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C.R.I.Valves 19.11.

Application of Valves

In any Piping Systems, industrial valves play a very crucial role in handling fluids. Different types
of Valves are used to meet various applications like on-off, throttling, quick open / close, flow
diversions etc…these valves find their applications in industries like refineries, Petrochemicals,
Fertilizers, Sugar, Cement, Power Plants, Chemical Process Industries Water Treatment, Effluent
Treatment, Food & Beverages, Pulp & Paper Oil & Gas etc.

Selection of right type of valves for a particular application is vital for trouble free service

Details of various types of industrial valves for a particular standards & application areas are
enclosed for your reference.

Pressure Design Area of User Industries

Type of VALVE
Class Standard Application

Control & Isolation

(on-off) of Air, Gas,
Mining & Beneficiation &
Toxic Chemicals,
Power Plants, Process
Industries, Etp, Wtp, DM
Diaphragm Fluids, Acids &
BS 5156 Plants, Chemical Industries,
Valves PN 6 to PN 16 Alkalies.
Fertilizers, Caustic Chlorine
Glandless Valve
& Phosphoric Acid Plants.
Hence Most
Suitable for
Etp, Wtp & DM, Caustic,
Control & Isolation
Chlorine & Phosphoric Acid,
(on-off) of Air, Gas,
BS5166 / Steel, Ash Handling, Food &
Butterfly Valves PN 2.5 To PN 16 Toxic Chemicals,
AWWA –C504 Beverage, Power, Sewage &
Acids &Alkalies
Chemical Plants.
Control & Isolation
of High
High Performance
Temperature, High Power Plants, Petrochemical
Butterfly Valves
#150 &#300 API 60 Pressure Fluids, Complex, Off Shore & On
Fire Safe Feature Shore Platforms, Oxygen
for Hydrocarbon Plants, Chemical Plants
Control & Isolation
Hygienic Diaphragm Food & Beverage, Biotech &
PN 6 & PN10 BS 5155 / BS5156 of Zero “B”
& Butterfly Valves Pharmaceutical Industries.

Control & Isolation

Boiler Plants, Petro
Forged Steel Gate, of High
#800, #1500 Chemical Complex, Mining &
Globe & Lift Check Temperature, High
& API 602/ BS 5352 Beneficiation, Power Plants,
Valves Pressure, Thermo
#2500 Fertilizers, off shore & on
Fluids, Steam,
Shore Platforms & Refineries
Chemicals etc.

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C.R.I.Valves 19.11.09

To prevent Back
Flow of Fluids, Power Plants, Fertilizers,
Wafer Check Valves PN 10 To PN40 API 6D Compact in Process Industries, Chemical
construction, Ease Industries, Fertilizers
to Handle

To Prevent Back
Flow of Fluids, Power Plants, Fertilizers,
Non Slam Check
# 150, & # 300 MFRS STD Spring loaded Process Industries, Chemical
Hence No Industries, Fertilizers
Slamming Action.

To Prevent Back Petro Chemical Complex,

Flow of Fluids, Mining & Beneficiation,
Dual Plate # 150,& # 300 Compact in Industries, Fertilizers, Power
API 594
Check Valves 2500 Construction, Ease Plants, Offshore & On shore
to Handle Minimum Platforms & Refineries
Pressure Drop

To Prevent Back
Mining & Beneficiation,
Flow of Chemically
Power Plants, Process
Rubber Lined PN 6 Active & Corrosive
MFRS STD Industries, ETP, Wtp & DM
Check Valves # 300 Fluids Specially in
Plants, Chemical Industries,
ETP, Wtp & DM

MFRS STD For Fine Control

Needle Valves # 800 All Type of Industries
BS 1868 Applications

Isolation (on-off) of
Boiler Plants, Oil & Gas Pipe
Fluids at Moderate
Lines, Petrochemical
pressure & Temp.
Complex, Mining &
#150 To 2500 BS 5351 / API 6D Easy Maintenance,
Beneficiation Plants, Power
Ball Valves Low Diff Pressure
Plants, Fertilizer, Chemical
#150, #300 BSI 1873 & Quick Opening
Industries, Off Shore &
Fire Safe Feature
onshore Platforms &
for Hydrocarbon

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C.R.I.Valves 19.11.09

Control & Isolation

Nuclear & Atomic Power
Below Sealed Globe (on-off) of Highly
#150 To # 800 BS 1873 Plants, Hazardous & Toxic
Valves Toxic Fluids & Zero
Chemical Industries, Caustic
Leakage to
& Chlorine Plants.

Control & Isolation

(on-off) of Toxic
Chemicals, Caustic
& Chlorine Acids, Mining & Beneficiation &
Slurry Etc.. Power Plants, Process
Glandless Valve Industries, Chemical
PTFE Sleeved # 150 & AP 1599 Hence Most Industries, Fertilizers Caustic
PLUG Valves #300 Suitable for Chlorine & Phosphoric Acid
Vacuum Plants, Pesticide Plants,
Application & Zero Dyes & Pigment Industries
Emission Fire Safe
Feature for Hydro
Carbon Services

Isolation (on-off) of
Plug Valves
#125 BS5158 Low Pressure Edible Oil, Aluminium &
Water, Oil & Utility Hydrocarbon Plants
Boiler Plants, Petro
Isolation of High Chemical Complex, Mining &
API 600 / ASME
# 150,#300,# Temperature, High Beneficiation, Power Plants,
Gate Valves 16.34
600,#900,#1500 & Pressure Thermo Fertilizers, off Shore &
AP16 D
2500 Fluids, Steam, Onshore Platforms &
Chemicals etc Refineries
Boiler Plants, Petro
Control & Isolation Chemical Complex, Mining &
Global Valve # 150,#300,# (on-off) of High Beneficiation, Power Plants,
BSI1873 / ASME
600,#900,#1500 & Temperature High Fertilizers, off Shore &
2500 Pressure Thermo Onshore Platforms &
Fluids, Steam, Refineries
Chemicals etc

Lift Check Valves

Boiler Plants, Petro
To prevent Reserve
Chemical Complex, Mining &
Flow of High
Beneficiation, Power Plants,
Temperature, High
#150 & # 300 BS 1868 Fertilizers, Off Shore &
pressure Thermo
Onshore Platforms &
Fluids, Steam,
Chemicals etc

Boiler Plants, Petro

To Prevent
Chemical Complex, Mining &
Swing Check Valves Reserve Flow of
BSI 1873 / ASME Beneficiation, Power Plants,
# 150, #300, #600, High Temperature,
16.34 Fertilizers, Off Shore &
#900, #1500 & 2500 High Pressure
Onshore Platforms &
Thermo Fluids,
Steam, Chemicals

Chlorine # 300 BS 1873 Specially fir Caustic & Chlorine Plants

Globe Valves Chlorine Services

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C.R.I.Valves 19.11.09

Knife Edge PN6 & PN 10 MFRS STD Isolation Of Slurry Pump & Paper, ASH
Gate Valves PN 40 & Pulp Applications Handling, Steel Industries,
Mining & Beneficiation Plans

BS5 150 Low Pressure Power Plants, Sugar

Cast Iron sluice, Gate PN 10 & 16 ISI 4846 & Water, Air & Utility Industries, Steel Industries
& Globe Valves BS 5163 Applications Action

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