance of syncope d. Mucous retention cyst on the floor of
c. the diuretic medication may alter the mouth
clotting time e. Limited tongue movement resulting in
d. the increased risk of congestive heart a speech disorder
14. When taking blood pressure the
7. The triceps brachii muscle functions to “auscultatory gap” indicates an irregular
straighten (extend) the elbow joints. This heart beat. Having the patent raise his/her
muscle arm for several seconds before inflating the
a. inserts on a bone of the forearm, the cuff can eliminate the “auscultatory gap.”
ulna a. both statements are TRUE
b. originates on a bone of the b. both statements are FALSE
forearm, the radius c. first statement is TRUE, the second is
c. inserts on the humerus FALSE
d. is an agonist of the biceps brachii d. first statement is FALSE, the second is
8. For which emergency situation would it be
better NOT to use oxygen?
a. syncope
b. diabetic coma
c. asthma attack
d. hyperventilation 15. Cushing’s syndrome is associated with
obesity, hirsutism, and moon face. This
9. Stenosis of the bicuspid valve is likely to condition is cause by
initially cause a backup of blood in the a. overproduction of ACTH
a. inferior and superior vena cava b. excessive production of GH
c. under secretion of TSH d. heart, kidney, eye and neurological
d. inadequate production of FSH problems
e. rapid weight gain and increased
16. Opsonins are salivation
a. cytokines produced by B cells
b. antigens that directly neutralize 24. All of the following muscles are responsible
viruses for opening and closing the jaws, except one.
c. antibodies deficient in the Fc region Which one is the exception?
d. molecules that stimulate phagocytosis a. thyrohyoid
b. suprahyoid
17. Essential amino acids are defined as such c. pterygoid
because they d. temporalis
a. are vital to the production of lipids e. masseter
b. cannot be synthesized by the body
c. are needed to regulate blood pressure 25. The process of copying genetic information
d. are necessary for immune defenses from DNA to RNA is called
a. mutagenesis
18. Hormones produced by the pancreas include b. genetic engineering
a. insulin and glucagon c. translation
b. insulin and thyroxine d. transcription
c. glucagon and cortisol
d. epinephrine and norepinephrine 26. Lactose intolerance is a condition caused by
a deficiency in the enzyme lactase. Lactase
19. A fracture of the zygomatic bone is a fracture has the ability to break down lactose into
of a. glucose and sucrose
a. the cranium b. glucose and galactose
b. the face c. glucose and fructose
c. the wrist d. two molecules of glucose
d. the appendicular skeleton
27. Which allergic reaction may be characterized
20. Which on of the following nerves is a branch by laryngeal edema, nausea, hypotension,
of the mandibular nerve? and diarrhea?
a. posterior superior alveolar a. anaphylaxis
b. inferior alveolar b. asthma attack
c. infraorbital c. urticaria
d. anterior superior alveolar d. pruritus

21. Which vitamin deficiency during pregnancy 28. T lymphocytes are

may contribute to a spinal birth defect in the a. required for immune responses to all
infant? antigens
a. cobalamin b. necessary only for humoral responses
b. folate to injected antigens
c. biotin c. found only in the thymus
d. pantothenic acid d. bound to antigens with their
membrane-associated T cell receptor
22. All of the following are true about e.
anaphylaxis except one. Which one is the
a. occurs only in adults
b. describes an allergic reaction
c. may be induced by contact with latex
d. is treated by an injection with

23. Signs, symptoms, and side effects of

diabetes mellitus include all of the following,
except one. Which one is the exception? 29.While walking a patient from the reception
a. parotid gland enlargement and area to the operatory, the patient
xerostomia becomes noticeably out of breath. Which of
b. confusion, slurred speech, and the following actions should occur next?
clammy skin a. Begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation
c. increased incidence of oral and other efforts immediately after calling for
infections emergency medical assistance.
b. Rush the patient to the operatory, seat
him in a supine position, and take his
pulse, blood pressure, and respirations.
c. Reschedule the patient for an
appointment later in the week before
walking him slowly to his car.
d. Allow the patient to rest for a few minutes
before proceeding to the chair, review his
medical history and make treatment
decisions based on additional information
obtained room patient and/or physician

30.Epinephrine and lidocaine are frequently used

together during local anesthesia. This is
f. the epinephrine diminishes sensory
nerve conduction, while the lidocaine
causes the anesthetic to remain close
to the injection site.
g. the lidocaine has a synergistic effect
on the epinephrine.
h. the lidocaine diminishes sensory
nerve conduction while the
epinephrine causes local
i. the lidocaine diminishes sensory
nerve conduction while the
epinephrine diminishes central
nervous system conduction.

* Not a “Saunders” question. (Ann’s question)