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The amazing health benefits of Citralife daily consumption

- 1 cup per day is a refreshing aromatic herbal drink to start a new day
- More than 2 cups per day becomes an adjunctive therapy and herbal medicine
The efficacy* of Citralife lemongrass for various ailments has been documented based on the testimonies
of Citralife users. The pragmatic trials have led to the prescription (consumption) of Citralife lemongrass
drink for various ailments and their recorded recovery/healing period respectively. The data is summarised
in the tabulation below. Suggested serving: 4 gm (per table spoon) per cup

* Efficacy indicates the capacity for beneficial change (or therapeutic effect) of Citralife lemongrass intervention.


DAY (4 gm per cup)
1 Indigestion & Heart Burn 1 cup Few hours
2 Body Water Retention 1 cup 2 to 3 days
3 High Blood Pressure 2 cups 1 week to 4 weeks
4 Low Blood Pressure 3 cups 10 days
5 Constipation 2 cups 1 week
6 Poor Stamina 1 cup 1 week
7 Incontinence 1 cup 2 weeks
8 Itchy Rash & Eczema 3 cups 2 weeks
9 Frozen Shoulder 2 cups 2 weeks
10 Arthritis 3 cups 2 weeks to 1 month
11 Hemorrhoids 3 cups 1 month
12 Over Weight 2 to 3 cups 1 month
13 High Uric Acid 2 cups 2 weeks
14 Menstruation Pain 2 cups Less than 1 month
15 Cancer 5 to 10 cups Build up body immune system during
and after chemotherapy

Consumers may take 1 cup to 2 cups per day to maintain good health. People with minor ailments should
consume 2 cups to 3 cups per day for a period of 2 weeks to notice significant recovery, healing and health

We use pragmatic trials over a period of 18 months with a few thousands regular Citralife users. Only the
consistent results (similar results from same ailment category) are published as testimonials. The company
did not conduct clinical trials on lemongrass. We established the pragmatic trials on the efficacy of
lemongrass by way of;
- Written testimonies from customers as published in our blog site
- Oral testimonies from repeat customers who buy our product regularly

Lemongrass is a therapeutic herbal medicine where the effectiveness is slower compared to chemical
based medicine. Lemongrass is classified as a vegetable and herb by Ministry of Health Malaysia and
HALAL by Islamic Development Department of Malaysia.


Citralife lemongrass therapeutic drink has amazingly benefited thousands and cured many who suffered
from various ailments in very short time. These people have asked us “what made this Citralife special
from fresh lemongrass?”

The answer to produce good quality, high potency and therapeutic Citralife is simply that we;
• Select the right lemongrass species
• Own organic lemongrass farm and use organic fertiliser to maintain high grade quality lemongrass
• Utilise the best part of lemongrass where 80 gm output is processed from 1 kg input (ratio 1:11)
• Using green energy to dry the lemongrass to preserve our environment
• Optimise the processing time at the right temperature to maintain the active ingredients
• Short process cycle from harvesting to packing so as to capture Citral essence

In summary, Citralife has no preservative, no additive and is 100% natural lemongrass and has 280%
more Citral compared to fresh lemongrass.


While fresh lemongrass is good for health, Citralife is convenient, economical and has consistent quality
compared to fresh lemongrass from the supermarket.


> 1 year < 1 week
Citral 280% more Citral content than fresh 1 cup Citralife = 3 cups fresh lemongrass
Content lemongrass
Weight 80 gm Citralife = 1 kg fresh 1 kg fresh = 80 gm dried Citralife
Comparison Ratio : 1:11 (Dried : Fresh) Ratio : 11:1 (Fresh : Dried)
Flexibility Home, Office, Travel. Any time in the day Home use only since it requires longer
or night. preparation duration.
Preparation Easy Citral extraction within 5 minutes 60 minutes to cut, wash and boil. Citral extraction
Time using Citralife is more difficult when fresh. Longer boiling time.
More electricity consumption.
Effectiveness Many users have claimed that Citralife is Lower Citral content by weight and longer boiling
more effective than fresh lemongrass time for Citral extraction from fresh lemongrass
Product Citralife product is naturally grown where Quality varies depending on suppliers who plant
Quality quality is guaranteed various species
Competitive Citralife price is same as fresh lemongrass. Depending on quality and supplier.
Price Ratio : 1:11 (Dried : Fresh) Ratio : 11:1 (Fresh : Dried)
Convenience Very convenient for small or large volume Inconvenient to make just 1 cup only. Have to
consumption make large volume to justify the hard work.

University researchers in Middle East have discovered that citral in lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus)
kills cancer cells in vitro, while leaving healthy cells unharmed. Citral is the component that gives the
lemony aroma and taste in lemongrass.

The study found that citral causes cancer cells to "commit suicide”: using apoptosis, a mechanism called
programmed cell death. A drink with as little as one gram of lemongrass contains enough citral to prompt
the cancer cells to commit suicide in the test tube. Some doctors who are familiar with the benefits of
lemongrass are recommending lemongrass to their cancer patients. Cancer patients should drink 5 cups to
10 cups every day to build up the immune system.

The Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) is to determine the stage that the immune system of the patient after
response to chemotherapy. ANC is the actual number of white blood cells that a patient has to fight an
infection. A normal ANC is greater than 2,500. A safe ANC is greater than 1,000. After chemotherapy,
BMT, and radiation, a patient's ANC may drop low as 0. When the ANC drops below 500, it is important
that patient's remain away from crowds and people who have colds and flu. This is to protect the patient
from being exposed to possible infections.

Many cancer patients in Malaysia who took lemongrass herbal drink experienced a faster increase in ANC
(3 times faster) and hence lemongrass accelerated the recovery in immune system after chemotherapy
treatment. Increment in ANC to normality is 2 to 3 months for cancer patients while lemongrass drinking
cancer patients took only 3 weeks based on numerous testimonies from cancer patients.


When a 16 years old girl was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago, her father quitted his job to provide the
best care and support for his daughter as she underwent continuous chemotherapy treatments in the
hospital for 3 years. Cancer patient friends have recommended lemongrass and this started the father’s
quest on the efficacy of lemongrass against cancer. He spent much time to research on the benefits of
lemongrass. He corresponded with many oncologists and professors in medical schools regarding herbal
treatment of lemongrass for leukemia.

When doctors did not object to his idea of lemongrass as herbal medicine for his daughter, he bought
fresh lemongrass from the market, clean, cut and mesh the lemongrass and put into boiling hot water. He
simmered the lemongrass in a large pot and served his daughter to drink every day.

During chemotherapy treatment, she drank few cups of lemongrass and after chemotherapy she drank
much more to increase her rate of recovery of her immune system. Her ANC report showed a faster
recovery of 3 weeks compared to normal period of 2 to 3 months. Her doctor was surprised by her ANC
report and the doctor asked the father, “Did you feed your daughter with lemongrass?” and the father reply
was “YES”. Since then, she has been on this lemongrass formulation together with her chemotherapy
treatment in the last 2 years. Her protocol is a 3 years chemotherapy treatment.

Some oncologists advised cancer patients not to take chinese medicine or chinese drugs during
chemotherapy treatment as it may interfere with the doctor’s treatment. Some chinese drugs consisting of
concoction of herbs which have similar properties to the chemo drugs.

Since lemongrass is a vegetable, lemongrass did not interfere with his daughter’s chemotherapy. She is
currently on her 3rd year of chemotherapy at the hospital.

While we are excited that research in Middle East has shown that lemongrass can kill cancer cells in vitro,
while leaving healthy cells unharmed, we are certain that lemongrass can improve one’s immune system
faster after chemotherapy based on ANC readings of many cancer patients who have undergone

Citralife lemongrass builds up the body immune system during and after chemotherapy

Lemongrass improves blood circulation in our bodies and this leads to increase cell generation in all parts
and vital organs (liver, kidney, etc) in our body. The generation of more cells and healthy organs then
improve our immune system against ailments and infections.


Citralife lemongrass herb contains Citral that detoxifies the body by increasing the quantity and frequency
of urination. This helps to clean the kidney, liver, pancreas, digestive tract, bladder etc and removes
unwanted toxic substances through the urine. Lemongrass also improves cell generation and revitalizes
our organs especially our liver. Removal of uric acid and toxic substances from the body helps prevent
arthritis, improve skin texture, reduce itchy rash and eczema. Frequent urination means removal of excess
water along with fats from the body and thus Citralife lemongrass drink helps to lose weight.


Citralife lemongrass promotes digestion of food and gives relief from gastroenteritis. It is also an ideal
remedy for those who have flatulence. Citralife allows the muscles in the abdominal region to relax and
release gas.


Being a detoxifier, lemongrass contains Citral that removes excess cholesterol, uric acid, toxins and fats
from the body. This stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. Drinking a glass of Citralife
lemongrass herbal drink every day helps to reduce blood pressure.


After drinking Citralife lemongrass herbal drink, 95% recorded testimonies experienced improvement in
their health. However, some people (5% from the testimonials recorded) have experienced a Healing Crisis
or Cleansing Reaction or Detox Reaction. Healing Crisis occurs when your body tries to eliminate toxins at
a faster rate than your body can be properly disposed of the toxins. Some people may feel ill during the first
few days of cleansing because it is at that point that your body dumps toxins into the blood stream for

There may be a temporary increase in illness symptoms (sore throat, diarrhea, joint pains, slight fever,
frequent urination) of 1 to 3 days during the cleansing or detoxification process. You may feel worse and
therefore conclude that the treatment is not working. But these reactions are instead signs that the
treatment is working and that your body is going through the process of cleansing itself of impurities, toxins
and imbalances.

Healing Crisis is the result of every body-system working to eliminate waste and toxins and set the stage
for regeneration. The end result is old tissues are replaced with new. The detoxification reaction causes the
organs of the body (particularly the liver, which is a storehouse of drug and poison residues) to release
their stored poisons and toxins. After the Healing Crisis and cleansing of toxin from your body, you will feel
better and rejuvenated.


From the testimonies recorded, Citralife lemongrass is effective for many people after taking Citralife for
the first time in their lives. However, some people have experienced reduction in effectiveness of Citralife
lemongrass after continuous consumption for a period of few months. Some people may be immune to
Citralife lemongrass efficacy. For these people who have built up immunity to lemongrass, we recommend
that they abstain from Citralife for a week before resuming consumption.

Alternatively, drink Citralife lemongrass for 4 days continuously and abstain for next 3 days in one week
cycle. This drinking pattern is to improve the lemongrass efficacy for our bodies.

Testimonies are good indicators and should be complimented with professional medical advice, diagnosis,
or treatment. Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your doctor for major
ailment. Use Citralife information you read as an indicator and seek second opinion from medical advice
from your doctor if you are in doubt. If you are on medication or have persistent symptoms, please seek
medical advice before taking Citralife lemongrass drink.


Life is a precious gift from God. The quality of our life depends on our physical health. Health is Wealth.
Our health is dependent on a balanced life style such as diet, sleep pattern, exercise, work activity, etc.
Lemongrass is a simple but potent therapeutic drink to maintain good health. Lemongrass has cured many
from their ailments to bring them back to a normal health.

When my father was diagnosed with 3rd stage prostate cancer, our family was devastated. Since then, my
father has undergone radiation therapy and is currently under hormone therapy. When I was told that
research has shown that lemongrass can kill cancer cells in vitro, I researched and designed a green
system to process lemongrass into herbal drink to help my father. Coincidently, my father discovered that
his arthritis pain on his knees was reduced after drinking lemongrass for few weeks.

Many amazing results from testimonies has motivated us to further research into the efficacy of
lemongrass. We started to collate statistical data from customers and lemongrass drinkers. As we
documented these testimonies, the positive results were consistent and we decided to share with the
public, hoping that more will come forward either to support or challenge our findings.

We are willing to sponsor research work in universities and hospitals relating to lemongrass. Your feedback
is appreciated.

Please visit our blog site at


Dr Gertrude Kow (MB. ChB, University of Liverpool) is a general practitioner in Malaysia

with a special interest in alternative medicine. She also has a Postgraduate Diploma in
Herbal Medicine from Australia.

For one of her patients who presented with pre-hypertension, Dr Kow successfully used
Citralife lemongrass drink, as part of a holistic lifestyle modification therapy, to normalise
his blood pressure.

Dr Gertrude Kow often adds Citralife as an adjunctive therapy for some of her patients, especially those
who prefer complementary medicine. (Adjunctive Therapy is treatment used together with the primary
treatment. Its purpose is to assist the primary treatment)

Citralife builds up the body immune system during and after chemotherapy for cancer patients
Mr Gan Chin Kim, 79 years, Malaysia (012-6991570) Cancer, Arthritis
I suffer from prostate cancer since 2000. I have undergone radiation therapy and hormone drugs to
control my prostate cancer. I heard drinking Citralife tea can kill cancer cells so I give it a try. It really
works!. My PSA (cancer level indicator) has dropped since I drank Citralife herbal drink from June
2009 onwards. Drinking Citralife lemongrass herbal drink also relieved my arthritis pain in my knees
and numbness on my fingers.
Ms Khoo, 63 years, Malaysia Cancer, Bloatedness (ascites)
Ms Khoo was diagnosed with colon cancer in April 2010. She have undergone 2 chemotherapies. The
cancer has affected one of the lobes of her liver. She was vomiting and had diarrhea. The cancer also
caused ascites with accumulation of fluid in her lungs, abdomen, waist, legs and toes. She was
confined to a wheel chair when she could not walk due to ascites. The situation was unbearable which
lasted 2 weeks.

Then, she took Citralife lemongrass for 2 days and she was able to reduce the body fluid by urination
and all the swelling in her abdomen, waist, legs and toes subsided. Citralife lemongrass cured her
from ascites in 2 days and she is taking Citralife regularly as part of her cancer treatment.
Ms Ravin, 50 years, Malaysia Cancer
Ms Ravin is a staff nurse and was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb 2010. She underwent
chemotherapy and had 25 cycles of radiation for 6 months. Her immune system was weakened from
the chemotherapy where she lost her appetite, had constant headache, difficulty in walking and
clearing her bowel and bladder when she was in the toilet. An anesthetic doctor recommended
Citralife lemongrass to her. After 3 days only of drinking Citralife lemongrass, she was amazed that
she was able to walk properly and became alert again and led a normal life. Ms Ravin said that
Citralife boosted her immune system and she is recommending Citralife to other cancer patients.
Mr James Perere, 85 years, Malaysia
Mr Perere suffered from arthritis on the knees for 4 years (constant pain on the knees and have to use
knee guards when walking) and suffered from gastric reflux (heart burn) for 6 months. After drinking
Citralife lemongrass drink for 3 days, the gastric reflux was gone and after continuous drinking for
further 2 weeks, his arthritis pain is gone and can walk normally now.
Ms Chon Yue Moy, 61 years, Malaysia
After only one week of drinking Citralife lemongrass herbal drink relieve my arthritis in my knees. This
is an amazing natural herbal tea.
Ms Lai Yook Yin, 72 years, Malaysia
My medical problems are arthritis, pains in fingers, knees, shoulder and back, difficulty to urinate, pain
during urination and flatulence. After I drink Citralife lemongrass, the good effect after a few days are;
Easy and frequent urination without pain, Can drink lots of water to remove toxic from body, Body is
less bloated and feel more comfortable, Cure my body rash (fung mok), Reduce my finger joints, knee,
shoulder and back pain immediately, Green veins around knee is reduced in size, Sleep better and feel
better. I add a little ginger in the tea for better “cooling” effect and I drink Citralife after dinner to
maintain my improved health.
Ms Satiyem, 41 years, Brunei
My anguish has been the various joint pains in my body and I have tried various medicines without
any improvement. Within 2 weeks of drinking Citralife everyday, I have recovered totally. I have
confident in this product and will continue to use it for my health.
Ms Lanny Ooi, United Kingdom
Ms Lanny has arthritis on the right knee for the last 3 years and bloated stomach due to indigestion
of dairy food 7 years ago. After drinking Citralife lemongrass for 1 week (4 cups per day), she
discovered that the pain on her right knee is gone and she does not suffer from indigestion after meals.
Ms Lanny has also lost some weight due to drinking Citralife and she is more energetic now.


Ms Elaine Lee, 50 years, Malaysia
I have poor immune system, susceptible to allergies and indigestion problem. After drinking Citralife
lemongrass tea, positive effects were immediate such as ; Easy Urination to remove toxic waste from
my body, More comfortable and no more feeling of bloated body, Body Rashes (fung mok)
disappeared, Better Digestion, Reduce Flatulence, Sleep Better and Feel Better in the morning. I
continue to drink Citralife everyday for maintenance (once or twice a day, sometimes added with little
ginger + honey for different taste).
Ms Angeline Pang, Malaysia
I have weak digestive system. Whenever I eat too much starchy food/dairy product, my stomach will
feel very uncomfortable or sometimes have diarrhea. My uncomfortable feeling immediately
disappeared when I drink Citralife lemongrass. I’m now taking it regularly to maintain good health and
improve blood circulation.
Mr Ali Shehab, 45 years, Tunisia
Arabs have late dinners at night. I get heart burn and indigestion due to heavy meals at night. Every
time I drink Citralife drink, my indigestion and heart burn disappear immediately.
Mr and Mrs Yeoh Beng Keat, 50+ years, Malaysia
After buffet meals, we felt very uncomfortable, bloated in our stomachs due to indigestion. Citralife
herbal drink has helped us to get rid of the discomfort and gas in our stomachs.

Mrs Yeoh……During my two trips to Australia, I suffered very badly from indigestion due to eating (too
much) dairy products. I had to depend on a lot of doctor’s medication to ease the discomfort. However,
when I went to New Zealand and Australia in May-June 2010, I armed myself with all sorts of
indigestion medicines. By this time I had already started drinking Citralife so I decided to bring along a
packet of Citralife product. I drank a cup of Citralife lemongrass before bed each night. I continued to
take dairy products daily during the entire trip but to my delight, this time I did not experience any
indigestion problem! I did not touch any of the medicines I had brought along for the trip. My advice to
all travellers: Bring along a packet of Citralife lemongrass organic herbal drink with you when you
Ms Maa Ajmalaisyatu Illani, 23 years, Malaysia
During the fasting month of Ramadan, Ms Maa normally has gas in her stomach in the evening at the
breaking of her fast. When she took Citralife lemongrass in early dawn, there is no more gas in the
stomach during the rest of the fasting day. Citralife also reduce her temperature quickly when she had
a fever. When she has indigestion, 1 cup of Citralife is able to relief her indigestion within 30
Mr Chu Ching, 73 years, Malaysia
I suffer from heart problem recently and I require medication every day. The medication I take every
night caused uncomfortable stomach and heavy chest feeling in the morning when I wake up. After
drinking Citralife lemongrass for 2 to 3 days only, this uneasy feeling on my chest disappeared.
Ms Elizebeth Ng, 53 years, Malaysia
Ms Ng has indigestion and nausea after meals. This problem has persisted for last few years. After
drinking Citralife lemongrass for 2 weeks, she noticed that she does not have indigestion nor nausea
anymore. She drinks a cup of Citralife every morning before breakfast and a cup in the evening after
dinner to maintain normal health.
Ms Norlaila Mok, 23 years, Malaysia
I have constipation problem but after drinking Citralife lemongrass tea, I have no more constipation
Mrs Cheah, 41 years, Malaysia
Mrs Cheah is about 5 months pregnant with her 5th child. She has constipation which worsened in
pregnancy. Mrs Cheah took Citralife lemongrass herbal drink once a day and she found that Citralife
improved her constipation after about 3 days.


Ms Ngor Ah Kwui, 71 years, Malaysia
I have high blood pressure for many years and my face is always flushed (red). After drinking
Citralife lemongrass tea for 1 month, my blood pressure has reduced and my face is not flushed red
anymore. At the same time, my skin is not as dry as before, my stiff hair has become softer with more
black hair growth. My teary eyes (easy tears flow) has reduced since drinking lemongrass. I am more
energetic with better blood circulation in my body.
Ms Lai Meng, 83 years, Malaysia
She suffers from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and numbness on her fingers.
After taking Citralife lemongrass for 2 weeks, the numbness on her fingers, water retention on her
fingers and body were reduced with more frequent urination. After water retention on her body was
reduced, she was able to walk better and her mobility increased.
Ms KY Cheong, 38 years, Malaysia
I have high blood pressure for many years. After drinking Citralife lemongrass herbal drink, my blood
pressure reduces significantly after only few days.
Ms Doris Tan, 66 years, Malaysia
Ms Doris ailments are water retention on her abdomen and legs for last few months, diabetic, high
protein content in urine, frequent urination, high blood pressure and high cholesterol for the last 10
years. After 2-3 days of drinking of Citralife lemongrass, her bloated legs and abdomen reduced
rapidly. She is very happy with the amazing result from Citralife.
Ms Nurraya Amalyna Nur Al-Islam Bte Kamis, 36 years, Brunei
After taking Citalife herbal drink for 3 days, I urinate more and later in the same week, I also perspired
more to remove the water retention in my body. After 2 weeks, I lost weight and my tummy has
become smaller. I feel more alert now and my high blood pressure has reduced from 190/100 to
130/90. I shall continue to use Citralife and will tell my friends and relatives the benefits and
effectiveness of Citralife.
Ms Siti Azizah Douglah, 46 years, Brunei
I bought 2 packs Citralife for my husband who suffers from high blood pressure. After using 1 pack, my
husband felt relief and the stiffness and muscle pain at the back of his neck disappeared. He continued
to drink Citralife. I am confident on the effectiveness of Citralife and continue to recommend this
product to my friends.
Ms Salmah Ismail, 40 years, Brunei
I have high blood pressure, pale look, poor eye sight with frequent headache. During the first week of
drinking Citralife lemongrass I urine more often as part of detoxification process. After the healing
crisis, my eye sight improve and I don’t have any more headache. I will share this wonderful news on
the benefits of Citralife to my friends as well.
Ms Suzanne Lee, 50 years, Malaysia
Ms Lee has bloated stomach for the last 9 months, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, stiffness
in arms and fingers. She consumes 3 cups per day of Citralife lemongrass. Within 10 days from
drinking lemongrass, her bloated stomach reduced and her blood pressure went back to normal. She is
drinking Citralife lemongrass daily to maintain her health.
Ms Yap Yee Mih, Malaysia
Ms Yap normally takes 10 long days to recover from a bad flu due to slow build up of her immune
system. After drinking Citralife lemongrass herbal drink, she was able to recover from her flu within 3
days instead of 10 days. Citralife lemongrass accelerated her recovery and build up of her immune
system quickly. Ms Yap had frozen shoulder and after drinking Citralife for 2 weeks, the numbness
on her arm disappeared. Ms Yap has low blood pressure all her life. After drinking Citralife
lemongrass herbal drink for 1 month, she discovered that her blood pressure is normal now.


Ms Norhasni Abdullah, 48 years, Brunei
Within 2 to 3 days after drinking Citralife, I urinate more and perspire more than normal. Sometimes, I
felt like vomiting due to detoxification process in my body but nevertheless, I continue to drink Citralife.
After 2 weeks, I felt more alert than before. For the first time in my life, I did not feel any menstruation
pain and I attribute this to the benefit of drinking Citralife.
Ms Lau Siew Lan, 79 years, Malaysia
Ms Lau has been suffering from hemorrhoids for the last 40 years. She has been living with this
inconvenience for a long time as she did not want to have any surgery. After drinking Citralife for 2
months she noticed that there is no hemorrhage when she relief herself.
Mr Chu Kam, 76 years, Malaysia
I had been suffering from rash and body itch for last 30 years which made my life very uncomfortable
and sometime unbearable. I had temporary relief of only 2 weeks from the medicines provided by
medical doctors. However, after drinking Citralife lemongrass for 2 days, the itch stopped. This was an
incredible miracle for me. My legs felt heavy when I walked but after Citralife lemongrass herbal drink,
my legs are feel lighter and I walk more normal and comfortable now.
Mr Ho Kok Hoi, 60 years, New Zealand
Mr Ho suffered from hemorrhoids for many years and have gone for 2 operations in New Zealand.
However, the wound would not heal after operation and this led to sores and pus. He has eczema
(sores) on his legs for the last 10 years. After drinking Citralife lemongrass for 2 weeks, the pain
caused by the sores, open wounds and bleeding on his legs stopped. After a few months, his sores
dried up and the skin healed. Citralife is an amazing herbal drink which is economical and has many
therapeutic benefits for him.
Mr Wantjit Gani, 75 years, Indonesia
Mr Wantjit has ezcema for more than a year. Doctors in Jakarta had given him oral medicine which
only provided temporary relief for his itchness on his dried skin. After he drank Citralife lemongrass 1
cup per day for 1 week, the itchness stopped and his dried skin is returning to normal. He is drinking 1
cup per day to improve his body resistance to dry skin. Mr Wantjit has high cholesterol and Citralife
has helped to reduce his cholesterol level.
Ms Vi Nie Guo, 14 years, Malaysia
Ms Vi-nie has eczema for 4 years since she was 10 years old. Consumption of seafood within a few
hours will cause itchiness on her scalp. She is also sensitive to sunlight and has to take soap for
sensitive skin. After taking Citralife for 2 weeks (2 to 3 cups per day), she has been cured of her
eczema and she is now able to take seafood. She also discovered that her waist line has reduced
around her stomach due to consumption of Citralife lemongrass drink.
Ms Norkhairiah Kasim, 18 years, Brunei
Ms Norkhairiah has tried few types of cream to solve her mother's itchy skin problem but none worked
on her mother (Madam Isah Tengah, 44 years). Madam Isah took Citralife lemongrass herbal bath
treatment which Ms Norkhairiah had bought in Brunei. This Citralife bath has solved Madam Isah’s
suffering in just one day!
Mr Sahde, 35 years, Indonesia
I have itchy rash and peeling skins on both hands and back of my body for 3 weeks due to allergy.
This has caused me sleepless nights due to constant itchiness on the hand and fingers. I bathe my
hands in Citralife lemongrass herb bath treatment and this removed 50% itchiness in 1 day and no
more itchiness in 2 days. I am able to sleep after 1 day treatment and the rash disappeared after 2
days and skin recovered in 7 days.
Ms Lusia, 24 years, Indonesia
I have rash on my arms for 2 weeks and I could not sleep due to excessive itch. I bathe my arms in
Citralife lemongrass herb bath twice per day to eliminate the itch. After 1 day treatment, I am able to
sleep properly since the itch disappeared after treatment.

Puan Hjh Rosnawi, 35 tahun, Brunei

I have ezcema skin problem for many years. Having spent lots of money and tried various medications
to cure this ezcema problem including going to Indonesia for medication, I could not cure my ezcema. I
am surprised and could not believe that Citralife Herbal Bath has healed my ezcema skin problem.
Ms Rosmini Bte Tamin, 33 years, Brunei
I have skin problem on my leg for more than a year and i have tried various medications without any
positive results. After using Citralife herbal bath for 2 weeks, I discovered that the skin problem on my
legs has reduced. Then I continue to use this herbal bath. After 1 month, I have recovered totally from
the skin problem on my legs.
Ms Sow Aai Hing, 61 years, Malaysia
I have frozen left shoulder for 1 year where I have restricted left arm movement. After drinking
Citralife lemongrass for 2 weeks, I have normal movement in my shoulder again.
Maryam, 23 years, Malaysia
I had fever and I try to cure it by consuming Citralife lemongrass therapeutic herbal drink. I made a
glass of drink after dinner using a sachet of Citralife. Next morning, my fever is gone totally. Amazing!
My fever cured just over a night.
Ms Najwa Mohd Nor, 25 years, Malaysia
Ms Najwa had flu and fever. She took 1 cup of Citralife lemongrass and the fever was gone the
following day.
Mr Lee Yun San, 47 years, Malaysia
I had a bloated body due to difficulty in urination and asthma. I have never done any detoxification
program previously. I drink Citralife lemongrass for the following benefits; Citralife is a simple and
easy detoxification programme, Easy to urinate and my body is slimmer and more fit, Cure my body
rash (fung mok), Feel fresh and not tired easily, No more cough from asthmaI drink Citralife every
evening to maintain my health.
Mr Richard B, 43 years, Australia
Richard finds it difficult to pass urine the last few months due to anxiety. This ailment is also known as
urinary hesitancy. After drinking Citralife lemongrass herbal drink for 30 days, Richard found it easier
to pass urine. Richard found the taste of Citralife lemon grass to be very refreshing and was greatly
relieved to find this product.
Mr Ho Shou Yick, 8 years, New Zealand
Mr Ho Shou Yick suffers from asthma and sinus problem. After his mother fed him regular
lemongrass tea, Shou Yick has a better control over his asthma and sinus situation. The lemongrass
drinking pattern is 4 days continuous drinking Citralife and 3 days abstinence. This drinking pattern is
to improve the lemongrass efficacy for our body.
Mr Tan Hong Sai, 73 years, Malaysia
I suffer from incontinence for many years and need to go to toilet very regularly. This has made my
life inconvenient for travel. After drinking Citralife lemongrass for a short time, I am able to control my
bladder. Citralife is able to improve the blood circulation to my body and hence improve my bladder
Mr Tan Hong Sai, 73 years, Malaysia
I suffer from incontinence for many years and need to go to toilet very regularly. This has made my
life inconvenient for travel. After drinking Citralife lemongrass for a short time, I am able to control my
bladder. Citralife is able to improve the blood circulation to my body and hence improve my bladder

Ms Madeline Tan, 37 yrs, Malaysia

I have problem controlling my bladder and need to go to toilet regularly such as during long distance
travel over an hour and at night. When I drink water before I sleep, I would surely have to wake up and
go to toilet in the middle of the night. But after drinking Citralife lemongrass every night, I don’t need to
wake up at night to relief myself. Citralife lemongrass herbal drink has helped me to control my
bladder as per normal. Hence, my life is back to normal routine now.
Ms Karen Selvarajah, 30+ years, Malaysia
Ms Karen is lactose intolerance for 20 years since her teenage life and this has cause a range of
abdominal symptoms such as stomach bloating and flatulence after every meal. She has water
retention in her body. After drinking Citralife lemongrass for only 1 day, her bloated stomach is
reduced the following day. Since Ms Karen drinks Citralife everyday, there is no more bloated stomach
and her body water retention has reduced. She has aching hands and legs due to her work as
stewardess with long flight hours. Her aching hands and legs reduced faster after drinking Citralife
Ms Jenny Wong, 50+ years, Malaysia
Ms Jenny is over weight due to water retention and she goes to the toilet 3 to 4 times in the middle of
night. Only 2 days after drinking Citralife lemongrass, she lost weight and only visited the toilet 1 to 2
times per night. She has better sleep now. Citralife has helped Jenny to reduce water retention and
better control of her bladder.
Ms Lim Geok Choo, 30+ years, Malaysia
Ms Lim has water retention around her stomach. She drinks Citralife 3 cups per day on weekdays
during normal work days. She lost 3 kg over 3 months without changing her diet. She is drinking
Citralife regularly to maintain her weight.
Mr Nicholas Heng, 40 years, Malaysia
My white hair turns black again after drinking Citralife lemongrass for 4 months. I was overweight
and Citralife helped me to lose weight and gives me more energy to do work. My shoulder muscle
ache also disappeared after drinking Citralife.
Ms Heng Lee Chan, 46 years, New Zealand
After taking Citralife lemongrass for 2 to 3 days, Ms Heng body joints are more flexible, reduction in
facial pigmentation and her skin is more firm. Her fingers and toe nails become smooth and harden
as per normal based on her testimony.
Ms Asni Abdullah, 51 years, Brunei
I am always tired when I reached home after a day’s work. Within 1 week after I drank Citralife, I
urinate more than normal and I feel energetic and not as tired as before.
Mr Akir, 29 years, Indonesia
My work performance in Malaysia improved after 7 days of drinking lemongrass herbal drink. I feel
refresh and more alert every day. Citralife lemongrass is cheap and affordable tonic herbal drink.
Mr Fiktor Kamlasi, 21 years, Indonesia
I started drinking Citralife lemongrass tea from the recommendation of my friends in Malaysia. My
body and health has benefited after drinking for 2 days only. I feel healthy and refresh for work every
Mr Roinald Elias Sine, 21 years, Indonesia
It is hard work in Malaysia since I came here in February 2009. 3 days after drinking lemongrass drink,
I am more alert during my working hours.
Mr Tjandra Wantjik, 35 years, Indonesia
Mr Tjandra has a persistent cough for the last 5 years due to the heavy air pollution in Jakarta. After
he drank Citralife lemongrass for 1 week, his cough has reduced tremendously without the aid of any
western medicine. He is drinking Citralife everyday to improve his immune system.

Mrs Ho, 60 years, Malaysia
Ms Ho is diabetic for more than 10 years with blood sugar level of more than 8.0 mmol/litre even with
daily western medication and controlled diet. She suffered from cramps in her legs at night. After
drinking Citralife for 1 day, her cramps was gone. After drinking Citralife for 2 weeks only (2 cups per
day), her blood sugar level is between 5 to 6 mmol/litre. Citralife is able to reduce the sugar level
effectively in conjunction with her medication.
Ms Hamimah Hj Lamat, 37 years, Brunei
I am diabetic for the last 10 years which requires insulin injection. After drinking Citralife every day for
3 weeks, my sugar level dropped drastically and I am going to see the doctor for examination to get a
new medical prescription based on the new sugar level in my body. I also noticed that my hair loss has
reduced and new hair has grown on my head after drinking Citralife. I shall drink Citralife with
confidence as it is good for my health.

Dr Gan Khai Chung, Researcher

Dr Gan Khai Chung completed his Bachelor of Engineering (1 Class Honours) in 1982 and PhD in
Engineering at the University of Melbourne in 1986. He was on scholarship from Government of Victoria,
Australia for his post graduate study. He was in senior management in the corporate sector for 15 years
in Malaysia and Indonesia until 2001 before he focused on research and development. He is a
researcher in green technology, renewable energy, agro based industry, environment and herbal
medicine for the last 10 years. He has presented various papers and is a speaker in conferences on
related fields. He can be contacted at