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T he calculation methods in CIE 140 bring about several

improvements resulting from the experience that has
been gained over the past 25 years in street lighting.

Changing from CIE 30.2 to CIE 140

S A N S 1 0 0 9 8 - 1 : 1 9 9 0 : “ Pu b l i c Information from Beka
Lighting Part 1: The lighting of public
thoroughfares”, and ARP035:2002:
“Guidelines for the installation and
maintenance of street lighting”, have can be verified by comparison to the which contributes to the assurance that
been revised so that the street lighting source data from the SABS. the average luminance as observed by
calculation methods in the new CIE References to encrypted luminaire data a motorist is correct and that the street
files that are to be submitted with tenders lighting installation will promote safety
140: “Road lighting calculations” are
have been replaced by other electronic and comfort.
used instead of the now obsolete CIE
30.2: “Calculation and measurement data files that have to be submitted Spacing between poles to achieve
of luminance and illuminance in road together with the SABS source data in certain lighting levels will now generally
lighting”. electronic format. be shorter with a corresponding increase
References to encrypted data files which in the “per-kilometer” cost of street
Scope of amendments lighting.
are to be created from the intensity
SANS 10098-1 tables have been replaced by other The traditional software, such as the
All references to CIE 30.2 have been data files that are to be converted by SABS 098 program that has been used
replaced with CIE 140. the SABS luminaire supplier, from the since 1992 to carry out street lighting
source intensity tables. calculations is now obsolete and must
The reference to the computer programs
be replaced by commercial software that
listed in CIE 30.2 have been replaced Street lighting software will do calculations as per CIE 140.
with a reference to Windows-based
Although there is no reference to the Beka will host a street lighting road
commercially available computer
SABS 098 program in SANS 10098-1, show in the first quarter of 2008 where,
programs which do calculations
it has been the benchmark of street among other subjects, the changes from
according to CIE 140.
lighting designs with computer software, CIE 30.2 to CIE 140 will be discussed
All design methods and design criteria as it is referred to in ARP035. Because in detail.
are to be based on that of CIE 140. of the revisions to ARP035, this program
Contact Murray Cronjé, Beka,
The photo goniometer laboratory at the will no longer be suitable to do street
Tel 011 238-0000,
SABS will have to change its method of lighting calculations; hence all users D
scanning the photometric distribution will now have to switch to some type of
of street lights to comply with the commercial software to do calculations.
recommendations of CIE 140. There is a wide choice of such programs:
ARP035 Relux, Dialux, Ulysse, AGI32, Cophos
and Lighting Reality, among others. The
All references to the SABS 098 road only proviso is that the software must be
lighting computer program have been able to carry out calculations according
replaced by references to Windows-based to the CIE 140 method, and that the
commercially available road lighting results produced by the program must
programs that can do calculations in have been tested by an independent
terms of CIE 140. authority to confirm that the calculations
The encrypted data files that were used are accurate.
only in the SABS 098 computer program
have been replaced by other data files Conclusion
in a suitable format for the commercially The method of doing calculations as per
available Windows-based programs. CIE 30.2 is now obsolete and has been
The authenticity of these other data files superseded by the methods of CIE 140,

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