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8210 Winstead Place, #101 Cell (571)208-3449

Manassas, Va. 20109 Home (571)292-1287

Sr. Telecommunications Technician with 30 years experience. Diverse experience i
n both TDM and VOIP communications. Effective team player with outstanding commu
nication and interpersonal skills developed through daily customer contact with
large customer base in the Washington, DC area. Expertise includes:
>PBX Installation and Repair(Nortel Options 11C-81C).
>PBX Database Administration(Nortel).
>VOIP equipment Installation and Repair(Nortel CS2000, Cisco).
>Facilitate new customer installs.

Cypress Communications is one of the leading providers of managed communications
solutions with offices in most major cities here in the United States as well a
s London. Based in Atlanta, Ga., it provides both TDM and VOIP communications ap
plications to a large customer base.
Sr. Telecommunications Technician
* Installed Nortel Option 11Cas as well as 81Cas (PBXas) in Washington DC.
* Installed both Meridian Mail as well as Baypoint, (Centigram), vmail systems.
* Designed and created database for new customer installs.
* Ran Cat 5 and Cat 6 cable as well as tie cable for new customer installs.
* Installed patch panels and enclosures as well as UPS systems to power CPE stac
* Installed paging systems.
* Installed routers and switches to support Nortel VOIP application.
* Installed various types of phones, both TDM and VOIP.
* Installed Gateway data switches to support multi-customer buildings.
Attended basic training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky followed by advanced training at F
t. Gordon, Ga. in the field Strategic Microwave Systems Repair, 26V. While there
, I received training on a variety of radio systems, both analog and digital, as
well as basic electronics in order to provide a background for my first deploym
ent at 257th Signal Company at Pyongtek, South Korea.
Strategic Microwave Systems Repair
* Maintenance and repair of microwave communications backbone in South Korea. Th
is system was key to emergency preparedness for that country and acted as the on
ly backup system in the event normal satellite communications was interrupted.
* Performed all testing and repair as needed at multiple mountaintop locations t
hroughout South Korea with the assistance of two South Korean engineers permanen
tly assigned to the company. This included adjustment and/or replacement of tran
smitters, multiplexers, etc. This normally involved 2 weeks of travel every mont
h with various test equipment using 4 wheel drive vehicles to access these remot
e sites.
* During the last 2 years of my enlistment, I worked at Ft. Belvoir, Va., first
in the Central Office doing basic maintenance and repair and then in the aOutsid
e Planta doing installation as well as moves, adds, and changes for the entire p
ost. This included both 1A2 keys systems, Electronic key, and PBX systems.
* Highest clearance held-TSSBI (Top Secret with Special Background Investigation
*Strategic Microwave Systems Repair, US Army 11/01/1981
*Northern Telecom Option 11C Installation and Repair 09/04/1999
*Northern Telecom Option 21-81 Installation and Repair 05/26/2000
*DTI/PRI Installation and Maintenance 11/03/2000
*Northern Telecom Database Administration 09/21/1999
*Centigram Series 6 Installation and Repair 06/01/1996
*AT&T System 75 Database Management 09/22/1989