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VOL. 68 NO.



Lakers strive for NCAA title

By Craig Rybczynski
• ^ "

1 . * «
Editor in Chief
V March Madness has Mercy hurst
Phantom dflhe Opera •.•••
V«1 College in its grasp.
pThere are tickets available for dtripto Toronto|o see Pha0^ Two teams have emerged
Hbfthe Opera on Saturday. April 1. Tickets will cover transport^ among the nations best- the
§111117 - «*. N ^ —IIP «^# H I • . II . 1 I P I P ^£f i ! Women's basketball team (25-5)
tion to and from Toronto, admission to toe Saturda y ma tmee
te night's stay in Toronto. Tickets cost $J00JThe T ^ ^ ™ ^ . ^ ^ and the Mercyhurst hockey team
open to anyone interested. Call Holly McCray at extension;: 2965 (23-1-2). I

: & % > .
The Lady Lakers captured the

m East Region Saturday, defeating

•-"•'• N '> ,V.".

m St Rose, and the hockey team
I vtS
hoisted the ECAC West champi-
M Tfci&MiayJMkrcl^^ .~4j«roc^_*j^

onship trophy at the Ice Center,

Hpllbeen planned fo* March 5, dropping the R.I.T. Ti-
.*** * * •
^>^SiSi x
Rooni of the StiSpBt®ai0iiifiRNfflM gers, 9 - i * 6 fi
be a sr^ake^ab^l^tin^isorfeii aJ^iatilpiipMM: The women's basketball team celebrates their victory
,-.v.v &&3&g&
TBBI i®$3
"I don't know if there is another
Division I, II and III in the nation surprised," said the modest Goal tender Scott Barber was
?SS5S *«£? ^Tlilllii
fBm who is having a year like we are," Mercyhurst center. "But I have one of the reasons for the Lakers'
sea -- • - »
said Mercyhurst Athletic Direc- more important things to worry success.
Tit &*£:
.-.*-. rtV
liiilii tor Pete Russo. about"| Barber stopped 54 of 59 shots
Last weekend, the women On the ice, Division IPs num- capturing the ECAC West Cham-
ss «%:o •:-:•:•:- *:•?• rcklCfi


m mm earned a berth in the Elite Eight ber one team was granted the pionship most valuable player

with an emotional 55-53 victory distinction of hosting the NCAA award. "The team made it easy
over St Rose at the Mercyhurst Division Championship at the Ice for me this weekend," said Bar-
Athletic Center. The Lady Lakers Center against the two-time de- ber. "It was a great honor and I

*.-.•.>: »•»&••
travel to battle Stone hill College fending NCAA champion was happy about it"
«'V.' •SSS!:-> SS5S
of Massachusetts at North Da- Bemidji State Beavers of Minne- "He made some key saves when
kota State, Wednesday at 3 p.m. sota (22-7-2).
SS3 sss
we needed it and he gives us a lot
SSa :•:-;•:

iiitifc ™ .v-:-:-:-:->:->.<-.V':.>:-:-x-X*i*S&:

• .

• Vft*^P *J^
• T C " . •

The game will be heard on WMCE The Beavers are not foreign to of confidence back there," said
!• * * * * '
PHP Wm *«"c

wmm !_• -_•

88.5 FM. m flie Mercyhurst Lakers. The Bea- defenseman Justin Proud.
Stonehill has a similar style to vers swept the Lakers in Minne-
. « *

Hi [oii*ar«
Barber also was honored as
avfc us and rely on a hard man-to-man sota in the 1991finals.(10-6 and ECAC West Player-of-the-Year.
style," said Laker Head Basket- 5-0) a ta

Barber and Craig MacDonald

ball Coach Jim Webb. "I feel it is But this year's version of the completed the first team selec-
good matchup, it's number seven Lakers has the home ice advan- tions for Mercyhurst
versus number two." tage and at the Ice Center the blue IC
It hasn't sunk in yet, but it is a
Teresa Szumigala reiterated the and green have compiled a 116 great honor, I worked hard this

TVewsfbil&ore ^
>.•;:- :-:.Xv
sentiments of her coach. game-winning streak. year," said Proud. "But I want to

m :<«W
«ffif ; § ^
"We have a pretty good chance," T o be able to host the ECAC win this weekend."
Vf*Vp>. •*• .•

^•x- she said. 'They are number two playoffs was a goal that has been Post-season awards aside, the
and we are number seven. We are there for a couple of years and Lakers remain focused on the
!>:•»: S5
£smB3a^ ss sasa
;.. . -

the underdogs and I think it works that is one of the reasons that we prize that eluded them two years
Hfce r^wwiBiW^iipiiiie tryhasarmo %m .liUOllI
prized wlUI>e|awarded this year to over 250 po|biW North to our advantage. Their competi- built die rink here," said Head ago.
erica n Open Poetiv Contest The dead! ineforsubmissions tion has not been too good. They Hockey Coach Rick Gotkin. T o A more balanced Laker team
Matc^3Ml99^irhe«>nlest isopeittoeveryoneandentry ilfre^ are definitely beatable." be able to host the NCAA finals will face Bemidji St, than the
tte ; can be a winner. poem entered has the chancclp' The Hurst is led on the court by is a tribute to Dr. Garvey, Tom squad that faced-off in Minne-
the senior leadership of Denise Billingsley and Pete Russo and sota.
* * » *."*^

| e f «blish|d | i a|iardbou|d^i|lo|f. :^mwmmm^^msa

^ ^

To enterfsend ONE original poemJatt$subjec|and a n y ^ i H i Baginski, Julie McChesney, and all the players. It says a lot about "I thjnk we have a little more
theNatio Szumigala. our program and how our pro- depth this year," said Bryce
Szumigala, for her efforts, was gram has evolved over the last Bohun. "Each of the four lines
7044983, Owings MiUslMD 21117ffbtpma should be no more
an 20 lines long|^ appear honored as the ECAC Division n seven years." and even guys who are sitting out
ati&e t09MP>c page.

South Player-of-the-Year. De- The Lakers have reeled off an can play when they're in the line-
gsH ^;is?iiS# MM
spite the honor, Szumigala kept impressive streak since the R.I.T. up and put the puck in the net just
the award in perspective with the loss in December. The Hurst is as well as anyone else can.
game and the goal ofreaching the undefeated in its last 18 games That has been one of the keys to
NCAA finals ahead. including downing the Elmira our success is that no team can *L

"Coach Webb told me yester- Soaring Eagles and R.I.T. to cap- look at one line and say shut these
day (Tuesday) and I was pretty ture the ECAC West title. ' guys down and we'll beat
Mercyhurst This year it has been
a whole team effort and that has
been why we are winning."
For the Women's Basketball
Friday team, Baginski commented on the
significance ofthe game, Wednes-
Mostly cloudy; chance day.
of showers; lows upper "We have a good chance of
20s - mid 30s; highs 30 - \ winning if we go out and ex-
mid 40s. ecute," she said. "We have to do
Saturday I J J . I I I . J L ' J M . ' . H . ' . I M A I . ' » • • < • •
the same things we've been doing
all season.£
Partly cloudy; We know that if we lose it will
lows in the 30s; be the last time we (the seniors)
highs 40s - low SOs play college basketball."
With the NCAA's on the line
Sunday for both sports the school has a
Partly cloudy; chance to make school history.
lows in the 30s; That is winning an NCAA
highs mid 40s - The Mercyhurst hockeyfteam celebrates the school's tfirst championship.
mid 50s. ECAC West Championship. i

Anne M. Schleicher them, demolishes them, and

Features! A&E editor builds new homes in their place.
Americus, Fuller's hometown,
Spring break — your thoughts is the site of many projects.:
immediately turn to bikinis, Those at HFH felt that if they
beaches, and beer. were unable to accomplish their
Rarely does one think of long goal in their own backyard first,
hours working for nothing other then there could be no hope for
than the satisfaction of a job . the rest of the world.
well done. However, for some £ HFH clients, or future home;
students here at the Hurst spring owners, invest at least 800
break turned out to be just that, hours of "sweat equity" before
and they wouldn't have wanted they can qualify for a home.
it any other way. Some of this time is spent on
Four students: Aisha Nix, Joe their own future homes and the
Gallagher, Nicole Putt and Amy rest is spent working for others. \
Hook, as well as Mercyhurst The sweat equity for
alumnus Sean Kennedy Mercyhurst volunteers was not
Nicole Putt lends a hand
accompanied Joe Dominic of poured into a house of their
campus ministry to Americus, own, it was for their own enjoy helping people. I espe- Zaire, Nick, a retired air force mentally il! homeless.
Ga., the international headquar- personal satisfaction. "This cially like Habitat because it's offleer,and Brandon, an Lawlor doesn't see spring
ters of Habitat For Humanity.* physical work was so reward- not just a hand-out to those who Americorps volunteer, were just break in a traditional way.
While there the group spent the ing, it was a good change of are less fortunate. You're three of the many individuals Instea d it is an opportunity to do
week building the interior walls pace. At th 2 end of the day you helping them build their own the group worked with. something.
and ceiling for a Habitat house. could see something tangible. house." Students who are interested "You would think that I was
Habitat For Humanity was You would say: 'I built that The group's choice to travel in this sort of service work or the one doing the giving but die
9 9
established by Millard Fuller bathroom today. ,* said' the long distance to go to volunteering in general should people I met there did so much
with the goal of eliminating Dominic. Georgia rather than to stay and contact Joe Dominic at exten- for me," she said
poverty housing worldwide. For senior Aisha Nix the work for Erie's branch of HFH sion 2430, or atop by his union Lawlor explained that the
HFH takes buildings that most decision to go was never given was made for several reasons, office. Putt and Gallagher hope dining room was for anyone
would consider shacks, buys a second thought: "I thnrnuoJilv the first of which was the to go back to Georgia in June who needed a meal. "Yes,
weather. and work with the organization they're homeless, but that's not

They phonedihome "You can't do outside

construction in Erie in Febru-
ary. Plus it was a chance to get
again and are willing to set *
others on that track.
These five are not the only
their essential quality. They are
such beautiful people, you catch
gl impses of that They deserve
away, experience another spring break volunteers in our the help." -J
More than 135 students partici- Janota * Kiltie Johnson •Christo- culture, and participate m more midst Junior Melony Lawlor In die future Lawlor, an art
pated in the alumni phonathon pher Jurusik * Jim Kaveney * intense work," said Dominic. also spent her vacation in therapy major, hopes to help
that took place between January Chris Kessler * Pat Kl ingensmith While at the international service to the S.O.M.E. organi- inner-city childrenfromfalling
30 and February 16. Teams of * Jason Kokoski * Tracy Komar * headquarters, the Mercyhurst zation. So Others Might Eat is through the cracks. That's
students competed for monetary Sue Kukovec * Don LeClair * group was able to meet and talk based in Washington, D.C what I want to use my education
prizes. The football team won the Erin Lloyd * Jason Lucovich * with many peoplefromdiverse Lawlor spent her days at two foi.*V I I
first prize of $400, the Men's bas- Mike McDonald * Jason Maier * backgrounds. Kevin, who just sites, the main dining room and
ketball team won second prize of Sarah Marando * Allison Marsden returned from three years in the Isaiah day center for
$250, and the Ambassadors took * Mike Martin * Pat Mattera *
third prize of $100. Individual Mike Mayer * Mike Mazur *
callers also earned prizes. The Julie McChesney * Mindi
top six individual callers were McDowell * Jean McFeely * Jon
Shane Jahn, Joe Olszewski, John Miljus * Kate Millenbach * Scott
Murphy, Marie Watkins, Gagn Mills * Kristen Molli • Jeff
Suri, and Sara Allen. Monreal * Pat Monroe * John
Dave Armstrong and Pa t Liebel, Murphy * Natalie Nagoda *
coordinators of the calling, said Cynthia Naylor * David Nemec
that they would like to thank Sis- * Matt Nesser * Maria Nicolo *
ter Damien Mlechick, Sister Rose- Brian Numer * Will O'Brien *
mary Murphy, and Sister Carol Joyce O'Hara * Joe Olzewski *
Ann Voltz, as well as the follow- Vanessa Pappalardo * Josh
ing list of students, for their par- Pawlovich * Dana Pazin * Mike
ticipation in the ^alumni Peck * Dave Priebe * Maurice
phona th on. Profit * Connie Ralston, * Ron
Rambally • Bill Reed * Terri
Sarah Allen * Charles Andres * Ressler * Adrienne Richard *
Brian Ash * Denise Baginski * Chris Richardson * Chris Rickard
Burheem Bakr * Bryan Baldwin * Pat Robb * Kristina Robison * M O N D A Y IWIEAL STEAL! |
* Melissa Boyd * Time Bredigei Jim Roe * Rahsaah Roland * MEDIUM 1 TOPPING
* Doug Brinkley * Susan Burke * Stephen Rozier * Frank Rubino
Brandon Bynum * Amy By rd * * Will Suave * Melanie Schaeffer
Jarre ft Coco * Michael Coco * * Jim Scheffbauer * Matt Sharrow 3 PM - CLOSE • PINE-IN OR CARRYOUT ONLY.
Chad Conrad * Christopher Cope * Phil Sheridan * Scott Shiekert
* Cynthia Cote * Dan Croutch * * JoAnna Shirey * Anthony
Emily * D'Amico * Bill Davis * Ska rote * Aaron Stankiewicz *
Nikki Dobay * Tim Duble * Eric Damon Sterling * Will Stinson * I
Ehrman * Jennifer Evans * Rachel
Gagan Suri * Keith Swanson * $489 I
Renence * Rob Fetter * Frank
Whitney Szemenjei * Teresa
I Small 1 Topping Pan Pisa I Up To 4 Toppings I Smal 1 Topping Pan Pizza Hu
Figliano * Cindi Fluhrer * Joe I M 99
Gatti * PatrickGeiger * Joy Girard Szumigala * Corey Taylor * Rob-
ert Taylor * Jim Thomas * Chris
Medium 1 Topping Pizza
«s! i $OR9 I Medium 1 Topping Pizza
* Matt Golga .* Julie Gould * I
Thompson * Matt Turner * Mike I Largo 1 Topping Pizza Coupon ^ ^ w W Large Hopping Pizza 6
Trisha Greathouse * Tom
Uhler * Darryl VanClcave * Chris I Add a 2 Liter of Pepsi* 9 9 *
I required. L, •« M M M I
Grebiner * Brian Hamblen * Brian Add a 2 Liter of Papal* 9 9 ° Add a Z Liter of Pepsi* 9 9
Hamlin * Jennifer Hamelly * Vlasic * Lynn Washowlch * | Oiler good lor up to 4 pizzas Minimum order ol $5 requited on I Good on dine-In carryout or delivery. I Oiler good lor up to 4 pizzas. Minimum order ol $5 required on

Kierie Heim * Kahari Hicks * Marie Watkins * Eric Wicks * |

delivery orders. Good on dine-in. carryoul or delivery.
'„.. Oiler expires 5/15/95
AE 63/64/65
I % | Otter expires 5/15/95
I delivery orders. Good on dine-in, carryoul or delivery
Oiler expires 5/15/95 l A£ 6 3 / 6 4 / 6 5

Amber Hoffman * Chris

Pius lax and 75( delivery charge. Present coupon when
Matt Wilds? *?RJ. Williams * I1-1 ftesiaurarts. Not win! In comtMnatHjn with BiGFOOF"
orderinp, One coupon per order at MicipalingPizaHu!® I Phis tax and 75f delivery charge Present coupon when
ordering One (»upon per order alpailiciiHtingPiwHu^o I Plus lax and Kt delivery ctiarge coupon when
ordering OriecoupMperorfcralpartingPizotoffl

Gra ig Young * Becky ZawacJd t«

Restaurants. Nol valid in combination with 2nd pizza pricing
I Irademark ol PepsiCo Inc BIGFOOI is a trademark ol B:g Restaurants. Not valid in combination with BIGFOOI ptaji
Holtzman * Kathleen Hudak * Piaa. 2nd pica pricing or any other Pwa Hut® oiler
Pepsi-Cola is a registered trademark ol PepsiCo Inc
or any other Pizn
Huft) ollei Pepsi-Cola is a registered
I Pizza, 2nd pi«a pndng or any other Pua Hrf» ofler -Hut
AmerHusain * Shane Jahn • John I 1/20* cash redemption value ©1995 PinaHul. Inc."
I Suf Reslauranls. Inc. Pizza Hut. Inc. licensee 1/20* cast)
redemption valoe 0199b Pua Hul, he. : I
Pepsi-Cob s a reg-sleied trademark ol PepsiCo. I t
1/20| cash redemption value C199S Pizza Hut I t . ^ J

M S G News: Executive B o a r d m e m b e r s to be elected

By Anne L. McNeils the specific requirementsforeach Additionally, a member of the all otted a certain amount ofmoney chase the speakers. Paydock said
Copy Editor position are outlined in the stu- Freedom Zone staff is supposed by MSGforthe purpose of pub- MSG will try to sel 1 the speakers
dent ha ndbook. Anyone with spe- to attend every MSG meeting and lishing each issue. they already have.
Any student interested in run- cific questions can contact Shimek report on the publication's activi- Hutchinson pointed out that no Senior Gretchen Ulery replaced
ning for a position on the 1995-% in her office or at extension 2433 ties. 9 one was at Monday's meeting to Heather Dailey as a senior rep at
Mercy hurst Student Government or the MSG office at extension Hutchinson said he has been represent the-Freedom Zone. Monday's meeting. Nominations
Executive Board should submit a 2428. jj \ approached by students regard- 'That speaks for itself," he said. were also taken for Dailey *s Sen-
letter of intent to the MSG office As of Tuesday evening, three ing errors in the most recent issue "No one in the body is holding ate position.
in the Student Union by midnight letters of intent had been received, of the Freedom Zone. Hutchinson them accountable," Shimek said. Vice-President Kristen Hurd
Friday, March 17, Vice President according to Hurd. One letter was said he had noticed spelling mis-
(And) that's not my jol »
said she would take nominations
Kristen Hurd reminded reps at for the position of President, one takes himselfand said college stu- Senior Rep Matt Adams asked until Friday. Paul Roth, Matt
Monday's meeting. for Secretary and one for Trea- dents can be expected to know what options reps have regarding Adams and Marc Johnston were
The executive Board positions surer. how to spell. the Freedom Zone. The Execu- nominated.
are President, Vice President, There will be a meeting for all Shimek said she read the issue tive Board said they would dis- Nominations were also taken
Secretary and Treasurer. The fifth Executive Board candidates on and that there were mistakes that cuss it and report back to reps for a chair for the Spring Formal.
member of the Executive Board, Sunday, March 19 at 7 p.m. in the "were not there when I read it" next week. | Junior Bridgette Palmisano ac-
the SAC Chair, is appointed by Government. Chambers. Cam- Kovach said she did not see the In other MSG news, Tovtin said. cepted .her nomination. Sopho-
the Board following elections. pa igning begins immediately fol- issue prior to publication. "MSG is looking into purchasing more Stacey Fitzpatrick, who co-
Junior Rep Katie McGlynn lowing (he meeting. "We 're paying a lot of money for new speakers" for SAC events chaired the Winter Formal, and
asked the current Executive Boa id Elections will be held April 3 this paper," Hutchinson said. "We such as Coffeehouse. He said the Junior Holly Heid both said they
members what the jobs entail. and 4. need to straighten this thing out" body has been offered two used would consider whether they
Secretary Jessica Cuffia said that Senior Rep Jeff Hutchinson Treasurer Damn Tovtin said would accept their nominations.
speakers for $250.
it's "what you make of the job. brought up the Freedom Zone. previous issues cost$300, but the President George Paydock said Cuffia said she will take nomi-
You do a lot of things just be- The Freedom Zone is a student- most recent issue cost $420. he heard the speakers and "they nations until Friday and reps will
cause you think they should be run publication funded by MSG. Shimek said that was because the sound excellent" M vote on the chair at next week's
done." Shimek a nd a rep selected by MSG format of the Freedom Zone was SAC Chair Rich Straub said meeting.
Although there are scholarships are supposed to proofread each changed. "Brian (Marshal 1, SAC secretary) MSG meetings are hel d every
for all Executive Board members, issue of the Freedom Zcwe before Shimek pointed out that the recommends that we do this." The Monday at 8:30 p.m. in the Gov-
Cuffia said, "If anyone is running Freedom Zone does not have a speakers will be purchased from ernment Chambers of the Student
publication. Sophomore Rep Amy
(just) for the money, don't do it" budget with which they can do as afriendof Marshall's. Union. The meetings are open to
Kovach has been selected for this
MSG Adviser Cass Shimek sa id they please. The publication's Reps voted unanimously to pur- the Mercyhurst community.

Inaugural event to raisefunds for Vincent statue

Pennsylvania Secretary of Com- Monica Miller, said "the purpose the Committee has been working member of the Committee, has that Vincent's Brigade defended
merce Thomas Hagen will be in of the event is to raise funds to for nearly a year to honor the Erie arranged for the appearance of at the height of the battle.
Erie on March 16, at 1:30 p.m. to finance a statue honoring Vincent native and civil war hero. Dever award winning director, Ron Miller said that the event, which
announce the inaugural event of in downtown Erie." Miller said said," It is beyond question that Maxwell, who will deliver a is being held at the Avalon Hotel
the Bicentennial season. Sec. that the estimated cost of the statue Strong Vincent of Erie was the speech at the luncheon. Maxwell in downtown Erie, will begin with
Hagen announced that a luncheon is $100,000. most pivotal figure in the battle of directed the critically acclaimed a cocktail reception at 11:30 a.m.
in honor of General Strong • The event is being sponsored Gettysburg and because of his film Gettysburg, released by on March 28, with lunch begining
Vincent will be held at the Avalon by the Strong Vincent Commemo- leadership and heroism the Union Turner Pictures in 1993. The film at noon. For tickets and more in-
Hotel on Tuesday, March 28, rative Committee. Committee prevailed in thelmost decisive features the heroism of Vincent, formation, please contactMonica
1995. Chairman Merrill "Bud" Dever engagement of the war." the decisive battle ofLittle Round Miller at 868-8541. Tickets will
Event Chairperson, Attorney will also be on band and said that Erie Attorney Ron Dinicola, a Top and the Strategic position also be available at the door.

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T h e g h o s t o n t h e h i l l -- r e v i t a l i z i n g R e a g a n ' s e r a o f g r e e d
By Jay Kennedy After he called the try no bigger than Baltimore and The kind of old Uncle Ronnie ten that in great part it is thanks to
Merciad Staff Columnist less threatening. All in all, a side- looking out for your welfare dur- Reagan and his comrades that we
Nicaraguan Contra are now in such a mess.
show. ing the 1980's is now to be re-
Ronald Reagan was sworn into mercenary army the All of his anti-communist be- placed by the stern militarized
"moral equal of our fit wasn't doofus
his second term f110 years ago havior was another stage perfor- discipline of a state orphanage.
when his revolution already founding fathers/' mance, attempting to swoon the Gone is the shining "City on a liberals who leveraged
seemed to have reached its high- even the heretofore American popularity. After three Hiir Reagan referred to so often and eventually busted
water mark. He was-the same
compliant U.S. Con- decades of Cold War fears being in his speeches. out the national
person who was General pumped out of the White House, Gingrich draws his own sketch treasury on an arms-'
Electric's one-time pitchman. He gress started turning Reagan's administration wasn't of a freer, better America, but h is
was the same person who had off the funding for about to drop such a popular
buying binge,
notion is not that the safety net
blamed trees for air pollution. At what had become the theme. But his real concern was has to be strengthened through who cut gaping tears in the safety
the beginning of his second term, President's personal slashing away the regulatory, fis- some sort of trickle-down gim- net and dropped millions of
there was already a growing gid- cal, and moral impediments to the mick, but rather that it should be Americans on the street to scav-
diness, an elated speculation that little war. enge and rob for a living, who
maximum domestic profiteering. rolled up and locked away. To his
in spite of his recklessfirstterm, Barely a year later, Americans This is how he will be remem- mind, welfare creates poverty, not oversaw the implosion ofAmeri-
and notwithstanding the great who had suffered through five bered long after history has set vice versa. Gingrich's opening can industry and the disappear-
communicator's Teflon "image, years of official doublethink fi- aside Star Wars, the Contras and speech to the House in January ance of decent-paying jobs, who
Ronald Reagan would neverthe- nally got their reward for their Ollie North to bold print in text- was compassionate but was in mortgaged our future and those
less end up becoming historically endurance. A parade of fright- books. Reagan is the American contradiction to his Contract With of our children while teaching
by obscure, kind of like Calvin ened and sweating Reaganite fol- president who restructured the America. The state legislative them unethical standards. All that,
Coolidge and Herbert Hoover. lowersfroma lowly Marine lieu- economy and, more importantly, you'can chalk up to Ronald
agenda of the new Republican
tenant colonel to a suicidal Na- actually began the radical majority hopes to create a tide Reagan.
tional Security Adviser, right up downsizing of the American po- According to the Department
that will, more than anything else,
to the austere, buttoned-down litical system and American po- ofCommerce (Bureau ofthe Cen-
Just a few months into that sec- capsize die rickety dories and ca-
former secretaries of State and litical thought noes of the undeserving poor, the sus), the average annual income
ond term, Reagan's world seemed Defense squirmed before the Ira n- The real dirty work is about to welfare mothers, the inner-city the American family in 1985 was
to be quickly filling apart Some- Contra congressional investiga- be executed by his political sheep youth, anyone caught without a $37,246 and in 1993, itfwas
how his previousfouryears in the tors and told a TV-transfixed na- led by Speaker ofthe House Newt Rotary Club pin on their lapel. $36,959.
White House had given him the tion die sordid tale of the White Gingrich. Reagan, in serving as Meanness is now not only to be Recently there has been a wave
image of infallibility and political House trading weapons to the the bridge between .traditional

wisdom. During his first term,, understood, but condoned, and of sympathyforRonald Reagan,
Ayatollah Khomini for hostages conservatism and an articulated even encouraged.
Reagan - supported in the wings now reportedly afflicted with
and donations to the Contras. To philosophy of greed, still paid lip Reaganism has taughtus Ameri- Alzheimer's disease. But this
by a generally supine press - had mis day, Reagan still claims that service to the myth of the Ameri-
successfully performed an as- ca ns to turnfromnation and com- compassion is misdirected. More
we all somehow misunderstood! can social contract With his tele- munity to ourselves as individu- than Reagan, it is the American
tounding series ofsleights ofhand: By 1989, a deflated Reagan left genic smile, Reagan assured the als, from the general welfare and public that is losing its memory as
office not with a bang, but with a proletariat that a high tide of pros- the common good to an obsession well as its mind.
the greatest transfer whimper named George Bush, a perity would lift everyone's craft with our own material success,
of wealth from the feckless patrician who couldn't ^ Greed, however, is like preg-
our own future, our own emo-
poor to the rich in tell a supermarket from a tax- nancy. Once it has a foothold, if
tional satisfaction. With politics
American history was driven Laffer Curve, and who in nurtured and encouraged, it usu-
now redefined as merely a way
ally comes to fun term.
simply called "sup- turn would be routedfromoffice for those who still vote to defend
ply-side economics" by a slick governorfroma small And so a choleric die scraps they can hold on to in
southern state. the whirlwind of a global
and sold to the Now as we flounder through
Gingrich comes into
economy, with the public eye dis-
American people as a 1995, it is his ghost that still haunts our world kicking and tractedfromthe commonwealth,
miracle cure-all; the American body politic, prov- punching, suckling the American people can no longer
the radical slashing of social ser-
ing that reports of his political the milk of identify the sources of our unease
death were vastly premature. Just «Reagan ism. and our fears. They have forgot-
vices (which helped spawn ask Newt Gingrich and other sons
today's widespread homelessness of Reagan who were sworn into
and crime) and the reassignment
of those monies to the Pentagon
came to be known as rebuilding
America; the MX missile was re-
the congressional majority this
past January 4, all primed for
Revolution Reduction!
the The politics jof baseball
named the "Peacemaker," a Dr.
Strangelovian Star Wars scheme He often asked dur- By Greg Troyer Batting a supportfranchises,all for the pres-
Merciad Political Columnist tige of having a ball team in town.
to orbit laser guns around the earth
was called a nuclear umbrella (as
ing his first campaign, thousand onfthe So again the consumer pays the
"Are you better off According to the NBC Nightly cost of baseba 11 's greed. Even the
if atomic fallout was in fact noth-
now than you were News (3/9/95) I have something whiningscale non-baseball fan pays a cost The
ing more than "hard rain" Bob four years ago?" Not, in common with 58 percent of the whole system stinks.
Dylan had sung of two decades rest of Americans-1 am not a fan percent the owners, while onl y 24
is the nation better of Major League Baseball any-
The worst part is that it seems
before); ketchup was to be reclas- percent?blamed both. Quite like there is no end to the Major
sified as a vegetable for whatever off? Is America better more. Well I used to be sort of a frankly I think that professional League's greed. Negotiations are
hot lunch programs were left serv- off? Is your commu- fan, but not anymore. baseball, If not all big time pro all but stalled and it appears that
ing in schools and with conse- nity better off? I used to like to watch a game sports, has become;; a haven for federal action will be necessary
qut nces we still suffer from to- every once in a while to relax or spoiled glamour boys stuck on to get anywhere.
day, colossal federal budget defi- enjoy a slow-paced summer themselves. I am talking about
During his legacy .occurred the evening. When I was an under- I heard something else interest-
cits were redefined as fiscal con- both the players and the owners.
transformation of politicsfroma graduate student in Pittsburgh I ing; the other day about Major|
servatism. It seems like every player feels
democratic civic ritual that ben- liked to watch the Pirates make League Baseball. MLB is now
efits the whole, into an every more their annual run at the National he is worth $1*million to play a going to strictly enforce the use of
privatized mechanism that exists League pennant (I will forever GAME.i On the same hand it its team's logos by Little League-1
All of a sudden in 1985, to benefit only the wealthy and hate the Atlanta Braves!) seems like no owners have prob- Baseball teams. Every kid who
Reagan's ever-so-popular almost the deserving. Indeed, for all his lems about paying these over- wants to wear a uniform just like
landslide winning administration What affinity I did have for the grown'kids their astronomical
rattling about rthe evil empire, their professional heroes must fork
began to fall apart even more, and game has evaporated over the last salaries. Why should they worry,
Euro-missiles, and international out an extra 10 dollars in uniform
this time it was even visible to the seven months as the strike has they just pass the cost on to the
terrorism, Reagan couldn't have fees this year. •
press. When be announced plans dragged on. consumer.
given a rat's ass for world affairs. Enough is enough, Pm looking
to visit a Nazi honor cemetery in J According to the same report S Ticket prices go Up every year.
When he finally found a war in for a new summer sport to follow.
Germany while touring Europe, on NBC, 45 percent of those Worse yet a number of cities are
which he could be guaranteed vic- Does anyone know when the
appalling alarms were struck. tory, he invaded Grenada, a coun- polled blamed the players and 27 willing to allocate public funds to World Cup is coming back to


Munson searches for spirit

Dear Editor: ers? No. What does it take to get
the student support?
The noun 'spirit' is so complex Our teams in almost every sport
that the Funk and Wagnall Stan- have had a banner year. Two, the
dard Dictionary needs 21 defini- ladies basketball team and the
tions to properly describe it Ironi- men's hockey team are playing in
cally, numberllO strikes at the the National NCAAfinals.These
very heart of this writing "Spirit: young people have brought honor,
ardent loyalty or devotion: school prestige j and destinctiontto our
Mercyhurst College.
• •

The Lady Lakers basketball The St Rose fans on Saturday,
team under first year coach Jim though small in number, were
Webb fought and clawed their solid in .their vocal support of
way to the NCAA East Regional their team. Wejhad no student
Championship. Luckily, they group to take the lead in cheers. It
played right here in our own MAC wasn't until we were far behind
What a wonderful home court that one of our administrators,
advantage. SAC purchased 200 Davej Armstrong, climb to the
ticketsjust for students who would rafters to a small group of stu-
show up displaying some sign of dents to lead all of us in cheers.
team support. After Friday's An administrator shall lead us.
ga me, there were tickets left over, Not a student
unused. Wherewere the students? Like someone once said, I ' m
There was a small group of 8 or 10 not apa the tic, I j ust don't ca re." Is
young men sitting high in the it apathy? Is it an "I don't care"
stands, who gave vocal and visual attitude? Are we embarrassed to
support to the team. Bless them. show emotion or passion? Is it
The team won on Friday and time? The MAC wasn't full but
went on to play in the finals on then the library wasn't either. Is it
Saturday. I anticipated a huge cost? The cost of student bever-
crowd, but when we arrived at ages on Friday and Saturday
6:45 p.m., we were greeted by no would have filled die MAC ten
more than 20 people. Here we times over.
were in a game to decide the Elite Spirit can be created. It is conta-
Eight in the nation! As bad as gious. It takes but one student or
attenda nee was on Friday it was a small group of students to turn
vote concerning the amendment truly attacking Social Security? that much worse on Saturday. tills around. Attend, get organized,
and told them to vote against it Democrats in the mid-term elec- There was support by athletes sit together, show support Like
B Bill Clinton showed total disre- tions preached that the Republi- from other sports who know and one match to afieldof dry grass it
Recently the U.S. Senate de-
gard for the American people. cans would eliminate Social Se- value!that 'extra person in the would ignite this$ campus with
feated a proposed Republican
Bill Clinton sees that the Contract curity. Well, the people did not stands.' Faculty, staff and admin- burning, eager, intense school
amendment to the Constitution • «

that would have required the U.S. with America is what the people buy it then and they are not going istrators were well represented. spirit $
Congress to balance their budget want. If 11remember correctly, to buy it now. Community support showed by
Imagine that Congress would during his campaign against Sen. Bob Dole, Majority Leader the balance of the attendance. Sincerely,
actually have to be able to have itsGeorge Bush, he said that he de- from Kansas, sa id that he would Where were the students? Was
fiscal house in order, like every manded a balanced budget amend- make sure that the balanced bud- there music? No. Were there danc- Bob Munson
other American. Liberals in Con- ment. Well, I guess we can just get amendmentwill come up again ers? No. Were there cheerlead- Retention Facilitator
gress had previously supported a stack that lie right up with? the for another vote. Thank God we
balanced budget amendment. middle class tax cut promise and have people like Bob Dole and
However, now that a Republican
Senate proposed it, they are
against it How partisan of them.
the promise J:or health care re-
To put it simpy, while the Re-
Newt Gingrich who are in tune
with the people's demands. *
Who has lost out on this vote is
CampusQu estion
In a Gallup poll, many Ameri- publicans are doing what is best
for the nation, President Clinton
the true question to be answered.
Many strategists said that Repub- What dicMm thiflf about
cans were asked about the bal-
anced budget amendment More is doing whatever he can to stop a licans have lost I have to disagree
with this statement because I think
than 80 percent of the American Republican victory. Thank you, 8?

Mr. President it enunciates to the people how

people wanted the U.S. Congress
However, the issue of a bal- out of touch the Democratic Party Bethany Kormos, Freshman, Chemistry! assay:
to balance their own budgets. The
anced budget amendment will not is with the common people. "It needed more publicity. I was intereste^|inP but unfortunately did
American people, who have to
balance their budgets 365 days a ' die. Even many Democrats are The real losers are the Ameri- not hear much about it The list of the nag&s in the Union was a nice
fed up with their party's policies. can people. The American people touch. I think it was a great idea." J
year, wanted the House of Repre-
For instance, one Democratic wanted! the balanced budget
sentatives and the Senate to have |
Senator defected from his party amendment and they were denied Kyle Cook, Freshman, Biology: I
to balance their budgets just like"]
because he was disgusted with it by Democratic politics. "I saw the names in the Union and thought that was a great The
everyone else. The Democrats think they have
the politics the Democratic Party idea as a whole is very good."
However, the Democrats in the won the war, but they have not
White House and the Senate ob- played concerning the balanced .•:#&££>•.

budget amendment Mark my words, the balanced John Piatko, Junior, Graphic Desig|f
viously feel that they know better budget amendment will spell the "Unfortunately, I did not check into tipfhuch, but it sounds like a
The Democrats said it would
than the American people. Bill downfall ofPresident Clinton and good idea. I think we should celebrate men, also."
harm Social Security ^benefits.
Clinton showed how much he I believe that the Republicans will
However, the Democrats neglect
values the American people's capture even greater numbers in Kate Millenbach, Sophomore, Art: \
to mention that they, two years
opinions when he had a private the House and Senate in 1996. "I thought it was something that needed to be done. People at
ago, placed a $216 million tax on
meeting with Democrats who had C/%/*tal S<»/*iiritv benefits. Who is Mercyhurst need to be more await of women's issues. I also 1
not yet decided how they would was a step in the right direction in recognizing women in the i
Week Jim Kaveney, Junior, Biology:

Always bring your own mug coffeehouse "I think they should have done more, for example more open ceremo
nies for the Mercyhurst community to attend. Also more advertising

You will down garbag for the week would have made students more aware of what was
going on and what events were taking place. I think it was a great

your will while idea overall."

Quotes compiled by Nicole Geraci.
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A«.^» 3t*I»IX>IO -•^^•-•_ara~a . i l i V V a * % a^ «^a»T»Ttm * • B^JMal*

I Larfy La kers\ enter\elite eight

By Chris Fiely gWBB
Merciad Sports Writer ^ ^ Q H

I Come Saturday, live pictures of

the Mercyhurst women's basket-
ball team may be broadcasted
across the entire nation as they
challenge to become NCCA Di-
vision II champions in the final
set of games being played at North
Dakota. iBBMB?B8HHteBE
I E.S.P.N. II will cover the cham-
pionship game, the culmination
of a season which started with
243 teams hoping to achieve what
Mercyhurst has realized, mem-
bership in the "elite eight" of the
country. SrjMR BJJaH^laal
Rankedfirstin the East Region,
the Lady Lakers had to win their
Denise Baginski orchestrates another Lady Laker attack H Julie McChesney composes herself before shooting at
last game of the season against
cross town rivals Gannon to ma in- from aoutside the a r c i the free-throw line.
tain their position and host the %

NCAA sponsored East Regional i %

play-off finals. ff M B %

The Lady Lakers broke

Gannon's stubborn resistance
with a 7-point blitz late in the
game which saw them edge ahead
of the Golden Knights by 73-68. i
H Oozing with confidence, the
Lady Lakers went into the East i
Regional championships with 23 %

wins and 5 losses. More signifi- %

cant, perhaps, was the fact that

the ladies had developed an im- ii
pressive winning streak after
emerging as victors in their last
eight games. * j^yfe
Team captain Denise Baginski
summarized the team's attitude
when she said, "We were nervous J *»*^»~*« ™ ^^»mm^^^^^^mms^sm^m am .» j%
but we were also confident that "ZT*" « . , « * * J ~
we were going to win." Teresa Szumigala shooting under pressure. Coach Jim Webb wills his team on to victory.
This sentiment was reflected in McChesney then checked in with her fourth foul of the night with
the Laker'sfirsthalfperformance three-pointers to inflict a crush- seven minutes to %o. "For the first
a ga inst Shippensburg University. ing 10 point lead on their oppo- time all year, I thought we were in
The first four points on the nents.
scoreboard came as a result of Webb said that these three se-
real trouble," said Webb.
But the defensive ability of the
Intradural Notes
free-throws —inconsistency best niors, especially, have an uncanny Laker's proved invaluable again.

The entire team pulled together to

*Congra tula ions to the following champions
described the offensive mounted ability to sense when the other and its members: %
by Mercyhurst team is weak and then make a run restrict the St Rose team to five
Kristen Molli tried to spark the on them. points in the lastfiveminutes of
attack when she nailed a three- After a scrappy game, the Lak- play. Women's Basketball- "J.K.J. Inc."
j £ | m • . j |
pointer to shorten the Lakers defi- ers emerged as 73-68 winners to Allison Marsden hit a huge Jennifer Rooth, Katie Fox and Jennifer Porac
cit to 21-19. ) %$$ earn themselves a place in the three-pointer and with two min-
Throughout the season coach finals of the Eastern Region utes left Szumigala secured a 55- Men's Basketball- Staff
Jim Webb stressed his opinion playoffs for thefirsttime in the 46 lead.
mat the relentless defensive pres- Mercyhurst basketball program's The Lady Lakers were hailed as Matt Nesser, Jim Webb and Corey Taylor
sure applied by the Lady Lakers history. the East Region champions de-
has continually set them apart The next day, nerves seemed to spite a late comeback by St Rose Men's Ice Hockey- "Spanks"
from their East Region rivals. have been foigotten as the Lakers which left thefinalscore at 55-53. Rich and Fran Rodowicz, Matt Berani, Brian
The team rallied, chased and carved out a dream start against Webb's team have already
harassed to prove their coaches St Rose. Baginski, Szumigala, posted some impressive achieve- Cote, Mark Johnston, Todd Hengerer, Matt
assessment right as they denied McChesney and Ralston! were ments. Presently, they are ranked Walters and Dave Matucci.
Shippensburg, in the last 26 sec- scoringfreelyand the well tuned seventh injthe nation.and they
onds of the halffromthreatening Laker offense ticked over nicely. were recently assessed as the sixth * Co-ed Volleyball entry form deadline March
their 32-29 lead. | "We jumped on them hard, early most effective team from the free-
21st, noon.
" We have a knack of playing to and made all the shots but they throw line, according to The
the level of the team we are com- wouldn't give up," said Webb. NCCA News.
peting against," said Julie Championship aspirations were But the team did not seem to be •Golf lessons for students/ faculty/ staff.
McChesney, "so we were used to rudely interrupted by a determined concerned with "honors." Webb
being in a tight game situation." St Rose team at the start of the said that they are determined to •Call Coach Demyanoviteh at Ext 2221.
The two teams continued to second half. bring the national championship
trade points at the start of the x
While the Hurst offense trophy back to Mercyhurst Col-
second half. Then, according to stalled, St Rose piled on the lege, v
Shippensburg'scoach points. "Wejustcouldn 't stop their The team leaves for North Da-
"Mercyhurst got the lead and hung best player, Kristina Kandere" kota next Wednesday at 4 p.m.
in there." said Webb. and they will be followed by a The Lady Laker lacrosse team will play their
With nine minutes to go Teresa The tide seemed to be turning "fan van" which will depart at 3 first game of the season against St. Bona venture on
Szumigala fought off three de- when St Rose established a four a.m. Thursday morning. Any stu- Saturday at 2 p.m. on the field behind the Ice Center.
fenders made the shot, drew the point lead around the nine minute dents interested in supporting the
foul and punished Shippensburg mark. team can contact coach Webb at
with thefree-throw.Baginski and Then Szumigala was called for 824-2559.
MARCH 16,1995


Victorious L a k e r s face last hurdle

By Qralg Ry bczy nski f'f
Editor in Chief I

Two years ago a brash collec-

tion of Mercyhurst hockey play-
ers traveled to Bemidji, Minne-
sota to battle the Beavers of
Bemidji State. The result was an
awe-struck Laker squad that was
swept in their first NCAA Divi-
sion II Gnal.
Yet this year's dub has already
achieved a historic mark, captur-
ing their first ECAC West Cham-
pionship title, defeating the R.I.T.
Tigers 9-2 at the Ice Center, Sun-
day, March 5.
Mercyhurst advanced to the fi-
nal with a 5-4 thriller against the pwwyjfcwtfwipwratqg^

Elmira Soaring Eagles, Friday, V

March 3. Scott Barber denies an Elmira scoring oppoenent late in the Kevin McKinnon goes to the backhand as Musa reaches to
The two-time defending NCAA third period. block the puck.
champions fa ce a different Laker ^

hockey team that has been built

around depth.
"I can remember getting the call
from Pete Russo two years ago
saying we were in the NCAA's
and going to Bemidji," said Head
Coach Rick Gotkin. "I know a lot
of us in our minds felt like that
was a major accomplishment and tfgg^gg O0MP88W**

I think a lot of us forgot that we

could still go up there and maybe
win two games and be national
champs. We just weren't ready to
do i f | I £ ' f g a m
The mood on the team has lead
Gotkin to believe that this might
his team's year.
"They seemed as focused today
as they did for the ECAC playoffs
I think that this team really wants
it," he said. "Bemidji has a great Trevor Brandt celebrates his third against R.I.T. capturing the ECAC West drown
team and they're going to be a been feeling the effects as they twirled around and fired it into All-Star team and Barber was a we're at home and it is a big edge
great opponent, they are the two- fell behind 8-0 before Randy the net It took a lot ofpressure off second team selection. for us." H "
time defending national Cheynowski scored at 14:55 of me. n "Playing here is a real big ad- The NCAA Finals, Friday and
champs." die third, f | | & Bryce Bohun scored twice in vantage we haven't lost here, " Saturday, are slatedfor7:30 p.m.
i Bemidji St defeated the Wis- Barber stopped 25 shots in the the first period and* Craig said Barber. "Taking a road trip Both games will be heard on
consin-Stevens Point Pointers to victory. MacDonald chipped in a goal in takes a lot off of you, but now WMCE88.5FM. I
win the Northern Colegiate In the semi-final game against the second frame off of a Justin
Hockey Association led by Divi- the Soaring Eagles, the infusion Proud point shot
sion II First Team All-Star Craig of McKinnon did not unsettle the According to Gotkin,
Matatall. (20-28-48) Lakers' 16-game unbeaten streak McKinnon might be the differ-
The Lakers (23-1-2) captured heading into the ECAC Champi- ence in the series against Bemidji.
their own conference champion- onship a "To have him, the weapon that
ship behind a balanced scoring McKinnon, paired with Mor- he is and to have him available at
effort ledjby freshman Trevor gan and Scott MacDonald, was any situation could be the key to
Brandt f m ! ',; pivotal in the Elmira victory. this thing," he said. "He had a
Brandt had a hat trick and six The Fort Erie native tallied very goodiweekend, as did his
other Lakers scored in the finale. twice, includ ing scoring the game- teammates."
Craig MacDonald, John winner at 15:30 of the third pe- In goal, the Lakers' Scott Bar- J.V. HOCKEY IN CBAMPIIONSHIP LOSS |
Evangelista, Mike Pattison, Jon riod. ber is another key player. After beating Cortland State 5-3 in the semi-final of the
Johnson, Kevin McKinnon, and He streaked into the Elmira zone The ECAC West All-Star and Eastern Collegiate Hockey league championship the J.V. hockey
Chris Morgan contributed single and forced the defenseman Kyle Player of the Year, turned aside team lost 4-2 in a fiercely contested game against the University
goals. Kirkpatrick to turn over the puck 54 shots in the tourney and in the of Buffalo.
Brandt deflected a shot past to the right of goalie Bryan Musa. final minute preserved the vic- Brian Pazden, Jim Rennicks, Brett Atwood, Mark Fisher
Chris Desso at 17:51 to complete McKinnon converted the give- tory with a series of saves against and Brian Cote scored in the first game while Jason Lewis and
the three-goal effort away, wristing a shot over the Elmira. Mark Fisher registered in the seconD. |
"R.I.T., everybody expected right shoulder of Musa. "He made some of the saves he "We were really looking forward to the playoffs going in
them to give us a really good go, "He (Kirkpatrick) was carrying made against Elmira were abso- but we just came up a bit short. We couldn't put the puck into
they are the only team that beat us the puck and stumbled, I took the lutely incredible," saidlCoach the net and it was dissapointing but I think we still had a great
this year," said Brandt "But ev- puck and slid into the slot and Gotkin. "He made somebig saves season,** said team captain Lou Vise Hi.
eryone picked it up and wanted to tried to pull h im over," he said. '1 early against R.I.T. when we had
win and we showed our depth." used Kirkpatrick as a screen and to have them. Scott Barber gave MEN'S B-BALL TEAM WINS lAST-GAME
MacDonald and Evangelista's I'm not sure he (Musa) saw it" us great goal tending both games The men's basketball team finally laid a dissapointing *•

goals 49 seconds apart sparked McKinnon also scored the this past weekend.", season to rest when they beat ColumbiafUnion 89-78.
the six-goal second period. fourth Laker goal to even the
"All the awards are great, but Craig Young dunked and Damon Sterling jammed to put
"Once Craig MacDonald scored game. Jeremy Baker's second I'll have time to reflect on them at the Lakers into an eight point lead by half time.*
the goal pretty much burst their goal of the period staked the Soar- the end of the year," said Barber. This lead was extended in the second half to secure a solid
bubble and gave us a little kick of ing Eagles to a one-goal lead. 'The NCAA's are more impor- 11 point victory. W? | |
momentum," said Gotkin. "In the back of my head I was tant" * § Seniors Todd Filipkowski and Damon Sterling were
The R.I.T. team, recovering thinking crash the net and Musa Craig MacDonald and Proud honored before the earner
from food poisoning, might have left a rebound infront,"he said. "I were named to the! Division II

H o l d that t h o u g h t "Playing" with sexual .harassment

By Heather Marshall Anne M. Schleicher
Merciad Staff Columnist Features! A&E editor

There were five of us, piled Look, I don't agree with it but
into my small car to make the I watched it and was angered..' Fl NALLY
legendary trek to Cleveland to David Mamet's Oleanna, now
see yet another show. On this
particular balmy Monday night, Theater for Contemporary Art,
we were on our way to see
Digable Planets at the Odeon.
After some rest stops and a few
is a thought provoking play that
twists and manipulates modern I
conceptions of sexual harass-
35EMThe Boston Globe
speeding scares, we arrived at ment
die Odeon, which is in the Flats in downtown Cleveland. It can hold
about 600 people, but on this particular night there were about 500
Power, gender, miscommuni-
cation — these issues are some
1MO flaw
"Likely to provoke more arguments
people. The Odeon is set up so that no matter where you stand you> of the hot topics of the day and •:>S?-

• than any play this year."

can see everything on stage. Not to mention-that the stage is Mamet isn't afraid to jump right — The New York Times
basically the same level as the crowd, so you feel really dose to the h into the discourse. ||
band themselves. Oleoma tells the story of
The opening band, Spearhead, played many old covers as well as John, a soon-to-be-tenured
some of their own songs. They got the crowd in the mood with their professor at a University,
thumping beats and energetic vibe. They have the potential to be as played by Scott McClelland,
big as Digable in the future. and Carol, a confused student of
It seemed to take an eternity for Digable to take the stage after John's, played by Jamie
many sound checks and instrument checks. Finally the band was on, Campbell in her debut acting
and DJ Jazzy Joyce, warmed up the crowd even more by introducing performance.
uie jazz band andfinallyintroducing Digable Planets themselves: The play begins with Carol Scott McClelland & Jamie Campbell
Doodlebug, Butterfly and Ladybug. They took the stage and started sitting in John's office attempt-
playing many hits from their most recent album, Blowout Comb, as ing to discover why she is doing
well as favoritesfromtheir previous album reachin . Some songs so poorly in his class. She
off the new album they covered were "9th Wonder," "Dial 7" and comes to the conclusion that she BY DAVID MAMET ¥
"Dog It" But the best songs off the most recent album that they • is stupid and unable to compre- CALL FOR y THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS & % OPENS
performed were Graffiti, which involved the entire crowd and got hend the cryptic text that John TODAY

even the most tired person dancing and "Jettin\" The Digable has written and that the class is FEBRUARY 23 - MARCH 25
Planets played a rousing version of "Jettin\" complete with a bass reading. ALL PERFORMANCES 8 PM — A ROADHOUSE THEATRE PRODUCTION

solo by their bassist, which kept you hanging on until the very end ^Seemingly innocent conversa-
of the epic-like song. tion and platonic physical
Off the previous album, Digable played such favorites as "Jimmi contact become the basis of an
Diggin Cats" and "Examination of What" The best performances escalating accusation of sexual
off that album came with "Nickel Bags" and "Rebirth of Slick (cool harassment by Carol. The
like dat)." "Nickel Bags'* was a real favorite of the crowd and alt* "authorities'' are appealed to for
around us people were chanting in time with the music. Of course judgment and John is left in the
"Rebirth of Slick" would be a hit, and Digable did an even betterjob position of defending his every
of making it one of the best songs played the entire night action. So confident and
I All of those who went along with me agreed that the jazz band was easygoing in the beginning,
what really made the sound that night at the Odeon. It was their John becomes the epitome of commentary is Mamet making without the power? What does
sound that brought the quality ofthe show up a couple ofnotches and the male ego as he must revert about the very real instances of it mean to understand? What is
made the show have true CD quality. Al though their loud percussion to his physical prowess to retain abuse and harassment? Are the our essential humanity? How
and horns emphasized points in the songs that would not have been any control of the situation. women who make such are individuals swayed by group
heard on any CD. . Mamet's depiction of these accusations all such ditzes? pressure? Are there any
DJ Jazzy Joyce allowed the band members to take a break while two characters is pitiful. Carol, And John, what sort of individuals today?
she put on her own amazing performance which left most of the an unsophisticated and naive professor in the "90s* is really Question after question, I
crowd in awe. She energized the crowd with her exciting, rewed- young woman, becomes dumb enough to continue to have my answers, for now. But
up stage presence and her technique of ripping up some great old ridiculous as she -loses any invite such an overreactive don't take my word for it Get
school cuts such as Run DMC and LL Cool J. voice she may have developed student into his chambers. off your duff and open your
All put together, this show was excellent With the jazz band, DJ and becomes a microphone for without anyone else present mind. Directed by Kim Mc this
Jazzy Joyce and the band members all worked together in perfect "the group" that convinces her after such a claim has been show is a must see. The show
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the better bands that I have seen.

Angelo concert
Sprin films started
There will be four more Films Vietnam War. Lisa Landers and McGurk of the English faculty,
for Discussion in the Spring '95 Amy D'Angelo of the? who will also lead the discus-
The Alliance for the Mentally and yet continued to be very pro- Series. Thefilmsare screened Mercyhurst Honors program sion.
Dl of Erie County and Mercy hurst ductive and composed some of Tuesday nights with a film which is sponsoring the Glm, April 11 — The Wonderful
College Center for Justice and the world's finest music. introduction beginning at 7 will do the introduction and Horrible Life of Leni
Mental Health Issues, in conjunc- p.m., followed by the film and lead the discussion. Riefenstahl, a documentary
Dr. Albeit Glinsky, faculty
tion with the D'Angelo School of memberof the D'Angelo School, the discussion. March 28 — Barcelona, built around her life. Directed
Music, will present a concert of will present a narrative concern- The remainder of the schedule directed by Whit Stillman. It is by Ray Muller. It will beI
The Music of Robert Schumann. ing Schumann's life and his men- includes: being sponsored by the Spanish introduced by Chris Wloch of
A narrative on the life of tal health. Faculty and students of March 21 — Apocalypse classes of Alice Edward's, who Amnesty International and Phil
Schumann and his music will be the D'Angelo School will present Now, directed by Francis Ford will introduce the film and lead Rogers of the political science
presented on Sunday, March 19 music which will include the pi- Coppola. It is being shown as a the discussion. faculty. They will also lead the
at 2:30 p.m. in the Zurn Recital ano concerto, the piano trio, works companion to the study of April 4 — Mrs. Parker and discussion. Thefilmis spon-
Hall. Schumann, who was one of for violin andgpiano, cello and Conrad's Heart of Darkness in the Vicious Circle, the story of sored jointly by Amnesty
the major composers of the Ro- piano, songs and vocal duets. Mercyhurst Honor classes. The Dorothy Parker and the International and Political
mantic Period, suffered most of Admission to this concert is free. film is loosely based on Algonquin Round Table. It will Science.
his adult lifefrommental illness, Conrad's book and on the be introduced by Joanne