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427 Page Terrace
South Orange, New Jersey 07079
Tel (908) 642-6450 e-mail

Registration New York New Jersey Pennsylvania

Profile Accomplished Principal Architect with proven design leadership and manag
ement skills focused on the master planning and design of "technically driven" c
ommercial, government and university research and manufacturing facilities. Proj
ect portfolio includes domestic and international projects for a diverse cross-s
ection of Fortune 100 life science and consumer product companies.
Specialized expertise focuses on the full spectrum of life science facilities -
from pure drug discovery and development labs to GMP-compliant facilities (smal
l clinical scale incubator/university pilot plants, mid-range and large scale bu
lk biologics and pharmaceutical production, and aseptic fill/finish facilities).
Proven design methodology emphasizing brainstorming and team collaboration to
produce innovative, flexible and sustainable concepts/solutions, working in conj
unction with end users and the full engineering/construction team, achieves cost
effective and flexible solutions focused on sustainable and user friendly work
place environments. Recent project examples include the Site Master plan for San
ofi Pasteur in Swiftwater Pa and the National Cancer Institute Research Laborato
ry in Frederick Maryland.
A strong Adherence to Louis Sullivan's modernist axiom "Form Follows Function,
" molded during apprenticeships with internationally recognized modernist firms
Marcel Breuer, Edward Durell Stone and Perkins & Will remains a guiding principa
l in all project assignments.
Architectural strengths:
* New business marketing
* Strategic site & facilities planning & programming
* Design team recruiting & leadership
* Innovative technical problem solving
* Biopharmaceutical process architectural knowledge

Education Bachelor of Architecture

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Professional American Institute of Architects

Affiliations United States Green Building Council
International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers
Member Sustainable South Orange Committee

Publications March, 2006 Clean Rooms Boston Seminar, sponsored by Clean Rooms Ma
& Seminars "Regulatory Impact on the Design of Biopharmaceutical
2000 - 2005 Contributed architectural input to various for ISPE's Baseline Phar
maceutical Engineering Guides.
February, 1999 U.S. Sites and Development ("Design Trends in Corporate Faciliti
June, 1991 Building Design and Construction (USPS - Manhattan GMF)
April, 1986 Building Design and Construction (Glaxo Zebulon Facility)
2007*2010 CH2MHILL / IDC Architects * Somerset, NJ
Principal Architect - Global Industrial & Advanced Technologies Industry Group
Fostered collaboration between former Lockwood Greene Life Sciences Group and I
DC Architects to win and execute architecturally driven large scale R&D/ manufac
turing projects.
* Successfully conducted client marketing/sales presentations winning projects w
hich generated multi-million dollar fees.
* Provided high level consulting services to assist clients in establishing stra
tegic project objectives.
* Established scope, budget, schedule, & design direction for large R&D/ manufac
turing projects.
* Directed and managed the collaboration of multi-office architectural project d
esign/execution teams for large scale projects (B. Braun, National Cancer Instit
* Coordinate project development with engineers, consultants and construction ma
nagers insuring integration of process/building systems, constructability and ad
herence to sustainability, budget and schedule requirements.
2003*2007 CH2M HILL, Lockwood Greene * Somerset, NJ
(Lockwood Greene acquired by CH2M HILL)
Director of Architecture * CH2M HILL, Lockwood Greene's Global Life Sciences Ind
ustry Group
Built and manage a global life sciences architectural team to support our clien
ts internationally, winning and executing large scale R&D/manufacturing projects
* Prepared marketing brochures & winning client presentations/ proposals generat
ing multi-million dollar engineering fees.
* Establishing project scope, budget, and schedule, for commercial, government,
and university research and manufacturing projects.
* Recruited and mentored global architectural design team who successfully won a
nd executed international biopharmaceutical projects.
* Directed architectural design efforts from initial programming /planning stage
s through development and construction coordination insuring adherence to client
1999*2003 Jones/Lockwood Greene Engineering & Construction * Somerset, NJ
(Lockwood Greene merged with J.A. Jones Construction Company)
Architectural Manager * Lockwood Greene's Biopharmaceuticals Center of Excellenc
Lead architectural design of all major Life Science projects executed by Jones/
Lockwood Greene.
* Prepared marketing brochures & winning client presentations/proposals generati
ng multi-million dollar engineering fees.
* Directed architectural design efforts from initial programming /planning stage
s through development and construction coordination insuring adherence to client
1992*1999 Lockwood Greene Engineering & Construction * Somerset, NJ
Architectural Manager
Worked to establish satellite office which then became the major northeast regi
onal office.
* Recruited, developed, managed staff/ project budgets, and lead all architectur
al design.
1979*1992 Lockwood Greene Architects & Engineers * New York, NY
Architectural Director of Design
1978*1979 Edward Durell Stone Associates, P.C. * New York, NY
Senior Designer
1977*1978 The Perkins & Will Partnership * New York, NY
1974- 1977 Marcel Breuer & Associates * New York, NY
Junior Designer
CH2M HILL / Lockwood Greene
Selected Projects
SAIC - F ATRF (Advanced Technical Research Facility) Frederick, MD, USA
Co-Design Principal for the programming, planning and design of a 370,000-ft2 bi
opharmaceutical research laboratory for the National Cancer Institute. The missi
on of the ATRF, designed to meet sustainability criteria established by the US G
overnments Green Globes program, is to support the development/ evaluation of ne
w advanced biomedical technologies and translate research discoveries to clinica
l settings. Planned as the anchor facility of a new million ft2 R&D research cam
pus, to support NCI's effort to develop more productive public-private partnersh
ips, and provide national training programs for these advanced technologies. The
research facility will provide specialized controlled environments required to
conduct discovery research, development and analysis/testing associated with can
cer research and the cGMP clinical manufacturing of drugs, vaccines and other bi
opharmaceutical products.
Sanofi Pasteur - Swiftwater, PA
Lead the Development of a site master plan for Sanofi Pasteur's major US vaccin
es research and manufacturing campus located on a steeply sloped and environment
ally sensitive site in the Pocono Mountains. The project provides three-, five-
and ten-year site development plans based on business plans for the Commercial,
Industrial and Research operating groups. Conducted a detailed gap analysis rel
ated to existing utilities, infrastructure and environmental permit compliance w
as prepared in support of the major building expansion program. A new "east" cam
pus was planned, siting each proposed building based on data related to footprin
t area, total square footage, utility demand, and associated site infrastructure
improvements (site development, access roads, parking, central utilities/distri
bution) and permitting impact to support the envisioned growth.
SAIC Vaccine Pilot Plant - Frederick, MD
Lead architect for the design and tenant fit-out of 129,000-ft2 vaccine develop
ment facility. The multi-product facility, part of the National Institute for A
llergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) overall vaccine development program, incl
udes a manufacturing suite consisting of four small and medium scale trains for
either microbial fermentation or mammalian cell culture processes. Other facilit
ies include a small-scale aseptic filling suite, packaging, warehousing, QC labo
ratories and administrative support.
Human Genome Sciences * Rockville, MD
Lead architect for the site master plan and facility design of 300,000-ft2 Gree
nfield multi-product, large-scale biologics manufacturing facility. The two cell
culture process trains with 20,000-L production bioreactors will be capable of
large-scale production of recombinant therapeutic proteins. In addition to direc
t manufacturing support (media prep, buffer prep, wash), the facility included 3
8,000-ft2 of administrative office/amenity areas and 15,000-ft2 of QA/QC laborat
GlaxoSmithKline - Singapore
Lead architect for the master planning and architectural design for Greenfield
bulk bacterial conjugated vaccines manufacturing facility. The 600,000-ft2 Phase
I design incorporated segregated manufacturing buildings with a centralized bui
lding for wash, media and buffer prep, an administrative laboratory building and
centralized warehouse. All buildings are linked by a multi-level spine system u
tilized to provide segregation of personnel, material, product and waste operati
onal flows.
Bayer Pharmaceuticals - West Haven, CT
Lead the Development of a site master plan at Bayer Pharmaceuticals former Nort
h American headquarters site. The master plan was developed to support capital p
lanning at the West Haven site and included administrative, R&D, and manufacturi
ng operations. Planning was accomplished by analyzing Bayer's major business ini
tiatives for North America, interviewing executives at the West Haven site to es
tablish needs, and then translating this data into the site, facility and infras
tructure development required to support the business plan. Based on the success
of this effort we were retained to implement some of the follow-on projects.
Selected Projects, continued
Merck Facility Expansion - Wilson, NC
Lead Architect - Master plan and design for a major expansion to a Merck OSD pa
ckaging facility. The Project included packaging and warehousing building expans
ions, GMP upgrades, reconstruction/expansion of the administration/amenities bui
lding and planning for a future manufacturing module. The 60,000-ft2 building ad
dition provided integration of a new cafeteria, conference/training facility, to
ilet/lockers, QC laboratory and administrative offices.
BTC Bioprocessing Technology Center - Singapore
40,000-ft2 biologics research and development, scale-up and filling facility -
Principal Architect for design of a new incubator research facility consisting o
f incubator/ development labs and a cGMP multi-purpose clinical scale pilot plan
t, the first of its kind in Singapore. The facility includes development labs a
nd three process trains; a cell culture suite, microbial suite and a virus suite
for the production of live recombinant viral vectors for gene therapy.
Glaxo Inc. - Zebulon, NC
Lead design architect for the master plan and design of OSD pharmaceutical manu
facturing facility. The Greenfield project included a manufacturing building wit
h a full interstitial mechanical level, packaging, warehousing and energy center
buildings. A multi-level spine circulation system designed to transport materia
l/product, personnel and utilities on segregated levels link the buildings becom
ing a connecting bridge (spanning a 1000-ft reflecting pool) linking an administ
rative building housing office, research, and employee support functions. The re
flecting pool is the central visual organizing element of the campus.
Amgen Process Development Research Laboratory, - Thousand Oaks, CA
Lead Architect - For adaptive reuse of tilt-up concrete warehouse into new biol
ogics R&D facility. Programmed/designed laboratories coordinated engineering dis
ciplines through CD's and prepared submittals to The City of Thousand Oaks Build
ing & Design Review Departments. Design features include sky-lit, two-level ferm
entation and cell halls, viewing galleries at the second level, connected to cur
ved glazed and sky-lit communicating stairs.
GSK * Consumer Products - Clifton, NJ
Strategic site & facilities master plan /GMP upgrade for a 200,000-ft2 consumer
healthcare products facility on a 15-acre site. The project included a gap anal
ysis review of existing operations to improve operating efficiency/production ca
pacity, enhance cGMP compliance and address deferred plant maintenance. An imple
mentation schedule was developed, including capital costing by phase. Subsequent
phases of work included, design development for the four-phase implementation p
lan and detailed design for the first two project phases.
Janssen Manufacturing Consolidation Master Plan - Gurabo Puerto Rico
Master plan and design for the upgrade and expansion of an existing manufacturi
ng operation on the Janssen site in Gurabo, consolidating all of Janssen's solid
dosage manufacturing in Puerto Rico. The project provided existing facility upg
rades to improve cGMP compliance, retrofits to utilize existing areas for manufa
cture of low volume and controlled substance products, renovation and expansion
of Central Weigh and new construction of both a 62,000-ft2 multi-level verticall
y integrated solid dosage manufacturing expansion and a 49,000-ft2 cGMP warehous
e. Future project phases included a two-level, five-line, 30,000-ft2 bottle and
capsule filling/packaging facility and expansion of administrative offices and Q
A/QC laboratories to support the manufacturing expansion.
NIBRT, National Institute for Bioprocess, Research & Training, University Colle
ge, - Dublin, Ireland
Lead Architect - Programming and conceptual design of 9,000 m2-advanced bioproc
essing research and training facility designed for a national consortium of high
er education facilities consisting of University College, Dublin; Trinity Colleg
e, Dublin and Sligo Institute of Technology. The project sponsored by The Irish
Development Authority is comprised of teaching labs, incubator development labs,
and small-scale bio-manufacturing suites.