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Barry Ergang

108 Morlyn Avenue

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-3738
(610) 527-7768

OBJECTIVE: seeking full-time work I can ideally do from home via the Internet an
d telephone, to apply proven skills in an administrative or other capacity.
February 2002-Present: freelance writing, primarily fiction, and editorial work
. In October 2003 joined the staff of Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine (, a print publication, as an editorial reviewer. My job was to evaluate s
ubmissions sent to me by the Fiction Editor and to recommend for or against publ
ication. In 2004 I was appointed one of three Fiction Editors whose job it was t
o accept or reject stories submitted to the magazine. In the spring of 2005, I w
as appointed Managing Editor. I received the submissions from contributors and a
llocated them to the three Fiction Editors who determined whether to accept or r
eject them. I personally evaluated some of the submissions as well. In 2005 the
magazine won the Preditors & Editors annual Readers Poll as Best Fiction Publica
Along the way I also joined the editorial staff of the e-zine Mysterical-E (www, ultimately being appointed First Senior Editor. In this capa
city I hired three Fiction Editors and allocated them submissions to decide upon
October 2000-
February 2002 BOB AND RON'S WORLD WIDE STEREO-Co-Manager
Actively selling audio and video equipment as well as overseeing sales staff an
d managing inventory after World Wide Stereo bought out Danby's Sound & Vision.

November 1991-
October 2000 DANBY'S SOUND & VISION (Originally Danby Radio)-Operations Mana
Retail sales of high-end audio and video merchandise, inventory supervision, or
dering merchandise, shipping and receiving, general store management. Some basic
bookkeeping, though it's not really my forte.
September 1984-
November 1991 SELF-EMPLOYED
From 1985 until 1988, I was an independent contractor working on behalf of Grou
p Dynamics, a market research firm, recruiting business people for participation
in focus groups. From 1988 until November 1991, I worked on behalf of Fort Buic
k-Pontiac in the role of intermediary between the company and its customers, con
tacting customers to learn and report about how they felt they were treated duri
ng the sales process, and to follow up after their vehicles were serviced to rep
ort any problems to management so they could be resolved to assure customer sati
October 1980-
May 1983 HANLY BOOKS-Manager
Writing advertising copy for direct-mail pieces and newspaper ads, expanding de
pth of and giving greater emphasis to particular categories of books to increase
sales, ordering stock, selling on the floor.
August 1973-
January 1980 BRYN MAWR STEREO-Manager
Creating and producing direct-mail advertising catalogues and writing some radi
o advertising copy, retail sales of audio and video equipment and overseeing the
Sales Department, ordering merchandise, supervising inventory procedure, arrang
ing and coordinating promotional activities such as in-store clinics and seminar
s. I also persuaded the owner into taking on higher-end audio lines, which we su
ccessfully sold and which made the company one of the premier audio/video retail
ers in the Philadelphia area for a number of years.
October 1970-
May 1973 ALGAR ENTERPRISES-Assistant Service Manager
Scheduling customers' service work, writing work orders, assigning work to and
supervising mechanics, ordering some shop supplies.
May-December 1969 E.J. KORVETTES-Drug Department Manager
Initially hired for general retail store work, I was appointed Drug Department
Manager some months later. My duties included supervising the department crew, o
rdering merchandise, supervising inventory, and handling departmental paperwork.
1964-1968 B.S. in Communications, with a minor in English emphasizing writin
g and literature, from Temple University.
REFERENCES: available upon request.