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167 Court Way Vacaville, CA 95688 (707) 451-7664
A career involving resource protection, physical security inspections and protec
tive services for corporate level personnel.

Law enforcement - special operations Years Employed 1975-1986
United States Marine Corps Various duty assignments
Serving on active duty with the United States Marines, I was given many speciali
zed assignments.
1. Trained as a military policeman , Assigned to a three year assignment to loca
te and recover AWOL Marine and Navy personnel from within the United States and
Western Pacific Ocean areas
2. I frequently traveled as part of a physical security inspection team that was
tasked with analyzing and improving security for high value installations.
3. On many occasions, I was assigned to work with the Department of Defense, th
e Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Navy for inspections of secure site
s on an unannounced basis. Submitted inspection outcome reports with recommended
upgrades or operational policy changes as required.
4. Trained and assigned to a 28 month assignment as a Marine Security Guard at t
he American Embassy in Prague, CSSR and Stuttgart, FRG. After a fire in the Amer
ican Embassy in Moscow, I was sent for an eight week tour to assist with supervi
sion of local workers repairing non sensitive areas within the Embassy itself. D
uring my tour as a Marine Security Guard, I was also tasked with providing perso
nal protective services for many Department of State personnel and high ranking
U.S. and foreign government dignitaries.

Weapons specialist Years Employed 1989-2000

United States Air Force Reserve 349th Combat Arms Training and Maintenance
349th Security Forces Squadron, (Associate)
Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, CA
Retired from military service in February 2000.
As the head of CATM (Combat Arms Training and Maintenance), my responsibilities
were as follows:
1. Training for all reserve deployable personnel in weapons operation and mainte
nance for the entire 349th Reserve Wing.
2. Maintaining training records for not only instructor personnel but all weapon
s qualified personnel assigned to the wing. This equated to approximately 7500 p
ersonnel on a one to three year rotational basis.
3. Responsible for all accountable weapons assigned to our unit and their deploy
ment, post deployment and maintenance schedules. This was of particular importan
ce during Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm. This inventory was estimated a
t 7 million dollars.
4. Composed and submitted budget / fiscal plan for all training required for dep
loyable personnel, weapons, equipment, ammunition, and forecasted man day estima
tes for each fiscal year. This budget averaged 3.5 million dollars
5. Conducted monthly meetings with department heads to determine training needs
and assess unit compliance and readiness.
6. Planned and executed security surveys for sensitive storage facilities. Wrote
survey plans and operational orders for secure area operations.
7. Designed and submitted plans which ultimately became the current base firing
range, weapon simulation building and weapons storage armory.
Police Officer Years Employed 1986 to June 30, 2010 (retired)
California Highway Patrol Fairfield, CA
Road patrol officer for 17 years. While assigned to road patrol, I was responsib
le for over 1500 DUI arrests and over 500 drug related arrests in addition to ov
er 400 miscellaneous arrests for crimes including attempted murder, arson, mansl
aughter, assault, and numerous other Penal and Vehicle Code crimes.
I was responsible for preparing reports for prosecution and testifying in court
as a result of these arrests. I have been called upon as an expert witness in se
veral areas of evidence recovery, preservation and cases involving ballistics an
d tool mark / impression type evidence Awarded seventeen commendable citations f
or superior service. Received additional training in the following areas:
1. Vehicle Inspection Officer: responsible for inspecting all special constructi
on vehicles, high value vehicles moving into the State, assessed rebuilt vehicle
s for stolen parts or excessive modifications.
2. School Bus Inspection Officer: assisted with certifying all new and current
school bus drivers for Solano County.
3. Defensive Firearms Instructor and Range Master.
4. Assisted as vehicle collision review officer. Position required reading all
incoming vehicle collision reports for thoroughness and determining if reports s
howed sufficient cause for issuance of citations.
5. Public Information Officer: act as our Area commander's direct interface with
the public and public entities. Issue press releases, conduct interviews, organ
ize and carry out all Departmental safety programs.
6. Nationally registered Emergency Medical Technician-1and CPR instructor. I con
duct CPR certification /recertification classes, Emergency Medical Responder tra
ining and recertification classes and modular recertification for EMT personnel
assigned to our Division. I have recently been certified as an EMT intructor.
7. As required, I am also part of the Protective Services Detail and have assist
ed with motorcades for Presidents Clinton, Bush, Senator Obama and other federal
government and foreign dignitaries. .

Associates of Applied Science degree Years Attended 1980-1982
Columbia College Columbia, MO.
Treasure Island satellite campus
General education degree with emphasis on Physical Science. Attained Deans list
for holding 3.5 GPA.

Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Years Attended 1982-1984

Columbia College Columbia, MO.
Treasure Island satellite campus
Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Criminal Psychology.
Received Excellence in Education Award for a paper written on comparative analy
sis of civilian vs. military offenders for comparable crimes. GPA 3.45.


rs Attended 1984-1986
National University San Diego, CA.
MS degree in Forensic Sciences with a minor in psychology. Specialized in ballis
tics and evidence collection. Completed thesis in Criminal Recidivism for milita
ry personnel discharged from the military. Thesis accepted one week before enter
ing the California Highway Patrol Academy. GPA 3.16.
Solano Community College
Years Atended 2004-2005
Have attained 48 credits toward degree in nursing
Fairfield, CA
Self motivated and willing to conduct research in new areas.
Have excellent interpersonal skills for working in small groups.
Have a history of extensive travel, both within and outside the United States an
d enjoy interacting with people from other cultures.
Enjoy teaching and working with young people who are goal oriented toward police
Work well within a chain of command and make a point to keep management informed
of progress on specified projects.
Have attended many military and civilian educational venues that are applicable
to many different areas of employment.
Have a great interest in working on challenging projects that require precision
planning and time lines.
Willingness to learn new skills and, languages if required.
Have extensive background and experience with specialized military units and pre
ssure operations tempo.
Experienced in inland waterway navigation, small boat operations, and area surve
Dedicated to project planning with determination to complete projects successful
Transcripts and character references are available upon request