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Father’s Name : Mr. Antony Chacko
Date of Birth : 26.12.1985.
Qualification : Diploma in General Nursing &

Specialty : 1. Operation theatre

2. CSSD unit
3. Recovery unit
4. Post – Surgical unit

Permanent address : Kallakulam House,

Mamood (P.O.)
Kottayam (Dist),
Kerala State – 686 553.
Ph: 09745726171
Mob : 09920976865

E – Mail :


No Year of
Degree College University
. Passing
Diploma in Dr. M.G.R.
General Shanmuga College of Medical
1 2006
Nursing & Nursing, Salem – 7. University,
Midwifery Chennai.
St. Berchmans Hr. Sec.
2 2003 School,
St.Berchmans Hr. Sec.
3 S.S.L.C. 2000 School,

Presently working at Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s New Bombay
Hospital, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, a 330 bedded Multi Speciality
Hospital from 10th October 2007 till date.

Worked as a Staff Nurse in Shanmuga Hospitals – a 250 bedded
Multi Specialty Terminal care hospital, Salem, Tamilnadu, India
from 15st June 2006 to 30st September 2007.

Working as operation theatre staff for the past 4.10 years and also
Recovery unit and Post surgical unit.

During my Rotation Postings I was posted in,
1. Primary maternity care center in Govt. Sector in Salem, India.
2. Immunization programmes in Govt. Sector.
3. Pediatric Care Nursing and Neonatal Care Nursing in a Private
4. Primary Rural Health care programmes and also attended free
Medical Rural camps.
5. Psychiatric Care in Govt. Sector.


• Worked as a O.T. Staff in General Surgery

Worked as a scrub nurse as well as floor nurse for various
surgical procedure in a multi specialty terminal care hospital.
During my training period as a first assistant and scrub nurse
for procedure like
- Thyroidectomy
- Hernia surgeries
- Various Intra abdominal Surgeries
- Retro peritoneal surgeries

• Worked as a Staff Maintaining CSSD

I had training in various type of sterilization procedures like
- Autoclave
- Sterilization of Operation Rooms, Fumigation
- Instruments sterilization
- Maintaining various minor procedures tray in wards.

• Worked as a O.T. Staff in Specialty Surgery

During my posting I had training in various
- Orthopaedic procedures like Inter Locking nailing, ORIF,
External Fixation, Total Hip and Knee Replacement
Surgeries, Arthroscopy Surgeries, P.O.P applications etc.
- Vascular Surgeries, A.V. Fistula, Femoral Bypass etc.
- Neuro-Surgeries like Craniotomy, Laminectomy, Spine
Stabilization and Instrumentation Surgeries, V. P Shunt,
A.P Shunt Burr Hole Evacuation etc.
- Gynaecological surgeries like LSCS, Total Abdominal
Hysterectomy and various types of delivery.
- Plastic Surgeries like Skin Graft, Flaps, Maxillo Facial and
Cosmetic Surgeries.
- Urological Surgeries like Cystoscopy Basketting, TURP,
U.R.S, Uretero Lithotomy, Urethroplasty, P.C.N.L. etc.

I was individually assisting all type of major surgeries.

• As a Laproscopic Assistant

During my O.T posting I had special training in various

Laparoscopic procedures. I was working as a first assistant and
holding camera for the following surgeries,

- Laparoscopic Appendectomy
- Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
- Laparoscopic Ovarian Cyst Drilling
- Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy
- Laparoscopic Hernial Surgeries

I had also undergone training in Laproscopic instrument

maintenance and sterilization procedures

• As an Endoscopic Assistant

I was assisting all type of Diagnostic Endoscopic procedures

and also therapeutic procedures like

- Endoscopic Sclerotherapy
- Endoscopic Banding
- Endoscopic Stenting
- Colonoscopic Polypectomy

Also I had little training in ERCP assisting. I was also maintaining

various sterilization procedures in Endoscopic Instruments.
• As a Recovery Room staff

I also undergone training in post Anaesthesia recovery like

Extubation procedures, Endo-Tracheal suctioning, Oxygenation
and other routine procedures. I also undergone training in
Anaesthesia assisting for;
- Spinal Anaesthesia
- Epidural Anaesthesia
- General Anaesthesia
- Regional Anaesthesia

I was maintaining Anaesthetic equipment during my posting

• As a Post Surgical care unit staff

I was maintaining 15 bedded intensive post surgical care unit

and maintaining,
- Post – operative Respiratory care
- Fluid and Nutritional management
- DVT prophylaxis management
- Routine dressing and Wound care
- Drain management.

• As a Trauma care staff

I had training in Emergency Care like

- CPR management
- Haemostatic Management
- Suturing
- Immobilization technique

During this period I also undergone training in minor

Orthopaedic and Neuro Surgical management.


I was an active member in Student Nurses Association and Rotract

Club during my studies and attended various health care


I am very much interested to develop my self as a well trained OT

staff in various major surgical procedures especially Cardio –
Thoracic OT Staff.
Age : 24 yrs

Sex : Male

Mailing Address : Staff Nurse (Operation Theatre)

M.G.M. New Bombay Hospital
Sector - 03, Vashi, New Bombay,
Maharashtra - 400 703.

Languages Known : English, Hindi,Tamil and Malayalam.

Nationality : Indian

Hobbies : I am interested to read various nursing

journals and taking classes.


Passport Number : G 4779754

Date of Issued : 12.09.2007
Date of Expiry : 11.09.2017
Place of Issue : Cochin


1. Dr. R.Murugavel MS 2. Dr. Prashant Athale

Medical Supereindentent General Surgeon
Shanmuga Hospitals M.G.M. New Bombay Hospital
24, Sarada College Road Sector-3, Vashi,
Salem- 636 007 Navi Mumbai - 400703
Tamilnadu, India Maharashtra, India

3. Dr. Brian S. Coutinho 4. Dr. Ashok Hande

Orthopaedic Surgeon Neuro Surgeon
M.G.M. New Bombay Hospital M.G.M. New Bombay Hospital
Sector-3, Vashi, Sector-3, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai - 400703 Navi Mumbai - 400703
Maharashtra, India Maharashtra, India