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A dynamic, team spirited and performance driven artist with an extraordinary ble

nd of leadership, instructional design and graphic design industry knowledge. Re

cognized for a keen ability to provide student-centered courses in art and techn
ology, enhance courses with distance technologies, improve layout designs and in
crease traffic to websites.
GRAPHIC DESIGN... (high experience) Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Illustrator,
Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Indesign, Final Cut Pro, QuarkExpess, Camtas
ia, MS Office. Web languages: HTML, PHP, MySQL. MAC/PC literate.
-Ability to create full websites, email advertisement campaigns, flash banners,
brochures, package art, work in a team environment or independently.
FINE ARTS... Acrylic painting, 2D (spatial design), illustration, printmaking.
-Ability to harness color theory and visual elements on canvas to express emotio
n with attention to gestalt.
INSTRUCTION... Robust experience in the sound principles of instructional design
-Ability to create student-centered choice-driven courses for face-to-face and o
nline modes utilizing technical and non-technical methods.
SENIOR GRAPHIC/WEB DESIGNER------------------------------------------May 2007- P
Kingwin (KWI) Technologies Inc., (Computer Hardware)- Walnut CA
Conceptualized and designed boxes, newsletters and flash banners which drastica
lly enhanced company branding and substantially improved sales within a challeng
ing marketing environment.
Designed and managed company website which increased product availability for c
onsumers each year.
GRAPHIC DESIGNER-------------------------------June 2004- Nov. 2006
Jeunique International (Beauty Products)- City of Industry, CA
Revamped and maintained company website with precision utilizing Adobe Dreamwea
ver, MYSQL and CSS/HTML which boosted sales and provided accessibility to consum
ers with disabilities.
Designed and proactively promoted company showcase booklets and brochures which
propelled brand awareness.
PRODUCTION ARTIST----------------------------April 2003- March 2004
Horizon Promotions (Pen/Logo Engraving)- Walnut, CA
Managed and maintained company website which doubled sales in a tough and chall
enging industry.
Promoted a strong working habit by always attending work on time.
Exceptionally designed and coded ASI e-blasts which promoted products that were
first to market.
Featured in the national Deans List, Cal Poly Pomona, CA. 1997-2002.
First place in 2D/3D Show, Cal Poly Pomona, CA. 2001.
27th Annual Ink and Clay Show, Pomona, CA. 2001.
2D/3D Art Show, Pomona, CA. 2000-2004.
Simply Red, Downtown Art Center, Pomona, CA. 2008.
San Bernardino Art Show, San Bernardino, CA. 2009.
Annual pet rescuer participant for City of La Verne.
Volunteer for Tree People and Heal the Bay organizations.
Annual attendee for Anime Expo convention.
Designed and instructed online art courses for middle school art students.
Intrinsic creative eye for quality design and document/website layouts.
Highly fascinated and experienced with online distance courses and technologies
Extensive attention to detail.
Masters of Education in Educational Multimedia - GPA: 3.97
Bachelor of Arts with an Option in Fine Arts - GPA: 3.4
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Portfolio and References Furnished upon Request