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Palm Harbor, Florida 34684

visit me at the following sites:

Software Engineer/Systems Analyst using my diverse background in systems analysis and innovative
software design to develop cost-effective solutions in a client/server computing environment.

Extensive programming and system analysis experience in the following:

• In House Conversions Medical, Government, Banking, Securities, POS Apps

• SQL Server(2000, 2005) Database Conversions, Database Recoveries
• Application Development VB6, VBA, Access, Visual Studio 2008 .Net for Financials, Health
Insurance, Wireless, POS.
• Teradata SQL queries and Data Mining.
• MS Office 2003, 2007 (Word, OutLook, Mailmerge Automation).
• Extensive Health Care - Medical Billing, Insurance, Financials, Doc Fulfillment background.
• Business Intelligence/logic


Health Plan Services Tampa, Florida 8/15/2010 – 01/31/2011 (CONTRACT)

• Programming Document Fulfillment in a mail merge language called Docuflex (Oracle)
for a 30 state rollout of Health, Life and Disability claims for Nationwide Insurance.
• Loaded and Configured Mutiple Carriers Databases based on Input Feeds.
• Worked with QA Team to setup test parameters for QA test data and production test data.
• Perform heavy Multiple regression analysis to verify that state specific docuflex inclusion rules
did not impact generic inclusion rules.
• Worked on benchmarks for speed of production reports.
• Used Visual Source Safe to track code changes. Performed a large amount of manual testing and
worked with QA on best practices and test cases for testing. Experience with developing
Functional Specifications, Process Flows.
• Demonstrated understanding of SDLC’s and use of version control systems (SVN).
• Excellent time management, organizational, and prioritization skills and ability to balance multiple
• Performed SIT and UAT Testing
• Requirement gathering
• Analyze the results from usability tests, and document findings (i.e., end-to-end user experience,
user workflows, specific UI screens and components, etc.
• Test scenarios, test scripting, test execution, defect entry documentation, logging and metrics
• Prepared a custom welcome letter to introduce the client to HPS.

QA Analyst - Manual Test Writer
• Used a Remedy Trouble Ticketing System

Verizon Wireless Tampa, FL 4/20/2009 – 07/31/2010 (CONTRACT)

• Created 20 ad-hoc SQL queries using Access VBA and Teradata SQL Assistant for sales reports.
• Created an Access VBA front-end to data mine Teradata for wireless device sales.
• Wrote Outlook VBA automation code to email sales quotes (sales quotes) written in Access
with excel back-end to Verizon Wireless customers .
• Wrote an Excel VBA program to mail merge Spanish/English wireless contracts.
• Wrote a Word VBA automation project to create Word sales quotes.
• Interfaced Rockwell call center monthly call volume using Access VBA for sales tracking.
• Combined Word VBA automation and Outlook VBA email automation into a single process.
• Skill in designing windows, dialogues, menus and toolbars
• Extensive work with VBA Excel functions (cell movement, updates, add-ins, summaries ).
• Used reporting software to make reports.
• VBA Automation - inserting Access data into Excel templates
• Used Visual Studio 2008 - created simple, apps.
• Extensive use of Grid controls for sales screens.
• Extensive use of inner and outer nested joins for sql queries
• Used IM(Instant Messenger) for development chat with other engineers.
• Used Visual Source Safe for check-in/check-out of source code.
• End-to-end solution delivery, from analysis, design to implementation, which will include
documentation, testing and co-ordination within the rest of the team.
• Developing ad-hoc reports as well as developing scripts for automated and standardized reports.
Provided functional analysis to assist business users in maximizing SQL reporting capabilities
• . I analyzed the results from usability tests, and document findings (i.e., end-to-end user
experience, user workflows, specific UI screens and components).
• Experience in running usability tests
• Track and report status of deliverables on multiple key initiatives in excel.
• Performed automated reports generation.
• Performing roll out testing and productions
• Experience in business requirements and functional specifications development with business user
Responsible for performing unit testing, integration testing, performance testing, functional
testing, regression testing, scalability testing, client acceptance testing, user interface testing, batch
process testing, and production support testing of these various software products
• Creation of adhoc and canned reports-
• Developed efficient SQL calls in applications.
• Access applications including screen creation and modifications.
• Heavy use of EXCEL 2007 as a work datasheet using VBA. The applications were a customer
order calculator, an application to create bilingual orders using mail merge, and an application for
human resource tracking. All of these used Excel in combination with VBA to automatically
populate cells and rows in multiple datasheets as a department level database.
• Approved Process Validation Reports
• GUI and Screen design background
• Develop data collection strategies, tools and templates.
• Extract data from systems,
• Capable with complex queries using multi-table joins (inner, outer, and full) and use of scalar and
columnar functions.
• Deliver reports to end users, receive feedback to finalize reports
Visionary Medical Systems Tampa, FL 4/2002 –2/27/2009
Senior Programmer
• Project involved extensive database conversion coding using Visual Basic 6.0 of a Btrieve medical
billing system to a SQL Server 2000 Data center database in Orlando.
• Extensive use of Btrieve calls and ADO connections to a SQL server 2000 database.
• Utilized Access 1997 to do extensive add/update queries for manipulating the data and used
Access macros and coding to clean the data.
• Participated in on-line retrieval and testing and end-user testing.
• Used SQL Server Enterprise Manager 2000/2005 for database creation, backups, restores, stored
procedures, T-SQL, DTS imports/exports. Over 300 clients with 1800 databases were converted
from 60 different Medical Billing systems to 1 common system. Our data center model was the
ASP model using Microsoft Remote Desktop and also involved transmitting SQL Server backups
to the AT&T data center over a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Performed 100 SQL Database
Recoveries for SQL 2000 and SQL Server 2005 databases. Extensive use of SQL Scripting for
maintenance imports. Set up ODBC connectivity
• Used Pervasive Map Designer to map ODBC, SQL, Binary, Btrieve, Clarion databases to
Visionary SQL databases. Used Web-ex for customer dial-ins. Good experience in Test
Automation, writing test scripts, creating test plans/scenarios
• Experience in running usability tests
• Knowledge of CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS, DRG coding
• Experience with business data transfer; consolidation and validation techniques.
• Developed system documentation
• Familiar with the database design, development, and normalization using the Microsoft SQL
Server database management system (DBMS)
• Develop GUI prototypes using Visual Studio.
• Requirement gathering
• Customized commercial databases to fit specific needs.
• Experience exporting data to flat files for submission to a SQL Server database.
• Created User Interactive screens with checks and balances to ensure proper
data is captured.
• Experience extracting data from multiple data sources like flat files, SQL Server, DB2 UDB, etc.
Hands-on experience with configuring data sources for.
Heavy conversions of doctor practices that used EXCEL to hold practice information. All of these
were demographics conversions from EXCEL to SQL Server.
• Performed referential integrity, Database Definitions
• Data Access Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008
• Data Format
• ClaimsConfiguration Tasks, Setup Tasks, Customer questions, data change requests,
• Scrubs and edits
• Experience in physical structure and functional capabilities of data bases, data back-up/recovery
• Experience in physical structure and functional capabilities of data bases, data back-up/recovery
• Carefully examines data and reports to make sure conversion is proceeding correctly, runs test
scripts with various data to see how new or customized transactions process through the software
and verifies and validates accuracy of data through the generation of a variety of reports.
MetraComp/Ajilon, Tampa, Florida 8/2001 - 2/2002 (CONTRACT)
Senior Software Engineer.
• New development coding and design for a national workmen's comp and managed-care provider
company. Using Visual Basic 6 (with OLE documents, ADO data controls and grids and heavy
use of server (network) based Access tables) is a complete front-end customer view of manager
care providers with all demographics and repricing data. Approximately 40 different modules and
approximately 20,000 lines of VB 6 code.
• Utilized SQL Server 7 linked tables and VB SQL commands. Also heavy installation coding using
Wise Install Master 9.0. Full Development Life Cycle for this project.
• Created formulas to map data tables to match vendor specified file formats. Encrypt files for
secure file transitions between clients.

Verifone/Hewlett-Packard, Clearwater, Florida 12/1997 - 6/2001

Senior Software Engineer
• Designed, coded, tested, POS (point of sale) PC-based systems for the
• convenience store and gas-station industry.
• Developed communications software for both serial and modem communications between a PC
and the POS terminal.
• Utilized Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic 4 (Sheridan, Videosoft Controls) and Crystal Reports 7
extensively with some light VC++.
• Developed installation programs using Wise Install Master to test/install the software on all
variants of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000.
• Developed an Engineering Tracking system in Visual Basic 6.0 that interfaced with a server-based
Clarify database. Extensive use of Visual Source_Safe (VSS) for source check-in and Visio for
Flowcharts, diagrams.
• Used IM(Instant Messenger) for development chat with other engineers.
• Experience with functional system, integrated, regression, and security testing.
• Prepared detailed workflow charts and diagrams that described input, output, and logical
• Design and develop end-user documentation
William R. Hough, St Petersburg, Florida 9/1997 - 12/1997 (CONTRACT)
Responsible for coding, testing, and documentation of a new security processing system. This system
would allow account executives to review security positions, trades, production and customer account
balances for securities such as Municipal bonds, equities, mutual funds, etc.
Written in MS Visual Basic 4.0 using RDO controls tied into SQL Server 6.5 databases.

World Color Press, Tampa, Florida 4/1997 - 8/1997

Oracle Database Engineer/Internet Engineer -downsized
This job entailed creating dynamic HTML web sites using Platinum SQL Station embedded inside of
HTML, CGI and JavaScript. Our clients included Lucent Technologies, Paradyne and Spiegel catalogues.
We used extensive data modeling (S-Designer) using physical data models and Oracle packages. These
web sites allowed customers to place orders using shopping carts for telephone, routers, etc using an
extensive search of online database with graphics images and catalogues. The web site ran on Sun Solaris
servers. Trained subordinates in programming and program coding.
Developed web site maps, application models, image templates, or page templates
that meet project goals, user needs, or industry standards.
Wrote, designed, and edited web page content, and directed others producing content.

Florida Power-DCI, St. Petersburg, Florida 1/1997 - 4/1997 (CONTRACT)

(3 month cont temp position)
• Senior Programmer Analyst, Systems Development
• Utilized MS Access 2.0 tied in with Oracle databases on Windows NT 3.51 servers.
• Programmed graphs of Florida Power loads and temperatures, and performed maintenance
changes on existing systems.

GatorBait Software, Palm Harbor, Florida 1/1996 - 12/1996

Oracle Developer 2000 Programmer
• Developed conversion/load procedures for Oracle Accounting Software for the
Nursery/Greenhouse Industry. Extensive use of Oracle 7.1 Developer 2000 in Windows 95
environment. Interaction with Novell Netware 4.1 and SCO Unix Servers.
• Extensive SQL Conversion coding using SQL * Plus and PL* SQL scripts, SQL Loader,
Procedure Builder (Triggers), and Oracle Browser.
• Some Oracle forms (4.5) development and also Delphi 2 development.
• Design and development of scalable queries, stored procedures and functions in support of
interactive and batch application systems.
• Extensive use of cursors and stored procedures.
• Used Veritas Backup Exec for storage backups.
• Work as part of a project team to coordinate database development and determine project scope
and limitations.
• Form level PL/SQL * Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers

Morton Plant Hospital., Clearwater, Florida 1993-1995

Micro Computer Analyst
Designed, developed, and implemented three complete financial applications for the Home Health
subsidiary of Morton Plant. The applications were Payroll, Purchase Orders, and Human Resources.
• All applications were written in Borland Paradox for DOS, and were installed on both Novell 3.1
networks and stand-alone . Symante/PcAnywhere was used extensively to communicate data from
office to office. .I designed gui interfaces and toolbars and menus
• Developed employee wellness database using Microsoft Visual 3.0 and VB. 4.0 (Prof. Edition)
and Microsoft Access 2.0. We used Crystal Reports for reporting. Also used Novell Network.
• Wrote a payroll interface using Quickbooks.

FIRST FLORIDA BANK, N.A., Tampa, Florida 1986-1993

Senior Programmer Analyst - laid off due to merger
Maintenance of Marshall & Isley banking code and conversion of correspondence banks to this vendor’s

• Converted seventeen banks from different vendors: C & S, NCR, FIS, Burroughs,
• Extensive use of CICS, IMS DB/DC, Roscoe, Intertest, Easytrieve with IBM 3090 system.
• NAFS to M & I deposit systems.
• Converted 110,000 accounts and $600 million in balances for DDA, Savings, CD, IRA
• Heavy use of GL, Accounting for banking conversions.

Senior Programmer Analyst, Systems Development 1986-1990

• Designed, developed, and installed a complete PC-BASED deposit and consumer loan branch
automation system for First Florida branches. Saved millions of dollars in duplicate data entry,
printing, and transmission costs to host and increased accuracy and efficiency. Co-Lead on project
management and timeline was developed in MS Project.
• Designed, programmed, and implemented the real-time transmission of customer information
from PC’s to an IBM 3090 host using 3270 emulations.
• Developed complete deposit and consumer loan reporting system in FoxBASE. The reporting
system contained daily and monthly consolidated reports.
• Analyzed, designed, coded, tested, implemented, maintained, and documented mainframe
computer system software. Usually worked on one or more specific software applications and this
includes operating systems, compilers, utilities, job control language, and other control modules.
• Performing roll out testing and productions.
• Experience managing timelines and task priorities.
• Requirement gathering
• Write, analyze, review, and rewrite programs, using workflow chart and diagram, and applying
knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, and symbolic logic.
• Consult with managerial, engineering, and technical personnel to clarify program intent, identify
problems, and suggest changes.
• Spool file management

COLLIER-JACKSON, Tampa, Florida 1984-1986

Senior System Analyst
Programming and installation of newspaper circulation software throughout the United States. This
software was installed on HP 3000 and DEC. VAX mini computers.
• Installed three newspaper circulation systems throughout the Midwest.

Bachelors of Science, Physics -University of Washington
Computer Programming and Operations - ITT Computer Institute
DB2/SQL - Platinum Technology (Computer People), 1993
Unix and C Language - St. Petersburg Junior College, 1990
Oracle - St. Petersburg Junior College, 1994
Novell CNA School - Tampa, Fla., 1994
C ++ - DCI (Computerpeople) - Clearwater, Fla - March 1997
OCP Intro to Oracle9i Sql--Icubed April 2002
Oracle 9iDB adm 1--Icubed May 2002
Oracle 9iDB adm 2--- Icubed May 2002
Oracle Preformance Tuning ---Icubed June 2002

Oracle SQL, Visual Basic 6, C, C++(Visual 4.0), T-SQL, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Access, Cobol,
Visual Studio.Net 2008/2010, Visual Source Safe, SAP Crystal Reports, Olap, ODBC drivers/connections,
VBA, n-tier, multi-tiered, Oledb, RDO, ADO, COM, MS Access(1997-2007), Paradox(DOS), Schemas,
RDBMS, Triggers/ Stored Procedures, PLSQL, OLTP, OOD, SQL Server Enterprise Manager Studio,
Oracle 9i, Clearcase, Magic, DTS Imports, SQL Scripting, API, Pervasive Map Designer,vba outlook,vba
access,vba excel,, vpn,rdp

Office Suites: MS Office for Windows 95 and MS Office 97, 2000,2003

Corel WordPerfect Office, Windows Me, XP, Vista,Excel, Powerpoint, Word

Internet Tools: Visual Studio 2008, ASP.Net, VB.Net, AJAX, HTML, CGI, Perl, Java Script, Java, XML,
DreamWeaver ,photoshop, paintshop pro, snagit,
Knowledge of video distribution formats
Video Compression

Multimedia: Frontpage, Micrographx Suite, CD/DVD burning, Digital Cameras, scanning,

Video editing/reformatting, digital photo animation

Operating System: Mainframe: MVS(IBM-3090),VAX(DEC), MPE (HP), MCP (Unisys)

UNIX (SCO),Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Workgroups, VMS, TSO, ISPF

Hardware: IBM 3090 ESA, HP 3000, Burroughs 2900, Citrix

Data Bases: Oracle 7 and 9i, SQL Server 6.5 / 7, Access 1997-2007, IMS DB/DC, DMSII, FoxBase,
Clarify, Business Objects, SQL Server Enterprise Manager(2000/2005), T-SQL, MySQL, SQL-Express
2005, Paradox, DBaseIV, Crystal Reports, Visual Foxpro, Physical data modeling. Altova MapForce.

Utilities: Query Analyzer, Clearcase, SQL Plus, SQL Loader, Oracle Browser, Toad,
MS Outlook & Express, Robohelp, BlackBox testing, VSS (Visual Source Safe)
Wise Install Master 9, Crystal Reports 7/8 , Photoshop, MS-Project, Visio, Norton PcAnywhere, WinFTP,
Cisco Web-Ex (meetings/data transfers), Veritas Backup Exec

Mainframe: Easytrieve, Roscoe, Focus, Intertest, Librarian

Telecom: CICS, 3270 Emulation, HLLAPI, Netview, FTP, RDP, VPN


Billy Stahl 813-417-8298 Verizon Wireless 2 years (Manager)
Mike Ritenour 813-839-4901 Co-worker 7 years (webmaster)
Bill Rea 727-360-0994 Co-worker/friend 5 years (programmer)
Tom Sandvik 727-938-8246 Co-worker 4 years (programmer)

U.S Citizen
Tampabay only
No Sable Park, Brandon, temple terrace