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MeGRAW-HILL, Book Company (UK) Limited London New York St Louis San Francisco Madrid Mexico Montreal New Delhi Panama Paris Sio Paulo Singapore ‘Sydney Tokyo Toronto J. H. ATKINSON 2 Lecturer in Civil and Gniersey Warten Spring Laboratory UNIVERSITY SERIES BN CIVIL ENGINEERING i The Mechanics of Soils ee Dr F.K, Kong An Introduction to Critical State Unversity of Cambridge Soil Mechanics Emeritus Professor R. HT, Evans, CBE University of Leede Published by: McGRAW-HILL Book Company (UK) Limited MAIDENHEAD - BERKSHIRE - ENGLAND British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Atkinson, J ‘The Mechanics of Soils. - (McGraw-Hil University Series in Civil Engineering) 1. Soil mechanies I. Tie I. Bransby, P. L. 626.1513 TATIO” 77-30346 ISBN 0-07-084077-6 0-07-084079-2 Pbk Book Company (UK) Li ights reserved, No part of this pul reproduced, stored ina ftreval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means electron Photocopying recording, or other Permission of MeGraw 1245 MB Lid. 80698, ed. To the Cambridge Soil Mechanics Group CONTENTS Preface aii Glossary of Symbols xv A Note on Units xix Chapter 1, An Introduction to Engineering Soils I-l Introduction Engineering materials and their ‘The meaning of Soil particle sizes, shapes, and gradings Surface effects Some basic relationships for soil es of sands and clays The Atterberg Summary Chapter 2. Stresses and Strains in Soils Soil as a continuum Pore pressure and total stress of effective principal planes ial and effective stress 3