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Connections member newsletter september/october 2008

2008 FABTECH International &

AWS Welding Show Brings More
September 2008 to the Show Floor
14-16 EDTR Roundtable 2008:
Solutions in Seattle
Seattle, Wash.
16 Fundamentals of Stamping Presses
Dayton, Ohio
16-17 Coil Processing Workshop
Alsip (Chicago), Ill.
17 FabCast–Roll Forming Basics
8 -10:30 a.m. CDT

October 2008
1-3 Rollforming for the Metal
Construction Industry -
Conference Sessions
Baltimore, Md. Race car driver Brennan Palmiter will be at FMA’s booth #1080 with his car on display.
6-8 Conference at FABTECH This is an exciting year for the FABTECH no exception. Beside the hundreds of pieces
International & AWS Welding Show
® International & AWS Welding Show which of new equipment up and running at the
Las Vegas, Nev. takes place October 6-8. For the first time exhibitors’ booths, visitors can check the
the show heads to Las Vegas, extending latest innovations at the New Product
21 Steel Purchasing Fundamentals its reach to include the west in the show’s Theater. Conveniently located on the show
for Buyers current rotation between Chicago and floor, the New Product Theater will
Nashville, Tenn. Atlanta. To date, more than 900 exhibiting showcase free, 30-minute, exhibitor-led new
21 FabCast–Budgets and Metrics In companies will be on hand at the Las Vegas product and technology demonstrations
Convention Center offering the most throughout each day of the show.
The Fab Shop: They Need Not Be
comprehensive array of metal forming, More Education
‘Four-Letter’ Words fabricating, tube and pipe, and welding
10 - 11:30 a.m. CDT Learn from 75 industry experts in one or
equipment and technology. More than 100 more of the 46 practical educational sessions
of these exhibitors will be part of the show offered in the FABTECH conference. This
Details at for the first time. year the program is refreshed and infused
More Technology with 25 all-new sessions to keep you
In addition to the new location, up-to-date on the emerging techniques,
attendees will find an addition to the issues, and trends facing the metal
show name. Earlier this year, the Precision forming and fabricating industry. Several
Metalform Association was announced as unique sessions include Tech Tours, where
a co-sponsor for the event. This expansion attendees can advance their knowledge in the
FABTECH....................................... 1 brings even more to the show floor with the classroom and then experience the
member profile................................. 4 new METALFORM pavilion, highlighting technology operating in designated booths.
the latest innovations in stamping From process, design, and production
education......................................... 6 technology. engineers to plant managers, job shop
scholarship winners ......................... 8 The FABTECH International & owners, and corporate management, the
AWS Welding Show is known for its FABTECH sessions provide a valuable
board of directors ballot..................11 ability to bring together the newest learning experience for every member
technology in the industry, and this year is cont. on page 2
2008 FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show
Brings More to the Show Floor cont.
Conference Schedule Excerpt
Monday, October 6 Tuesday, October 7 Wednesday, October 8
Roll Forming— Fundamentals (F10) New Productive Robotics 101 for Fabricators Plasma Plate & Structural Cutting (F60)
Roll Forming Tooling (F20) with Tech Tour (F30) Press Brakes with Tech Tour (F61)
New Laser 101 with Tech Tour (F11) Automated Non-contact & Vision with Tech New Troubleshooting Press Brakes (F70)
Tour (F40)
New Laser System Considerations for Optimizing High Variation Operations:
First-time Buyers (F21) Comparative Cutting with Tech Tour (F31) Lessons for Fabricators and Specialty
Lean 101 – Principles of Lean Laser Cutting Technology (F41) Manufacturers (F62)
Manufacturing (F12) Waterjet Cutting Advancements (F50) New Cost Estimating for Job Shops (F71)
Lean 202 – Advanced Value Stream New Coil Slitting with Tech Tour (F32) New Lean Leadership (F63)
Mapping (F22) New Coil Leveling with Tech Tour (F42) Lean Accounting and Metrics: Scorecards
New Driving Up Productivity – The Key is New Punch Presses with Tech Tour (F51) for High Performance (F72)
Increasing Employee Commitment & New Fabricating of HSS (High Strength
Engagement (F13) Lean 203 – 5S Workplace Organization and
Standardization (F33) Steels) (F64)
Strategic Planning for Job Shop Owners
(F23) Demand Pull in the Fabrication Job Shop (F43) New Press Maintenance (F65)
Total Productive Mainten­ance for the New Die Maintenance (F73)
R&D Tax Credit (F24)
Fabrication Job Shop (F52) New Cost Effective Hydroforming
Adding Powder Coating Capabilities to the Applications (F66)
Job Shop (F14) New Machine Safe­guarding with Tech Tour
Adding Liquid Paint Capabilities to the Job
Shop (F25) New Why Lean Manufacturing is Green
Manufacturing (F34)
New What’s New in Stamping with Tech Tour
(F26) New Economist Playbook for Growing your
Accounts (F35)
New Market Warfare: Tactics to Increase
Leads, Sales & Margins (F44)
New Seven Deadly Mistakes Manufacturers
Make and How to Avoid Them (F54)
Fabricating of Stainless Steel (F45)
Introduction to Metal Formability (F36)
New Evaluating to Purchase New or Used
Equipment (F46)
Solutions for Stamping Press Operations &
Set-up (F55)
New Tube & Pipe Production with Tech Tour

of your metal fabricating operation. The information presented is It’s not too late to register to attend North America’s largest metal
designed to benefit you. forming, fabricating and welding event. Free advance registration is
Tracks are dedicated to automation, cutting, fabricating/forming, still available in addition to special discounts offered to all FMA/TPA
lasers, lean/operations, management, materials, processes, stamping, members for conference registration. Session prices for members start
and tube and pipe. at $165 if you register by September 12. After September 12, the
Your time is valuable, so why not take advantage of the additional price increases in each category. To register to attend the show and
8 - 10 a.m. time slot Tuesday and Wednesday to start your day before educational programs or to find the latest updates on featured special
the show even opens? events, hotel reservations, exhibiting companies, and more log on to
A timetable of educational sessions with complete descriptions is
available at, but check out the list of topics by day The FABTECH® International & AWS Welding Show introducing Metalform is proud
located above. to be sponsored by Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), Society of
Manufacturing Engineers (SME), American Welding Society (AWS) and the Precision
Metalform Association (PMA).

Member Profile:
AICON 3D Systems, Braunschweig, Germany
Company background
AICON 3D Systems focuses on the development and distribution of
optical 3D measurement technologies. Our flagship product is TubeInspect,
an optical tube measuring system. I founded AICON in 1990 with my
fellow student Carl-Thomas Schneider after we had gathered deep knowl-
edge in optical camera-based 3D metrology at Volkswagen. We clearly saw
the potential of this technology that was still in its infancy at that time due
to the limited performance of digital cameras and computers. AICON’s
first tube measuring system was launched in the mid-nineties. Today,
thanks to our long-time experience in tube bending and sheet metal form-
ing, and profiting from technological progress, we offer an elaborate system
for the high precision measurement of tube geometries.

How do you view the globalization of manufacturing?

Globalization is definitely a big chance for us as we offer systems that
serve manufacturing companies. We profit from the world getting smaller,
from the international integration of automotive and aerospace businesses
and their suppliers. Let’s take the company Eaton Aerospace as an example.
Eaton has not only procured our TubeInspect system for its plant in
Jackson, Mich., but also for its plant in Tijuana. We have local
distributors all around the world that also take care of customer service.
We consider this urgently necessary. Otherwise, we would have to struggle
with language problems too often. You can’t expect a Hungarian worker to
speak English to us.
What is your No. 1 concern with the manufacturing in- AICON President Werner Boesemann
dustry? How are you trying to make it into an opportunity
instead of a concern? Want Your Company Profiled
Honestly, we at AICON profit from the challenges arising in the manu-
facturing industry because our systems are true cost savers. For example, Like AICON 3D Systems?
we see an increasing need for more accurate measuring devices and 100
percent inspection in production as tube manufacturers have to deal with FMA is currently seeking member
smaller tolerances. companies to profile in upcoming
How do you find new business opportunities?
Connections newsletters. Here’s your
For us, exhibiting at trade shows and conferences plays a decisive role in
finding new business opportunities. How else could you meet a great many chance to get your name and expertise in
of the potentially interested people in your technology in only a few days? front of your fellow members.
FABTECH, for example, is a fixed date for us. Moreover, keeping a close
contact with existing customers, internet research and good press relations To receive author guidelines and an author
are helpful tools. agreement, contact Kimberly Pollard at
What is the best benefit you receive from FMA? Why? The deadline for the
I definitely profit from the up-to-date news and publications I receive. November/December issue is September 12.
This makes it easy for me to stay informed about what happens in the tube
sector. Of course, I also appreciate the networking opportunity FMA offers. The issue your company appears in is on a
Anything else you’d like to share with fellow members? first come, first served basis. It is to your
I just want to wish good luck to everyone. Maybe there will be the advantage to turn in a profile early.
chance to meet fellow members at the upcoming shows – I’m looking for-
ward to a productive exchange of ideas!
see m
detai ore
ls o
pg. 1 n
Drive the Fast Track to Metal PSMO Certification Exam
Forming Success debuts at FABTECH!
The Precision Sheet Metal Operator
Stampers, Hydroformers Start Your Engines for (PSMO) Level I Certification Exam is now
the 6th Annual STAMPING Journal Forum ready and available for YOU!
After years of development, FMA is
introducing its PSMO Certification exam
this fall.
If you work in precision sheet metal
fabrication, your certification will gain you recognition and provide
an affirmation of your achievements. Companies will use this valuable
assessment tool to acquire skilled and proven workers who can more
effectively run today’s sophisticated equipment.
To be eligible for PSMO Certification, candidates must complete
an exam application including a supervisor’s signature and meet the
following requirements:
• one (1) to two (2) years experience as a machine operator; or
• one (1) to two (2) years of technical training from an accredited
program; or
• successful completion of a one (1) year formally-recognized
apprenticeship program in precision sheet metal
The online version of the PSMO exam is available at hundreds of
Get the answers to your most pressing metal forming questions testing locations throughout the world; candidates can choose a date
October 27-28 in Indianapolis. The newly expanded program will and location that is convenient for them. The cost of the exam is $245
bring stamping, tooling, and hydroforming professionals together to for FMA/TPA members. Certification is valid for three (3) years.
discuss the latest materials, processes, and innovations that are
transforming the way metal is formed. The Forum features three
technology tracks, a roundtable discussion, three plant tours, exhibits,
and networking opportunities that will provide updates on all the
crucial elements of your metal forming operations.
Pick your track to success and advance your knowledge of the latest
research and development in technical presentations on such topics
as: forming high strength materials, objective die costing, die sensing,
liquid impact forming, and much more. Hear keynote presentations
analyzing economic and automotive industry trends by FMA
economist Dr. Chris Kuehl and STAMPING Journal columnist
Bernard Swiecki. Share your own knowledge and success stories
at the Stamping Roundtable.
See first hand how you can apply the latest research and
development to your operations when Carrier Corp., Subaru of
photo courtesy of Midwest Metals
Indiana Automotive, and Purdue University’s Center for Advanced
Manufacturing open their doors. Leading suppliers such as Schuler,
Wayne Trail Technologies, Wilson Tool International, Bohler- Attending FABTECH in Las Vegas?
Uddeholm, Crucible Materials Corp., Richter Precision, Inc., and Candidates can also register to take the paper version of the PSMO
IRMCO will be exhibiting possible solutions for your press and exam at the 2008 FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show in
tooling challenges. Las Vegas. Pre-registration required. Limited seating available.
Most importantly, take the time to network on issues specific to Learn more and download the exam application by visiting the
the metal forming industry. Make valuable industry contacts you can FMA website at
utilize for years to come over appetizers and drinks during the two For more information, contact us at or
evening networking receptions. 888-394-4362.
Be an industry driver and gain the competitive edge. Go to or call 888-394-4362 today for details and registration.

Networking and Innovations

On Oct. 28th from 4:30-6 p.m., local young professionals and area
fabricators and manufacturers interested in networking and seeing the
development of new processes and innovations are welcome to attend
the tour and reception at Purdue University’s Center for Advanced
photo courtesy of WA Whitney

Fall Programs to Advance Your Operations
As summer vacations come to
Program Date Fee Location
an end and students are readying
themselves for the start of a new Sept. 16-17, Doubletree Alsip
Coil Processing Workshop & Exposition $495
2008 Alsip (Chicago), Ill.
school year don’t miss the
opportunity to increase your Sept. 17, 2008
knowledge and skills too. With FabCast–Roll Forming Basics 8-10:30 a.m. $195
more than 25 years of experience
developing educational programs FabCast–Budgets and Metrics in the Fab
Oct. 21, 2008 $99
FMA has built a reputation as the Shop: They Need Not Be "Four-Letter" Words
foremost resource for technical
training in the metal processing, Hotel Preston
Steel Purchasing Fundamentals for Buyers Oct. 21, 2008 $495
forming and fabricating industry. Nashville, Tenn.
Whether public seminars, custom
Oct. 21-22, Hotel Preston
on-site programs, or on-demand Cutting and Forming High Strength Materials $595
2008 Nashville, Tenn.
web-based training makes the most
sense, you can choose. Our goal is to FANUC
help you hire and maintain the Robotics America
Robotics for Fabricating Oct. 28, 2008 $395
highest quality skilled work force Midwest Smart Center
possible. The chart to the right reflects Hoffman Estates (Chicago), Ill.
upcoming programs for which your
Mitsubishi Laser/MC
FMA/TPA membership entitles you to Machine Safeguarding for Fabricators Nov. 5, 2008 $395 Machinery Systems Inc.
discounted prices. Wood Dale (Chicago), Ill.
Can’t make it on these dates?
We’ll come to you! Customizable Wilson Tool International
Cutting, Punching, Trimming, and Blanking Nov. 6, 2008 $395
White Bear Lake (St. Paul), Minn.
training is available addressing an array
of topics. Your organization can realize Fundamentals of Roll Forming, an
Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel &
an immediate return on its Nov. 6, 2008 $395 Confernce Center
Engineering Perspective
investment as your employees put Marietta (Atlanta), Ga.
their training to the test right away Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel &
at their own workstations. Training Advanced Concepts for the Roll Form
Nov. 7, 2008 $395 Confernce Center
from FMA’s experts can help you Marietta (Atlanta), Ga.
increase productivity, improve quality, Nov. 7, 2008
and reduce scrap and rework. Contact FabCast–Introduction to Sheet Metal
10 AM-12:30 $195
Stamping 101
Jim Warren at or PM CST
815-227-8213 for more details.

Education Announcements
Mark Your Calendars for Toll Processing ’09: The Power of ‘E’
Metal Matters 2009! Don’t miss FMA’s 13th Annual Toll Processing Conference March
4-6, 2009 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
This world-class conference will focus on the issues of top priority to
metal processors, producers, and distributors:
• Economics photo courtesy of Herr-Voss Stamco
• Employees
• Education
• E-commerce
Save the date for Metal Matters: The Metal Fabricator’s • Equipment
Management Summit, FMA’s fourth annual conference. Join us March
Highlights include
25-27, 2009 at Carefree Resort & Villas just outside of Phoenix.
compelling presentations
The 2009 conference will deliver even more opportunities for
on economic trends,
you to find solutions to your most pressing business concerns. With
work force challenges,
expanded peer-to-peer roundtable discussions scheduled to address:
and developments in new
economic issues, government regulations, leadership, productivity,
technology. Excellent networking opportunities include a welcome
work force development, and more, Metal Matters 2009 is a must
reception, dinner and entertainment at Pat O’Brien’s in Universal
attend for those working to move ahead in today’s competitive market.
CityWalk, and a golf outing at Disney’s Osprey Ridge.

For further details on any of these events visit or call 888-394-4362.
FMA & FMA Foundation
Scholarship Recipients
A record 31 students received scholarships totaling $110,500 from FMA and the FMA Foundation
for the 2008-2009 academic school year.
$5,000 Donor Sponsored Scholarships $2,500 Donor Sponsored Scholarship
William Charvat IV Michael Fagan* John Piotrowski*
Elk Grove Village, Ill. Los Altos, Calif. Mount Laurel, N.J.
Don & Andree Begneaud College The Steel Family Charitable Fund Thomas Mallan
Scholarship College Scholarship Major: Memorial Scholarship
Major: Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Major: Engineering
University of Illinois Worcester Polytechnic Institute Drexel University

Shama Iyer Paul Lynch Christopher McKelvey

Canton, Ohio State College, Pa. Marmora, N.J.
Outside Processors Council BEGNEAUD Manufacturing Inc. Thomas Mallan Memorial Scholarship
(OPC) College Scholarship College Scholarship Major: Welding Engineering
Major: Engineering Major: Industrial Engineering Pennsylvania College of
Cornell University Penn State University Technology

$5,000 Member Scholarships $500 GO-Brennan

Justin Bush Brian Dapore Brent Denton* Scholarships
Weyerhaeuser, Wis Versailles, Ohio Appleton, Wis.
Major: Manufacturing Major: Mechanical Major: Engineering Alanna Cummings
Engineering Engineering University of Long Beach, Calif.
University of University of Toledo Wisconsin - Madison Major: Sheet Metal
Wisconsin - Stout Long Beach City
Benjamin Eilerman Matthew Gonitzke* Adam Koesters
Rossburg, Ohio Rockford, Ill. Maria Stein, Ohio
Major: Engineering Major: Aerospace Major: Mechanical Kevin Delyser
The Ohio State Engineering Engineering Marion, N.Y.
University Embry-Riddle University of Toledo Major: Precision
Aeronautical University Machining
Monroe Community
Kevin Langston Drew Mescher Sharissa Murphy College
Piqua, Ohio Minster, Ohio White Rock,
Major: Electrical Major: Computer British Columbia, Canada Brian Freeman
Engineering Engineering Major: Technology Carrollton, Mo.
Kettering University University of Teacher Education Major: Industrial
Cincinnati British Columbia Institute Engineering Tech
of Technology University of Central
Ben Shappie Corey Vossler Missouri
Versailles, Ohio St. Marys, Ohio
Major: Mechanical Major: Mechanical Justin Johnson
Engineering Engineering Long Beach, Calif.
University of Dayton University of Dayton Major: Mechanical
Long Beach City
$2,500 Scholarships College
Stephen Blanchard Daniel Cosson Alanna Cummings Dave Larson
Katy, Texas New York, N.Y. Long Beach, Calif. Ontario, N.Y.
Major: Engineering Major: Engineering Major: Sheet Metal Major: Welding
Pennsylvania State Columbia University Long Beach City Technology
University College Alfred State College

Cody Grebe* Justin Johnson Robert Johnson Gary Lawrence

Milford, Mich. Long Beach, Calif. Downey, Calif. Wolcott, N.Y.
Major: Engineering Major: Mechanical Major: Sheet Metal Major: Motorcycle
Kettering University Maint./Welding Technology Mechanic Certification
Long Beach City Long Beach City Motorcycle Mechanic
College College Institute

Tomasz Kuna Joseph Logsdon Brian Lutomski* Ryan Shenk

Yonkers, N.Y. Corriganville, Md. Granger, Ind. Suwanee, Ga.
Major: Mechanical Major: Mfg Major: Engineering Major: Engineering
Engineering Engineering Purdue University Georgia Southern
Manhattan College Pennsylvania College University
of Technology
*U.S. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics participant

833 Featherstone Road • Rockford, IL 61107 • 815-381-1337 • e-mail:

Q: I’m trying to do my part for green manufacturing and have reduced my use of
electricity. My electric bills, however, are much higher this year than last. I’ve had
the electric company check my setup and everything is fine. Is anyone else
experiencing this kind of increase?

A: You are not alone. Most companies are receiving higher Another reason for the increase in costs is the increased demand
electric bills, even those that are using less electricity. This fact is for electricity. As other countries industrialize, they need more
documented in the 2006 Annual Survey of Manufacturers, the electricity, which increases the demand for coal. The United States
most recent survey available. The chart below is taken from the has an abundance of coal and is supplying much of the demand.
survey and shows the figures for U.S. manufacturing industries Total U.S. coal exports in 2007 were 59.2 million short tons, a
(NAICS codes 31-33) and metal fabrication’s portion (NAICS level higher than any since 1998, according to the Department
codes 332) for the years 2003 through 2006, to show trends in of Energy. The amount is likely to be higher this year, because
usage and costs: the recent winter impacted other countries’ abilities to produce
coal. Snowstorms in China cut its coal production this year while
Year Quantity Cost of Quantity Cost of Australia, the world’s largest coal exporter, experienced heavy
electricity purchased electricity purchased rains which flooded coal mines. These natural disasters and the
purchased electricity purchased electricity increased global demand for electricity have forced other countries
(in billions kWh) (in $billions) (in billions kWh) (in $billions) to import coal from the United States. The increased demand
31-33 31-33 332 332 produces increased prices.
How can you manage these higher rates? Consider an energy
2006 892.1 49.7 52.5 3.2 audit by a qualified expert outside of your company. An expert
can help you find methods to conserve energy, and find the best
2005 901.4 46.3 52.9 2.9 rates available to you from utility providers.
2004 868.0 41.8 49.7 2.6 To help you find an expert, FMA offers the APPI Savings
Solutions Program to its Advantage and AdvantagePlus members.
2003 821.4 40.6 42.3 2.6 Managed by Affiliated Power Purchases International (APPI), an
independent consulting firm, the program helps FMA members
identify possible methods to reduce utility costs such as electric
The year between 2004 and 2005 shows that the amount of bills. APPI services include finding and negotiating better rates,
electricity purchased by the entire manufacturing sector increased and recuperating any overcharges. The process is risk free; you pay
by nearly 4 percent, and the amount paid was approximately 9 nothing until APPI outlines a cost savings plan and you decide to
percent higher. Between the years 2005 and 2006, however, the implement the recommendations.
amount of electricity purchased decreased about 1 percent, but More information about this benefit is found on the
the costincreased nearly 6 percent. Members Only section at FMA recently used this
Fabricated metal products followed the same trend. Between service and saved several thousands of dollars. One Advantage
2004 and 2005, the usage went up by about 6 percent, but the member recently used this service and saved over $80,000 just
cost increased approximately 10 percent. Between 2005 and in rebates from previous charges!
2006, usage decreased slightly, but the cost increased about Keep thinking green. It’s worth it.
10 percent.
Why the increase in cost? The reason largely lies in the way that
electricity is produced. At this time, utility companies use coal
As a member, you have access to the largest and most extensive library devoted to
to produce nearly 50 percent of the country’s electricity. Coal is the metal forming and fabricating industry—a benefit reserved exclusively for
burned to drive the steam turbines that generate electricity. members. FMA’s Research Assistance Center is the most efficient source for the
Currently coal is preferred because it costs less than alternative information you need to optimize your operation. Advantage and AdvantagePlus
sources such as solar or wind power. These sources are being Members enjoy unlimited FREE research, while Basic Members receive one hour
experimented with, but building and operating renewable energy of FREE research assistance per month. Get your research questions answered
plants are more expensive than the plants currently in use, when you call the Research Assistance Center at 1-815-399-8700 or
according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Also, many e-mail
renewable energy plants, such as wind farms, are built in rural
areas and require expensive means to transport electricity to the
urban areas.

BTD Manufacturing Inc. announced it 2008 Salary & Benefits Survey: Executives & Professionals
acquired Miller Welding & Iron Works Be sure to reserve your copy of the 2008 Salary & Benefits Survey for Professionals & Executives
of Washington, Ill. for the metal forming and fabricating industry. Members who completed the survey will receive
DeWys Manufacturing announced it is the results for free. Nonparticipants may purchase the results for $75. To order or request sample
expanding in equipment and capacity. pages, please contact customer service at 888-394-4362 or e-mail
The company purchased a Show Ticket Enclosed
PERformER+ ABT® compact panel A free show ticket has been included with this issue of Connections. Pass the ticket on to a
bender from Salvagnini Group. colleague or use the ticket yourself at the FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show,
Huot Manufacturing Co. has October 6-8 in Las Vegas. The ticket includes a reference to FMA’s booth (#1080) and entitles
introduced new safety tool covers reduce the holder to receive free entry into the show, a $50 value.
industrial espionage of CNC tooling Dallas-area Members
and manufacturing protocol. The new FMA is continuing its mission to get young people involved in the industry and is coming
CNC tooling covers are built for use to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Bring your skilled young professionals for an evening of
with many models of Huot’s popular networking, food, and a tour of Texas Pro-Fab.
Tool Scoot®. When: September 17, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
J.L. Clark teamed up with PGA pro Where: Texas ProFab Corp. • 2151 Hutton Drive • Carrollton, Texas 75006 •
Robert Gamez to come in third at the Tour the shop, meet new people, enjoy great food and an after-work beer while getting to
Rockford Pro-Am 2008. know your young professionals better, and meet lots of other folks who, just like you, are
Voss Industries has been recognized for involved in the metal fabricating industry. Who knows, your next customer or supplier could
its three-year 271 percent increase in be there, giving you a chance to jumpstart a new business relationship! This event is sponsored
exports with the 2008 Presidential by Main Steel. To RSVP, contact Kimberly Pollard at 815-227-8284 or visit
Export “E” Award - the highest honor YPevent to register online.
the U.S. Government can give to “Fabrinomics” Free Trial for Basic Members
firms that have made a significant If you are a Basic member, you’re missing out on a valuable new benefit. Commentary
contribution to the increase of on--and summaries of--recent relevant business and economic stories are brought to
American exports. Advantage-level members via “Fabrinomics,” a monthly e-newsletter by Dr. Chris Kuehl,
FMA’s economic analyst. Visit to sign up for a 6-issue trial.

see m
detai ore
ls o
pg. 5 n

Fax Ballot
2008-2011 FMA Board of Directors
The annual membership meeting takes place at 8:00 a.m. (CDT) Oct. 30, 2008, at FMA
headquarters in Rockford, Illinois. During the meeting, members will elect three directors to
serve on the FMA’s Board of Directors. If you will not be able to attend the meeting, your vote is
important. Please check yes or no for each nomination of the candidates below for 3-year terms.


Vivek Gupta, Managing Director

Texas ProFab Corp., Carrollton, Texas

Dan McLeod, Vancouver District Manager

A.J. Forsyth, Div. of Russell Metals, Inc., Delta, BC, Canada

Tom Nederpel, Mfg. Manager

Arcelor Mittal Tubular Products, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Company Name

Signature Date

Please fax ballot by October 22, 2008 to:

Kimberly Pollard • 815-484-7769
Candidate Biographies
Vivek Gupta, Managing Director Dan McLeod, District Mgr.-Vancouver Tom Nederpel, Manufacturing Mgr.
Texas ProFab Corp. A. J. Forsyth (A Div. of Russell Metals, Inc.) ArcelorMittal Tubular Products - Hamilton
Vivek’s education includes a BS in Dan received his business education at Tom joined Dofasco Inc. in 1969
Computer Science and an MBA, both Simon Fraser University, British and has assumed increasing
from the University of Texas. Following Columbia Institute of Technology, and responsibilities with the company. In
graduation in 2003, he joined Texas Douglas College. Since 1980, he has 1998, he became Manager of the Hot
ProFab Corp. as Managing Director. He been employed by A. J. Forsyth in sales Rolled and Tubular Products facilities
has continued his education through attendance at positions, Processing Manager, CTLL Manager, and business areas at Dofasco.
many conferences covering a variety of industry topics. Operations Manager, Sales Manager, and Branch Tom joined the TPA Producers Council in 2004
His role as Managing Director is to oversee and Manager. and currently serves as Chair. He became a member
manage the entire company. Since 2003, the family A. J. Forsyth is a full line Steel Service Center.
of the FMA Education Committee in 2004. In 2005,
enterprise has expanded into an emerging force in As District Manager, Dan has management
Nederpel hosted the 2005 Tube Producing
the industry. Texas ProFab is a precision sheet metal responsibility for Forsyth’s Vancouver Operation,
Conference in Hamilton at Dofasco Inc.
fabricator and finisher in the Dallas area. It is an ISO plus some B.C. regional duties.
Dofasco Inc. is a fully integrated steelmaker
9001:2000 Certified company. Dan is a founding member of FMA’s Plate
specializing in a broad range of high quality flat
Vivek is a member of FMA’s Industrial Laser Processing and Fabricating Council and has served
rolled products. Dofasco’s products serve major
Council and spoke at the FMA-sponsored ALAW since March 2006. This will be his first elected
conference in 2007 where he received the North American markets including automotive,
three-year term on the FMA Board.
second-highest speaker rating. construction, energy, manufacturing, container, and
Vivek has served one year on the FMA board as an steel distribution.
Associate Director. This will be his first elected three- This will be his first elected three-year term
year term on the FMA Board. on the FMA Board.

member newsletter
september/october 2008

Connections Staff
Kimberly Pollard
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D’Ann Hamilton, Dena Mattausch
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