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Brandon Julian Eaton

744 Speed Way Rd

Hartwell, GA 30643
Mobile: 706-504-6993

Country of citizenship: United States of America

Veterans' Preference: No
Contact Current Employer: Yes

AVAILABILITY Job Type: Permanent

Work Schedule: Full Time

Desired Work Environment Mission-Focused



WORK EXPERIENCE Winn-Dixie Grocery Retail 7/1993 - 2005

Salary: 900.00 USD Per Week
Hours per week: 60
Assistant Store Manager
Performed the duties of assistant store manager, store co-manager, and store ma
nager. Manage a team of 60 members daily with high level of management skills th
at is required. Accounting skills, manage payroll, profit and loss for the busin
ess, maintain high level of inventory control, Handles money control for entry l
evel of employee's. Oversee all accounting policies and procedures. Oversee secu
rity for the business, and maintain high levels of all inventory control. Superv
isor of company policies for the location. Overseen grocery department as well a
s assist store manager in perishable Department
Ingles- Markets 7/2005 - Present
Washington, Georgia US
Salary: 1000.00 USD Per Week
Hours per week: 55
Store Manager
Assistant Manager, Co-Manager, and Store Manager. I oversea to proper procedur
es for cash handling for the entry level of all associates. Oversea proper loss
and prevention program. Maintain all payroll procedures for all staff. Manage al
l accounting policies and accounting procedures for the business. Maintain all s
ecurities and control all inventory for the business. Have high level of trainin
g in management and Ethics. Overseen perishable departments, control over profit
and losses, and control over hours, payroll, and schedules. Merchandise product
for sale. Conduct meetings and develop sales strategies. (Contact Supervisor: Y
es, Supervisor's Name: Shane Worley, Supervisor's Phone: 706-988-8337)

EDUCATION Kaplan University

FT. Lauderdale, Florida US
Some College Coursework Completed - 12/2011
124 Semester Hours credits, (Still In College)
Major: Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, Emphasis Crime Scene Investiga
GPA: 3.84 out of 4.0
Relevant Coursework, Licensures and Certifications:
Criminal Justice, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Law for Criminal Justice, Ps
ychology, Constitutional Law, World Conflict, Crime Analysis, Chemistry, Risk Ma
nagement, Ethics, Applied Criminal Ethics, and Legal Foundations of Criminal Evi
Research methods in Criminal Methods, and Crime Scene Photography, Supervisory
Practices in Criminal Justice, Culture - Religion and Identity


Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
internet research
Relevant training course completed for this job is Criminal Investigation, Crimi
nal Law for Criminal Justice, Psychology, Constitutional Law, World Conflict, Cr
ime Analysis, Chemistry, Risk Management, Ethics, Applied Criminal Ethics, and L
egal Foundations of Criminal Evidence.

AFFILIATIONS The National Society of Collegiate Scholars member

Ingles Markets Assistant Manager

REFERENCES Brandon Eaton Ingles- Markets Assistant Manager

Phone Number: 706=678-4766
Email Address:
Reference Type: Professional
Shane Worley
Phone Number: 706-988-8337
Reference Type: Professional


Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Internet research
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Kaplan University
GPA: 3.84/4.0 Present
Member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars
On the Dean's list and Presidents list
Will Provide Transcripts if needed