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Signs of Hypocrisy

Thou wilt know them

hypocrites) by the tone of
their speech
[Al-Qur’an, 47:30]
Signs of Hypocrisy

Allaah’s holy Messenger‫ ﷺ‬said;

“Signs of a hypocrite are three;

َ‫ا َذا َح َّد َث َک َذب‬
Who, when speaks,
speaks, lies
َ‫َوا َذا ْاؤ ُتم َن َخان‬
ِ ِٕ
And when is entrusted,
entrusted, betrays
َ‫َوا َذا َو َع َد َٔا ْخ َلف‬
And When pledges,
pledges, violates. violates.”
[Related by Tirmidzi, Bukhari, Muslim, in Kutub on Faith]
Signs of Hypocrisy

People have come up with a number of remedies for our

current political crisis. Some talk of democracy and a
gradual refinement process as the best possible way
forward, whilst some prefer Monarchy or Militarianism,
yet others, the ever un-dependable religious lot, merely
speaks of Theocracy as the best option merely for self-
empowerment. The general masses, however aren’t
buying any of these and understandably have lost trust in
just about every political slogan. But instead of seeking
and pursuing more rational means toward socio-political
prosperity, people, after enduring numerous disappoint-
ments, are quite satisfied to wait for some much (too
much) awaited super-natural savior to descend from the
heavens and rectify the nation’s miserable and meager
state. To which I say: even if our super-hero were to
arrive, he’ll probably run right back seeing the mess we’
ve got ourselves into! Nevertheless, despite carrying
relative advantages, these options seem to have two basic
difficulties; they look too far-off for people seeking
immediate results, and at least for the time being, one
finds few trustworthy individuals who could lead the way
towards a smart and smooth process of implementation,
thus making these options too speculative.
Signs of Hypocrisy

Conversely, the road to recovery or political refinement

should rather be simple, which it is, the only necessity is
that we turn back to our Religion, and I don’t ask of you,
nor myself, to all of a sudden become perfect practition-
ers of the Sharee‘ah (that of course is a distant but vital
goal); but for time being at least, all I ask of you is a few
minutes to ponder, reflect, and solemnly intend acting
upon just one single fore-mentioned hadith of the holy
Prophet‫ﷺ‬, and that’s all! For Allaah Ta‘aala attests: Ye
have indeed in the Allaah’s Messenger‫ ﷺ‬a beautiful
pattern (of conduct in all affaires)
affaires)… [Al-Qur’an, 33:21]
And when you do so, you’ll surely acknowledge that
more than 95% of our current crop of leadership, those
whom we elect and constantly defend at all cost, befit
Prophetic description of hypocrites immaculately. You’ll
have little difficulty working out that our Elect are all
PhD’s in how to deceive people, and they lie repletely in
order to keep their heads above water. These, when
entrusted with properties and wealth of people exhaust it
as if it were inherited. And they make promises only to
dishonor them as if pledges were meant to be
contravened. So what else apart from destruction have
Signs of Hypocrisy

we to anticipate when affairs of a community are handed

to such leaders? And if we keep due course be not
surprised if more harsh trials surround you, disasters
afflict you, and crisis upon crisis be made our destiny.
Allaahu’l-`Azeez says in His divine Book: …Verily never
will Allaah change the condition of a people until they
change it (their state of goodness)
goodness) themselves (by
committing sins and choosing leaders as these)
these)… [Al-
Qur’an, 13:11]

Nations are known through leaders who represent mass

opinion. Thamud were destroyed not because every
single person hamstrung God’s she-camel; their
wretched representative was the one hell bent on
disproving the Messenger and the whole nation
suffered a consequence for not condemning the heinous
act. There is an Arabic saying that goes: ‘‫علی دین ملوکھم‬
ٰ ‫’الناس‬,
that ‘people are upon ways of their monarchs’, which
shows we are really no exception to our political
hierarchy, for why is it that after being acquainted with
Prophetic guidance concerning hypocrites and having
known full-well that our leaders cheat, perjure, commit
disloyalty and eat (un-lawfully) of people’s wealth, i.e. are
Signs of Hypocrisy

utter hypocrites; yet we keep empowering and suppor-

ting them with our vote of confidence? Maybe we’re just
too foolish to recognize their obvious mischievousness,
or, perhaps we prefer these over Prophetic regard; so
when self-motive is concerned, we neglect the Prophet’s
‫ ﷺ‬guidance insofar as become willing allies to people of

hypocritical features in lieu of alliance with Allaah’s

Messenger‫ ?ﷺ‬Perhaps we’re as hypocrite in our claim of
“’ishq-i-Rasool‫ ”ﷺ‬as people we elect to be our represen-
tatives are with us. Like it or not, but the fact is that our
assertion of love for the Prophet‫ ﷺ‬could not be farther
from the practical example we demonstrate. Allaah
Almighty calls us to re-think our position: We sent not a
messenger, but to be obeyed,
obeyed, in accordance with the
will of Allaah.
Allaah. If they had only,
only, when they were un-
un-just to
themselves, come unto thee and asked Allaah’s
forgiveness, and the Messenger‫ ﷺ‬had asked forgiveness
for them,
them, they would have found Allaah indeed Oft- Oft-
returning, Most Merciful.
Merciful. [Al-Qur’an, 4:64]
Signs of Hypocrisy

Rasoolu’Allaah‫ ﷺ‬did say: “‫ ”المرء مع من احب‬that ‘man is resu-

rrected amongst whom he loves’ and love is known only
through obedience and in hate for disobedience. When
the Prophet‫ ﷺ‬tells us one thing and we do the opposite,
aren’t our loud slogans as phoney as promises of our
political leaders? Think of it: would any of us wish eternal
complicity with these over perpetual companionship of
Rasool’Allaah‫ ﷺ‬in After-Life? The answer is a positive
“no”, but why then isn’t this “no” actualized in our
actions? It’s very easy to place the burden of blame upon
others, especially in-competent leaders, but before doing
thus, do recall self-deficits in that leave aside the entire
Religion, we find it hard even to act sincerely upon one
hadith! The root cause then to our current political crisis
are not merely some worthless monarchs, but our own
double standards have caused Allaah’s displeasure and
wrath to descend upon us, Who, by no means, is going to
help us out unless we decide wholeheartedly to change
our hypocritical ways. Allaah Ta‘aala says: Whatever
misfortune happens to you, you, is because on the things
your hands have wrought,
wrought, and for many (of them)
them) He
grants forgiveness.
forgiveness. [Al-Qur’an, 42:30]
Signs of Hypocrisy

The only way out of this political mess we’re in is turning

back (tawbah) to Prophetic guidance if we truly believe in
him, and from now onwards solemnly pledge implemen-
tation on just this single hadith. The way towards a
change means to vote for those only who lie not or least,
and seem most honest in speech. Whom earn of legal
means and keep their hands off people’s wealth. And
most importantly, those who do not perjure and
earnestly safeguard their pledges. Fasten yourself to this
one hadith of the Prophet‫ ﷺ‬and I guarantee you that
inshaa’Allaah!, 95% of our self-caused socio-political
predicament will be eradicated. Know also that when one
sincerely partakes goodness he/she does not wait for
others to precede, instead begin with yourself on an
individual level and collective fruits will sprout; for self-
accountability and reaffirmation (tajdeed) of faith is
necessary if we’re seriously looking at preserving any
prosperity for our immediate future. If not then Allaah
Almighty has warned: …Allaah
Allaah is free of all wants,
wants, and it
is ye that are needy.
needy. If ye turn back,
back, He will substitute in
your stead another people;
people; then they would not be like
you! [Al-Qur’an, 47:38]