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835 Douglas Dr. Norman, OK 73069

(405) 360-1495 Home # (405) 205-0304 Cell #

Outside Sales Representative with extensive experience in B2B sales, managing em

ployees and training new employees in daily operations in the Wholesale and Groc
ery industries, providing customer service to a diverse group of ethnic backgrou
nds: using sales and management experience, cold calling, customer referrals, an
d training to grow business and profitability. Companies* products that were sol
d include: Hershey USA, Master foods, PM USA, Kraft Foods, Kelloggs Foods and Ty
son Foods.
a 12 year career with a top 15 nationally ranked distributor of Food and Wholesa
le Products and Services: customers included grocery stores, convenience stores,
schools, restaurants, and casinos.
a Increased sales in my territory by 50% in the first 12 months, increasing the
profit ratio on the route by 10%
a Increased customer base from previously non purchasing customers that generate
d an additional $50,000 per week in sales for the company
a Sustained a 95% customer retention rate for 12 years in a highly competitive m
a Managed transportation department with 16 employees; scheduling employees, set
ting delivery routes, trained new employees and provided customer service
a Completed daily driver short/long reports, reship and tracking of orders, and
Stephenson Wholesale Co. dba Indian Nation Wholesale Co. (Norman, OK)
Sales Representative July 1998- March 2010
a Products sold include tobacco, cigarettes, candies, paper products, supplies,
frozen foods for food service, and programs to increase profit for the customer.
a Pre-Sales to a customer base of 15 to 20 customers a day introducing new produ
cts and services for next day delivery
a Implemented programs for the customer to obtain manufacture rebates on the pro
ducts purchased daily
a Promoted to larger sales route after 2 years based on sales and profit increas
es in my territory
a Attended annual training seminars and worked AWMA Trade Show on annual basis
a Landed **non purchasing customers** by building great customer relationships,
serving their needs, suggesting new products and programs to build their revenue
a 95% customer retention over a 12 year period being the **go to guy** for the c
ustomers wants and needs for daily operations
Wright*s IGA Grocery Store (Norman, OK)
Produce Manager 1993-1998
a Managed 10 employees, scheduling, training, and daily orders
a Increased sales by 20% developing floor layout to increase traffic flow
a Received daily deliveries of product and logged invoices for inventories
a Promoted to Produce Manager over their 3 other stores due to increases in sale
s and profit margin
a Attended annual training seminars held by Grocery Distribution Association in
order to better promote sales
a Received 1st place award for the State IGA **Michigan Apple** display to promo
te sales of the product, increasing customer awareness
University of Oklahoma Norman, OK 1985-1987
Univ. of Central Oklahoma Edmond, OK 1984-1985
Duncan High School Duncan, Ok 1980-1984

Summary Statement
Outside Sales Rep with excellent communication, organizational, and product impl
ementation skills that is experienced in closing sales to increase business and
profits. Seeking a long term commitment with a company to promote their product
line, increase customer base, gain new skills through specialized training progr
ams, and create an opportunity for advancement of the company and in the company