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June 1, 2008

NAME: Hamilton, James

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board CLAIM #23047924
200 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Ms. Paska

I am writing this letter with respect to my current situation pertaining to my self directed
labour market re-entry program.

On April 15, 2003 I sustained a low back injury while working for East-Court Ford. As
you are aware, loss of earnings and health care benefits were allowed under the scope of
my claim while I participated in a course of therapy.

Upon reached maximum medical recovery, I was referred for an LMR assessment as my
employer was unable to accommodate me with a permanent modified job. I was also
referred for a Non Economic Loss assessment due to the fact that I was deemed
permanently partially impaired as a result of my L4-5 disc herniation.

Upon being assessed at Rehab Network Canada, the suitable employment or business
occupation of Secondary and Elementary School Teachers and Educational Counselors
was recommended. The SEB was noted as being within my physical restrictions and
vocational aptitudes. It was my understanding that all parties involved were in agreement
that this SEB was approved and most suitable for me. I did not receive a letter of
sponsorship pertaining to the matter at the time.

I proceeded to participate in the recommended plan and did volunteer work at Stephen
Leacock C.I. as an assistant in the Auto Shop. In June of 2004 my acceptance into
University of Toronto was declined for the Shop Teacher Course and it was
recommended that I pursue another option.

Although I was a licensed mechanic and potentially had a teaching position secured in the
Technical Department at Sir Wilfred Laurier, the SEB was subsequently declined as it
would have taken to long to find out if I would be accepted into Queen’s University. I
was told that whether or not I pursued the Teaching SEB, I would be paid based on the
SEB earnings for Noc 2253 (Auto Cad).
Please note that the second SEB option of for Auto Cad was never even a thought let
alone a choice for me or my family. Upon attending school for “academic upgrading”, I
was subjected to a room full of grown men with no logical thought or deductive
reasoning. It was sad to see these individuals attempting to copy each others work while
at sat there thinking why my life had come to this!

Taking into account my situation at the time, I was under the impression that I had no
choice but to purse the SEB of Auto-Cad. I attempted to pursue the program but as noted
above, this was obviously not the place for me to be at the time. I have yet to receive a
letter pertaining to the final decision for the second SEB option to date. Would this not be
something that would be standard protocol so that I could appeal the choice that was
made for me?

To date, I have secured employment as the Auto Shop teacher at Sir Wilfred Laurier. The
job has become a vital part of my life as I have helped to shape young minds and deal
with troubled students who would normally not pursue school without the program. It
should be noted that I have been on and off with the school over the past two years until
recently gaining my certification. Basically, this meant that I could have been bumped
out of my job with little notice if a person with his Auto Shop Teaching Certificate
decides to apply.

Please note that this happened to me last year and it once again turned my world upside
down. Fortunately, I was called back by the school to resume the position where I remain
to date.

It is my understanding that an LMR program exists in order to re-train and individual so

that they care successfully re-enter the workforce in a job that:

1) Comes close to restoring pre-accident earnings

2) Is within there noted physical restrictions

3) Provide an adequate chance at employment until the age of 65

With no other choice, I had to take matters into my own hands. I have recently graduated
from Queens University after travelling back and forth to Kingston for the summer or
2006 and 2007. I now have obtained my Auto Shop Teaching Certificate. At this point I
am deemed a certified Auto Shop Teacher although I will be at the University of Toronto
this summer in order to obtain another teachable. With the teachable I obtain this
summer, I will be able to secure employment and not get bumped as the Auto Shop
Teach at Sir Wilfred Laurier.

I am requesting that the WSIB reimburse me for the tuition that was paid out of my own
pocket for the certificate I obtained at Queens University from the summer semester of
2006 and 2007. I am also requesting re-imbursement for the teachable subject I am
taking at University of Toronto this summer.

Please note that I understand that certain situations require action and must take place
within a matter or defined time. Having said this, I had to make the decision to pursue the
original recommended and approved SEB of Noc code 414.

If you are unable to approve my request for tuition reimbursement, I am requesting that
you put the decision in writing noting the original approved SEB and the rationale as to
why the SEB of Auto Cad was recommended. At this point I feel that I have
demonstrated the ability to successfully complete the Auto Shop Teacher Certificate at
Queen University as originally approved by the WSIB.

I look forward to your answer in writing in the near future. I have sustained enough
despair as a result of my work related injury to date and have had no choice but to pursue
this Self Directed SEB without the assistance of the WSIB.


Mr. James Hamilton