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Senior Sales & Operational Management
* Revenue Growth * Net Profit * Brand Recognition
Track record of success in generating exponential growth in competitive North A
merican markets.
Extensive experience in sales, operations and management with a European-based
Leadership experience in all facets of business: purchasing, inventory manageme
nt, finance, and IT.
Management philosophy is one of building capable teams to achieve company objec
Led strategy to maximize revenue and profitability despite volatile currency ex
change rates.
Bachelors degree in International Management with education in French and Spani
sh languages.
Valued by colleagues, customers and senior management for leadership, organizat
ion and commitment to employers sustained success.
SPAL USA / Iowa Export Import, Des Moines, IA 1988 - 2009
SPAL USA is the North American Subsidiary of SPAL Automotive, s.r.l. (Italy),
formerly distributed by Iowa Export Import, A Ruan Company, 1988-2003
Board Member, 2008 2009 and Chief Operating Officer, 2006 - 2009
Vice President / Director OEM Sales, 1998 2005; National Sales Manager, 1994
- 1997
Product Manager, 1991 1993; Sales Associate, 1988 1990
C.O.O. Accountabilities: Managed daily activities for the North American sales /
distribution facility, the largest of six international subsidiaries (Brazil, C
hina, India, Russia and UK), representing 25% of SPAL Automotive annual sales.
Responsible for multiple departments: financial, IT, logistics/warehousing and s
ales with focus on revenue-generation (sales) and cost-related functions (invent
ory management, purchasing and sales-related expenses). Provide leadership to ~3
0 employees generating revenue of $31,000,000 in fiscal 2008. Directly responsib
le for managing 15 of companys top 20 customers.
Operational Management to Deliver Record-Setting Results
Led company to all-time sales record in 2008 despite challenging economic envir
Implemented initiatives to deliver a 100% increase in net profit & to reduce op
erating costs by 10% in 2009.
Introduced e-commerce marketing initiatives and solutions to improve sales and
Direct Sales & Sales Management Responsibilities to Expand Sales and Profitabili
Directed sales growth of 600%, increasing revenues from $5,600,000 in 1997 to $
31,000,000 in 2008.
Mentored external / internal sales teams who established annual sales records i
n 10 of the past 12 years.
Integrated a two-tier sales organization to improve market coverage and custome
r / prospect relationships.
Team Leadership to Drive Growth
Conveyed and executed a vision to bring organization/structure to a young compa
ny with strong potential.
Recruited top-tier personnel to several key positions within company.
Encouraged autonomy within employees and streamlined decision-making.
I began to know Brent when SPAL established its subsidiary in 2003 and witnessed
his evolution to the position of C.O.O. in 2006. I appreciated his loyalty, ded
ication and self-control skills. He never imposed the authority of his role with
out listening to and discussing with his people. Brent was very capable as an ad
vocate for his employees to the companys ownership and as a motivator of each de
- Mario Ferrario / Financial Director / SPAL Automotive - Correggio (RE) ITALY

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* Operational Excellence / Efficiencies * Cost Containment * Global / Interna
Distribution / Logistics Management to Improve Operational Efficiencies
Instituted lean processes into a new sales distribution facility to improve ove
rall efficiency/customer support.
Leveraged existing sales / warehouse resources to support a diverse North Ameri
can customer base.
Assessed feasibility of initiating a foreign trade zone (FTZ) to maximize reven
ues and reduce costs.
Purchasing/Inventory Management to Reduce Costs and Optimize Profitability
Established a purchasing position to improve purchasing methods and inventory m
Performed inventory reviews to ensure that slow-moving items were identified, r
educed and eliminated.
Recognized for having strong inventory turns ratio (7-8x/year) for globally sou
rced products.
Vice President / Director OEM Sales, 1998 - 2005
Profitably managed all sales-related functions / promotional activities for SPA
L USA and Iowa Export Import.
Increased sales from $5,600,000 in 1997 to $29,700,000 in fiscal 2005.
Built a market leader in a brief span of time, managing 75% of Top 20 customers
in diverse industries.
National Sales Manager, 1994 - 1997
Led strategy for explosive growth and brand awareness in untapped market segmen
ts of automotive, bus, military, powersports, off-highway, truck and turf care.
Broadened experience through involvement in all operational aspects: sales, mark
eting, inventory management and purchasing.
Product Manager, 1991 - 1993
Initiated market launch of diversified product lines targeted to automotive and
hydraulic industries in North America. Revitalized customer relationships, lead
ing to the successful establishment of an independent North American sales/distr
ibution facility.
B.A. International Management Simpson College, Indianola, IA, 1988

Having known Brent Clark for many years as both a competitor and as a co-worker,
I can state that I have met very few individuals in my 30-year career who posse
ss the character, intuitiveness and integrity that he has shown me, others withi
n SPAL, and customers. I find Brent to be a highly intelligent, well organized,
thoughtful individual who has demonstrated by his direct, non-intrusive, manage
ment and leadership styles to be both supportive and effective in achieving the
goals given him and set by him. He has won the respect of all of us here at SPAL
and across the country.
- Terry Maresh / Sr. Sales/Market Manager - OEM Automotive & Truck /
SPAL USA - Ankeny, IA 515.240.8678