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Title of the Publication.
Type Designs for Highway Miles Stone.
Route Marker Signs for National Highways (First Revision).
Dimensions & Weights of Road Design Vehicles (First Revision).
Type Designs for Furlong and Boundary Stones.
Standard Specifications & Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section I- General Features of
design (Sixth Revision)
Standard Specifications & code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section II – Loads and Stresses
(Third Revision)
Recommended Practice for Numbering Bridges and culverts (First Revision)
Type Designs for Highway Kilometer Stones (Second Revision).
Traffic Census on Non-Urban Roads (First Revision).
Recommended Practice for Borrowpits for Road Embankments Constructed by Manual
Recommended Practice for the Design and Layout of Cycle Tracks.
Recommended Practice for Location and Layout of Roadside Motor-Fuel Filling and Motor-Fuel
Filling-cum-Service Stations (Second Revision)
Recommended Practice for 2 cm Thick Bitumen and Tar Carpets (Second Revision).
Standard Specifications & code of Practice for Construction of Concrete Roads (Second
Specification for Priming of Base Course with Bituminous Primers (First Revision).
Tentative Specification for Single Coat Bituminous Surface Dressing.
Design criteria for Prestressed Concrete Road Bridges (Post-Tensioned Concrete) (Second
Standard Specification and Code of Practice for Water Bound Macadam (Second Revision)
Recommended Practice for Bituminous Penetration Macadam (Full Grout).
Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section III- Cement Concrete
(Plain and Reinforced) (Second Revision)
Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section VI – Composite
Construction (First Revision).
Tentative Specification for Two Coat Bituminous Surface Dressing.
Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section V – Steel Road
Type Designs for Boundary Stones.
Type Design for 200-Metre Stones.
Tentative Specifications for Bituminous Macadam (Base & Binder Course)
Tentative Specifications for the Construction of Stabilized Soil Roads with Soft Aggregate in
Areas of Moderate and High Rainfall.

Specification for Bituminous Concrete (Asphaltic Concrete) for Road Pavement (First Revision)

Standard Letters and Numerals of Different Heights for Use of Highway Signs.
Route Marker Signs for State routes.
Standard for Vertical and Horizontal Clearances of Overhead Electric Power and
telecommunication Lines as Related to Roads.
Standard Procedure for Evaluation and Condition Surveys of Stabilised Soil Roads.
Recommendations for Road Construction in Waterlogged Areas.
Code of Practice for Road Markings (with Paints)
Recommended Practice for the Construction of Earth Embankments for Road Works.
Guidelines for the Designs of Flexible Pavements (First Revision)
Guidelines for Design on Horizontal Curves for Highways and Design Tables (First Revision)
Standards for Road-Rail Level Crossing (First Revision)
Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IV-Brick, Stone and
Block Masonry (First Revision)
Type Designs for Check Barriers.
Proforma for Record of Test Values of Locally Available Pavement Construction Materials.
Recommended Practice for Tools, Equipment and Appliances for Concrete Pavement
Tentative Guidelines for Cement Concrete Mix Design for Pavements (for Non-Air Entrained and
Continuously Graded Concrete) (First Revision).
Recommendations for Estimating the Resistance of Soil Below the Maximum Scour Level in the
Design of Well Foundations of Bridges.
A Policy on Roadside Advertisements (First Revision).
Tentative Specification for Built-up Spray Grout.
Tentative Specification for Bituminous Surface Dressing Using Pre-coated Aggregates.

Recommended Practice for the Pulverization of Black Cotton Soils for Lime Stabilisation.
Recommended Design Criteria for the Use of Cement-Modified Soil in Road Construction.
Guidelines for the Use of Soil Lime Mixes in Road Construction (First Revision)
Recommendations About the Alignment Survey and geometric Design of Hill Roads (First
Road Accident Forms A-1 and 4 (First Revision)
Lateral and vertical Clearances at Underpasses for Vehicular Traffic.
Recommended Practice for Sand-Bitumen Base courses.
Recommended Practice for Treatment of Embankment Slopes for Erosion Control.
Recommended Practice for Sealing of Joints in Concrete Pavements.
Guidelines for the Design of Rigid Pavements for Highways (First Revision)
Tentative Guidelines for the Design of Gap Graded Cement Concrete Mixes for Road
Tentative Guidelines for the Use of Lime-Fly Ash Concrete as Pavement Base or Sub-Base.
Tentative Guidelines for the Construction of cement Concrete Pavements in Hot Weather.
Guidelines for Control of Access on Highways.
Tentative Guidelines for the Use of Low Grade Aggregates and Soil Aggregate Mixtures in Road
Pavement Construction.
Guidelines for Capacity of Roads in Rural Areas (First Revision)
Recommended Practice for Traffic Rotaries.
Recommended Practice for Sight Distance on Rural Highways.
Code of Practice for Road Signs.
Tentative Guidelines on Cement-Fly Ash Concrete for Rigid Pavement Construction.
Space Standards for Roads in Urban Areas.
Guidelines on Regulation and Control of Mixed Traffic in Urban Areas.
Recommended Practice for Preparation of Notations.
Recommended Practice for Use and Upkeep of Equipment, Tools and Appliances for
Bituminous Pavement Construction.

Geometric Design Standards for Rural (Non-Urban) Highways.

Tentative Guidelines for Lean-Cement Concrete and Lean Cement-Fly Ash Concrete as a
Pavement Base or Sub-Base.
Guidelines for the Design of High Embankments.
Tentative Guidelines for Structural Strength Evaluation of Rigid Airfield Pavements.
Tentative Guidelines for Repair of Concrete Pavements Using Synthetic Resins.
Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section VII – Foundations and
Substructure (First Revision).
Recommended Practice for Road delineators.
Type Designs for Pick-up Bus Stops on Rural (i.e., Non-Urban) Highways.
Tentative Guidelines for Strengthening of Flexible Road Pavements Using Benkelman Beam
Deflection Technique.
Code of Practice for Maintenance of Bituminous Surfaces of Highways.
Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road bridges, Section IX – Bearings, Part I:
Metallic Bearings.
Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IX – Bearing, Part II :
Elastomeric Bearings.
Code of Practice for Curing of Cement Concrete Pavements.
Recommended Practice for Accelerated Strength Testing & Evaluation of Concrete for Road
and Airfield Constructions.
Geometric Design Standard for Urban Roads in Plains.
Guidelines for the Design & Erection of False work for Road Bridges.
Recommended Practice for Lime Flyash Stabilised Soil Base / Sub-Base in Pavement
Guidelines for Design & Construction of River Training & Control Works for Road Bridges.
Guidelines of Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Bituminous Hot Mix Plant.
Tentative Guidelines for Construction of Cement Concrete Pavements in Cold Weather.
Guidelines for the Design of Inter-changes in Urban Areas.
Guidelines on Design and Installation of Road Traffic Signals.
Specification for Dense Bituminous Macadam.
Specification for Semi-Dense Bituminous Concrete.
Tentative Specification for Two-Coat Surface Dressing Using Cationic Bitumen Emulsion.
Tentative Specification for 20 mm Thick Premix Carpet Using Cationic Bitumen Emulsion.

Guidelines on Accommodation of Underground Utility Services Along and Across Roads in

urban Areas.
Tentative Guidelines on the Provision of Speed Breakers for Control of Vehicular Speeds on
Minor Roads.
Tentative Specification for Single Coat Surface Dressing Using Cationic Bitumen Emulsion.
Guidelines for Design of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement with Elastic Joints.
Traffic Studies for Planning By-passes Around Towns.
Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities.
Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment of Highway Projects.
Tentative Specification for Bituminous concrete (Asphaltic Concrete) for Airfield Pavements.
Guidelines for Capacity of Urban Roads in Plain Areas.
Tentative Specifications for Bitumen Mastic Wearing courses.
Guidelines for Traffic Prediction on Rural Highways.
Guidelines for Wet Mix Macadam